A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 04

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Is this story true or not, you tell me

After Jan’s death life just didn’t seem the same. The kids came home for the funeral and Sue and Guy stayed over longer, to be with their father. I remember the great times we all had together when the kids where home and really missed them. They were both young adults at this point, Sue being 24, Guy 23. Nick and I both appreciated them staying longer to help with the change of Jan not being around. The time came, when they both had to leave and it was just Nick and I.

Nick looked at me and said, “You know you can leave anytime you want”. I said “I didn’t want to and that I loved him”. He smiled “Yes Jan was correct you were perfect for us”. He stated that since I came into their life’s, neither of them had any wanting to find anyone else.

He then got serious, you know we can’t have any kids and you should have a family of your own. I said, “no that he was my family, his kids were my family”. He understood, but said that because he was so much older, that he, more then likely will be dead before me, 22 years separated us, or his age will show and he wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. I told him that didn’t matter, “I love you, for better or worse.” “I know” he said, “I never had doubted your love, but Hun, just think about it and whatever decision you come up with Ill understand”. I turned to him and said if this is so important to you that I have children, let’s have your vasectomy reversed and see what happens. He smiled and said, “Ok, he would do that for me”.

Two years past and even though we had sex just about every evening, I never got pregnant. He had his sperm amount checked numerous times and the Doctors said it was low, but he still should be able to get me pregnant.

One day he approached me and said “Hun, you should have children and a family”. I told him again it didn’t matter and it was him I loved. Then he said, “Nicole I want you to listen to this and let me know what you think”. He told me that he was talking with his Father, about us and not having children, when his Father says, why don’t you use Jack’s sperm to get her pregnant. Jack is Nick’s Brother. He looked at me and asked what I thought about that.

He then said, “It would be almost the same, as having a child with him being the same bloodline. Jack was 10 years younger then Nick and a good-looking man. Jack had two boys from a previous marriage and they both were great looking kids, so I looked at him and said that is fine, if Jack is willing to do it. Nick asked Jack and he said he would do it. I kind of knew Jack would, because I always felt he had a thing for me, but because I was his brother’s girl he never made an advance towards me but always made sly remarks letting me know his feelings.

This went on for two years getting Jack’s sperm to a Doctor and the doctor inserted the sperm into me when they thought I was fertile. Jack also would give Nick sperm and Nick would insert it with a turkey syringe. Nothing happen, and I was getting discouraged.

Nick could see this and then he asked me the ultimate question. He stated that we both agree that Jack would be the primary candidate to get me pregnant, that his blood stream and gene’s were the closes to his, and if I would agree to have intercourse with him to get me pregnant, if Jack agreed to do this. I was startled, but truthfully it kind of sent a sense of excitement through me.

I asked, “Were would we do this”, Nick said, “Here of course.” I told him that I didn’t think Jack would go along with that, being that they were brothers. Nick said, “He didn’t know, but did know through Jacks action that he would like to fuck me. I had to agree with him, but told him that even though I liked Jack, he would have to understand this was for getting me pregnant and then it would be over, and if we wanted another child then he would do it again if he wanted to.

Knowing Nick I asked if he already approached Jack about this and he stated, “No, because he didn’t know how to go about it and was afraid Jack would miss interpreted what we wanted.” I said, “What if we invited Jack over to the house for dinner and the both of us approach him in regards to this matter”. Nick agreed and the stage was set.

Nick invited his brother over for dinner one Saturday evening; we had a few drinks, small chat and kidded around about his sperm not being good for me. Then Nick said maybe were going about this the wrong way, Jack looked at him and said what’s bahis firmaları wrong with it, many women get pregnant with insemination. Then Jack said the only other way is for me to fuck Nicole and he understood why we couldn’t do that.

Nick looked at me and then stated, “Why not Jack”. Jack looked at me and then to Nick, are you serious. I said, “Yes Jack, Nick and I discussed it and we felt that this would be the best way through natural means and like before, because your brothers and genes are closer, you’re the only one that I would agree to do this with. Jack also, we understand what were asking of you, to sacrifice your time. Nick and I felt that this has to be normal as possible, meaning its not going to be stick it in, get off, then wait for the next time. We will be having hot passionate sex just like Nick and I have. It is felt that you and I have to be relax and do this in the normal way people have sex.

He didn’t know what to say. He stated, “When would we do this, I live 90 miles from you guys, you coming to my house every night”. Nick said, “No, you can move in with us until she gets pregnant”.

Jack didn’t work; he had plenty of money to support himself. Jack was shaking his head, saying “I don’t know Nick, you’re my brother, and that’s nothing against you Nicole. You’re a beautiful woman any man would love to be in bed with you, but he is my brother”. I looked up at him and stated I understood, but because he is your brother your being asked to help your brother out, we tried every means to get me pregnant and nothing has happen. Nick wants me to have children, because he feels I should have a family like normal people. I do want a child, but I won’t leave your brother or go to someone else to get pregnant. We would accept your answer as being No, and if he would continue furnishing sperm.

He then looked at both of us and said, “Guys you know I would do anything for you, gees Nick you were always there for me, but you’re my brother. Nick looked at him and then said loudly, “Jack it’s going to be just SEX, like with any of the girls you pick up, but this time you are going to get someone pregnant!!!

Jack looked at Nick and then me, “When do you want to start”. I said, “Tonight”. Nick turned and looked at me, “yes tonight”. Jack just stared, ok Ill do it. I looked at Jack and then stated, remember Jack this is just sex, when I get pregnant it will be all over with, so if you start getting feelings for me please state them, cause I will stop it right there and then. I am not going to lead you on; I love your brother only and will never leave him for you or anyone. He stated he understood.

I got up and went over to Jack, even though I was nervous, grab his hand and he followed me like a puppy dog. We went into our bedroom and if I knew Nick he would be watching it all on close circuit TV. I told Jack to relax and if he wanted we could take a shower and get to know each other’s body. He said, “That would be nice” and slowly undresses as I did. My cloths came off first for I only had a blouse and skirt on with no panties. It has been many years since I have worn panties, especially when I was wearing a skirt. Jack looked at my naked body and said, “God your beautiful” I thank him and said come on lets take a shower. He still had his shirt and underwear on and seems embarrassed to take them off. I walked up to him and said here let Sis help you out. Sis is what he called me, short for meaning sister-in-law. I unbutton his shirt and then put my hands on his jockey short and lean over to bring them down, his cock was rock hard and jumped out at me and it was beautiful, I licked the tip and then got up and gave him a kiss. Grab his hand again, led him to the master bathroom, where I turned on the water and we both stepped into the shower.

He was still nervous, I told him to hand me the soap, which he did, I lather it up in my hands and then proceeded to wash his back, butt and worked it down the crack of his ass, his body was perfect just like Nick’s and I really felt that I knew this body, because it was so close to what Nick’s looked like. I turned him around and then started to wash his face, chest and then to his cock. My hands were full of lather and I grab his hard cock and started to stroke it slowly and then reach under to his balls and continue to wash it.

I was on my knees and really wanted to start sucking on his cock, but felt I needed that cum in my pussy at this moment and not down my throat. kaçak iddaa Jack was starting to respond to my touches and actually put his hands on my head and tried to push it to his cock, I looked up at him, said, “Not this time Hun, we need to fuck and get this sperm in me”. He looked down, said, “Yes your right, I am sorry, except your turning me on and you know how much I have wanted you over the years”. I just smiled and sucked the tip of his cock in my mouth, then with drew and gave his cock a kiss, looked up, said, “In time Hun”. I then got up and said, “Wash me please”.

He took the soap and then gently started to wash my neck, back, butt and he to let his hand go down the crack of my ass and then just started to touch my pussy. I stiffen a little and said to myself, he just like Nick, a great teaser. Jack started to feel more comfortable and then took command of the situation. He turned me around, started to kiss my neck, ear lobes, sticking his tongue in my ear and that sent shivers through my body. He took his hand and started to wash my breast, circling my nipples and pinching them very lightly, which sent a sigh out of my mouth. He cupped each one in his hand and looked me into the eyes and started to kiss me, I was a little startled, but didn’t resist, for I wanted him now and didn’t want to turn him off.

I really felt that this was Nick in the shower with me, reason they were both alike in so many manners, and besides having almost duplicate bodies.

Jack said, “I want you now”, I said, “Lets get dried off and get in bed”. We toweled each other off and headed back into the bedroom. My head was swimming with a lot of thought, was Nick watching all this? What was he thinking?

I wanted to get up and go to Nick and assure him, that he is the one that I loved, and the things Jack and I are doing is just happening naturally. Later Nick and I talked about it after Jack left to go home and bring some cloths back to move in.

Lying in the bed Jack was finishing drying his hair off, and I just looked at his marvelous body, small rippling muscles, very firm chest and a cock so hard and big that I couldn’t wait to have him.

He got into bed and started to just push the hairs on my face aside and then gently lean down and kissed me, his hands went to my breast, pinching the nipples, then he brought his mouth down and started to suck on each one, nipping them with his teeth. God I was in heaven, his actions, seemed to be duplicate of how Nick made love to me. His handwork it’s way down my stomach until it reaches my clit and he gently started to massage it, my hips started to rotate to his massaging. He then, turned around on me with his head down in between my legs, which startled me, for the next thing I knew a massive cock was staring me in the face.

A thought started to run through my head, God what is Nick going to think; before we even fuck he wants me to suck him off. I didn’t have too much time to stop this, for when Jack started to suck on my clit, my mouth just naturally engulfed his cock and I proceeded to suck on his cock for all I could.

Jack started to fuck my mouth with slow strokes, as he was sucking and licking on my clit and vagina. His strokes started to get faster and going deeper into my throat, but I kept taking it all, for deep throat was now very easy for me, I been doing this with Nick for years, after he taught me how to relax my throat.

As Jacks strokes were getting faster, my sucking was in rhythm with him and he was licking and sucking my clit with each stroke so we both will build at the same time. My moans were getting louder, as I heard Jack starting to moan and then said, “Yes baby, that’s the way to take care of Papa”. I just kept sucking, and letting his cock go into my throat. He never kept it in there that long as not to gag me.

Then he stiffen, his cock stopped halfway in my throat and he started to cum. I did all I could to swallow it, for it was a load that I really never had before. Jack kept jerking his cock in my mouth and each time a load of cum would flow into me, I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, but couldn’t stop some from coming out the side of my mouth. Jack was moaning, just saying “Yes, Yes, Yes,” my own climax never happen at that time, for when Jack started to cum, he stopped working on me and I lost my concentration and it subsided to a mellow feeling good.

As Jack’s cock started to get limp it slipped out of my mouth and he turn around kaçak bahis and said, “I am sorry”. I looked at him and said that it was ok, and if he cum’s like that all the time I should be pregnant in no time.

We both started to laugh, and settled back for what we both knew, why he was here.

We were lying in bed, just having small talk about what was happening, giving Jack time to recoup. While we were talking I had my hand on his cock and stroking it slowly to get him hard again. Slowly he started to respond, then he lean over and kissed me and moved down to my vagina and started to lick my clit and sticking his tongue in my cunt. I was responding and meeting his thrust with his tongue, and then he got up on me and put the head of his cock into my entrance and slowly pushes. God he was thick, I really never had a cock as thick as his, but slowly he entered and withdrew, then enters again until it was all the way in.

He stopped, looked at me and said in a whisper, “I waited 12 years for this Nicole”. I looked at him, said, “I know”. His strokes started to pick up, whispering in my ear, how he enjoyed fucking me, wanting to get me pregnant and make Nick and I happy.

Then he surprised me, he said “Nicole, if I get you pregnant, please don’t let this stop”. I didn’t know what to say, but did say, “Jack, please one thing at a time”. Jack, continued to fuck me with deliberate long strokes, with his full 8 1/2” coming out and then jamming it back in. He would hit my uterus, causing a little pain, but more pleasure a woman could ask for. He kept pumping me, and I met each of his strokes. My own climax was building.

Building to new heights from this strange behavior that was happening, fucking my lovers brother. As he was fucking me he did many things to me, kissing, sucking on my tits, nibbling on my ears. This man was an artist just like Nick. He kept talking to me, telling me how much he enjoyed fucking me and to never let it stop.

My mind was spinning from this talk; my body was willing to let him have me anytime he wanted. He kept talking saying your pussy is tight and soft. I was now at a point that I couldn’t help but scream, “Yes Jack, fuck me, fuck me, Yesssssss, God please don’t let this stop, yes Jack you can fuck me anytime you want”. I screamed as my climaxes went off, Jack tighten up and started to shoot his cum into me, he kept jerking and I actually could feel his cum filling me. With each jerk, another load, until he just fell on my body sweating profusely, breathing so hard I thought he was having a heart attack, but knew that he put everything into this to make sure it was good for me. I lifted his head and kissed him slowly, sticking my tongue in his mouth and said, “Thank you” and then I said, “Ill talk to Nick about your request to continue this”. He smiled and kissed me.

Jack got dressed and I put on a short housecoat. We went into the family room where Nick was and he looked up, said “Thanks Jack, and then made a sly remark, she is good isn’t she”. Jack just looked at him, “Yes she is and I hope this works for you two guys”. I led Jack out to his car and he said he would be back tomorrow and we can continue, I kissed him and said goodbye.

When entering the family room I heard noises and seen Nick was watching a video. The video was of Jack and me. I sat down next to him, watching with him, then reached in between his housecoat and took his cock out and lean down and started to give him a blowjob he would never forget. “Yes baby, he said, oh Yes baby take care of Papa”. I thought oh yes they are both the same.

I am going to end it here with, “A baby – and a brother”. I will tell you that, the sex with Jack to get me pregnant went on for over 4 years at which time I was 30. Doctors have said that there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get pregnant. I don’t know what wrong with me, but nothing was wrong with Jack. His sperm count tests were very high. The second saddest day in my life came a little over two years ago. Nick threw me out of his life. He had a good reason, for I was fucking around on him and I regret it to this day. I thought that I could get pregnant by someone else without Nick knowing about it. I am now 37 and Nick is 59, although he doesn’t look a day over 45. Jack was furious that I did this to his brother and won’t talk to me, so are his kids.

I made a major mistake in my life. I hurt a person that I love very much and never did anything to ever hurt me. I hope one day he can forgive me, but he won’t take my phone calls. Regardless how hard I try he won’t accept my calls or letters. This is some of my story…hopefully he will see it and take me back. L

To be continued

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