80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 05

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On the bed, curled up in a ball and now drinking a bottle of scotch straight from the bottle, Brad could not believe what he had just heard from his wife and that was that she had also fucked his own father.

“Oh god, I knew that you could see right through me,” I groaned as he stretched me out and tunneled into me.

“I like how naughty you really are Sara,” he said slyly as he pounded deep into the center of my scorching, wet fuck-hole.

I was delirious, and didn’t mean to confess this, but he was fucking me into submission.

“Oh god, it only happened twice,” I groaned, then told him the story as he fucked his giant cock into me at a slower pace.

“Brad and I were engaged a month before while he was at college finishing his Business degree, and I was in my senior year of High School. He knew he couldn’t make it home for my High School prom, because of finals, and asked his father if he would take me. His parents are divorced and his father dated constantly. Being 65 years old, and President of a large bank and being very handsome, he always had a slew of girls dying to date him. A lot of the girls were High School seniors that I knew who worked as interns or tellers in the bank.

I was surprised that he agreed to take me, because of how much he dated and because I was so plain looking compared to all the girls I saw him with.”

“I remember that I had a dress for the prom. It was a long gown that touched the floor and covered every inch of me. It was a dress that Brad picked out and bought for me. Once I knew I was going with Brad father I went to a trendy boutique to buy something that would catch his eye. I had seen the way all the girls that went out with him dressed and I knew I wanted to impress him with something really nice.

I remember trying on a bunch of things and feeling really uncomfortable because of how little the material covered.”

“When the sales girl learned that I was going with Brad father she said that she knew exactly what I should wear. She was 21 and stood about 5’5″ tall with a pair of white pumps on. She had black hair with deep blue eyes, and had a real nice figure. Her measurements were 34C-21-33 which were highlighted by her ultra-short mini dress. Her long legs looked amazing, and had a great tapper to them as they were accented by the white high heel pumps.”

“She told me she had just gotten married a month before. I learned that her 18 year old sister and a lot of her friends dated Brad’s father, and that she knew exactly what he liked, based on what they bought. She also whispered to me that she knew he had a ‘huge dick’ and that he was an amazing fuck.

I was embarrassed, but tried not to show it. She surprised me when even admitted to fucking him two days before her wedding. She said that after her sister told her about him she had been trying to get with him for months. The day of her fiancées bachelor party she was with Brad’s father at his house fucking all night long. She told me he was huge, with the biggest cock she ever fucked and that he fucked her all night. She also said that it was depressing going back to her fiancé and during the honeymoon she even called Brad’s father and they made arrangements to get together as soon as she got back. She said they fucked four more times but that was it, because he liked variety. She even said that she fucked him once with her sister.”

“After trying on a few things that I would have never bought or worn, especially in front of Brad, I ended up buying a yellow mini dress that clung to my body. The bottom was tapered on an angel that went from 6 inches above my right knee to the top of my left thigh. The top was strapless and went right above my chest. She told me to go braless which made me feel uncomfortable, but then gave me a sheer white strapless bra that made me feel even more nude.”

“She asked me about shoes and I told her that I had a pair of flats. She laughed as if I were joking and sold me a pair of black high heel pumps. I had to practice walking in them in my bedroom and in my house when my mother wasn’t home for a week walking in them before I felt comfortable wearing them.”

This was when I confessed to being with my brother. I wanted Mr. Stephens to know everything about me.

“One day my 18 year old brother came home early from football practice and caught me walking in the kitchen with my new thong and the new high heels. I was braless and could instantly see the look of hunger on his face. He went wild when he saw me. I was so stunned that I just stood there and couldn’t move as I saw the hunger in his eyes as he glared at my body, from my new high heels, to my ass then to my bare, flat chest.”

“Although I knew I should have run out of the room I was actually enjoying the way he was looking at me. It was the first time a guy ever looked at me with so much hunger. Suddenly he dropped his gym bag and came to me, grabbing me and instantly licking my tiny tits with such a hunger that it caused me to bahis firmaları throw my head back and groan like mad.”

“As he licked my tiny nipples he lifted me on the counter saying I looked so hot and that I drove him crazy. I was so caught up in the moment and kissed him as if he was my lover, as our hot tongues explored each other’s for the first time. We kissed wildly for 10 minutes before he said he had to eat my pussy. I was so turned on that I let him pull my new thong over my high heels and go down on me. Once his lips connected with my wet pussy I came in about 2 seconds and we kissed like crazy. After we kissed he sucked on my tiny tits and sent his fingers plunging into my soaking pussy.

“I’ve gotta suck this wild pussy again,” he snarled, and then went back down on me telling me I had the best pussy he ever tasted.

“I was so caught up in his confidence and his commanding nature that I forgot that he was my younger brother.” He was so different than Brad. My brother had a lot of experience with girls and was always with a new one. A lot of the girls were older than him too. As a Freshman he was always with the Junior and Senior girls, because of his popularity in sports, and I was about to learn because of something more. Much more,” I added hotly.

“Right after my brother said I had the best pussy he ever tasted he added, in a hot breath,” As great as moms.” I nearly died when I heard him say he ate our mothers pussy.

“You’re fucking mom,” I groaned.

“What do you think? I’ve been fucking her sexy pussy for months,” he snarled as he went back to licking my hard clit, and finger fucking me.

“I was stunned, but knew my mother was really hot, all my friends think so, especially my male friends. Her body is a lot different than mine. She’s 56 years old and stands 5’6” tall and weighs about 115 pounds. She has really big tits and a tiny waist with slender legs (I take after my fathers side. Skinny and flat chested). Her measurements are 38DD-21-31. She has shoulder length black hair and is in amazing shape from working out daily.

“One night, when my father was out of town for the weekend and my mother and brother thought I was going to Brad’s church dinner, I drove back to the house after an hour and snuck around the back. After he told me they were fucking I was really curious. When I peeked into the living room window I nearly died when I saw my mother dressed in a pair of black high heel pumps with black thigh high stockings. She was standing and kissing my brother who was naked, with his huge cock sticking out past her side while she pumped up and down his huge shaft with her outstretched hand. He was so wide that her hand only went half way around it. I could not believe how big he was, as it shot way past my mothers ass. As she pumped and kissed him I could tell that she was really turned on.”

“My brother was real aggressive with her as he grabbed her hand and bent her over the back of a high backed sofa. Within seconds he was pounding his huge cock into her as she threw her head back and their tongues met in a frenzied kiss. He was

fucking her so hard that the backs of her feet came out of her high heels. She was going crazy, saying how huge his cock was and that he fucked her so hard and better than anyone.”

“As my brother slammed his big cock into her he teased her about my father, asking her if he fucked her like he was. As she kept slamming her ass back to meet each of his long, deep thrusts she told him, in a deep moaning voice that his cock was 10 times bigger and that my father was a fat slob. As he fucked her, his hands went all over her turned on body, going from her stocking covered legs to her ass then to her big nippled tits. He began pinching her nipples which caused her to cum.

“After she came he sat on the sofa and his huge cock flopped on his chest, and told her to clean off his big cock and then fuck him. I couldn’t believe how assertive and confident my brother was. I figured it was from being the most popular kid in school being the star quarterback and especially having such a huge cock.”

“Don’t you wish you fucked your brothers big cock Sara,” Mr. Stephens said in a deep voice as he slow fucked his monster cock into me.

“Oh god. I was so horny watching my mother lick all over his big cock then fuck him, and the sexy way she was dressed. As I watched him fuck her, I wished that it was me in the worst way,” I moaned as Mr. Stephens 13 inch cock made my pussy explode over and over as I thought about my brother and my mother fucking that night.

“As soon as my brothers huge cock bounced off his tight chest he had my mother drop her ass over his left thigh and fuck his cock in this wild position. I knew that the only way a girl could fuck from that position was if the guy had a huge cock. I could never fuck Brad like this because he was only 6 inches. He would have never been able to even reach the entrance of my pussy at that angle.”

“My mother had her high kaçak iddaa heels planted on the floor and was rolling her ass over my brothers huge cock as she bit her lower lip while and groaned out loud about how big he was while she played with her big tits and huge nipples. After 5 minutes he began thrusting his huge cock into her pussy and yelled that he was going to cum.

He grabbed her by the waist and literally lifted his ass off the sofa as he slammed his huge cock into her each time she rolled her ass back. As he yelled that he was going to cum she immediately pulled off his huge, angry cock and bent at the waist and began pumping him with both hands. A few seconds later cum flew out of his cock, shooting way over her shoulders. He came so hard and after a few seconds she put her mouth over his big cockhead and drank him down her throat.”

“After my brother came, they kissed like crazy as she pumped his rock, hard cock. She squatted on her pumps and went crazy spitting and licking all over his huge cock as she looked up at him and told him how huge he was and how much she loved fucking his giant cock.”

He teased her and asked,” You sure you don’t you miss dad’s cock mom,” and she instantly looked up with a sly grin and said,

“Fuck you baby. You know you’re fucking huge, 10 times bigger than him, or any of the other guys I fuck.”

She then snarled at him as she licked his big throbbing cock saying,

” This great big cock making such a reputation with your married Principal, Mrs. Weston and those two married teachers Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Wright.”

My brother laughed and teased,” Yeah mom, and wasn’t that hot when I fucked you and Principal Weston right in her office,” He added as his big cock began to ooze pre-cum again from her stroking and kissing it, ” Yeah mom, and you and all your fucking, like with dad’s old boss and all your trainers.”

“Hearing her say that made me realize how sexy she really was. I learned later that she had been fucking my fathers 75 year old boss and two 20 year old trainers at the gym she belonged to, and even a 21 Asian girl who worked as a receptionist there. After a while my brother pulled her up and kissed her for a few seconds then grabbed her by the waist and literally spun her around and pushed on her small back to make her kneel on the sofa. As soon as she knelt in position, he squatted and began eating her from behind.”

“As my brother ate her he told her pussy tasted better than any girl he’d ever fucked which caused her to look back and bite her lip and groan, as she told him he ate her better than anyone. It was clear that my mother was fucking more than my brother. As his tongue stabbed away at her pussy and her asshole he kept telling her how sexy she was and that he loved fucking her hot pussy.”

“After a few minutes she was thrashing her head and groaning out loud, and I saw this contorted look on her face. I knew she was cumming all over my brothers mouth and looked delirious from the way he was eating and fingering fucking her. As she was cumming he leaned over her and slammed his huge cock into her, and for the next hour fucked her like he was some deranged person. They both were groaning and cumming, and I could hear my mother say how much she loved his huge cock and the way he fucked.”

“By this time my hands were all over my body and I masturbated myself through 5 intense orgasms. When my cell phone rang it was Brad and I rushed out and answered before he called the house to ask where I was.”

I then went back to telling Mr. Stephens the story about my brother and me.

“My brother was the star quarterback at school and had more girls then you could count, even some of the married teachers I had heard rumors about. He sucked my pussy and plunged his fingers into me until I came again. I could tell he was real experienced and was going insane as he brought me off. We went back to kissing and as we kissed he had pulled his shorts down and lifted me off the counter. I instantly squatted on my pumps and went crazy sucking his cock, telling him how huge he was and that I never saw anything so big.”

When I first saw my brothers cock I nearly died. He was easily ten times bigger than Brad. I learned that he was 11 inches and as wide around as a soda can. Licking all over my brothers huge cock I realized how inexperienced I was, because I had never done this with Brad, because he’s such a prude.”

“My brother was really aggressive, telling me to suck him and that he loved the way I was licking and stroking him, which turned me on like crazy and gave me incredible confidence. He was so huge compared to Brad and I was blowing him on instinct. At that moment, all I wanted to do was please every inch of his great, big cock. We were both so turned on and couldn’t help ourselves, especially me, because of how turned on I was about going to the prom with Brad ‘s father and the rumors I heard about him being huge.”

“As I stroked and blew my brothers huge cock kaçak bahis he kept telling me how hot I was and that he wanted me to drink his hot load. I never did anything like that, but I was so turned on and wanted to please his huge cock in the worst way. I had him cumming in about a minute and managed to suck his entire load down my throat.”

“After he came he told me to stroke him hard again which I eagerly did, kissing all over his huge, beautiful cock. His huge cock was as hard as steel in about a minute and he lead me to the kitchen table and bent me forward while he spread my long legs. As we walked to the table we stopped to kiss headedly. From the counter to the table was only about 10 feet and getting there we must have stopped to kiss 20 times.”

“When we finally got to the table he cupped my ass then licked my sensitive nipples as I pumped his huge, throbbing cock. He was so fat around that my fingers could only go about a quarter way around it. With Brad, my fingers easily closed over his small dick. When we finally got to the table he squatted down and ate my pussy again which caused me to shudder and cum. As he ate me he told me that he always wanted to fuck me and that he always thought I was real ‘hot.’

“I was going wild with lust from how aggressive my brother was and how bad he wanted to fuck me. He was so different from Brad, in the way that he knew what he wanted and at that moment what he wanted was me. After I came, he stood and leaned over me and pulled me back to him and I felt his huge cock go half way up my back. He began fucking his huge cock over my ass, kissing my neck, telling me how bad he always wanted to fuck me, and that he thought I was sexy as hell. He even stunned me when he said he wanted me to be his personal slut, and that if I did he wouldn’t fuck anyone else, including our mom.”

“He had me so worked up and I was groaning like crazy from his words of how much he wanted to fuck me and feeling the heavy weight of his huge cock going up and down, so close to my open pussy. As he fucked his huge cock over my ass he turned my head and our tongues flew out and flicked wildly across each other’s in a frenzied blur. I was sex crazed from thinking about Brad’s father and the prom and wanted to fuck my brothers great, big cock in the worst way, but once I looked back and saw how huge it was compared to my tiny ass and my little opening I was terrorized.”

“But, as soon as I felt his huge dripping cockhead touch my pussy I freaked out and pulled away and told him we couldn’t. As I stroked him and kissed him,I even told him that I wanted to fuck his great big cock real bad, but couldn’t because of him being so huge that he’d rip me apart. I even added that I felt guilty because I was engaged to Brad, and didn’t want to cheat on him.”

“My brother was so pissed telling me that he’d fuck me really slow at first until his big cock fit inside me. When I still told him I wanted to fuck him, but couldn’t he was pisssed and said that Brad was a whimp and wouldn’t know how to fuck someone as hot as me. In an angered voice he said I should dump him for his big cock. I remember running away to my bedroom knowing he was right about Brad, and wishing I let my brother fuck me with that great, big cock of his.”

” In a half hour two cheerleaders came over dressed in their cheerleading outfits with high heels on and all I heard from my brothers room was groaning sounds about ‘how huge he was,’ as he fucked each one of them for over an hour straight. As I listened to them fuck I masturbated thinking about was his huge cock and that it should have been me fucking it.”


The sales girl then sold me a tiny white thong and a pair of tan thigh high stockings. When I told her I never wore stockings like this she said all the girls that every girl that dated him did. A I changed from dress to dress all I kept thinking about was what she had said about Brad’s father being so endowed and that he was an amazing fuck. I couldn’t help myself from imagining him and I together, even though I didn’t believe it would happen, because I thought he was only doing this as a favor to his son.

“Originally I had planned on getting ready for the prom at Brad’s and even staying there after the prom. Even though my mother knew I was going to the prom with Brad’s father she allowed me to stay the night, because of knowing him so well and that he was going to be my father-in-law very soon. They also didn’t object because of him helping my parents out with their mortgage and car loan. When I came down the stairs and was met by Brad’s father, I was feeling so sexy as his eyes took in the sight of me. He was leering at me in a way that caused me to get instantly wet. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo too.”

“He took me in his arms and gave me a lingering huge, kissing my cheek then my neck telling me I looked so sexy. As he hugged me I felt his cock instantly throb when it met my stomach. I was so turned on that I would have fucked him right there. That whole week after me and my brother had nearly fucked and thinking about Brad’s father and his huge cock had me overly stimulated. He rented a limo and we had so much fun.”

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