(5) Superheroes in Trouble!

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“Your cock is so fucking BIG! Your big black cock is FUCKING hurting me! Ow, fuck! Gawd!”

“Ow, gawd, oh gawd! Oh my GAWD, Oh fuck! Your big black cock is so fucking big! It feels so fucking THICK! Gawd, fuck ME!”

Selina woke up. She had been having nightmares ever since the last incident.

Big Black Cocks was all she could think about. Images of THICK, HARD, ROUGH, BLACK COCK occupied her thoughts. The team had left her to rest in her room. Every time she tried to get up from bed her pussy and ass hole would hurt from the pounding she took. Her holes were sore and her tissue fucked raw.

Every time she felt the sting from her holes it reminded her of big black cock. The team had left her to rest in her room, but she couldn’t get any peaceful sleep.

All she could think about was how big those cocks were. She couldn’t believe it. Selina felt completely violated. Her body was so sore; she had never taken anything so deep inside her before.

Selina tried really hard to forget everything, but it was too hard because she kept having nightmares of big black cock.


Ax Matsuo was training again as usual. He didn’t let anything get in his way. The ‘War Room’ was a combat training facility for (5). Ax put it to good use.

In another room, Tiffany, Rachel, and David were in a heated discussion about the events of the last few days.

Tiffany tried to explain that by working for the government some things had to be kept classified. Rachel would have none of it.

“You let a bit of classified information jeopardize the life of a teammate? Nothing is worth that much! I seriously doubt your leadership skills, Tiffany.”

“Let me explain! I’m sorry! I didn’t know this would happen. I was given these files by the CIA. They needed me to pass out the information.”

“And you couldn’t tell us?! I hate you, Tiffany!”


Rachel stormed out the door. David looked at Tiffany, not saying a word. He knew better than to get between those two when they snapped.

Tiffany felt responsible and guilty for what happened. She was determined to reconcile the situation.



The group known as The Outlaws had been attacking organized events held by Nature’s Wrath. But for now they were recuperating from their last recent defeat. The group leader known as Fury was being nursed back to health by Chastity at her house. Fury’s real name is Aaron B. Cross. Being in the military, Cross never really had his own home.

The Outlaws didn’t have the financial support to be a full-fledged superhero group. Most of their equipment was stolen by Fury and their base of operations was Chastity’s house.

Chastity was the code name for Leasa Jill. Leasa was a tall natural blonde with rousing curves. Her full round breasts filled her ring-clad red leather bra and a deep red thong rode up her heart-shaped ass. This was her outfit for fighting crime. Despite her outfit she was prim and proper, hence the name Chastity. She thought the outfit helped in the battles by distracting their opponents, plus she thought it was cute.

Leasa joined the Outlaws in the beginning because she believed in equality. She believed in the cause. That, and also because she found Aaron to be attractive. Aaron Cross was an older man and he seemed to be more focused on the cause than anything else. She liked that.

The team got started with Leasa’s help. During her day job she was a computer data consultant and Aaron asked if she could recruit people. She came up with Vicious and Pummel. The two were in the system only because they were convicts, but their records were sealed.

Without those two Fury and Chastity wouldn’t be called a team. Even though Fury had military training and gifted abilities, his skills were not honed. Leasa had no powers.

If the two had known Vicious and Pummel were convicts, the Outlaws probably wouldn’t have gotten started. Leasa remembered the first time she saw the both of them at her doorstep.

Two absolutely huge black men stood in front of her. She immediately looked down at their pants to see something big bulging out of it.

Vicious and Pummel had the perfect characteristics to fill out the group positions. At first Leasa was so frightened of them she didn’t want to let them in her house. She always considered herself to be non-racist and non-prejudicial but she was afraid of them because they were black.

Leasa kept telling herself that they were her teammates, but that didn’t comfort her any. Her one bedroom house had turned into army barracks; everyone shared everything. That made Leasa even more uneasy.

Whenever she changed or showered she would notice leering eyes coming from Vicious and Pummel. And every time they changed she would notice their incredible bodies and huge bulge in their tights.

All she could ever do was stare, she couldn’t even think. She couldn’t imagine bahis firmaları what was in those pants.

After working together for awhile Leasa felt more comfortable. She didn’t feel so shy about admiring their bodies nor did she mind when they gawked at hers.

Vicious and Pummel were both extremely large and muscular. Vicious looked more animal with hair all over his body and dreadlocks while Pummel simply looked massive and mean. Vicious fought like an animal with his claws and Pummel could increase his size and stature.

That wasn’t the only thing that could grow though as Leasa noticed. When Pummel magnified his size the bulge in his pants grew too. She didn’t want to be but she was totally intrigued.

Even though they worked under one roof Leasa never really actually saw them naked. Fury was out most of the time scouting the next movement of ‘Nature’s Wrath’. But now he was resting up with Leasa by his side.

“Who was that guy? Do you think he worked for the government? Maybe a bodyguard?” Leasa asked.

“I don’t know, but he was a formidable opponent.”

“I wish he was on our team… maybe we can recruit him?”

“That won’t happen. We don’t fight for the same cause.”

Leasa bandaged the torso of Aaron. Her mind was focused on Ax-Man.


Vicious and Pummel were scouting for Ax-Man; they were angry and wanted revenge.

BBC watched them from a distance. He waited for the right time before confronting them.

BBC appeared behind them; Pummel turned around quickly and grew furious.

“Wait, I have a proposal for you.”

“Hold on Pummel, let’s hear what he has to say.” Vicious held Pummel back.

“You have been fighting the wrong war, my friends. Join me, join the Black Militia, and know the true meaning of power.”

“You’re the enemy.” Pummel said.

“Wrong, you are your own enemy. We are brothers, we must stick together. Your team is ill-equipped and ill-trained.”

“Why do you want us?” Vicious asked.

“I am expanding our numbers. The two of you will make a great addition to the team.”

“What’s in it for us?”

“I will deliver Chastity to you.”

Vicious and Pummel looked at each other. It was true they wanted Chastity, it was written all over their faces.

“How will you do that?” Pummel asked.

“Simple. If you want to join us, all you have to do is kidnap her. She will be all yours.”

“What? We could do that ourselves then!”

“Of course you can, but then, who will you turn to after that? I have made the offer so now all you have to do is act. The choice is all yours.” With that, BBC took off.

Back at Chastity’s house:

Leasa’s emergency alarm went off and it was Vicious and Pummel.

“It seems like they are in trouble.”

“Go. I’ll be fine.” Fury said.

“Okay.” Leasa put on her outfit which consisted of a red string bra, thong, and red thigh-high boots and hurried off to the scene.

Leasa arrived shortly to Memorial Point. The district was a ghost-town. There were no signs of battle.

“This is strange…” Leasa looked around. She walked in one of the abandoned warehouses.


Leasa turned around to see Vicious and Pummel standing behind her. It was dark but she noticed something bulging in their pants. It looked like they were holding steel poles in their hands. Leasa took a step back into the crack of light and saw what they were actually holding.

*Gasp* “Oh my gawd!”

They were holding fifteen inches of big black cock. Leasa had never seen big black cock. This was her first time.

“What… are you… doing…” Leasa could barely speak.

The two brutish black men approached her, their thick dark meat entering the light. Leasa stared at the rigid hard shaft, the huge blue veins running across it, and the large purple cock head.

Both big black cocks looked identical, jet black skin, tube thick veins, and hard as rock. The huge purple cock heads looked really scary to Leasa. She didn’t know it yet, but Leasa’s nipples were pointing out of her red leather bra. Leasa was always curious to see how big their big black cocks were but not like this. She knew they were here for her. This was a trap.

In the light the big black cocks looked even darker, and more menacing.

“Please, I thought we were a team…” Leasa pleaded to them for the inevitable.

“Don’t fight it Leasa, we know you want it.”

“Yeah, don’t even think about fighting us.”

“But, Aaron, he’ll…”

“He’ll what? He won’t do shit.”

“Please, I don’t want to do this…”

“You do and you will.”

“No, please, stay where you are… no, stop… ah, oh gawd…”

Vicious got behind Leasa to prevent her from getting away, his big black cock rubbing her between her legs.

Leasa instinctively reached down and wrapped her hands around their cocks. Chastity stroked the thick rigid shafts to their full fifteen inches.

“Oh gawd… uh… they’re so big…” kaçak iddaa Leasa felt like she was stroking steel poles.

Chastity felt betrayed by her teammates. But she wanted to please these two huge black men. She also felt guilty for betraying Fury. The Outlaws were about to be disbanded.

“Get down on your knees.” Vicious commanded.

Leasa did as she was told. She was now staring at two large black shafts and they were staring back right at her. Nasty images of big black cock pounding every hole ran through her mind. Leasa thought about fighting back for a brief moment before giving in. She opened her mouth and took in Vicious’ big black cock.

Pummel increased his size uncontrollably as Leasa stroked his cock while sucking Vicious’ cock. Seeing a beautiful white blonde on her knees servicing big black cock made Pummel wild with lust. Pummel’s already massive black shaft and cock head grew impossibly larger in Leasa’s delicate hand.

Leasa wrinkled her forehead in amazement. Her hand let go of the expanding cock; it grew so big she couldn’t wrap it anymore. She now knew what gifted people really possessed.


“Your cock is so BIG…I want to please your big black COCK…” Leasa moaned with new wanton lust. She didn’t know what was coming over her, but Leasa felt the need to pleasure the large cock.

Pummel started making thrusting motions at Leasa’s face. Leasa’s eyes widened and jaw dropped as she watched Pummel’s growing body loom over her. She could see every bulging muscle on his body. His big black cock threatened to rip her apart.

Vicious grabbed her head and pushed his thick black meat in her mouth.

“Mmrph! CCRRK!”

Leasa choked on Vicious’ big black cock as his violent thrusts were most unexpected. Vicious fucked Leasa’s mouth violently, his hard shaft forcing its way down her throat. Pummel reached down and clawed Leasa’s firm round tits and lifted her up from her knees with her ass towards him. He rubbed his giant cock head all over her pussy and ass hole. His hands mashed her tits before tugging her nipples as he drove his big black cock in her tight shaven cunt.


Leasa’s tight pussy spasmed intensely from the penetration of his incredibly thick black cock. Leasa’s face contorted as she felt his powerful thrusts invade the depths of her pussy. She could hardly believe taking in the enormous black cock.

Two big black cocks fucked her hard and relentlessly. Leasa was in an awkward position. She had to straighten her neck so Vicious could slide his cock down her throat easier and she also had to arch her back to brace the impact from Pummel’s harsh fucking.

The cock in her mouth would occasionally let her breathe for air and spew out lewd comments.


Leasa looked hot in this compromising position. She had a big black cock impale her between her legs and another large black cock between her lips.

Vicious loved how Leasa locked her lips tight around his shaft. Her wet tongue pressed firmly against his cock only made him thrust into her more forcefully.

Pummel was growing stronger by the moment. Leasa’s tight wet pussy was driving him and his huge black cock wild. He entered into her increasingly forceful. That was actually his weakness. He pumped her so hard he lost control of his body. Pummel was growing too big.

But Leasa was losing control of her body, too. The brutal fucking of his big black cock was taking a toll on her. His large cock head was like a battering ram penetrating, pumping, and stretching out her cervix.

Leasa was taking a severe fucking. Vicious fucked her throat until lips kissed the base of his cock and balls while Pummel pounded the huge thick cock deep into her until his balls slapped her clit.

The friction of cock against her throat tissue burned like a hard chafing. Leasa stared cross-eyed at the engorged black meat throbbing in and out of her mouth. Every time the large cock head hit the back of her throat she would feel another thick hard cock pound through her cervix. Leasa cringed each time it hit her. Leasa could feel the entire length of the steel black piston, her cunt rippling to each thrust.

Leasa was a fairly sheltered young blonde woman but now she was fully exposed to big black cock. She had come to experience and realize the power of big black cock.

She felt like she was being probed and prodded by hard steel rods. Leasa felt extremely violated as big black cock penetrating her felt fierce and intense. Leasa was used and abused; an object for big black cock to force into as deep as possible.

Leasa choked on Vicious’ big black cock; the thick engorged black meat clogged her throat passage preventing air from passing through.

Her butt hole had gaped wide open; Leasa’s ass hole dilating from the enormous black cock stretching her pussy.

Subconsciously Leasa kaçak bahis was scared to take big black cock up the ass but she was focused on the big black cock down her throat. Her eyes would cross each time the thick black cock pushed forward into her mouth. She could feel the heavy balls slapping her chin and clit, churn disgustingly thick black sperm.

Pummel on the other hand was eyeing her gaping ass hole. Watching and thinking about sinking his big black cock into her ass hole made his shaft expand even thicker. His large hands rubbed and kneaded her beautiful hearth-shaped ass.

Leasa’s lips were glistening from her saliva as she sucked Vicious’ big black cock. His large thick cock head would descend down her throat and scruff the tight cock stroking muscles. Vicious loved to grab the back of her head and fuck her face. He forced his thick cock violently causing a throat-choking deep throat. Having women’s throats stroking his cock was simply the best.

Leasa had been taking in big black cock balls deep for a good long time, but now she felt something pressing against the entrance of her ass hole. Leasa realized Pummel had pulled out of her exhausted and tired pussy and held his cock at the entrance of her butt.

Her anal sphincter slowly began opening up as Pummel continued to push his thick cock head at her butt hole. At the same time Vicious had picked up speed fucking her throat and squeezing her full-sized tits for leverage. Leasa could feel Vicious tube thick shaft expanding, she thought he was going to cum soon and at the least he would be done fucking her.

Big black cock fucked her body mercilessly. The large black meat was fucking her throat fast and furious. Leasa felt the pressure on her ass hole increasing painfully. She was about to take big black cock up the ass.

“Mmrph! MMRPH!!! CCRRK!!!”

The added vibration coming from Leasa’s throat triggered a nasty and violent gush of semen from the cock head in her mouth. Leasa felt the powerful blasts hit the back of her throat. She could tell the cum was extremely thick and gooey because she tried swallowing it but the sperm just clung to her throat. Leasa could feel the jolting from the big black cock, blasting thick gooey semen and plastering the walls of her throat.

Leasa was trying diligently to swallow all the cum that exploded in her mouth and throat. That was when Pummel forced his massive cock head through her anal sphincter.

“OW GAWD!!!”

Pummel plunged his big thick black cock in Leasa’s tight ass hole. Her butt gripped the might black shaft as the engorged organ assaulted her anal hole. Her rectum quivered in anticipation to having an impossibly large, tremendously thick, rock-hard steel pole of a cock penetrate and pummel the depths of her tight pink butt hole. Leasa could feel the thick veins and the hard black shaft invading her ass.

“Oh no, please… not my ass…”

Leasa’s cunt fluids had lubricated Pummel’s enormous cock and that was the only possible saving grace for her ass. The shiny coated black cock slowly but forcefully glided in past Leasa’s tense anal sphincter. The rather thick tube cock taunted Leasa, threatening to rip her ass apart.

“OW! Fuck, my ASS!”

Her butt was stretched out tight and she could feel the rock-hard shaft sliding vigorously along her rectum. Leasa felt her stomach shift up towards her rib cage as the big black cock was shoved in her ass to the hilt. That was it. Her life flashed before her eyes. Before this she was a prim and proper woman, now she was taking big black cock up the ass.

“OH MY GAWD! My ass feels so full!”

She could feel the engorged fuck rod throbbing with hot thick cum ready to plaster her body. Leasa felt as if a steel pole had been implanted into her ass hole. Every vein pulsing along the length of the shaft could be felt by her sensitive rectum.

Leasa felt completely powerless in the hands of these two giant black men. She was weak and insignificant, an object there to please their desires. Leasa was in disbelief as her butt was simply just stuffed with big black cock. All she could do was take it and hope it was all over soon.

Leasa stared at Vicious’ still rigid shaft and imagined that huge organ being shoved in and out of her ass. It was magnificent. Vicious wasn’t through with fucking her. He picked her up by her legs and his thick shaft was now aimed directly at her swollen wet cunt.


Having two big black cocks deep inside her was simply insane. Leasa was consumed by the overwhelmingly brutal double penetration. Such intense jaw-dropping torture was unbearable for Leasa. She had completely given in. The only thing holding her up was the big black cocks reaming her ass and cunt. Leasa screamed as she was thoroughly stretched out, the thin membrane between her ass and pussy being on the brink of tearing.

Besides feeling every inch of big black cock deep inside her, she also felt the guilt. Vicious and Pummel had betrayed the team, and Leasa had betrayed Aaron. Leasa enjoyed being a superhero; it made her feel important. She knew she wouldn’t be a superhero for long.


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