(4 ) The Holiday fun contines

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Our small group of three couples was going well, when Dave and Joe brought their mates along to prove they had fucked our woman, now with 8 guys to fuck them the girls were in for a long night, I saw Sue take on three guys at once, her ass taking two and her mouth another, I was fucking Gretchen’s ass, while her pussy had one of the new guys in it, Lyn happy to take care of the other three guys cocks, often after getting a hole filled with cum, the girls would drop it in some ones mouth, I was more than happy to oblige with that.

Sue and Gretchen had both just emptied another full load of cum from their guys, so handing them the poppers I told them to put a show on for the new guys, laying down I held my arms up, at first they were unsure, but then Sue sat over my left arm and lowered her ass onto my fist, Gretchen followed suit on my right fist, both riding themselves to huge orgasm, the guys jaws just dropped.

Lyn pulled up Lou’s arm, now all three girls were trying to outdo one another, their cries of orgasm filling the night air, Lyn then bent forward and told Joe to fuck her ass too, his cock slide in alongside Lou’s fist, she shot into a massive orgasm as one of the new guys shot his load over her face, Sue then looked around, one of the new guys had a hard cock, so she told him to fuck her ass too, she then asked me for the poppers, sniffing them to help her anus take him.

Sue had picked well, his cock was big maybe 9 inches long, and average thickness, he knelt behind her and eased his cock in, at first he had trouble Sue was trying hard, so I handed her the poppers again, she took several good hard sniff, then bent forward more, his cock slid in easy this time, her orgasm almost instantaneous, sent her into a wild frenzy her body shaking her rosebud now bright red, as she rode us both.

I don’t know if the guy knew it, but I was holding his cock inside her ass, Sue still going strong, as a loud grunt broke the rhythm and he shot his bolt right up her ass, my hand covered in his cum, I felt his cock being to shrink, then slide out, but just as quick another took his place, this one I must have missed it was bigger by far, he too fucked Sue hard, as my fingers wrapped around his member.

Sue was showing signs of exhaustion, as her orgasm gripped us tight, but with less movement from her, then he too filled her ass with another hot load, this time I held him squeezing his cock to get the last of his cum from him.

As Sue pulled of my fist, I looked at her rosebud, it was huge, and sticking right out, cum leaked out my tongue found her hole and licked her clean, Gretchen had slipped of my other hand, and was kissing Sue while her ass was fucked, both girls ass looked great, they were anal sluts, with rosebuds to prove it.
Sue lay down exhausted but Lyn had other ideas, she lay over her, licking her clit and eating any cum she could find, Lyn’s ass quickly filled by a cock,

Gretchen also kept busy with two guys using her for their pleasure, and by the way she was going, she wasn’t going to stop any time soon, I got Lou to fuck my ass for me, this time doggy, Gretchen moved under me sucking my cock, so she could get a good view, leaving her guys to find other holes to fuck.

I told Lou to pull his cock out and for Gretchen to fist me, and Lou to slide his cock back in, it felt so good with Gretchen playing with his cock inside my ass, he took his time too, slowly working my ass, then he told Gretchen to grip his cock bahis firmaları tight, he unloaded deep inside my ass, Gretchen saying how weird it felt, as they pulled out I sucked his cock dry then licked the cum from her arm, while I was kneeling they, my ass was filled by another cock, looking back Rick was balls deep in my ass, Sue next to him urging him on.

She told me it had been a fantasy of hers to see Rick fuck another guy and him to be fucked too, and seeing as he had enjoyed fucking her ass and the others, it was only fair she get her wish, I told him his cock felt great just as a anal orgasm hit me, his efforts doubled then, I got Sue to lay under me to get a close up look and be ready to eat his cum from me, Rick really got into gear his cock going deep too.

As another orgasm hit me, I heard and felt Rick tense up,, then wham my ass was filled with cum, that was enough to keep my orgasm going as he gripped my waist hard, making sure all his baby seed was deposited inside me, as his cock fell out I sat up, Sue ready to take his load, once in place I pushed hard, his cum shot out, splashing all over her face and hair, I spun around licking her clean, as Rick fell in a heap next to her.

The other guys were still going strong, Lyn and Gretchen keeping them busy, some had watched my show with interest, the guy with the big cock took extra interest, so when I could I moved under Lyn while he was fucking her ass, and licked her clit, my tongue also licking his cock, he didn’t worry about that, then as his cock dropped out, I sucked it right down my throat, again he didn’t pull away, so I kept sucking him.

Now he was face fucking me, his cock starting to pulse, then with one loud grunt, he filled my mouth with his cum, I ate it all then licked him dry, Lyn turned to help me suck him clean, and also to keep him hard, she said if you think my ass is nice you should try his, its tighter than mine, he looked shocked but my mouth on his hard cock showed us he was thinking about it.

Big cock whispered to Lyn, and she looked and said that’s ok, come with us, taking his hand and nodding to me, we went inside the caravan, then he told me, he didn’t want his mates to see him fuck my ass, the curtains were shut and Lyn locked the door, I knelt on the bed and Lyn slide under me, big cock, Al, I found out later pushed his cock to my ass, and then with one good push went right in balls deep, my did that feel good.

He got a good rhythm going, long deep strokes that did the trick, my anal orgasm rang out, as Lyn sucked my cock, Al, then started going faster, I let him keep this up for awhile then said, slow down and let Lyn fist me and you fuck me, his eyes were wide, as he pulled out, I took some poppers and Lyn’s fist went in past her wrist, then we told him to push his cock back in, he eased it in slowly, it was tight, but once in he picked up the pace again, I had several good orgasm, then I felt him shudder and squirt his cum deep in my ass, Lyn played with his cock as he slowly pulled it out.

I swung around, my ass over Lyn’s face and pushed his cum out sucking his cock dry as I did, Al saw his cum all over her face, then I moved and licked it off her, kissing her as I did, Al then bent down and also licked his cum from her face sharing it with her, my mouth went back to his cock while he kissed her clean.
I thanked Al for fucking me and told him we will be staying another day as well, and asked if he could return, he smiled and said “yes kaçak iddaa for sure” then we went out to join in the orgy again, Gretchen and Sue taking 3 guys each, some now with soft cocks, had run out of cum, but still wanted to play with the girls, Lyn took on Lou who was trying to get his cock hard again.

It was late when the guys left, by now we all were tired, but once more we slept with different partners, I got Sue again tonight, but this time other than a few kiss’s we fell asleep fairly quickly, with my cock buried in her ass.

I woke with my normal morning woody, but Sue was still asleep, so I took a stroll to the toilets and did some internal cleaning, walking back naked to the camp I saw the girls head of towards the toilets too, all three fully naked and laughing a lot, if any cars came along they would get a real eye full. I whistled and waved to them, all three turned and giggled their tits, boy I kind of hoped a car did come along and see the girls, would cause a stir for sure.

It was possible an hour later when the girls returned, laughing about being seen by a truck driver, who stopped and asked for directions, even though he must have been a local, who would blame him, even offered them a lift back, but they said he was a scruffy looking guy, so didn’t take him up of the offer.

Lyn and Sue went for a walk to the toilets in the afternoon, both wore just a man’s shirt, but open, it was some time before they returned, it seems a guy who checks the site had come along, and talked to them, when I saw Lyn wipe her finger across her lips, I knew she or they had given him a blow job, they laughed and told us that his cock kept growing bigger as they talked, and in the end Sue went down and began to blow him, Lyn of course joined in.

I asked did they invite him for more fun tonight, both nodded a yes, so more cocks to keep them happy, after some light food, we had a few drinks to relax until the guys arrived, but around 6 pm the girls couldn’t wait and started to play with us, they knew it wouldn’t be long before the other’s turned up, our cocks got them wet and ready.

We kept the girls busy, then the new guy turned up, his face lit up when he saw us all fucking, he soon dropped his shorts, his hard cock looked good to, as Lyn invited him to fuck her ass, he slid right in, fucking her fast, while Lou went under licking her clit, then Lou turned and slid his cock in her ass with the new guy, they seemed to have trouble getting a rhythm, but soon Lyn was enjoying a good dp.

We heard a car drive up, quickly followed by 5 naked guys ready to fuck our women again tonight, and now each honed in on a ass or pussy and the orgy started, the girls taking on 3 guys each, after we had played for awhile I got Al and asked if he wanted a private play again, he said yes, but later after he had fucked the girls some more, and said he had another mate who wanted to join us.

The night went extremely well, with everyone getting more than enough pussy or cock, I ate as much cum as I could get from the girls, but Rick was giving me a good run for my money, eating the cum from the girls too, as well as the girls themselves eating one another out, then Al asked if we could have our private session, I waited until the guys fucking Lyn had finished then took Al inside, he nodded to one of his mates who joined us, once inside I sucked them both, while Lyn sucked me.

I then knelt on the bed, Al opened up my ass with his cock, while his mate watched, kaçak bahis after a few minutes, I told him to lay under me and slipped his cock in my ass, then told Al to put his back in, it was tight to get started but once they got going, my ass opened up nicely, Lyn playing with the three of us, kept my cock hard, my anal orgasm told the guys they were doing the right thing, then the guy under me grunted and shot me full of his cum, when his cock slipped out Al kept fucking me deep, pushing the cum further in.

When the guy under me moved out, I asked if he had ever fisted a guy, he looked shocked, Lyn moved her fingers pushing in with Al, then she told Al to remove his cock for a second, her fist went in and then Al slide his cock back in, Lyn playing with his cock inside me, the new guy was speechless, looking on as my ass took it all, then all too soon Al also grunted and blasted my inside with his cum, sending me into another orgasm. Lyn and Al pulled out slowly, as they did Lyn licked my ass and ate the cum running from me, then gave me a nice cum kiss.

We returned to the main group, the girls still going strong, but the guys cocks wilting a bit now, I turned Sue over and slid my cock in her ass and fisted her pussy, this got her orgasms going, as Lyn helped by playing with her tits, the guy who had fucked my ass, was slowly getting his cock into Lyn’s ass, while she sucked Al back to size, it wasn’t long before she had them both in her ass and going hard.

I saw Rick move behind me and soon his cock was sliding in my ass, Sue smiled seeing her man fuck me while I was in her ass too, I moved between them, feeling the depths of her ass one way, and him feeling my depths the other way, I realised then, this was the first time I had been like this with a married couple on each end.

My balls now swollen with cum could hold back no longer, with one deep thrust my cock erupted inside Sue’s ass, feeling my body contracting, set Rick off, his cock filling my ass with his load, in one quick instance two people had cum with me as their sex toy, I swung around for Sue to fist my ass and play with her husband’s cum inside me, she gave me several orgasm before I fell on top of her while we recouped.

Most of the guys were sitting around now, limp cocks everywhere, the girls playing with each other licking and rubbing the cum of one another gave the guys a good show, but to no avail their cocks were dead, but Lyn had another idea, she looked at them all and asked if any one needed to take a leak, a few said they would need to, so Lyn took them a short way onto the grass area, and lay down, telling the guys to empty their bladders over her, none moved until I walked up and pissed over her face and boobs, then a few others started to follow suit, Lyn was soaked, as Sue and Gretchen looked on in surprise.

I told them it was another one of our kinks, Gretchen said each to their own, but Sue surprised us all, sitting next to Lyn kissing her as other guys took their turn peeing over them both, even Rick took a turn, aiming for Sue & Lyn’s boobs, Lyn took some in her mouth then kissed Sue sharing his piss.

Al walked over to join in, I bent over and told him to fill my ass with his piss, as he did I turned and sprayed the girls with it, he finished his bladder load over them, by now all the guys who wanted to had finished and were getting dressed, the girls told them we had decided to stay another day, so they were welcome back, cheers all round as they kissed and cuddled the girls good night. it was my night with Gretchen again, felt so good her cuddling into me, too tired to play before sleep took over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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