30 Minutes

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Amy Anderssen

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Paula returned home from her work travels earlier than expected. She wanted to surprise her daughter, Lisa, on her twentieth birthday. As the Uber cab drove her home, she got emotional as she reflected on Lisa’s growing years.

“My baby is a grown woman. How time flies?”

It dawned on her that Lisa was now a Junior in College and will be ready for the world in two years.

After Dave passed away Ten years ago, she raised her baby girl as a single mom. Very protective of her baby, Lisa was the love of her life. She convinced her to go to a local state college and commute from home, with an unconditional freedom with no interference.

The one-hour ride from the airport to her home went by quickly. Lisa’s car was in the driveway.

As she opened the door, the clock on the wall struck ‘Two’ times. She dropped her bags on the floor and silently tip-toed up the stairs to Lisa’s room. The door was half-open. She heard muffled voices and soft moans from inside the room.

Paula peeked into the room. Her eyes popped out, she almost screamed. Lisa was on her fours, her knees pressed into the bed and her elbows struggling to maintain balance, her breasts dangled under her. By the headboard of the bed, a black male – Lisa’s age – sat with Lisa’s head in between his legs and a white adult in his forties was tapping his erection on Lisa’s exposed ass.

Paula wanted to step in to stop the activities immediately. Lisa’s door sign – My room! My World! My Life! – reminded her of her promise of unconditional freedom.

She stepped back and leaned against the wall to watch the thick chocolate cock fall from her drooling mouth as the circumcised bahis firmaları hard erection penetrated her from behind. She heard Lisa moan aloud. The black lad’s hands gently held her face tapping his hard cock on her mouth. The white adult pushed in with force. Lisa’s body bounced forward and the dark chocolate slipped into her open mouth again.

Paula’s felt her panties wet as she watched her daughter being taken by two men. She stepped away from the room and squatted against the wall in the foyer. She heard her daughter moan and scream in pleasure along with the grunts of two lust men.

“Fuck, you are a tight one. Your mom has been hiding you from us.” Paula assumed it was the white adult exclaiming.

Then she heard a deep, rough voice “Take it slow and deep. Deep throat it! baby, slow and deep. Go easy with your teeth.”

Paula’s panties were soaked. She was frozen. Time stood still.

Lisa was slurping and gagging. Paula wanted to rescue her baby.

She heard her young voice, “Gruung! give it to me harder.”

Going on her knees, Paula crawled to peek into the room again. Lisa was flipped over on the back. Her tender left breast was in the black man’s mouth. The white adult’s cock was deep in her tight pussy. His hairy balls pressing in her Brazilian waxed lips.

The room was filled with the forceful thrusts of the white cock, deep into her pink tight lips. Pushing deep into Lisa, he began to push the black man away and grabbed Lisa’s tits in his hands. Her nipples squeezed through his thick rough fingers. The black man held her hands onto the bed as he watched his partner pound her vagina. His black hands released her hands and began to clutch her neck.

Lisa’s legs circled the white man’s ass. kaçak iddaa She screamed, “Come on Brian, is that all you got.”

Paula was shocked as Brian raised his hand and slapped Lisa hard on the right side of her face. She watched her daughter’s face turn red. He raised his hand again, Lisa whined! She went silent, moaning as he pressed his pelvis to hers.

Brian began to hump harder. He was on the edge. Lisa was shaking under.

Brian laughed looking at the black lad, “This young slut is a horny one. We have a winner here! Mike”

Mike smiled.

Brian growled and howled as he continued to fuck Lisa. She was his play toy. Her legs fell to the bed and he pulled out. Paula watched his thick cum spraying Lisa. Lisa raised her hips and a gush of squirt splashed Brian’s chest and neck.

Mike laughed aloud. “Save some of that energy for me.”

“Fuck, this bitch is a horny one.”

Brian felt on her full body, her squirt on his chest mixed with his cum on hers.

Mike was stroking his thick long cock smiling. Paula felt like she was watching porn for real. Lisa had her eyes closed, moaning and sighing in pleasure and pain. Brian slipped on the bed next to her.

Mike picked up his T-shirt from the floor and wiped Lisa dry of Brian’s cum. He reached for her arm and raised her to her feet and lifted her onto his standing body. His lips on hers, her arms hugged him as her legs latched onto his strong black ass.

Brian watched from the bed as Mike carried her in his arms. His hands slipped down to her ass and parted her cheeks. His erection pressed into her pink lips. Lisa whined and squealed again. Mike laughed as he kissed her.

“Here is come baby.” He pushed into her. Her hands and legs held him kaçak bahis tight. He pushed in and began to hump her standing. He bounced in his control. She was yelping like a bitch on heat.

“Oh My God. Oh My God.”

“Yeah baby, call out the lord’s name.”

Brian looked on. “There will be time for confession. Just fuck for now.”

Mike continued to stand and fuck the nubile.

Lisa was sighing and moaning. “Take me hard, Mikey! I want you so bad.”

Mike gently laid her on the bed and turned her around to press her stomach on the bed. He parted her ass again and pushed his cock deep into her wet dripping cunt. He suddenly reached under and raised her full body up on her knees. His hands moved up to her face from behind and his fingers slipped into her mouth from either side of her face from behind.

Her mouth wide open by his fingers. He pounded her hard from behind. Her puppy cries escaped her open mouth as he pushed deep in. Lisa was squirting again. This time on the thick black cock deep in her.

Brian went on his knees and began to suck in her nipple while using his hands on the other.

Mike was grunting, “Baby I am Cumming.”

Brian yelled out, “Seed her cowboy. Want to see this slut carry your black seed.”

Paula could not hold back anymore. She jumped to her feet and pushed the door open wide.

Brian and Mike were startled. Lisa looked at her, “MOM!!”

“Young man, let go of my daughter now.”

Mike obeyed her command. Lisa fell to the bed next to Brian. He came, his cock continued to spurt out cum on the floor.

“Sorry baby, you are too young to have babies.”

“MOM, get the fuck out of the room.”

Lisa continued to shout as Paula stepped out with tears in her eyes. Paula knew her relationship with Lisa will change forever. Paula walked into the living room. Her panties were wet, her nipples erect.

As she sat on the couch, the clock chimed to indicate the time to be 2:30.

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