30 Minutes with Ray

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It was 10:00 p.m. on Friday, and Ray had a chance to make a night visit to me for the first time since I met him. Now, Ray loves for me to greet him right at my open door. He steps briskly inside, shuts the door tightly behind him. He gives me a huge, panda-bear kind of hug and then plants a hard and wet tongue kiss in my open mouth!

“Oh, baby, I am so glad to see you tonight,” I gushed at him. He smiled broadly and just kept kissing and kissing me. Our lips were still locked as I pulled his arms out of his jacket, and almost dragged his sweet gorgeous body toward my sofa.

“Leslie, I am so sorry I cannot stay as long as I wanted to, but I have to tell you, you’ve got some kind of hot outfit on tonight!”

I was skimpily clad in my scarlet colored lace teddy with matching panties, a pair of plain dark gray thigh high stockings, all simply covered by my long, pretty pink, purple and red silk Victoria’s Secret robe.

He sat himself on my sofa, and I tumbled down alongside of him, pulling open my robe as I fell onto the soft cushions.

“Please let me see those wonderful titties of yours. I have been dying to suck on them all week, and I know you wanted me to do that, too.” Ray pulled my red teddy right down, and my huge, plump breasts just came tumbling out.

Ever-so-gently-and-tenderly, he began twirling his silky slippery tongue around in circles on my left nipple, and my clit began tingling instantly, as I felt my cunt swell with the same kind of silky slipperiness that Troy’s mouth possessed. He must have known that, too, because he slid his right hand around the edge of my lace panties, and plunged two of his fingers bahis firmaları deep into my dark wet cave. It was then that I realized how long I had been without a man like this, because within what seemed like only a few seconds, my bud was bursting with my first orgasm.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm” We were both moaning the same tune, as he kissed my mouth again, then back to my nipple, back to my mouth, back to my nipple — OMG, he kept sucking, licking, and kissing me. It felt as if we were filling each other up, by sucking out gobs of ecstatic sexual energy from each other.

As I was cumming again, Ray leaned back slightly enough to unzip his fly. He hardly had to pull on his hard rod to get it out, because it was popping straight out of his Dockers, with each inch of his zipper opening up.

“Wow,” I thought, as I enjoyed my view of his stiff cock, “that thing looks just a little bit bigger than I remember it being the last time!”

Eagerly, I leaned my head over his groin, and plunged my whole mouth right onto his hardness, lapping and licking hungrily around the head, while feeling a few warm drops of his precum spilling onto my tongue.

I was going to keep on blowing him until he came, but he did not want to rush it, he wanted to hold back for a bit, since he had something else on his mind at that moment.

“You know how much I really want to see you fuck yourself with your vibrator!” His boyish grin spoke volumes!

“Of course, baby,” I sweetly replied. “I am going to show you how I make myself cum with it.”

I stood up next to his legs, and he started stroking his cumpole, while I dropped my kaçak iddaa drawers. I hoisted up one leg on my coffee table, and braced myself against the other leg, exposing and opening wide my luscious pussy lips, pushing my pelvis to within inches of Ray’s face. A deep murmur was building in my throat, as I began sliding my bright neon green 10″ tube into my pussy. I was still spurting creamy cum from my two orgasms.

“Oh, my god!!” I was really just about yelling it out, as I started fucking myself hard with my toy.

With the next withdrawal of my vibrator from my hole, I put it right onto my clit, and began the familiar circular motions with its tip, turning the speed up to high.

“This is how I cum, baby!!” I screamed. My face was wrenching in twisted motions of sheer sexual pleasure. I really exploded with this one, and my love hole shot a stream of juices running right down my vibe, to the other end and into my hand.

I barely had put my toy back on the table, when Ray was reaching out to take my hand in his and put it to his lips, rolling his tongue over each of my fingers deliciously, savoring every drop of sweet syrup that he tasted.

His cock was still as hard as a 2 by 4, I could see it pointing straight forward at me, as he began to rise from the sofa, placing his hands on my shoulders, and pushing me softly down to where he had just been seated.

“Oh, Leslie, please, stroke my cock against your boobs, and let me cum there!” He almost sounded as if he was pleading with me to do him a favor, when the whole while I was burning with desire to do just exactly what he wanted with me!

I cupped my left kaçak bahis breast into my left hand, wrapped the fingers of my right hand fully around his swollen joint, and began stroking rhythmically the entire length of it, focusing my movements mostly around his big oval-shaped purple cockhead. I pressed his stiff rod fully into my left boob, and buried it deep into my bosom, so far that only my fingers around it were visible.

“Oh, my god, yyyeeesss, yyyeeesss,” Ray was routing me on, “Oh, god, heeerrreee III cccuuummm, bbbaaabbbyyy!!”

I felt a hot shot of gooey wet spunk spreading quickly over my whole chest, covering completely my left nipple and tit, as well as shooting straight over to my right boob, and covering that one as well! And just as his cum was about to drip off of my right nipple, I grasped that breast in my hand and caught that precious drop of creamy honey with the tip of my outstretched tongue!!

“Oh, my god, baby, what a huge load you shot on me!! MMMMMMMmmmmm, oh, honey, you are really something else!” I praised him, as I licked and sucked and vacuumed up every drop of his jizz from both of my tits and my fingers!!

“Leslie, you are one hot Momma!!” he stated firmly, “You are so fuckin hot, I just lllooovvveee to cum here!”

“Well, Ray, baby, I think you are pretty dam hot yourself, and you can cum here any old time you like!!”

I donned my robe, and he zipped up his Dockers, and as we walked to my door, once again it seemed as if he could not get enough of kissing me on my mouth. And even after I wished him safe home, he turned again one more time and planted a precious just-one-more-before-I-go on my lips!

“I love you, baby!” I called after him, as he strode off toward his car.

Oh, Ray baby, you are so cute, so sexy, so hot, so sweet — Yes, baby, I would, indeed, love to have YOU anytime!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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