1970s Garden Apartment Happenings

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We met Lorrie and Jay, her husband the first day we moved into our apartment in 1970. I had just finished graduate school and had taken a job in NJ and we knew no one in the area. Marilyn met Lorrie, who lived next door the day we moved in. They spent almost all their mornings and afternoons together watching TV, shopping and taking the kids to the playground. When they moved into a home in a new development about a year later, we bought a house across the street. We all spent a lot of time together. This was to be expected since they were both stay-at-home moms in their early twenties with husbands who were just starting their careers. Both had married rather young (Marilyn at 20 and Lor at 19). Naturally they both had raging sex drives. There were several other young women in the same situation in the complex and Lor and Mar soon formed a group with them. The Group varied in size as families moved in and out but Lor, Mar and two other women, Ellie, and Kathy remained at the core for the two years we were there.

A little about Kathy and Ellie. Kathy was an innocent young thing from a small town in NE PA. She had light brown hair and was about 5 ft. 4 in and weighed about 125 lbs. She was would usually dress very modestly but when she wore a dressy outfit you could see that she had a cute figure. She had married her childhood sweetheart, Rob who would boast about his cousins who were in the “mob”. Everyone laughed and thought he was bullshitting. About 5 years later one of them got rubbed out in the city in a very public hit, so, in retrospect, I guess it was true.

Ellie was an airhead blond sex maniac who would rather screw than eat. She had an out of wedlock child and was a “kept woman”. Her boy friend Fred was there whenever he wanted to fuck her or to see his baby son. The other women used to joke that they would never leave their husbands alone with Ellie because they were sure that she would have sex with them. I remember one time Mar had been back in Western New York to visit family while I was in NJ working. At dinner two days after she returned she joked, “You were a good boy while I was gone.”

I asked, “How do you know?”

Mar replied, “Ellie said, ‘M, if I knew you were gone last week I would have taken care of him güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for you!”

“How would you feel about that?” I asked.

She was very agitated saying, “She is so cheap I would be disappointed, but she is more experienced than I am. I guess if I was gone and she threw herself at you, I could understand you screwing her but I would be pissed.”

I got up from the table, went behind her chair, started rubbing her neck to soothe her and said, “Why would I settle for hamburger when you are gone when I can have steak when you are here.”

She laughed and said, “That’s an old joke, but I love it.”

She turned around in her chair, looked up lovingly, her gorgeous blue eyes gleaming and we shared long gentle kiss.

A couple of months later, I came home to Kathy, Lorrie and Marilyn sitting in our living room laughing heartily.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

Kathy giggled, “I’m too embarrassed to tell you.”

Lor and Mar egged her on, “Don’t be such a prude Kathy. Tell him what you just told us.”

Kathy turned beet red and said, “I don’t think I could tell that to any other man but my husband.”

Lor said, “You told us. Now tell Joe! It’s not that bad. It’s not like you actually saw her giving him a blow job.”

The cat was out of the bag, so Kathy related what she had just told them. “Well Ellie had to go to the mall with her mom this morning and she asked if I could watch the baby for a couple of hours and I said that I could. When came in the baby was sleeping, so we were very quiet. Ellie pointed to the drawer of the dresser to show me where his outfits and diapers were. She and her mom left and about an hour later the baby woke up and needed to be changed, so I put him back in the crib and went to the dresser, opened the drawer I thought she pointed to and saw a stack of Polaroids. The top one was obviously Ellie giving Fred oral sex. I closed the drawer and opened the one below it and got the diapers.”

“What other pictures were there?” Mar asked wanting to hear more.

Kathy demurely said, “I didn’t look at the others. I was afraid they would come back.”

L chimed in, “Do you expect us to believe that you didn’t at least peek at the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rest of them?”

Kathy admitted, “Well, I did glance at a few of them and they were all very explicit, Ellie and Fred doing everything. I am too embarrassed. I have to go home. Rob will be home soon.”

With that she left. Lor and Mar looked at each other knowingly and L said, “We’ve got to see them.”

I went to bedroom where the kids were playing and said hello to them while Lor and Mar plotted out how they would see them. Their plan was to send Ellie on an errand while they watched the baby and would have access to the photos. The next day, they executed it and when I got home from work, Mar was obviously horny. She had seen the Polaroids and was hot to talk about them. This was my first inkling that Mar enjoyed porn. When our son went to bed that night we both went over to the couch. I sat down. She sat on my lap with her legs across mine and gave me a deep kiss.

After a little petting, she started out, “I’ve never seen anything like those Polaroids before. There are about 50 of them all in color. Like Kathy said, they show Ellie and Fred doing just about everything you can imagine. There are blow jobs, missionary position, doggie sex. There’s even a couple where it looks like Fred is fucking Ellie’s asshole while she is pregnant. In two it looks like there is another guy getting a blow job. As a matter of fact now that I think about it almost all of them look like a third person must have taken them.”

This was more than a little scandalous in the early seventies and we were shocked and turned on, M by seeing the pictures and me by hearing her description. I untied her halter top at the neck and it fell forward and I dove down to her nipple taking it into my lips and sucking it and tonguing it, maybe a little too roughly. As I was doing this she undid my shirt and I unbuttoned her shorts. We were locked in a very passionate but awkward embrace since she was still on my lap. We were both topless and the feel of her soft, warm skin on mine inflamed me more. We rearranged ourselves on the couch with M on her back. Her halter top was still around her mid-section and shorts were open at the waist. I kneeled beside güvenilir bahis şirketleri the couch. I leaned over to kiss her lips and gently caressed first her breasts then her belly and then slipped my hand into her panties, across her pubic mound and down between her legs. She opened her legs and started to gently rock her hips forward and back inviting my fingers to her clitoris and pussy.

We continued this for a few minutes as she became wetter and wetter. She was really aroused and lifted her hips off the couch and started to remove her shorts and panties. I helped her take them off, quickly removed my pants and shirt and repositioned myself to the couch lying on top of her. We kissed while I retuned my hand to her pleasure zone. I broke off the kiss and moved my lips to her breasts for few moments. I continued down her torso kissing and licking her soft skin until I reached her pubic hair. There was a subtle difference from her skin. While many unshaven pubic areas are wiry and coarse, M’s was soft like baby’s hair. I turned my head to the side to feel it on my cheek for a second and then turned back and resumed kissing her mound. She moaned and bucked her hips again this time signaling me that she wanted more direct stimulation. I crouched between her legs and moved my lips to within a half inch of her clit and gently blew warm air across it. In the light of the pole lamp at the foot of the couch, I could see her “love button” swell in anticipation. I planted a series of quick kisses directly on it and she murmured, “Please!”

I knew what she wanted and proceeded to the next level. I moved my lips over her clit surrounding it and sucking it into my mouth. When I could feel it between my lips, I moved my tongue directly on it sucking harder and tonguing it more and more vigorously. This always drove her over the top and she cried out, “Yes!! Yes!!”

Her orgasm was intense and she closed her legs on my head. It was another signal, this time that I needed to stop tonguing her clit. I did and moved up to her lips to kiss her. She then said as she always did, “You! Now I want you!”

“You” meant it was time to consummate the act. I entered her and within a few seconds she had another several orgasms until after several minutes I could no longer control myself and I shuddered as I came. We lie there for several minutes afterward basking in the afterglow as they say. I got off the couch and noticed that the drapes on the patio door were open. I saw a female form was walking quickly into the darkness. Who was it and how long were they watching?

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