12 days, 12 dicks Holiday tinder frenzy! part.1

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12 days, 12 dicks Holiday tinder frenzy! part.1
In January this year i went on a holiday. My Daddy thought it was a great opportunity to train His slut. I had a car to my disposal, lots of time and tinder at that place worked like crazy. I could get a new dick in a matter of minutes. Daddy set a goal for me to fuck 10 dicks. He was so proud that I exceeded that objective! I love to please my Daddy by being more and more slutty and using my cunt like it supposed to be used: getting all the dicks i can!

Dick #121
12 dicks in 12 days – Holiday tinder frenzy! part.
Horny, Danish 42-yo cuckold!
Overall: ??

Orgasm count: 2 with fingering.
Penis: Small and flaccid.
Guy: Cock operator, a lonely bi submissive turned on by my slutiness.
Fucking: He gave up on getting hard, we managed to fuck after i ordered him to try again. It was short but lovely.
Other: Very good fingering. He drunk my piss.
Place: 5 star hotel room.
Quote: “You can do with me anything you want.”

Holiday dick kaçak iddaa #122
Old, French 55-yo doctor.
Overall: ?

Orgasm count: none
Penis: small
Guy: Cock operator. Bragging about his work and showing off a house. Was amazed with his own orgasm with me. I didn’t like him but wanted to give ass like a good slut that I am.
Fucking: Overall he lasted longer than i expected so i had a chance to feel something. I felt like a used slut.
Other: I undressed in front of him and jumped into a warm pool for a swim.
Place: Outdoor in a very nice villa by the coast.
Quote: “blah blah blah” 🙂 something like that

Holiday dick #123Boring, Norwegian 40 CEO.
Overall: ?

Orgasm count: none
Penis: Very small when flaccid, but he grew nice and hard in my mouth. It was a great feeling. He had a perfect girth for sucking. Also huge shaved balls.
Guy: I didn’t like how he looked.
Fucking: Alright. He had trouble focusing and didn’t come, because of the
thought of neighbours hearing us fuck. canlı bahis He went soft, so i sucked him off.
Other: At this point of the day I felt very slutty running from one cock to another.
Place: Large hotel with a tiny room.
Quote: “OMG You are so dirty!”

Holiday dick #124Hairy, Italian 38-yo chef.
Overall: ????

Orgasm count: one with fingering
Penis: A good dick. Good for sucking.
Guy: Caring, passionate. Tender but strong. Pleasure giver.
Fucking: He fucked my hole good. Strong, long fuck. With short breaks he fucked me very fast. He knew how to hit sweet spots. We tried different positions. He knew what to do.
Other: I pissed myself when he fingered me, he assumed i’m squirting and he loved it. I hooked up with him once another time and he tried very hard to meet with me more throughout my whole trip.
Place: A rented bachelor flat surrounded by dense flora. Outside felt like a jungle. 🙂 There was only one window, covered with a curtain so it was pretty dark bahis siteleri inside.
Quote: “I want u…”

My cunt after fucking 3 dicks in one day, and after fucking a kong toy

Holiday dick #125
Sweet, Venezuelan 42-yo graphic designer.
Overall: ??

Orgasm count: one (fingering)
Penis: Average.
Guy: Calm, gentle, good guy.
Fucking: We fucked twice (5 minutes each). He licked me good.
Other: As we were waiting for a bar to close I sat on his lap and we kissed and touched like innocent teenagers.
Place: Closed beach bar bench. On the rocky ocean shore. Some guy was playing a trumpet in a distance.
Quote: “It’s a shame you must leave.”

Holiday dick #126Nervous, Italian 30-yo lifeguard.
Overall: ?

Orgasm count: one (fingering)
Penis: Big dick. He had trouble staying hard in condom.
Guy: Cute, shy, nervous, but when it came to fucking he found some courage. We didn’t talk much, he spoke basic english.
Fucking: We fucked two times. Both i could barely feel him.
Other: Not much more to say. I was disappointed because i was counting on his big dick destroying my pussy.
Place: At night at the hidden rocky lagoon by the ocean.
Quote: “I have a nice dick, i give you many orgasms.”

to be continued…

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