Youthful Self Explorations A true story about me (

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Youthful Self Explorations A true story about me (
When I was younger, I am 63 by the way, it was the summer after my 19th birthday that I found what was supposedly one of those plug-in massagers in the hall closet in my house. It had no attachments that I could find but it was one of those plug in types as I said , you were supposed to be able to screw something into the end. I could never find anything to actually use.

So I made something. I found a long wooden dowel about 8 inches long and I carved it approximate shape of a dildo, a cock shaped dildo. I sanded it really good and I remember using clear coat on it several layers thick so it would have no splinters. I kept that thing hidden for 2 weeks while I made it as I was living at home with my parents. That’s how long ago it was.

Then I found these screws that had a wood screw on one end and a regular metal screw on the other I guess they were meant for attaching wheels or something onto something I don’t know. But in any case I could drill into the wood and that could then be used for attachment.

Anyway since I had no other way to get sex toys for a while that’s all I had and I never did anything with it for a long time.

I kept it hidden in the basement given that it was a few months since my 19th birthday and my parents were going to Europe for an entire month. Which meant that I would have the house to myself and all they had to do was take care of the dog and the cat and of course clean the house. I was working full-time for about a year before I was going to start college. So I was earning a little bit of money,

I then took the plunge and drove 40 miles to where I knew there was a store that sold sex toys. You had to be at least 18 to get in, I showed my ID, and I bought myself the first plastic pussy I ever had. It also vibrated. When I got home that day I was trembling with excitement and anticipation.

I had been so excited about this that I had jerked off 3 times the day before!

Anyway I forced myself to take care of the dog and the cat, and made myself something to eat. Soon I locked the doors because my brother might stop by unannounced and I wanted the deadbolt to be attached to give me some time if he showed up to make myself presentable. All he had was a key to the door and the back door also had a deadbolt. The point is I could always use the excuse that since I’m by myself I want to be secure. Anyway he never showed up.

We had blackout blinds in my room because it was a one floor ranch, no one could casino siteleri see inside even if I had the lights on.

It was also the first time I ever masturbated in any other room but my own or in the bathroom.

My cock was swelling in my pants in anticipation.

I got my porn stash out of magazines and then I went and found my wooden toy. ( I had already made sure that the thread on it matched the vibrator from the closet.) While I was at the sex shop I also bought some lube which was probably similar to Astroglide and I played and teased myself for at least an hour before I even began to use these toys. Even then I wanted to maximize and edge!! In those days I could go a long time and I could cum repeatedly with not much trouble.

Oh to be young again!

As you know generally the first one is the most intense and I wanted it to feel amazing and I was just horny as fuck. It was memorable; it was the first time I ever masturbated with anal penetration. So having my new pussy toy that day and an anal vibrator that I made myself you can imagine how aroused I was!!

Well anyway it turns out the first attempt just didn’t work out so well, in a way. I was so aroused I came before I could even get anything up my ass, the pussy toy felt so good I just lost it. Of course it was my first such toy and I had been aching with excitement on and off for 2 hours.

But that was okay because I sure took the edge off., and as it turned out the best was yet to CUM.

Within 15 minutes I was stiff as a fucking rock all over again because I knew I wanted more, and I was looking at hot centerfolds and reading dirty letters and Penthouse and stuff like that just getting really turned on. Taking a few magazines into the living room, I opened some to key images and stroked to them as I browsed the lustful ladies showing me their hot bodies.

Getting a towel from the bathroom I spread it on the floor and put my bed pillows there as well. I dimmed the lights and put on some after hours soft core porn on cable. ( We had just gotten cable!)

Then once I was aroused again the first thing I did was lubricate the dildo and slide it into my ass. I was through waiting. It was time.

I never had anything that big in there, it took a little while but it felt great. Spreading a generous amount of lube on my asshole, I inserted my finger as I had done before in my play, and stroked in and out, feeling a warm friction, that turned me on even more. Then I took the unruly massager, ( it was an old-fashioned machine) casino oyna and positioned it in such away that I could penetrate my asshole with the wooden home-made dildo. Carefully, I pushed it in, having previously lubed it up, it was thick and unyielding, but felt GOOD! It felt amazing especially when I could feel it bump up against my prostate. During the insertion I guess because I was a bit nervous I had gone soft, but once I was actually in and felt comfortable with it there I just kind of laid back down with this hard, stiff thing inside me I just clenched around it, while reading some more hot stories and looking at sexy pictures and just enjoying the sensations of my body. I felt my cock swell intensely hard and stiff once more and it was already producing copious amounts of pre-cum. It felt so good!

It turned out that it was a good thing that I had already cum once because it felt even better to go a long time.

Lusting for more I turned the vibrators on and teased myself while looking at beautiful centerfolds and reading dirty stories, as my ass adjusted to the feelings of incredible pleasure, my stiff cock throbbing with stiffness and arousal in time to my heartbeat.

It felt so good that I was moaning out loud, something I had never done because I was never free to do that.

I think I went for more than an hour before I ejaculated. I felt a hot warm sensation in my ass, as the hips bucked involuntarily. Somehow the dildo was slightly vibrating in a circular pattern as I rhythmically fucked my ass onto it, stiff cock burning and drooling. Mindless pleasure and lust peaked my neurons as the visions of naked beauties in the magazines and the bouncing tits on the TV urged me on. I wanted to CUM. But I also didn’t want to CUM at the same time! I think that was the foundation for my learning how to edge. Still, my body wanted the pleasure, aching with desire, my hard cock was dripping with lust. Incredibly I was still trying to read the hot story in the letters magazine, but all I could do was focus on the sentence: “his cock was in heaven, as Mary’s warm lips sucked on him, one hand holding and stroking his hard cock, as her other hand massaged his balls and her middle finger fucked up against his aching prostate”.

It all became a blur as I fucked back and forth, while my erect penis penetrated repeatedly the vibrating fucktoy!

I started to feel an intensity like never before, a warm heat in my balls, an aching and pleasure sensation at the same time. Oh my kaçak casino cock was SO sensitive, my whole pelvic area was feeling sexually, insanely good as I started to ramp up to the first ever prostate induced orgasm of my life!

Back and forth, feeling hot vibrations on my wet warm cock, and burning hot erotic friction in my well fucked ass, my prostate sending intense messages to my sex-addled brain, saying “cum cum cum cum cum”, it was finally more than I could take! I felt a huge churning contraction in my anus as my prostate pumped out my semen out of my distended aching penis! Powerful feelings of sexual pleasure coursed through my groin as I ejaculated. My cum was running out of the toy, my cock was convulsing, my anus was clenching and hugging that vibrating dildo like it would never ever be removed.

I came like never before! WOW.

All this took place before midnight.

I got off two more times that night once in between with just the vibrator hot stories and once again around 4 a.m. I had tried to sleep and in fact had napped, but the memory of what I had just felt was too enticing I just did not have the willpower to not do it again. I woke up horny again and I knew I couldn’t go to sleep without doing it again. I got out of bed, quickly relieved myself and indulged my cock and ass for the rest of the night!

It was wonderful.

I was up so late masturbating I called out the next day. I remember I woke up about 9 in the morning took care of the a****ls at some coffee I’ve got right back in the bed naked and proceeded to get myself off again I hadn’t even bothered to put anything away because I knew that I was going to do it again. I still remember the hum of the air conditioner and a sound of the wet fapping noise as I slid that toy up and down my hard cock and the buzzing sensation and fullness in my ass rocking my hips like I was being fucked and not even realizing it, just a primal response.

Well that’s kind of what I feel when I use one of those anal plugs with the estim.

I’m not even sure if it’s moving, but I feel myself contract around it and it gives the illusion that’s moving in and out of me because the pulsation. However, I’ve read reviews from other people who claim that they could feel it sliding in and out because of these contractions of the sphincter. I will have to try to be more lucid regarding that next time. All I can attest to is the amazing feeling of imminent orgasm, prolonged for seemingly as long as I could stand it is still part of the experience.

I wanted to learn the limits of my pleasure. I still do.

I re-shape my sexual interests and explorations constantly. My goal is to always try most things once.

This is just one of those examples that life is an adventure.

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