Yard Work

Yard WorkI noticed the knot of young boys up ahead and myinterest was piqued. Loud music rocked from the frontporch – it was one of those well-earned, sweet hotdays in late summer, a warm and voluptuous lateafternoon. I calculated from behind my sunglasses asI swung down the street: 5 boys, ages 14 to 17, oneswinging a golf club, all of them ducking their headsone by one and stealing long looks at me as Iapproached. The sun was behind my back was undoubtedlysilhouetting my legs through my short full skirt. Myhips rolled a bit more as their hormone-fueled preeningdid it’s business on me.They parted as I approached to let me pass on thesidewalk. I couldn’t resist slowing down and loweringmy glasses – making sure they got a good look at mybarely contained cleavage and flashed them a brilliantsmile.”Afternoon, Boys” I purred, taking a deep breath ofthe pheromone-laden air that surrounded us. “Mmmm…you all smell great!” I flipped the hem of my skirtat the tallest one as I passed.The all stood speechless for a moment, then reacted asone – laughing and punching each other on the arm.They were just so cute! I stopped short about a halfblock away, struck by a brilliant idea. Just perfectfor the start of a long weekend for which I had noplans.I sauntered back to the small but mighty group.”Excuse me, boys” I turned up the hint of southernaccent which I came by honestly, “but I don’t supposeany of y’all would be interested in making a littlemoney this weekend by helping a poor old lonely maidenlady out with a few chores around her house, wouldyou?” I lowered my sunglasses again, laying on themthe full impact of my expressive green eyes. “Um…” the tallest one said, looking at his comrades,”I guess it would depend on where it is and how muchwe could make.” The other boys shuffled their feetand thought about their plans for the weekend. I couldsee the desire to party away one of the last fewremaining weekends before the start of school wrestlingwith their boy scout upbringings. “Oh, it’s just at my house… right down the street.And… how’s 20 dollars an hour sound for a littleyard work? It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so,especially if you all pitch in!” I did the math in myhead quickly and figured it was worth a hundred to havethese boys at my disposal for an hour this evening. Imentally drew up the short list of chores I had beenneglecting and avoiding because of the heat. Perfect!They’d have a few bucks to get someone to buy thembeer tonight, and I’d have five young tan bodies towatch for a while to get me in the mood to go outclubbing that night. Nothing like a dose of teenagersto get my juices flowing! God! I thought as I lickedmy lips almost u*********sly, these guys were youngenough to be my k**s!Smiles broke out all around as they did the math them-selves. “Sure! I guess we could help out a little…”they all agreed. “How’s 7 o’clock sound?” I pitched my voice at thatlevel that made my ribcage vibrate.”Sounds good – we’ll be there!” a bank of white smilesgreeted my invitation.”Well, see ya then!” I waved and turned briskly. Aslight breeze lifted my skirt as I turned, giving thema show I couldn’t have orchestrated better if I’dplanned it.* * *Four hours later, fortified by a light snack and halfa bottle of Merlot, I greeted my helpers on my frontporch. “This should be pretty short, guys. I’ve gota little something for each of you to do.” With that,I led the beefcake parade around the house, pointingout several tasks that I figured would keep them busyfor maybe forty minutes. I’d keep watch over themfrom the deck. They went to work immediately, and Isat at the table, a glass of wine in one hand, acigarette in the other and book on my drawn up knees.I was still dressed in the skirt I’d worn earlier, acrisp white shirt tied tightly under my breasts, opento reveal the lacy bra that my breasts strained toescape. I loved the way their eyes slid from the taskat hand to catch a glimpse of whatever they could see.I carelessly tucked my full skirt between my drawn-upknees, fully aware that my black panties played peek-a-boo with them. After I was satisfied that the toting and trimmingwere underway, I rose to bring my glass inside. “Y’allare doing a great job,” I called breezily, “I gotta goget ready to go out tonight. If y’all are thirsty,there’s plenty to drink in the ‘fridge… just helpyourself!””OK!” the tall one called back. I caught a few mumbledcomments as I slipped in the back door. A shiver ofexcitement and anticipation ran up my spine. I had agood feeling about tonight.I took a quick but refreshing bath, taking extra carein shaving every part of my body, including my pussy.I’d always loved the feel of my bare pussy under theshort skirts I invariably wore, especially in thesummer. During my ablutions, I heard some bumpingunder the bathroom window that faced the back yard.The sound of the electric trimmer nearly, but notcompletely, covered the heated conversation under thewindow. canlı poker oyna “… so hot!” I heard, and did not thinkthey were talking about the weather. ” love to showher..” “wonder what she has…” Oh yeah, I thoughtto myself… Just what I had in mind!I laid back in the scented water for a moment, gentlyrubbing my tingling cunt. I was so ready for somedick tonight. I slipped a finger inside and thoughtabout the boys just on the other side of the wall.Wouldn’t they get a kick out of watching me right now!I glanced over at the window, just in time to see atuft of dark hair disappear below the window ledge.Those bad boys! Peeping in on a poor old lady in herbath! I moaned with a wave of sexual heat that brokeover me. My nipples stood at attention as I pinchedthem slightly, thinking about those white teeth andthe sweet-mouthed youngsters in my yard. I let thewater out of the tub. Stepping out onto the floor, I wrapped a big fluffytowel around me, drying my hair with one end. I wentover to the window and saw four of the five clusteredbelow. “How’s it going, boys? Almost there?” Inoticed all four sported respectable bulges in theshorts that clung to their young bodies with the sweatthey’d worked up. They looked up at me, embarrassed.I laughed. “Nice of you to bring your own tools thisevening!” They laughed then, too, if a bit uncomfor-tably. “Why don’t y’all go get something to drink. Itlooks like you did a fine, fine job on the yard. Youdeserve a break. I’ll be out to pay y’all in a fewminutes.”They dispersed from their listening post and troopedup the deck stairs into the kitchen. I heard thembumping around in the refrigerator and cabinets.They’re good boys, I thought to myself. I better nottorture them any more than I already have. There’s aword for women who take advantage of 15 year olds, anda law, too!I dried my hair quickly and put on my evening makeup.The activities of the afternoon had made every nervein my body sensitive. My eyelids, my cheeks andespecially my lips were straining for attention. Ismoothed a sweet-smelling moisturizer over my arms, mylegs, and my breasts. I almost couldn’t stop massagingthe cool cream into my substantial tits – the nippleswere hot to the touch. I wrestled the unruly mammariesinto a low-cut bra, one of my very favorites, thatoffered my breasts up like fabulously ripe fruit,barely covering those hot, aching nipples. I surveyedthe effect in the mirror. “Not too bad for an oldbroad,” I dimpled at my reflection. I slipped a shortsatin dressing gown over my moisterized body andexited the bathroom. The boys were out on the deck when I emerged. Theywere sitting at the table talking in strained, lowvoices and swirling the ice in their glasses. Thetall one was the only one not sitting. He leanedagainst the deck railing, shirtless. I stood in thedoorway for a moment, taking in the sight of his long,lean well-muscled body and felt a rush of wetnessbetween my legs. He met my gaze through the screendoor and slid a careless hand down the front of hisshorts to adjust his obviously turgid member. Hesmiled slowly at me, sending another wave of sexualheat across the few feet that separated us. Yikes!This boy could be trouble! I’d better send them ontheir way soon, before things got out of hand, so tospeak. I slipped five 20’s from my purse on thekitchen counter.”Well,” I chirped as I stepped barefoot out onto thedeck, “you guys did a bang-up job on that yard. Ireally appreciate your help.” I passed out the bills,feeling like a piece of metal passing by magnets as Iapproached each sweaty teen. I could tell by thebreeze that my robe was gaping a bit, giving them aglimpse of my lace-covered cleavage. I heard one ofthem moan softly as I passed. “You all are so nice.””Uhhmmm…” one croaked in response. “Thank you,ma’am.” Ma’am. That broke the spell. I got mytreacherous body back under control and shoo’d themoff. “Go on, now, boys! Go out and find some fun! Thesummer’s almost over! And I’ve got to get goingmyself. Even us old maiden ladies have to find somefun in the summertime, y’know!” They all laughedruefully and chairs sc****d against the wood deck asthey rose. Somewhat uncomfortably, I was gratified tosee, as they once again shifted their clothes to makeroom for what they now carried. They filed down thesteps and out the back gate, all except for the tallone, who lagged behind the others. “You know,” he said, all at once bashful for someonewho had so recently sent me a sizzling glance with hishand on his cock, “I just realized that we didn’t evenintroduce ourselves.” He put out his hand. “I’m Josh.”I put my hand in his, amazed at the manly strength thatengulfed my fingers. I looked up into his incrediblyblue eyes.”Hi, Josh. I’m Karey.” I smiled right into his eyes.He didn’t flinch. Instead, he brought my hand up tohis lips. Pretty continental for a young k**.”Hi, Karey,” he rumbled, “thanks for the job.” Agiggle escaped before I could stop it. “No problem. canlı bahis Any time!” I could feel my face burningas my body once again began to respond almost againstmy will. He dropped my hand with another crooked smileand slipped down the stairs and out the gate. I stoodfor a moment to catch my breath. I should watchmyself, I thought. This is just how a person getsinto trouble! I went inside to dress.I confronted my closet. My whole body felt swollenand tender, nothing more than my pussy. I slipped myfinger between my labia and felt a rush of moisture.Always ready, aren’t you, you slut, I thought. Well,let’s make the best of it.I pulled out a sweet little dress that always made mefeel fuckable – a black and white sleeveless DonnaReed number, only Donna Reed never looked quite thisslutty. I’d had a friend of mine make it for me – ashort full skirt with a little crinoline to hold itout, belted tightly and a close fitting bodice thatdipped deeply, little lapels that stood out from mybosom, offering a luscious decolletage. Oh yeah. Iput on pearls and high-heeled black sandals. I decidedto leave my legs bare to the heat. And to forego thepanties for the evening. A dangerous combination, Ithought with a wicked grin at my reflection. I was leaning into the hall mirror, putting on a coatof bright red lipstick when the doorbell rang. I gavemyself a long look. Who could that be? I struck aBarbara Billingsley pose for the mirror, liked thelook and went to open the door. “Josh!” I said, my breath catching just a bit.”Hi, Karey. Wow! You look… really nice!” Westood staring for just a moment through the screendoor. Then my senses returned and I opened the screen.”Come in! What can I do for you?” He passed closeas he entered and his scent once again filled my headwith a****l thoughts. I closed the front door behindhim. He turned, and we were nearly touching chest tochest. I looked up to see his eyes glued to mybreasts. He drew a ragged breath. So did I. “Ummm… uh… I left my… shirt… on your deckand I was… uh… wondering…” his gaze slid to myeyes and his voice faded. I was mesmerized by theblue of his eyes. My body leaned into his of its ownaccord. The lapels of my dress pressed against thebare skin of his chest and his hand automatically slidaround my waist. Just for a moment I could only feelthe heat of his body and a great rushing sound in myears. Then I returned to sanity and stepped back.”Oh! My! Sorry…” I put my hand on his chest andpushed lightly, straightening up. “these high heelscan be so… dangerous!” I stepped around him,heading toward the kitchen.”I’ll say,” he murmured as he followed me. “Of course you can get your shirt!” I laughed breath-lessly, still reeling from the closeness of his hot,smooth chest. “Wouldn’t want you having to go aroundall naked… or anything…” Again the color washedup into my face, as I thought about what I just said.Actually, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.”Would you like something to drink… while you’rehere?” I turned as I entered the kitchen. There hestood in the middle of my kitchen, the overhead lightwhich I never considered very flattering turning hisbare torso into that of a greek god. I leaned backagainst the counter, my hand to the soft valley betweenmy breasts. I could feel my heart beating wildly undermy palm. “Sure,” he grinned, “if it’s not too much trouble.I’ve been so… hot… and thirsty… all afternoon.”He leaned against the door frame, filling it. Hecrossed his arms over his chest, making his bicepsbulge. Unblinking, he slowly took in my shoes, mylegs, my dress. Again, his eyes settled on my bosom,and I realized that my hand had crept inside the bodiceto rest on my left nipple. I quickly pulled my handaway and swung over to the fridge, too conscious ofthe brevity of my skirt. “Hmm…” I opened the refrigerator door, grateful ofthe rush of cold air on my burning skin. “Let’s see…we’ve got juice, tea, water, wine, beer…” I leanedover a bit, peering deep into the recesses of theappliance “and vod” I felt him behind me. Close behindme. I froze, my hands on the door and the side of thefridge.I felt his hands on the waist of my dress. They slidup, the fingertips finding the hard nubs of my nipplesunder the cotton fabric. I felt him press his hipsagainst my ass, barely covered by the short skirt ofmy dress.I couldn’t breathe, that rushing sound filled my headagain. I heard a soft moan escape my lips. He answeredwith one of his own. I took a deep breath of refriger-ated air and straightened up.”Um” I closed the door to the fridge and turned in thesmall radius his hands and body allowed me. I fellback against the door. “Ummm… Josh… I..” Hisgaze stopped me. His face filled my vision as hismouth descended onto mine.He sure is a good kisser for a k**, I thought, as histongue explored my mouth. His hands slipped up to cupmy breasts, his fingers and thumbs rolling the nippleswhich had escaped their bahis siteleri bondage and were straining thefabric of my dress. He pulled back for a moment and Idrew a shuddering breath. “Josh – you’re… you’re -what – 17?” “22” he growled, unbuttoning the top two buttons of mybodice “that was my little brother and his friendstoday.” He grinned again and worked my nipples fromtheir den into the light. “God, you have excellenttits.” His mouth descended to take first one then theother nipple captive.22 hunh? I thought. That’s a different matter! There’snot so much difference… 15 years… not quite oldenough to be my son! my thoughts went a deep purpleas the suction on my breasts chased all thoughts of ageout of my head. My knees buckled and Josh was quickenough to catch me on the fly, so to speak. “FeelingOK?” He grinned at me.”MMmmhmmm” I managed. My arms went around his neck,whether to keep me from hitting the floor or to pressagainst his fabulous chest, I’ll never quite know. Thefeeling of my bare nipples against his chest washeavenly. It felt as though an electric current pulledus and held us together.Before I knew what was happening, he had lifted melightly up onto the kitchen counter, as if I weighednothing. He stepped back and stood looking at me. Iimagined what he saw, my dress gaping open, my skirtfluffed out around me.I took in the 6’3″ tanned body in front of me. He wasabsolutely beautiful. And the fully erect cock thatpeeked out from the leg of his loose shorts was evenmore so.Never taking his eyes from mine, he hooked his thumbsinto the waistband of his shorts and slipped them off,kicking them across the kitchen floor.”Oh, Josh…” I breathed, completely excited at theprospect before me. I grinned back at the nude hunkof manflesh and stretched my legs out toward him. Hegrasped my ankles and pulled me toward him til my asswas on the edge of the counter.”What you got under that Pleasantville skirt, younglady?” He stepped into the vee of my legs, running hishands up my calves, under my knees and smooth thighs.”Let’s have a look…” Kneeling down on one knee, hehooked my legs over his shoulders. His blond headducked under the frothy crinoline, then popped outquickly. “Wow!” His eyes sparkled up at me. “You’reso… smooth!” His head disappeared again and I waited,holding my breath, waiting for his next move.I felt his big fingers gently petting my shaven pussy.A finger slipped lightly between my labia – I couldfeel my moisture spreading. “and you’re so… wet!Mmmmm” his tongue flicked lightly, his fingersspreading my swollen slit. His nose made contact withmy clit, sending a shock through my body. I gasped,my knees coming up off his shoulders of their ownvolition. A finger thrust directly into my pussy.His head reappeared. “Oh Karey… I…” I pulled his upper arms, urging him to his feet. Hestood in front of me. I wrapped my legs around hisslim waist, pulling him to me. I reached down to guidehis cock to my waiting pussy. He entered me slowly atfirst, staring deeply into my eyes. We both reveledin the magical moment of the meeting of the flesh.Then with a small groan and his head thrown back, hethrust the full 8 inches of his cock into me, fillingme up as I had seldom been filled before. My legswrapped tightly around his waist and my arms aroundhis neck, impaled firmly on his cock, he pulled mefrom the countertop and laid me right in the middleof the kitchen floor. I laid there for a moment,stunned at the sight of this beautiful boy over me,then rocked up to meet his thrust.He buried his burning cock in me to the hilt, pullingout slowly and thrusting back. What a fit, I thought,breathing with the rhythm of our fucking. I could feelthe hard ridge of his cock rubbing the sensitive spotin my pussy, the tip of it hitting the top, hard.I heard his breathing become rapid and harsh, and Itightened my muscles, milking his cock. His ballsslapped against my ass as he thrust harder and faster.I felt the wave coming on me. I looked into his eyesand knew he was close too. “Yes,” I whispered, “yes,Josh, oh yes.” The wave crashed over me, my backarching up off the floor. I felt my pussy contractand contract at the same time as his cock throbbedwith his last powerful thrusts. I could feel his hotcum fill my hole, his face buried in my breasts. Weboth laid still for a few minutes, catching our breath.I gently squeezed my pussy muscles, massaging hisfabulous cock. I kissed his forehead, brushing hishair off of his sweaty forehead. “Wow.” He breathed. “Really wow,” I replied. I didn’t want to move fromthis position, his softening cock inside me. Buteventually, we did. We stood, and moved around andretrieved discarded shorts. I got in a quick, sweetlick, taking his now flaccid cock in my mouth beforehe put it away. I love the taste of my pussy juicemixed with cum. “Well!” he sighed, leaning against the counter. “GuessI ought to get that shirt, now…” I stepped into him,winding my arms around his waist and lifting my facefor a kiss. He obliged me, long, slow and sweet.”Mmmm… Not bad for an old maiden lady,” he quipped.”Not bad for a k**,” I replied. Something told methen that my yard would be well cared for the rest ofthat summer.

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