Weekend with Mistress and Bull

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Part 1

Date: 27th September 2023, Thursday

It was a pleasant day for me. But very restless. Work was normal. But life felt exceptional. I constantly looked at the time from my watch and then back at my phone in a restless manner. I was fidgeting. But not panicking. It was 03:30 PM and time felt like it was running extra slowly today. I desperately wanted to go home as early as possible but I knew I had to wait till 4 to punch out. I read the text message I received from my loving wife at 03:00 PM, again, for the third time now. My eyes strained on the screen as I read.

It was as follows;

“Hello pet. I have a couple of extra meetings so I will be finishing work late. Also.. since tomorrow is weekends and all, I have made plans with daddy right after work. It’s been a while since I have hung out with him. In a non sexual manner, that is haha. We have a cinema date planned. You can expect me at home by around 09:00 PM. And oh yes, I expect the following tasks to be completed before I come home.

Cleaning the entire apartment spotless. (Including the toilets and mop the floor.)

Buy groceries and fill up stock.

Buy a pink lingerie set. (Don’t disappoint me.)

Wear the chastity & your sissy ‘attire’, also keep the key to your chastity on the kitchen table. (You will act like my 100% submissive tonight)

After you are done with the tasks you may entertain yourself if you have time. I’ll bring dinner for you. Don’t reply to this text, hun. Ly. Xoxo.”

I took a deep breath, shifting my legs as I tried to hold down the raging boner controlled inside my office pants. I gulped, checking the time again. Alas, it was finally 04:00 PM.

I make my way home, driving to our apartment. The evening air felt fresh and delightful on my face. But I didn’t feel calm. My heart was beating fast and I was immensely anxious because of the angst and excited as heck too because of the lust. But finally reaching home, I started feeling better and more calm as I started doing the tasks. It took me a while but I was completely done by 08:00 PM. The first 3 tasks anyways. By now, I was quite restless and hungry. Constantly checking the time and looking at the door, I was missing your presence immensely but my submissive side insisted you were having a tonne of fun outside and I should take no action to jeopardize your fun time, no matter what. That made me feel a lot better; the submissive thought process was a blessing for times like these.

I took a long shower and hurriedly began to get into my ‘attire’. Standing in-front of the full length mirror, I first put the chastity on my limp dick first, after icing it to numbness as it kept on trying to harden up. Then I wore my custom-made tight fitting white tank top which hugged my body like a second skin. The word ‘cucky’ was written on the back and the sentence ‘owned by Mistress’ was written on the front. Then I wore the ‘pet’ collar and let the leash dangle between my legs, swaying left and right. This was my sissy “attire” that you have accumulated for me. It was quite humiliating and lovely. I gulped as I looked at the mirror. I was utterly and completely at your mercy at this point. I was a fucktoy for you to use as you like. I felt that deep within my core as I looked at myself in the mirror.

It didn’t take long before the clock finally struck 09:00 PM. I immediately go sit by the sofa near the main door. Eagerly waiting for you. It was around 09:30 PM, I finally heard your footsteps approaching the door. I quickly get on my knees on the welcome carpet and eagerly wait for the door to open. You beamed the moment you saw me, kneeling down to my level and giving me a quick hug and a kiss before placing your bag on my hand and simply walking away towards the kitchen table. You looked famished and excited at the same time. You simply motioned me to go with your head in the slightest manner and I immediately knew what to do. I stood up, and hurriedly made my way to our bedroom. I placed your bag in our cupboard and took out your phone from the bag and put it to charge and returned back to the living room to your presence.

When I returned you had already set up dinner for yourself. A delicious plate of pasta was in-front of you, you started eating comfortably on the chair. I also noticed that my chastity key has disappeared. My heart also melted in how gorgeous and formidable you looked in your office clothes. I walked to you in my humiliating entire and got on my knees next to you again. You turned to me leaning down and gave me a kiss on the forehead and smiled at me lovingly. “You have done an excellent job with the tasks. Your dinner is over there. Eat on all fours tonight, pet. You’ll be rewarded well.”

“Understood, Mistress.”

I looked down at the side and I saw a bigger ‘pet’ plate on the side with the same pasta dish in it. I was quite hungry so I didn’t hesitate to fulfill and comply with your order. I crawled towards the plate and placed my elbows on the floor and began to eat görükle escort with the spoon. It was somehow discomfortable but it made me feel good following your order and it really reminded me of my position in our marriage. I finished my plate just as you did. After drinking a glass of water, you walk towards the sofa in the living room and start watching television. I quickly cleaned both our dishes and tidied up the dining space and returned to you in a few minutes.

I was on my knees yet again, resting my head in-between your legs and looking up at you in a pleading manner as you watched TV. I rubbed my face across your trousers, enjoying the feel of the rich soft fabric on my skin. But before giving me any direct attention you asked me to wait and asked me about the lingerie. I immediately reply that it’s in the bedroom. To my dismay you ask me to wait for a while till you return. But I compiled without a single complaint. My heart and dick both ached as I watched you sway your hips away towards the bedroom. How your clothes hugged your slender yet curvaceous figure was phenomenal and I felt myself shiver in excitement and angst as I thought of how much daddy would have enjoyed this view on his date with you today evening.

You finally return to the living room wearing the lingerie after a short while. I gulped, my eyes widening as I looked at you. My dick throbbed inside the chastity cage, desperately trying to get hard. I grimaced from discomfort. You were wearing a pink see-through frilly micro skirt, a pink lacy ultra comfortable bra along with pink fishnets that ran up to your thick thighs. I was in a daze. You twirled a little for me and sat back on the sofa, with a side of my face on your right thigh as we both got comfortable; you sitting comfortably on the sofa and me kneeling between your legs.

“You look incredible, Mistress.”

“Thank you, cucky.”

“So are you going to tell me about today?”

“You have been very patient, haven’t you, pet?”

I felt you gently patting my hair, I closed my eyes in delight momentarily and then looking at you with my pleading puppy eyes again. And then, you finally started talking about your date with a dreamy expression on your face. I eagerly listened as you talked about how fun the movie was, how fun it was to hangout in that manner and also about all the little goofy things that happened constantly throughout the date.

After a while, your smile turned devious. It looked like you had something big to say as well at the very end.

“We also talked about another thing. This is not up for discussion. He’s coming over tomorrow morning. To our home for the first time. For breakfast. And he won’t leave until Saturday night.”

I felt my heart sink at that moment. You observed all my reactions carefully, looking at me directly. I felt absolutely at your mercy. You then grab the leash and pull me towards you, giving me a sensual long kiss when you noticed the look on my face as if I was about to complain. Immediately reminding me of how much you owned me and that I won’t have a choice in this particular decision.

“You are going to move the things you require to the guest bedroom. You will wake up at 07:00 AM tomorrow as if it was any normal work day and switch to the guest bedroom. Also prepare breakfast for 2 by 09:00 AM. He’ll be here by then.”

“U-Understood, Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

I had a desperate expression on my face at this point. I ached for your touch and leaned forward towards your hands. I was swooning against your hands, I felt them caressing my cheeks and beard, your thumb slowly rubbing across my parted lips as well. I suddenly felt your feet rubbing across my chastity cage and balls. My back immediately arched and my eyes widened from surprise. I gasped and moaned a little. The moment my mouth opened, you plunged 2 fingers into my mouth, circling around my tongue and plating with it. I sucked on them deeply and feverishly as I looked up at you submissively. You made me choke a little as you wriggled your fingers deeper into my throat, but I never protested or pushed back. I accepted it with delight and gratitude, on my knees and at your mercy. Then, out of the blue, you take off your fingers and wipe the saliva off with a wet tissue. My expression immediately turned to that of disappointment the moment your fingers left my mouth. You crossed your legs with an evil chuckle. “Bring me my phone now, pet.”

I returned with your phone. But this time you let me sit and cuddle on the sofa as we watched television. This went on for around a few episodes of an anime we liked. But from the corner of my eyes I could see you were constantly replying to messages from daddy as we watched. But I didn’t read them and tried to concentrate on the anime we were watching.

After a while, you suddenly stood up and asked me to come to the bedroom. After I switched off the tv and fan; With the leash on your hand, you guide me. But all of a sudden you stop bursa escort bayan after taking a few steps, turning around and looking at me.

“Get on your knees and crawl, pet. Don’t stand up without permission for the next 2 days. Is that understood, pet?”

“Understood clearly, Mistress.”

I lowered myself onto my knees and got on all fours. With a pleased expression on your face, you nodded and turned around and started leading me towards our bedroom now. I couldn’t help but look at your pink micro-skirt clad ass swaying side to side as I crawled behind you. The moment we reached our room, you pushed me unto the carpet floor on my back with your feet and stepped on my chastity-clad dick and balls, eliciting a pained moan out of my mouth.

You looked down on me in a domineering manner and started talking.

“I’m going to assume a few submissive positions for daddy, cucky. I want you to take some decent snap videos of me in this lingerie. This will definitely excite him for tomorrow. Don’t you agree, pet?”

“Yessss, definitely. Understood, Mistress.”

You gave me your phone with snap open after I got up and began to assume the position you wanted.

Position 1: You were on your knees. Looking up at the camera. Hands behind your back, with an extremely submissive puppy-eyed expression on your face. I could even faintly notice you squeezing your boobs together to offer a more delectable view for daddy.

Position 2: Same as position 1, except you were sucking your fingers for this video while looking directly at the camera in a seductive manner.

Position 3: Same as position 1, except you pulled your bra down and played with your breasts while you say in a submissive tone while looking directly at the camera. “I can’t wait for you to manhandle me tomorrow, daddy.”

Position 4: You get on the bed on all fours. You made me snap a view from the side and directly from behind as well.

Position 5: Same as position 4, except you placed your face down on a pillow and used your hands to spread all your holes.

After finishing taking all the snap videos, you quickly took the phone from my hands and jumped on the bed excitedly and laid down on your stomach and immediately began texting daddy. And then you suddenly paused for a second and looked at me. “Make yourself useful, pathetic cucky. Lick my asshole or something instead of just sitting there on your knees.” Your voice sounded mean, and you immediately got back to texting daddy after you noticed me moving.

“Understood, Mistress.”

I climbed unto the bed and gently spread your ass with my hands. I swallowed hard and my mouth immediately began to water. I leaned down and began to lick your asshole with my tongue. I circled around the ring before finally lapping my tongue in an up and down fashion across your asshole. I could hear you laugh frequently as you texted daddy, but at some point the laughing completely stopped and I could hear heavy breathing from your end. My dick tried to get hard consistently but was unable to because of the metallic cage. It was a truly humiliating sight and feeling for me. Just as I began to tongue fuck your asshole, you turned around and spread your legs. “Make me edge, you worthless little cuck. Daddy said I can’t cum without his permission.”

I gulped and immediately leaned down and began to eat you out without wasting a second. My heartbeat was elevated when I felt your hand ruffling up my hair as I lapped my tongue across your clit. I started with slow and gentle licks but gradually started pressing my tongue harder and increasing the speed. I tried hard to make you cum, my pleading eyes looking up at you occasionally to view the enjoyment and pleasure on your face as I eat you out in an excited manner.

And then all of a sudden your phone started ringing. You noticed it was daddy. It was a message from him saying ‘Call me if you want to cum.’ You immediately push me away. “Go and wait in a corner and watch me, pet.”

You finally called him and turned on the speaker.

“Hello? Please let me cum, daddy.”

“I’ll let you come but, I have a request you’ll have to agree to.”

“Please, tell me.”

“Are you topless?”

“I can be.” you said within seconds before you yanked off your pink lingerie bra.

You weren’t even thinking. You weren’t even doing what you were told. You were anticipating what you thought daddy would want. It made you feel dirty. And slutty. And alive. I could see it from your body language, expressions and from the need to orgasm.

“Edge.” He says in a gruff manner.

You did. Your finger slid between your wet lips easily. You barely had to stroke yourself before you went inside. You had never been more ready to come. You were panting as you stopped yourself from going too far.

“I need it. Please tell me, daddy.”

“If you want to come, you’re going to have to hurt yourself for me.”

I wasn’t certain I’d heard him correctly. I bursa escort couldn’t have, I told myself as the silence between you and daddy gathered around me. But, I was wrong.

“You’re going to have to torture those huge fucking tits just because I asked.”

“Oh, god,” you sighed. Was it from fear or desperation? I had no idea.

“Slap them.”

You did. Harder than I thought you would, your hand striking your nipple in just the right spot. You gasped unexpectedly from the rush of pain.


“Good girl. Let me hear it. Make those tits a pretty pink for me.”

You switched breasts. This time with a softer slap.


You complied without hesitation.


You slapped yourself again. Your tits were already moving past the pink stage. You were basically beating yourself red.

“God. You’re such a pain slut. You can play with your pussy now.”

You started. You were soaked. Your creamy, tight cunt drenched from doing as you were told.

“Pinch a nipple.”

You were losing focus, listening to his words as your whole body started to tingle.

“Pinch a nipple and make it hurt while you play with your slutty cunt.”

“Oh, fuck…”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck…..”

“Harder! Let me hear what a filthy fucking whore you can be. Punish yourself so you can come.”


Your body exploded. Your legs were shaking. Your chest was rising and falling as your lungs struggled desperately to find air. Your mind was reeling.

The erotic noises of your moans filled our marital room as you finally orgasmed. “Can’t wait to fuck you tomorrow, baby girl.” and then the phone call ended.

After that, you invited me back to bed and we slept while cuddling. Tomorrow was going to be a big day. We were both immensely excited.

Date: 28th September 2023, Friday

I woke up in a daze. It was 07:00 AM already. It took me a few minutes for me to regain my memories from last night. I let out a long uncomfortable sigh as I looked down and realized my dick was still firmly locked in chastity to my dismay. But it didn’t lower the level of excitement and anticipation I had for the day. I desperately wanted to touch myself, but I knew I couldn’t. I’ll have to be very, VERY patient today and tomorrow. Both. I shook my head and regained back my composure.

I quietly got off the bed after kissing your forehead as you slept and slowly switched all the essentials I would need for the next 2 days to the guest bedroom. By 08:30 AM, I had done the morning household chores, showered and prepared breakfast as well after having one myself.

Just as I prepared the dining table and made it breakfast-ready, I noticed you got yourself ready and came into the kitchen area as well. I even noticed you had makeup on with mascara, eyeliner and pink shiny lipstick. I immediately got on my knees the moment you approached me. You were still wearing the comfy lingerie; majority of your curves visible for anyone to see.

“Good morning, pet. Are all the arrangements completed?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

With that said, you guide me towards the corner of the living room and tie the handle of my leash to one of the ‘legs’ of the sofa.

“Do not free yourself unless it is urgent.”

With that said, you went ahead and sat on the sofa and took out your phone. You seemed excited and were eagerly waiting for daddy to arrive. The clock finally struck 09:00 AM and the knock came nearly immidiately and the door finally opened. I gulped, my heartbeat at an all time high at this point.

Part 2

Before you could even turn your head and greet him, he reaches out and grabs a fistful of your hair, pulling you to your feet. The tv remote in your hand clatters to the floor and he pulls your head back exposing your neck. Your eyes instinctively close, submitting. He growls in your ear and you shiver in anticipation.

“I didn’t have much sleep. I have been thinking about you all night. Also, I hope breakfast is ready. I am famished.”

He then finally releases you after a pause, teasing you, and then walks into the bathroom, shutting the door. You have a moment to breathe, but you know it’s partially just for show. Just to throw you off for a minute. You slowly walk towards the dinner table and take a seat, waiting for daddy. Soon he arrived and you both had a decent breakfast.

After breakfast was over and you were cleaning the dishes. He walks up to the wall near you and eyes you up and down, admiring your lingerie and luscious body. He’s staring at you and you feel your face start to heat up. He gestures for you to come. But you hesitate for half a second and he growls, “Now.”

You quickly leave the dishes in the sink and go to his side and immediately had to resist the incredible urge to fall on your knees at his feet. He hasn’t asked you to, and you clearly looked like you wanted to be good.

He suddenly turns you with your back towards him and puts his arm around your neck, the other hand settling on your hip. “Oh, So Now you want to be obedient and listen? On our date yesterday you were bratty all the way.” His arm tightens slightly. You bow your head and whisper against his arm.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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