Waitress wets herself at work

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Waitress wets herself at work
It was Super Bowl Sunday and I knew it would be a very busy day at the restaurant. I wanted to look my best so I can get
the most amount of Tim’s since I knew there would be a lot of guys put on a pair of bikini cut panties white cotton and
high-rise and then I squeezed into the tightest pair shiny black jeggings I could find. I didn’t want to wear a
ridiculously high heels so I put on a nice pair of sexy Flats with a lot of straps on it then I put on my lowest cut
white halter top to complete the look. I was already running late because of traffic so I didn’t really have time to stop
to use the restroom once I got in. The whole restaurant with a mess and my boss saw me come in right away and
immediately put me to work to help with the Staffing issue. At this time I already really really had to pee and I could
feel my bladder was quite full but I thought to myself I can just wait till later. Well later turned into 2 hours
without a break it was that packed. All that coffee I had earlier had already filled my bladder and I was pretty
desperate to go, desperate enough that I started to press my legs together very tightly. Oh dear I thought to myself I
hope some of the other girls get here to help me relieve the waitressing. Well 15 minutes later there was no sign of
Sarah or Beatrice oh, and I was starting to get really worried. The restaurant was just hacked, slammed and there was no
way I could sneak out now. I could feel my pee right on the urge I’m coming out and I was starting to get panicky, so
I pulled up my skin tight jeggings all the way up so that the seam of my pants could push into my crotch and maybe
hold back some of my pee. Of course it didn’t help that all the men were trying to flirt with me and have conversations
with me there for making my job a lot slower, while trying to look as non desperate as possible. at güvenilir bahis siteleri this point every
time I stopped to talk to someone I had to either press my legs tightly together or cross them hi.. I don’t think any
of the guys noticed because I was carrying a tray in front of me
When I was able to, I quickly darted my hand to my crotch to give it a little push so I wouldn’t leak into my panties.
Yes it was that bad, I’m literally on the verge leaking chest into my panties. At least I was wearing black pants so
hopefully it wouldn’t show as much as lighter colored pants I thought to myself. A few time as I was walking, or should I say teetering, I had to reach a hand under my tray to cup my aching bladder. I was standing there having a light conversation with a table full of guys when all of a sudden I felt a Hotspur of pissed Escape into my panties suddenly. I gasped and looked down and the small stream had apparently gone right through my pants since it was so hard and made a small puddle on the floor exclamation. my pants were not wet on the sides at all but this Strasburg just came right through the middle and onto the floor oh no. I thought to myself I hope no one slips on my piss. I made an excuse to walk away and started going towards the kitchen oh,
maybe I can slip away and quickly piss. suddenly my boss turns the corner, sees me, and says hey Amy can you take care of this table of 8 that just came in. yes sir I stammered but it is there time for me to take a quick break I kind of have to. my boss says just go over there and quickly take their order. by this time I’m hobbling and I can barely take a large steps but have to keep my legs very tightly closed and kind of cheater over as to not leak more pee into my panties.

They were so slow in deciding what they wanted for their orders and I was starting to get really shaky perabet güvenilir mi and nervous. There is no way I’m going to be able to hold my bladder if I don’t get to the bathroom with in a minute. all of a sudden as I was writing down an order,
I felt another huge spur of hot pent-up pee come out right into my leggings oh no please don’t let me have myself right here. I could feel if he trickling down the sides of my pants and I hoped it did not show. these people were sitting right in front of me so they
could easily look down at my pants and see the glistening pee stains. At least it wasn’t too noticeable since my pants were black thank goodness. As I was hobbling around the table trying to get everyone’s orders correctly, I could feel more hot piss trickling
out of me and I was powerless to stop it. I could feel it trickle down both sides of my legging so I tried to hold my tray even lower
to cover up the wedding. I hoped my face didn’t give away my friend chicken s of what was happening down there and it was so powerless
to control it. I finally managed to get all their orders and started hobbling clenching all the way towards the kitchen to give the
chef the order. As I was passing by some other customers one of the guys grabbed my arm to tell me to add more beer to their order
when all of a sudden I stumbled from the shock of it and quickly leaned on his table, but it was too late I was losing bladder
control and all of a sudden my hot peep couldn’t contain itself and started completely coming out into my panties and leggings
like a waterfall. When the shock set in I realized that I have lost bladder control and I was soaking my pants and my heels oh no.
I tried to clench and stop it but the flow was already going too strong I could feel hot warm pee slowing down my leggings on both
sides wetting my butt and crotch area perabet giriş completely. the guys at the table looked at my face and confusion and then look down at what
I was looking at and saw that I was completely wedding myself uncontrollably. I’m sure I was sweating and shaking at the time
and my knees buckled to try and stop it but it was too late a huge yellow puddle
started forming on the floor underneath me and could feel the hot pee trickling into my shoes as well.
Was there for about 20 seconds in horror not knowing what to do my face to my mouth as I emptied my bladder into my skin tight leggings.
I muttered help I can’t stop and started hobbling towards the kitchen. My face was beet red I’m sure and I looked back to see all
the guys at that table staring at me in shock. Lisa come here something horrible just happened I said, I just wet myself I had to
go so bad and I started leaking into my pants and then all of a sudden I’m pissing myself I don’t know what to do. Could you do me a huge favor and just throw some napkins on the floor before someone slips in it. I looked in my legging and somehow the pee streaks didn’t
show that much since they were so dark. what a relief it felt so good as all that pent-up piss I’ve been holding for hours just
streamed out of me and I couldn’t even stop wow. I could feel the remnants of my aching bladder was held on so long. I grabbed some
cloth napkins and try to dry off my crotch and butt area as much as I could. my boss came around the corner and asked what I was
doing as I was mopping my crotch area with a napkin. I just spilled a Coke on myself but it’s okay because Lisa is helping me
clean up the mess on the floor. I looked around and realize that no one else saw me completely pissed my pants on the restaurant
floor except for that group of guys and Lisa. Whew, I just averted a disaster oh, I’m so glad no one saw me lose control like that.
I thought to myself it kind of felt good to hold it for that long and being on the brink of losing control and just the relief
afterwards as I let go and it’s soaked everything. maybe I’ll drink an extra glass of water before I leave work today

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