Thin Wall in Condo Blacken

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Thin Wall in Condo Blacken
Jennifer Randolph is lying on her bed, enjoying a second glass of Chardonnay, when she hears the unmistakable sound of fucking from next door. Early that evening, she saw her new neighbor, a handsome black man, enter the lobby of their condo complex with a beautiful white woman. She had dark hair and wore tight green shorts that exposed her long legs. Jennifer watched them with a curiosity and envy as they waited for the elevator to arrive.

Something about black men, particularly muscular black men with tight butts and strong legs attracted her. It was not something that a single blonde woman living in lily white Newport Beach advertised, but the thought never failed to arouse her. When the elevator arrived, the man put his arm around his girlfriend and stepped on. Jennifer climbed on with them.

Now the woman’s gasps and moans are rising over the top of the heavy pulse of bass coming through the walls, and it’s like being there. Jennifer takes another sip of wine, letting it slide down the back of her throat as she settles against a wall of pillows behind her. She shuts her eyes and imagines the couple making love next door. In her mind she sees his strong, dark fingers running up and down her smooth white thigh; his hands reaching up to cup her small breasts; his thick, full lips pressing down on her mouth; her eyes widening in pleasure and appreciation as he pushes his black manhood deep inside her.

Jennifer reaches into the bottom drawer of her nightstand for her vibrator. She fumbles for it anxiously, ready to play out her favorite fantasy.

In her mind she is strapped to a huge, waist-high table in a dark room lit by a single light. Her arms and legs are spread painfully wide with her wrists and ankles tied by nylon cords to steel posts at each corner of the table. She is naked; her sex bared and vulnerable. Out of the shadows she sees the silhouette of a heavily muscled black man enter. He walks slowly toward her. As he moves closer she sees that he is naked as well. Her hungry eyes travel the length of his rugged, chiseled physique, starting with his enormous shoulders and chest, continuing down to his narrow waist, lingering on the thick penis hanging heavy and fully exposed, moving next to his muscular thighs and legs. She feels the lust boiling inside as he stands in front of her, examining the space between her legs. The sight of his powerful naked body sends currents of aching desire through her, but she can only lift her head inches to watch him. She wonders if he can see the effect he has on her. Her nipples are erect and throbbing; the wetness inside her is now dripping down her inner thighs. The seconds tick by with agonizing slowness as he waits, growing steadily harder and thicker. She struggles to watch the transformation. The impossibly long shaft expands and curves to the left; the huge head awakens and emerges from the veined sheath of the fleshy foreskin, the pendulous balls are slung low in their sack like dark eggs, filled with fertile juice. His powerful body, his naked sex, thrills her. She anticipates the touch of his body, the contrast of his skin on hers, the pleasure of her flesh being parted, yielding to the thick mass between his legs, the physical act of coupling, her wetness, the pulsing throb of the male organ in her, the fullness, the completeness.

On her bed, Jennifer rubs the vibrator feverishly against her clitoris, imagining him moving closer, rubbing the head of his enormous erection against her. When she can stand it no longer, she shoves the vibrator fully inside her, shuddering with pleasure as she feels him thrusting deeper and deeper, again and again. From next door, she hears the bucking sounds of the bed against the wall, timing her ecstatic screams with those of the woman as she climaxes.

At 10:00 the following morning Jennifer opens the front door of her apartment and heads down the hallway in her jogging shorts to check on her clothes in the laundry room before she goes running. When she opens the door, she discovers her neighbor, the black man, holding up a pair of her wispy thong underwear that he’s pulled out of the dryer.

“Excuse me,” Jennifer says, reddening. “Do you mind?”

The man smiles, lifting an eyebrow in amusement as he holds the underwear out to her on the end of his finger. “My favorite kind,” he says grinning.

Jennifer takes the underwear, then leans over and, without saying a word, begins pulling her clothes out of the dryer. She presses the wad of dried clothes close to her chest and slams the dryer door shut with her foot.

“Nice day for a run,” he says as she turns and leaves.

To hell with the run, Jennifer thinks as she returns home, slamming the front door of her apartment behind her. She dumps the laundry on her bed, strips off her running shorts and shirt and stands naked in front of the full-length double mirrors on her closet doors. She has the classic Southern California look: shoulder length blond hair, her mother’s fine features, small, firm breasts. She touches the tips of her nipples, then runs her fingers through her hair and checks her ass in the mirror. Everything looks good, she tells herself. Better than good.

Through the wall of her apartment she hears the pulse of music. She wraps a towel around her and goes into the living room. Through the glass door of her patio she sees the beckoning blue water of the deserted pool in the courtyard below. When she opens the glass door to the patio the whoosh of sub-sonic bass hits her full force. The air is punctuated by a rapper’s angry volley. On the patio next door, several black men lean against the balcony rail. One spots her and motions to his friend.

Jennifer closes the door and goes back into her bedroom. She looks at herself in the mirror and a thrill runs down her spine. Why not? she tells herself. A few seconds later she begins searching in the second drawer of her dresser. Toward the back she finds the white bathing suit with the blue trim that she bought on a dare with her sorority sisters back in college. They told her to wear it during Spring Break but she never did. The fabric is transparent and sheer. She lets the towel drop and steps into the bottom of the bathing suit, pulling it up to her waist, feeling the narrow fabric thong of material ride up tight into the crack of her ass. In the front, fringes of dark pubic hair peak out from either side of the skimpy white fabric. She goes into the bathroom, finds her safety razor and carefully shaves, leaving a thin narrow strip of hair above her pussy. She massages baby oil over her skin, then goes back into the bedroom and slips the bathing suit back on. Through the fabric she can see the faint line of pubic hair that she left behind. Then she slides the top on and adjusts the cups over her breasts. The dark saucers of her nipples show through the gauzy material and the hard tips jut out against the fabric. All of a sudden she feels a little dizzy and light-headed. She wraps a towel around her. In the top drawer of her dresser she finds her red baseball cap and sunglasses, and shoves a magazine and sunscreen into her canvas tote.

Out in the bright sun, Jennifer senses the eyes of the men on the balcony shifting in her direction as she enters the pool area. From behind her dark lenses she sees that they are watching her as she make her way along the perimeter of the pool and drops her bag onto one of the chaise lounges. For a moment she hesitates, questioning her foolishness and the reason for what she is doing.

She takes off her hat and shakes her hair. Then she removes the towel from around her waist. She feels a thrilling surge of heat rise up in her. From the balcony a chorus of low a****l whistles and cat calls rise above the music. She feels exhilarated – intoxicated by the erotic charge of showing off her nearly naked body to a gallery of admiring black men. Emboldened, she removes her sunglasses, turns and walks toward the shallow end of the pool, revealing her pale white ass to them. The voices on the balcony grow louder as she reaches the pool edge and dips her toe into the cool water. Then she descends the steps, feeling the water at her ankles, then her calves, her thighs, and then at her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri waist. In one fluid motion she pushes off and swims underwater until she surfaces breathless at the other end, reaches up to grasp the edge of the pool, and clears the water from her eyes. Then she swims the short distance to the steel ladder on the far side of the pool and climbs out.

The water trails through her hair and down her back. She makes sure the men on the balcony get a good long look at her bare ass as she walks back toward her lounge chair. As she leans over and spreads her towel out, she treats them to another unobstructed view for several seconds longer, then puts her sunglasses on and lies down on her back. Her nipples harden and the dark patch of pubic hair show clearly through the wet fabric of her bathing suit. The heat of the sun beats down on her as she watches the confusion on the balcony through half shut eyes.

A few minutes later she hears the patio door open. She looks over and sees her neighbor walking over toward her. On the balcony the men are laughing and shouting encouragement at him over the music. As he walks toward her, his big smile suddenly turns serious.

“I want to apologize about this morning,” he says. “That was rude. I’m Sean, by the way. We’ve never really met.”

“No problem,” she says, smiling. “I’m Jennifer.”

“I’m having some friends over. You’re welcome to hang with us if you want.”

“That would be fun.” Jennifer hesitates, smiling coyly. “Am I safe?

Sean looks at her, amused. “Right now, I’d say you’re looking very dangerous. Which I like.”

“Maybe I should go back to my place and change?” she says.

“Nah. Wear what you got on.”


The men are waiting for Sean and Jennifer when they came through the front door. As Jennifer hoped, they’re all young, athletic black men like Sean. As he introduces her to them, she can feel the smoldering heat of anticipation as they study her excited nipples and bare ass. It doesn’t really matter what their names are, Kenton, Jason, Aaron, Curtis. All that matters is the promise of their young, hard bodies and satisfying the lust between her legs.

The stereo system is blasting. On each wall beveled mirrors reach from floor to ceiling. A football pregame show plays on a wide screen HDTV in the middle of the living room.

“You like football?” one of them says. “We can change it.”

“I’m kind of in the mood for something else,” she says.

“I hear that,” one of the other men says, smiling broadly. “Anything you suggest?”

“Surprise me,” she says with a laugh.

One of the men reaches for the remote and switches the channel to a porn station showing two naked women kissing and fondling each other’s breasts.

“Now, there’s some shit I can get behind,” one of them says, indicating the women on the TV.

“I like the shit right here in front of me,” another says pointing at Jennifer.

“You want something to drink?” Sean asks her. “A beer?”

“Sure,” she says.

She stands in the middle of the men enjoying the excitement and attention.

“That is one beautiful ass you got on you girl,” one says. He reaches over and touches her firm ass as she watches. “Hot too,” he says, laughing, pulling his finger away quickly like it’s burned. The other men laugh with him.

Sean returns with the beer and hands it to her. She takes a sip. “That tastes good,” she says. She turns around to look at herself in the mirror, catching her reflection and the men eyeing her body. She rubs the beer can against the side of her face, then her ass, then over her breasts, making her nipples hard through the gauzy fabric.

The men sense her silent invitation, converging slowly, running their hands over her body. In the mirror she watches herself as the tallest of the men runs his fingers through her hair, then takes her face in his hand, leans down and kisses her with his full thick lips. She feels a sudden surge of wetness soak the narrow thong of her bathing suit bottom as he pushes his tongue deep inside her mouth. At the same time she feels the thin material being pulled aside by strong, probing fingers.

“Oh, yeah,” she says, encouraging them.

An electric wave of pleasure rushes through her as her juices flow free. Restless fingers search her pussy and clit. The men pull the sheer fabric of the thong down to her angles then scoot the bathing suit top up, exposing her breasts. A pair of mouths descends on her nipples and begin sucking.

“Oh, God,” she moans.

One of the men kneels down between her legs. Immediately, she feels hot moist breath as her lips are pulled apart and a tongue begins flicking back and forth over her swollen clit. She closes her eyes, savoring the pleasure. A strong insistent finger is shoved up inside her. Then two fingers. She opens her eyes.

In the mirror she watches the dreamlike vision of four men stroking her, squeezing her, sucking her. She turns her head to the side and sees Sean standing off to the side watching her. For a moment her attention is drawn to his face. He lifts the beer to his lips and drinks slowly.

She turns her attention back to the mirror and the sight of four strong, horny black men surrounding her. Ten hands swarm over her entire body, traveling up her back to her shoulders, then down to her calves and legs, returning again and again to feast on her soaking inner thighs. She spreads her legs to allow easy entry to her moist center. The fever builds in her. She feels the tidal surge of her climax building, rising slow and steady. All the time the hands, the fingers, the mouths never stop rubbing, pushing, sucking. Suddenly her body grows rigid. In the mirror her mouth widens into a silent scream. She leans her head back as the first shattering wave hits her. Her body contracts violently; her legs buckle. A second wave crashes inside her. Her head spins and she feels like she is drowning. She hears an anguished scream but it does not sound like her. She sinks down to her knees and feels the juices gushing from her. She closes her eyes as two men lower her to her knees.

When she opens her eyes her face is level with the crotch of one of the men. She can see the mass of his swollen erection pressing insistently against the fabric of his pants. The man unzips his pants and reaches inside. He pulls himself loose and hangs his limp penis in her face. Instinctively, her pussy contracts and she feels the wetness between her legs again. She reaches forward and puts the big head in her mouth, sucking on it slowly and deliberately. After a minute the man steps back, pulls his pants off, then returns, shoving his stiffening prick back in her mouth.

“Suck that black dick,” he commands her.

In the mirrors around the room she can see his muscular legs and ass flexing rhythmically as his dick goes back and forth, in and out of her mouth. Her pussy smolders as his lean black body pushes up against her white skin. After a few seconds he unbuttons his shirt, exposing a rippled set of abdominal muscles. Seeing this ignites her imagination, reminding her why she likes black men. Hard abs and big dicks turn her on. She runs her hands hungrily over the hard coils of his stomach. The feel of his body, the sight of his black skin against hers, the salty taste of him in her mouth, the musky smell of his crotch makes her pussy tingle.

All around, the other men begin unzipping their pants and pulling their shirts off. Her head spins as she watches the men strip. The prospect of five black studs fucking her stokes the heat higher. The men kick their clothes to the side. Two men stand on either side of her, hanging their naked cocks within reach. She takes one in each hand while she sucks on the man in front of her. A moment later she feels hot fingers searching between her legs, rubbing the sensitive knob of her clit. Instinctively, she pushes herself against him, moving her hips up and down.

“Bitch likes that,” one of them says to another.

She spreads her legs so the fingers can get inside deeper. She likes the feeling of their hands all over her body, on her breasts and nipples, on her pussy and clit while she sucks the cock in front of her, feeling it swell, expand and harden. She strokes the cocks on either side of her, pulling güvenilir bahis şirketleri her mouth away, long enough to admire their lean, muscular bodies. The tight asses that she loves so much are perfectly displayed in the floor to ceiling mirrors. She reaches over to suck the man on her right, noticing the dense crop of black hair above his thick cock. She takes him in her hand, impressed by the size and the drooping weight that extends past her fist. She wraps her lips around the head, sucking slowly, methodically, as she strokes the thick root at its base, up and down.

“That’s it baby,” he says, holding her head between his hands.

Off to the side, Jennifer sees Sean stripping and standing naked. His body is massive and heavily developed like a body builder. Like the others, his penis is dark, but thicker and more heavily veined. He strokes himself all the way down to a flared head that is the size of cue ball. She pauses for a moment, watching him in fascination while fingers probe her wet hole from behind. Her pussy contracts thinking about him, anticipating the size and feel of him inside her.

She resumes sucking on the man in front of her. After a few minutes he steps back and Sean walks over to take his place. Veins course through his powerful biceps and chest, down to his muscular ass and legs. She pushes her sweat soaked hair back from her forehead with one hand and reaches for him with the other. He is limp, but swollen. Her fingers strain to close around him. She strokes him slowly, feeling his thickness and length. Another flood of wetness flows out of her again. As she strokes him, a clear bead of cum forms at the tip of his cock. She licks it, and then takes him in her mouth. The thick head fills her mouth as she works her way down, swallowing as much of him as she can handle. Behind her the fingers reach up, massaging her feverish cunt, pushing in again and again. She pulls away from his cock for a moment, stroking him hungrily as she watches, feeling the hot juices streaming out of her. She leans back, looking over at the mirror as another pair of hands massage her aching breasts and nipples while she holds Sean’s swollen cock in her hand. Her tongue traces a long trail along the underside until she reaches the tip and puts him back in her mouth.

“Suck it,” he says. “Deeper.” He puts his hands on the back of her head and pushes into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm…” she moans. She holds him in her mouth for several seconds then releases him panting.

“Come on,” another says at her side. “Keep stroking that dick.”

She tightens her grip on each of the men to her side and pumps up and down. Sean holds the shaft of his swollen penis in his right hand, and then guides the head back in her mouth. She opens wide to take him again, feeling him push toward the back of her throat.

“Come on,” he says. “Take the whole thing. That’s it, come on,” he says. “Take it all.”

She strains to fit him in, straightening her neck as he pushes deeper down her throat.

“That’s it, baby. Keep going,” he says.

She pushes forward until her lips reach the wiry black hair clustered around the root of his penis. He holds her head until she can stand it no longer, then pulls free of him and starts coughing violently.

When she stops, the men push her onto her back and spread her legs apart. She’s ready to be fucked, but she isn’t prepared for what comes next. One of the men kneels between her legs, holds her open with his fingers, and then enters her with one hard stabbing motion that takes her breath away. The sensation of his thick tool disappearing into her white hole for the first time makes her wetter and hornier than she has ever been. His thrusts are slow and intense, building in rhythm, pushing in, then pulling out. In the mirror she sees the smooth powerful cheeks of his ass flex each time he drives into her. With each thrust she feels him hardening, expanding, filling her. His thick prick makes sloshing noises as enters and re-enters her. Her pussy contracts and flows with hot juice. The musky smell of sweat and sex fills the room. She realizes she has never been fucked like this before – really fucked – and it makes her hotter than she has ever been before. One of the men straddles her face and hangs the head of his limp cock in front of her mouth, beckoning her to take it. She likes the look of it, the taste of it, the feel of it.

After several minutes of fucking her, the first man pulls away and another takes his turn entering her. The first comes around to her face and shoves his wet cock, glistening with her juice, in her mouth. She has never tasted herself, freshly fucked, like that before. She feels wanton, like a whore, wild and free. One dick becomes another. Each man takes his turn, climbing on and off her, returning to her mouth after they’ve been in her, hanging their wet cocks in her face for her to clean.

Finally, Sean approaches her and she feels an a****l lust she has never felt before. He pushes into her slowly, letting her savor his fullness and length. She watches herself in the mirror through half open eyes as he impales her.

“Ohhhh, fuck….” she says.

“That’s right, baby,” he says.

Then he pulls out slowly and pushes himself back in. Every stroke is long and incredible. All she can think about now is having that long, thick dick go deeper inside her. Each time he pulls back, she waits, gasping, anticipating him going so deep he hits up against a wall deep inside her. She loves the fullness of him, the blood engorged veins on his beautiful cock and those of the other men, their dark bodies, his muscular arms, his skin, the wonderful, intoxicating sight of his immense black cock appearing and disappearing into her blond, white cunt. Her pussy shudders as he enters her again and again, harder and harder. She rolls her head.

“How’s that baby? You like that?”

“Oh, yeah,” she says.

“You like that big black dick inside you?”

“Yes,” she says, aroused by the sound of his voice.

“Feels good, don’t it?”

Her pussy is on fire. His cock moving in her. “Fuck me,” she pleads.

“You like my niggers fucking your tight white cunt, don’t you bitch?”

“Oh God,” she gasps. “Yes.”

“I hope you got protection, baby, ’cause we’re going to make sure you’re full of black seed when we’re done. Might have us some chocolate babies after this.”

His motion intensifies, pumping her with long violent thrusts while simultaneously rubbing the knob of her clit with his thumb. She comes in one long agonizing scream.

When she opens her eyes the men are standing over her.

“Turn her over,” one of them says.

Two of the men reach for her and lift her up.

“Wait,” she says, holding her hand up, catching her breath. Her body is still electric, tingling from the ordeal.

“Now for the second course,” he says to her with a smile. “We go behind door number two.”

The man rubs her smooth ass cheek, then his fingers push into the crack of her ass, finding her tight, puckered hole. A thrill of fear and dread wells up in her as he burrows his fingers into her. She hadn’t planned on getting fucked in the ass. She starts to protest. “I…” she stammers.

He leans into her and licks her lips with his tongue. “Whatsa matter? Those rich white boys never fucked you in the ass?”

The look on her face is all he needs to know, and the surprise is unmistakable.

One of the men pushes her down onto her hands and knees and slaps her hard on her ass. She watches the mirror as a cold stream of oil is poured from a tube onto her ass. She feels it trickling down between her legs.

One of the men leans down next to her ear. “We’ll make it so slippery you could get a freight train in there.”

She watches him as he rubs his cock all over her back and ass. He reaches down and massages the oil between her ass cheeks, then works his fingers into her puckered butt. She feels the burning sensation as he pushes his forefinger into her and works it up inside her.

“That’s good,” he says, pouring more oil onto her ass.

The men stand in front of her stroking their cocks. One by one they stick their dicks in her mouth. It no longer matters; she is drunk and sweating with lust. Her nipples are handled roughly; she feels the heat and wetness in her canlı bahis şirketleri pussy. One of the men works his finger into her ass, then pulls it out and puts it back in. Her ass burns. He puts more oil in. After he’s massaged her ass for five minutes she sees him climb behind her. Then she feels the head of his cock pressing up against her ass. He slaps her ass hard and she cries out. He pushes his fingers back inside and finger fucks her for a minute. Then he grabs his cock and tries to work the head in but it won’t fit. She feels her ass cheeks being spread wide by a pair of hands and the oil being spread on her.

“Oh, God,” she says, gasping.

Fingers work the oil into her asshole, then she feels the big head of someone’s dick again. More oil is squirted on her. Her ass is spread wider. She feels him pushing. Then the searing pain hits her as his cock punches through the opening followed by his hard shaft. It feels like she is being torn in two. Her ass is on fire. She feels him pull back and her ass muscles constricting to drive him out. But he fights her and pushes in against her. She cries out. A pain racks her body unlike anything she has ever felt before. Her head swims and the tears form in her eyes. She clutches the carpet and feels him push deeper inside her. The voices of the men are around her. Hands are groping her, feeling her. Then the burning comes again deeper, more agonizing. She gasps. She can’t catch her breath. Sweat mats her hair to her forehead. She feels her head being lifted up and a mouth kissing her on her lips. Her breasts are squeezed. Then the hot burning pain goes deeper inside her, filling her up. She feels the faintest tingle of fingers on her pussy and clit, but she can think of nothing but the burning pain in her ass, pushing, pulling. A hand turns her face toward the mirror.

“Look at that baby,” she hears somebody saying.

She opens her eyes. In the mirror she sees the youngest of the men high above and behind her riding her ass like a naked black warrior on his white horse. He is pressed all the way in her. After a second or two he pulls back slightly, flexes his ass and fucks her again. He leans forward toward her and licks her on the cheek.

“How’s it feel having your ass fucked?” he says.

“Ooohhhh,” she cries out, gasping for breath.

“I can’t hear you,” he says.

She clutches the carpeting and gasps, trying to take her mind off the pain. After a few seconds, she looks over at the mirror. The sight of him violating her overwhelms her. For a moment she forgets the searing pain and begins to move with him as he fucks her with longer strokes. For five minute he pummels her, then climbs off letting the next man squirt oil onto her ass.

“Shit, I love fucking white ass,” he says slapping her ass cheeks and pushing his fat prick into her.

As the minutes pass, the pain gives way to the pure carnal thrill of men using her for their pleasure, feasting on her body, rubbing their hands on her breasts, pushing themselves deep into her ass. The sight of their muscular black bodies against her white skin electrifies her. She wants them to rub their big dicks in her face, to let her suck them as they fuck her in the ass.

Sean is last. In the mirror she watches the men squirt oil on her ass in preparation for him. She can see in the mirror that her asshole is distended and opened wide from nonstop fucking. He walks behind her, straddles her, then pushes himself against her. She gasps as he tries to get inside her. One of the men squirts more oil on her ass and his dick. She watches as he massages her asshole with the thick head. The men spread her ass cheeks wide as Sean shoves the huge cue ball head into her. She is rocked by the searing pain as he pushes into her, feeling the tremendous thickness of him swelling in her colon as he pushes deeper, stretching her wider than before. After his thick shaft is sunk deep inside of her and his balls slap up against her pursed cunt she feels him pull slowly out.

“Look at that ass, baby,” he says to her, nodding toward the mirror. Between her ass cheeks she can see the stretched hole of her ass left wide open like a dark tunnel. He reenters her and pushes in deeper and deeper until he is buried up to his balls.

“Fuck me,” she says pushing up against him.

He pumps her hard and she screams. Then he lies on his back on the floor and tells her to lie with her back against his stomach. She spreads her legs and feels him slide the full length of his ebony tower back into her ass. She leans back on him panting, then opens her eyes as she feels one of the men massaging the shrunken lips of her pussy. Another man leans over from the other side and starts sucking her nipples. Then she feels a mouth between her legs slurping on her pussy. She whimpers and rolls her head from side to side as he works his fingers inside of her. Every once in a while, Sean lifts her ass off his lap then slides his pole back up inside her. Each time he lifts her and fucks her, she cries out as he grinds deeper into her.

After her pussy is fingered and sucked for several minutes the man who is licking her climbs between her legs. She breathes in short raspy gasps as he shoves into her soppy hole, feeling the twin force of his cock in her pussy and Sean’s massive erection buried deep in her ass. She looks in the mirror and sees herself being fucked top and bottom. Her pussy convulses again. She reaches up on either side and takes a cock in each hand and starts stroking the long smooth shafts to full erection. The last of the men straddles her face and pushes his cock into her mouth.

At that moment she feels like she has never felt before – fully alive, electric, fulfilled. All around her she is surrounded by beautiful black men fucking her and she never wants them to stop. She loves their beautiful black bodies and their long thick cocks. Sean’s enormous cock belongs in her ass. Their dicks belong in her mouth and in her pussy. She closes her eyes. Everything is perfect. Perfect.

Just when she thinks she has tasted every pleasure, she feels Sean’s fingers around her narrow waist, lifting her away from him, pulling free, then reinserting himself into her gaping pussy. What happens next is something she is not prepared for. She feels him grab her breasts from behind and pull her back as one of the other men straddles her, trying to stuff his black shaft into the space already filled with Sean’s thick cock. The man pushes his dick in. Slowly, incredibly, her pussy stretches and strains to fit both of them at once. She gasps and moans as the men start pumping her in rhythm, sliding back and forth inside her like twin ramrods. The feeling of twin cocks inside her pussy is unlike anything she has ever felt or imagined before. The pressure builds inside her. She releases the big cock she is sucking on and watches herself being fucked. All at once she convulses, jerking up and down. She cries out in one agonizing scream, thrashing her hands up and down. The men ride her like a bucking bronco, fucking her harder and deeper. She screams again. The sound is primal, guttural, a****l like. Her eyes are open wide, wild and frenzied; perspiration drips from her hair and forehead. She leans forward with a demonic look of rage, watching their cocks inside her as she comes again, and again, roaring like a leopardess.

All at once, the first man pulls out of her and shoots three long jets of milky white semen onto her neck, her tits, and finally down her stomach. Seconds later Sean pulls out, the tower of his enormous erection bucking like a canon as he shoots a white stream a foot into the air. Her head spins as the other men approach her.

They circle round her, steadily stroking themselves. She loves the sight of their hard, throbbing organs pointing at her, the breathless hesitation, the a****l grunting, as they release their sticky cum on her.

She has lost track of how many times she has come or by whom. They thrust their softening dicks in her face. She is delirious, drunk. She takes one of them in her mouth and tastes her pussy and ass on his thick rod.

“I like your neighbor, Sean,” the man says as she wipes her mouth.

“Nothing looks better than a pair of white lips ’round a black dick,” another says as she sucks on him.

The acrid bitterness of their semen clings to her tongue and the back of her throat. She reaches over to Sean whose massive penis hangs limp and glistening. She kisses the end and runs her tongue over the length of it suggestively.

“Maybe we should do it again,” she says.

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