The Visit

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The Visit
Julie and I meet you at the airport and drive you to my townhouse. Even though it’s not too late we decide to chill and have a few drinks at my place. We all worked today and you even had a flight. Normally we sip on wine but tonight is margaritas but we made them a little weak. No reason to start the weekend by overdoing it the first night. As we talk there is mild tension in the air. We all want to get to know each other a little better but at the same time we are hoping to fuck ourselves crazy. After all we have all seen each other naked. Does it look as tasty in real life as it did in the pictures? Before long the conversation does turn to sex. You ask a lot of questions about what we have and haven’t done. You have read my stories of our experiences but hearing them makes them seem even wilder. I don’t know about you but just talking about it has started to get me wet.
Finally I get up and take your drink. As I set your drink on the table Julie slides across the couch towards you. I kneel on the couch next to you and and slowly stay to touch your face. I am looking for any hesitation but what I see is excitement. I slowly lean in and gently kiss your lips. We slowly increase the hunger in our kissing and you feel a hand on your thigh. Then you realize both my hands are softly caressing your neck and face. It must be Julie who is touching your leg. I can feel your breathing increase and your face flush as you realize this is about to really happen. Months of emails and selfies is about to turn into a real experience. Our kissing gets harder you eagerly suck my tongue when I offer it to you. You are barely aware of Julie softly caressing your body but you realize you are getting tingly all over. Suddenly we stop and I lean back a few inches and look into your eyes. Without speaking you understand that I am asking you if you are okay. You look at Julie for a moment then back at me and nod. I lean in and start kissing you again. Julie decides she wants to get into this as well. She climbs up on the couch and leans intro our faces. The 3 of us start kissing each other. You lean back as we are both kissing you and bitting on your ears and neck. I reach down and start to pull your shirt off. Julie stops just long enough to help pull it over your head. She then reaches behind you and unhooks you bra and I immediately start unbuttoning your pants. You lift yourself just enough for me to pull them off of you. You are now laid back on the couch completely naked. We still have all of our clothes on. We both stop and lean back a little too take in your beauty. You must have been hoping something like this was going to happen because you seem freshly shaved everywhere. You let out a gasp as we each attack one of your breast. You are trying to decide which feels better my sucking or Julies biting. You are trying to do something to one of us but we are both clothed and situated in such a way that all you can do is sit and enjoy. When a hand pushes into your folds, your not sure who’s, you are sure the neighbors could have heard your groan of pure delight. Julie slides down your body kissing and nipping the whole way. Your almost trembling as I reach down and spread your pussy lips so Julie can really get to your clit. She makes a long lick from your pussy to your clit. When she looks up at us your juices are dripping from her chin. You realize you can start pulling off my clothes. You grab my blouse and instead of unbuttoning it you pull it over my head. Before I know it you are pulling at my shorts and panties so I am as naked as you are. You look and see that I too am freshly shaved. I realize what you’re looking at and tell you I did it just for your visit. Then we notice Julie has stopped licking your pussy so she can remove her clothes. Then she dives right back into your wet pussy. I go back to kissing you and you reach down and stay rubbing my pussy. I am so wet you immediately push 2 fingers into me. As we are kissing I am fucking your fingers. We can all feel your body shake and tremble as the orgasm takes control of your muscles. I am sure you would be screaming if I didn’t have our lips clamped together. When you go limp we all stop to catch our breathes. Julie then announces I will have to clean the couch. We all giggle you are sitting in a puddle of Julie’s saliva and your pussy juice. Julie stands up and takes both of our hands. Let’s go to the bedroom, I don’t think we are done for the night yet.

I am sure we were a boys wet dream as the 3 of us walked to my bedroom no one bothered to pick up any of our clothes. I guess we knew we wouldn’t need them. So do we give Kelsey some more attention? asked Julie. You respond that you can barely walk now. I giggle, good thing we don’t want you to walk anywhere. We push you to the bed and work you to the center of the bed. You are laying on your back as I crawl to you. It only takes a second for you to realize what I’m doing as I move to straddle your face. The feel of your tongue on my pussy is incredible. I lean forward and start to return the favor. I told you I love to 69. I think it lasts longer because you are concentrating on what your doing. Which is great if you love to eat pussy as much as I do. This is actually the first taste of your pussy that I have had. Julie was being a pussy hog. I alternate between biting your thigh, licking your pussy, sucking on your lips. It doesn’t take long and my face is covered in your pussy juice. I can feel you licking, sucking, biting, your push your tongue into my pussy and I have to stop to moan, Oh god. We are so intent on our activities that we have forgotten about Julie. I push myself up and grab your your ankles and spread your legs. You are now laying on your back with me sitting on your face. Your legs are spread as wide as I can then I pull your your feet towards me slightly lifting your ass off the mattress. Julie has a beautiful view of your wide open pussy dripping with moisture. You are so busy working on my pussy I don’t think you realize what is going on. Julie slides up and pushes the strap on she is wearing into your pussy as far as she can. I hear you gasp into my my pussy. Julie grinds herself against you pushing the dildo into you as far as she can. Then she slowly starts fucking you with long slow thrusts. She pulls out until only the head is in you then pushes it into you as deep as possible. I can’t take it between the site of Julie fucking you and the wonderful job your doing on my pussy I feel my orgasm build and release. I moan as I fall off of you. With me out of the way Julie pulls your legs over her arms spreading you open even more. She then speeds up her thrusts. You start moaning, then repeat, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. I move to your face and start kissing you. We can taste my pussy all over your lips and chin. I reach down and start rubbing on your clit. It doesn’t take long and you are having your second orgasm of the night. You are almost screaming your pussy is so sensitive but Julie is still fucking and I am still working your clit over. I start kissing you just to muffle your screams. Then it happens the reason we didn’t stop a second orgasm washes over you. Your body is tense and shaking. Low moaning groans are coming out of you then you go limp. We stop and sit back looking at your lump body. Your body has a sexy shimmer of sweat all over your hair is wet and tussled. Your pussy is leaking juice between your legs. After a few minutes and we catch our breath Julie says let’s do her again. You quickly raise up your head, no no no I need a rest. I look at Julie and say we don’t want to wear her out on the first night we still have 2 days and 2 more nights to go.
You have cum 3 times and me once. I tell Julie to lay down and you curl up next to her. You start slowly kissing her and caressing her body. I get one of my vibrators and start working on Julie’s pussy. I push it in her and run it around her folds. Finally I focus on her clit and she shakes and cums as you are kissing her. I fall to your right and the three of use cuddle up with you in the middle. As we fall asleep you wonder can it get better than this?

As the morning light creeps into the windows we slowly start moving. I slowly untangle myself from yours and Julie’s naked bodies. I walk into the kitchen and start a pot of coffee. I then walk past the bed on the way to the bathroom. I stop to look at the two of you cuddled together on the bed. Two bodies that are are different but both beautiful in their own ways. I was tempted to crawl between you and start rubbing on your pussies. I decided there would be time for that later. I go start the shower and let the warm water wash over me. The memory of last night plays through my mind. Your touch startled me. I had no idea you had entered the bathroom and shower behind me. I feel you kiss my shoulder and softly caress my sides. I turn as your finger tips trace their way around my body. We embrace and softly kiss under the water. You look at me and tell how incredible last night had been. I agree that last night was incredible.I gently move your body out from under the shower then pick up a bottle of shampoo. I didn’t tell you to turn around. I pause a moment to admire your shape in front of me. I am sure you are wondering what am I am about to do. Then you feel me start to wash your hair. I slowly lather your head and you close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. I rinse your hair and then put in conditioner. I then start washing your body from head to toe. The warm water the sweet smelling soap and the caressing feel is creating a familiar feeling between your legs. As I am rinsing you off you think I could get used to this. You turn and face me give me to give me a hug and a slow soft long kiss. Our moment is interrupted by Julie entering the shower. She asks if this is a private party with a grin. Having three girls in the shower makes for very tight quarters, somehow Julie and I managed to wash each other as you watch admiring our bodies. Last night started so fast, once it started you never had the chance to really look at each of us. We are both beautiful in our own ways you admire the shape of her breasts, the colors of our nipples, the shape of our hips, the roundness of our asses. You can’t help but reach down and slowly caress yourself feeling the wetness that’s not from the shower. The next thing you realize is Julie and I are watching you. Julie says I think someone is enjoying the show. You actually smile slightly and blush which is hard to believe after last night’s activities. We all get out of the shower and dry ourselves off. Coffee has been made canlı bahis şirketleri so we all walk into the kitchen wrapped in our towels. You can’t help but notice that Julie wraps her towel around her waist like a man leaving her breasts exposed. We get our coffee and walk to the living room and quietly sip not saying much of anything. I think we are just enjoying each others company. After a few moments I look at you and ask what are you up for today? Shopping, hiking, girly stuff, Antiques, or did you have something in mind? There is no hurry as we sit and let you think about your options for the day. Julie decides you need a little help so she opens her towel exposing her pussy to both of us. She then says we should have a day of exciting adventures. We both look at you for your thoughts. You are not sure what to do or say at the moment. Then a decision takes you over. You slide off of the couch letting your towel drop in the process. Walk across the room and kneel in front of Julie and start licking her pussy. You are amazed at how wet she already is. After  the shower you are enjoying the fresh ripe pussy and the feeling of running her clit around under your tongue. From the sounds coming from Julie it sounds like she is enjoying herself as well. I gently rub my pussy while I watch you suck on Julie’s clit until she cums. Looks like you girls are becoming best friends and adventure it is. As we get into the care I remind you that the day is yours and if anything gets too much or not interested in let us know. So we head to the Highland Bakery for some brunch. Over brunch we give you our idea for the day. After we eat we are going to a resale shop to find the right attire for the evening. We are taking you to girls ablaze burlesque show. It is an adult themed bbq party/show.
We go to a local resale shop that is well known for its eclectic collection of clothing. The three of wander around trying to decide on a theme for our outfits and wondering how risque we could really get. Finally we decide that we will just go with the southern redneck trailer trash stereotype. The next thing you realize is all three of us are in a fitting room and your clothes are being pulled off. We dress you a pair of cut offs, a flannel shirt with the sleeves torn off, and we even found a pair of old boots. I had picked out a pair of coveralls and Julie had a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt as well. She said she was going to change them up some later. That didn’t take long. The store is pretty busy and no one is really monitoring the fitting rooms. The store had been an old house so we in what appears to have been an large closet converted to a fitting room. Julie and I decide we need to take care of one more thing before we leave. You are in the processes of changing when I move next to you and start kissing you. You are surprised but start kissing me back. I push my tongue into your mouth and you suck on it, then pull back and start kissing and nipping at my neck. Julie is pulling your boxers down your legs. I look down at Julie and tell her I want to switch. I have not had enough time enjoying that sweet pussy of yours. Julie stands up and takes my place kissing you and she immediately is also playing with your nipples. I kneel down in front of you and gaze at your smooth pussy. I remember the picture you sent me where you where lightly stroking it. I reach down between my legs and run my fingers through my wet folds. I start by just licking your outer lips. I am so soft I realize you really can’t tell I am doing anything since you are kissing and touching Julie’s breasts as she is playing with yours. I then grab you ass with both my hands and pull myself into your pussy. Me biting and sucking on your clit is something you noticed right away and any doubt was removed by the soft moan you made. You are dripping wet and my tongue is just adding to it. As I am working your clit over I push a finger into your tight pussy. I am just sliding it in and out feeling how tight and wet you are. I look up and see that Julie has removed all of your clothes and you are now rubbing on her pussy with your hand in her pants as the two of you are kissing. I look back at your sweet pussy and run my fingers along the delicate lips that are now exposed after my licking using my thumbs I pull you open and look at your pink clit. I push my tongue against it hard and move my whole head so I can keep the pressure on it. This time I push 2 fingers into your pussy and continue working on your clit. With all this attention it doesn’t take long and you softly groaning through Julie’s kissing as you cum. I can feel your body slightly tremble then relax. I lean back and look at your pussy one more time it has your juice and my saliva dripping from it. After a moment to catch our breath we all put our clothes on. Then we quickly pay for our clothes and head to the car. As we are getting in the car Julie asks you to sit in the backseat with her. As I am backing out of the parking space Julie already has her dress hiked up and looks at you and asks it you could help her out. You start rubbing her folds and asked what you have in mind. She said she was sure you could figure something out. You are fingering her and she is rubbing her ass into the seat below her. She also pulls her dress up to expose her breasts so she can play with them. You have a beautiful site in front of you. A sexy woman rubbing her breasts as you are fingering her pussy. I am watching the activities in the rear view mirror as best as I can but don’t want to have an accident. Julie takes your hand and pulls it to her face were she proceeds to lick her juices off of your fingers. You lean in and start kissing her and you taste her pussy on her lips. You think slide a couple of fingers into her and start pumping again. You have two fingers in her pussy and your thumb rubbing across her clit. Julie grabs your head and pulls you into her and your are kissing deeply as you feel her body shake and she moans into you. Julie then leans back in the car seat to catch her breath. You look at your fingers covered in Julie’s juices. You see me watching again from the mirror. You lock onto my eyes and proceed to lick your fingers clean as I smile at you. I can feel the wetness in my pussy. Shit my pussy has been wet since you showed up yesterday. We pull into a parking lot and you ask, “Are we going in there?” It is a large adult store from the sign you see they advertise everything; clothes, toys, videos, video booths, fetish supplies. I say, “Julie and I want to buy you a present.” You respond with we have given you several presents already.

We walk in together and the store is a little overwhelming there is a counter at the front you have to walk past. The guy at the counter eyes us over and shakes his head with a little grin. We kind of wander around looking at the different areas of the store they have. Finally we stop looking at a wall covered in dildoes. You can tell we are looking for something specific now. I look at you and smile “We are looking for a dildo for your tight pussy.” You are not sure how to take that. and I can see the look on your face. I explain we both  enjoy the feeling of having something in us. So we thought a small smooth vibrating dildo may help you enjoy it as well. You can tell we are really look at small ones. The variety is amazing. There are some that are so huge you cant imagine anyone sticking in their pussies. There is even one that is a lifesize hand made into a fist. Julie and I catch you staring at it. Julie says ” We were thinking more like a training dildo, but if you want that one okay”. “No way” is your response. Finally we find one that we think will work. It is about 7 inches long and no more that 1 1/2 wide. We walk to the counter and set it down. The clerk scans the price and askes if there is anything else we need. Julie places a small bottle of lube on the counter and responds, “Batteries and 3 tokens” The clerk smiles and says no problem. Be fore you realize what is going on we are leading down a hall and into a small room. You have never been in an adult video arcade. As you are looking around in the room we are wasting no time. Julie is putting the batteries in the new toy and I am kissing you and removing your clothes. You are amazed how clean the room actually is. “They clean them after each visitor. It is the cleanest place int he city. That is the only reason Julie and I come here occasionally.” I am setting you in a chair and for a moment you realize a lot of people, men, have probably cum in this chair. Before you can voice your disgust my tongue on your pussy convinces you that this chair will be okay. Julie places a token in the slot clicks a button and the screen comes a live with a video of lesbians having sex. Julie hands me the lubed dildo and I start to slide it into you. At first you are a little uneasy but the smooth softly vibrating sensation wins you over. “Wow you are tight” I say as I watch your face and slide the toy slowly into you and pull it out. Julie asks you have ever watched people have sex in real life. You respond with no just some making out here and there. On the wall is a small sliding door and Julie moves over to it. “No way Julie” I say as she smiles and slides the door open. “You have got to be k**ding me, we have never done that.” Julie softly knocks on the door in the opening and after a moment it slides open. Julie then sticks two fingers in the open twitches her fingers then pulls her hand away the opening. “Looks like you have done this before” I say. “Once on a drunken bet” you respond. I wonder what else I don’t know about Julie. Then a dick appears in the opening. I knew what a gloryhole was and knew they were behind the sliding doors but we have never had any interest in them. Julie looks at us as she starts kissing the end of the dick. We watch it jump up and down with muscle contractions. Then she grabs the disk and slides it into her mouth. It isn’t that big and she can only use a few fingers to hold it. She stops for a moment looks at us and says “This one’s fine I was afraid some giant dick would come through.” She then goes back to sucking on the dick. We can see it thrust back and forth as Julie sucks on it. I have watched Julie suck a dick many times before but never imagined her doing it at an anonymous gloryhole. I look at you and you look almost mesmerized by the site in front of you. I speed you the thrusting with the dildo and bring you back.

You look at me and ask, “Are you going to do that?”

“Hell no” I respond.

Your next question surprises me “Do you want me to do that?’

I süperbahis give you a funny face “I didn’t think you liked dicks. But you can if you want. I would suggest a little screening of the guy before you just suck on his dick though.”

Julie then stops sucking and is just stroking on the dick. “Do either of you want to try it?” I shake my head but I am surprised when you get up, even with the dildo in you and step over to Julie. “Suck it some more” you tell her. Your face is right next to hers as she is sucking away. I sit back and slowly rub my pussy watching the two of you. You tell her to stroke it again and she stops sucking and starts stroking it. You then tell her let me try and you reach up and start stroking the dick like Julie was.

“I guess you are exploring” you hear me say. You like feeling the guy thrusting in and out matching your strokes.

“You should feel it when it comes” Julie tells you. She then starts sucking on it again. after a few minutes we hear a couple of knocks on the wall. Julie tells you to start stroking it again. You grab the dick and stroke it and the thrusting from the guy has lost any rhythm. You feel the dick pulse in your hand then jets of cum shoot out of the end and we all hear the groan from the next room. Julie quickly grabs just the head of the dick and strokes just the tip and we hear a few more groans. Then the dick is gone and Julie slides the door closed.

“You did that once on a bet. What did you win?” I ask.

You smile, “The guy had to suck the next one.”

We use the cleaning towelettes in the room to wipe the dildo clean and you gals clean your hands. The desk clerk smiles as he sees us walk out of the store.

We grab a light late lunch and head back to my place.

We get back to my place and everyone decides to rinse off again. It’s a group shower but nothing exciting really happens just some mutual washing. I wonder if we are getting pussied out. I hope not. After the shower we have a few hours before the show so we have a group cuddle nap. I wish I had pics to capture the moment. The 3 of us naked and cuddled up together. You can’t believe this has happened. Here you are curled up between 2 naked women who are slowly and softly caressing you as you are dozing in and out. I think none of us would complain if we were told we could never leave the bed.
Slowly we get moving to prep for the show. I cut the legs off of my coveralls to turn them into shorts. The coveralls are a little baggy and I am not wearing panties I can actually pull a pants leg up to expose my pussy with no problem. I am wearing a bandeau for some modesty along with a pair of flip flops. Julie has cut her shorts so high the bottom her ass is showing. She has also cut her flannel shirt down to the point that it looks like a bikini top that ties in the front under her breasts. Damn she looked hot. I don’t know what you were thinking but I wanted to fuck her right now. You had on your frayed cut offs, the flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off, and the boots we had picked out for you. I left the room and came back with an old worn out ball cap to complete your look. Julie decided you needed need a minor touch up. She proceeds to take a pair of scissors and enlarge the arm holes on your shirt. Your sleeveless shirt was getting transformed into a wife beater. Julie then reaches into the back of your shirt and unhooks your bra and I help her take it off of you. You are not sure about being out in public with your breasts so exposed but you aren’t showing any more or less than we are. Its time to go.

The drive to the show wasn’t too bad given Atlanta traffic. During the drive you reach over and test the availability of my pussy. You realize it is very easy to run your fingers up and down my folds under my shorts. Your intent isn’t to get me off just get me aroused and you are doing a good job at it. We walk into the auditorium and are amazed at the sight. It looks like 50’s cabaret from the movies. There are not rows of seats but half round booths with high backs. This gives each booth some privacy from everyone but the people on the stage it also makes it where there isn’t a bad seat in the theater. We order a round of drinks some food and watch the people file in. Many of them are dressed like us in costumes of their own design. There are a few who change their costumes up as they entered to display more of their bodies. It is quite a crowd, girls who are definitely couples, trannies, hetero couples a little of every group you could imagine. One thing is for sure everyone seems to be ready for a good time. The show started with a few short comedy routines, and a few bawdy songs, and a couple of skits served as the warm up. Each one of the acts made fun of one group or another represented in the room, it was definitely not a place for the thin skinned. Once the plates have been cleared from all the tables and another round was served the wait staff seemed to disappear from the room and the real show started. The plot was about a neighborhood cookout where basically everyone was sleeping with or had slept with someone else at the party. Everyone got what they wanted. The different music routines features naked girls, hairless girlie boys, there was even an act that involved two hairy bears that sang about a fishing trip where their poles saw action noodling each other. The whole thing was fucking funny. Performers moved around the room dancing and singing as the chorus. At one point we had a girl on our table with her pussy spread wide as she kicked and flayed her legs. I reached over to start rubbing on your pussy and found Julie already there. I am sure we came close to making you cum because you had two girls fingering your pussy under the table. I curled up next to you on the bench so I could kiss and bite on your neck while we watched the show. You were able to run your fingers through my folds and feel my wetness. Your shirt made it very easy for me to caress your breasts under your shirt. It was amazing. I don’t think any of us were ready for it to end.

We walked out of the theater holding hands and talking about the show. We piled into my car and I started to drive. But the drive was very short just a few blocks and I parked in a hotel parking garage. You were wondering what surprise we had for you now and your pussy got wet just thinking of the what it could be. You were even more surprised to see that we got in an elevator and went to a floor and never went to a front desk to check in. I pulled a room key from my purse and you wondered when I could have possible gotten it because we hadn’t been apart since you showed up. We walked into the room and it didn’t take long for you to realize this room had everything we needed. A king size bed, huge garden tub in the corner, and a stocked bar. Julie wasted no time getting the tub going and I wasted no time starting to kiss you and remove your clothes. You giggled and I looked at you with a questioning look and you said you will have to remember how to remove your own clothes when you get home. Which I did find funny. We soaked in the tub sipping on drinks and touching each other in the warm water. After the show it was nice to rinse our bodies off. This was our third time to bath or shower today. It was just after 10 and the bath also helped get our blood flowing. As we sat and soaked you wondered why we weren’t getting more physical with each other you were dying to taste a pussy or finally have a tongue on your clit again, after all it had been before lunch the last time someone licked your pussy. We got out of the tub and Julie and I dried you off. I then asked you if you had been enjoying yourself and you responded with a God yes. This might have been one of the best weekends of your life. I then asked you if you trusted me and you said yes but started to worry about where this might be going. Julie had been behind you running her fingers around on your body. She then slowly slid a hood down over your head. Your eyes and ears where completely covered but you nose and mouth where open. I kissed you pushed my tongue into your mouth which you greedily sucked on.

“If we go to far tell me” I say

You respond with “I will”

“Promise” I ask and you repeat “Promise” back to me.

You find you can hear fine you just have no vision in the leather hood. Julie had pulled some laces to tighten it onto your head. We lead you to the bed and laid you down in the middle. Julie and I were on different sides of you kissing and touching you from head to toes. You didn’t know where you would feel the next sensation on your body. I don’t even think you realized that we had places straps on your wrists but you did start to panic when you did realize your arms were now tied to the bed you could move them some but definitely not enough to release yourself. Julie and I moved so we straddled your arms and you realized you could raise your hands far enough to finger out pussies while we continued driving you crazy. One of us was kissing you and you knew it was me when I asked “Are you okay?” You simply moaned and nodded your head. I reached down between our legs and ran my fingers up your thigh and found you had become so wet it was dripping down from you. My pussy moves away from your slimy fingers and you feel more movement on the bed. You smell my aroused pussy even before it came to rest on your mouth. You hungrily lap at my folds getting quick feels of the moisture between my lips. Finally I shift to a position that will allow you to get your tongue where I want it, my clit. I moan as you push your tongue against my clit and slide it back and forth. You suddenly stop everything your doing and freeze. I am sitting on your face, your fingers are buried in Julie’s pussy as she works your breast over, but you realize there is now another mouth sucking and pulling at your other nipple. Then you almost immediately orgasm when you feel a tongue slide into your pussy. There are now four girls using your body for their pleasure and giving you pleasure. You relax and go back to working my pussy over, you can feel my slim covering your face. The weight on the bed shifts and you feel what must be your new toy being slid into your tight pussy. You are sure it didn’t need any lube considering your excited state and the wonderful attention someone was just giving it. Your body starts tingling and you start thrusting your hips against the dildo as it slides in and out of you. You groan into my pussy as you ride out your orgasm. I am sure the entire hotel would have heard you it I wasn’t sitting on your face. We don’t stop what we are doing and you süperbahis güvenilir mi think you are about to go out of your mind. You are so sensitive after the orgasm but he just go on using your body. In a few moments you feel someone pushing your thighs apart even wider and feel something sliding up and down your pussy lips. Then it slides into you. It isn’t your toy and it isn’t vibrating but you fall into the rhythm pushing up as it gets pushed into you. Your focus is suddenly shifted back to me as you feel my body tremble and I start grinding my pussy against your face a little harder as I cum. I fall off your face to catch my breath. You feel someone kissing you and licking at your face. “She has a sweet pussydoesn’t she?” you hear Julie ask you. “Yes” is all you can get out at the moment. There is a sudden lull who ever was fucking you stopped and there is movement on the bed. You had never fucked blindfolded before and are amazed how much more aware you are of things because you can’t see.

You now feel a mouth on your pussy as you moan to its attention. You think about how raw you may be in the morning but it has been worth it. I start kissing you gently on the cheek and lips “You still having fun? Do we need to stop?” I ask. “God no” is your reply. “I have one more surprise for you.” You feel something softly touch your lips and you open your mouth then your eyes open wide under the hood as a dick slides past your lips. “I had to look to find the right guy, he had to be gentle, and not too big and not too small, Goldilocks” You start sucking on the dick as it slides back and forth across your lips and tongue. I never leave my place feel me gently kissing you and talking to you and talking to the guy. “Don’t use your teeth” I tell you. You better not make her gag you hear me tell the guy. I then start telling you what to do. Nip on the head, lick the shaft. As you are doing that you can tell from the feel that I must be sucking on the dick. Then it slides back into your mouth. “Do you want to taste his cum?” I ask. You shake your head, No. “Okay” I respond. You continue sucking the dick as he pumps it into and out of your mouth. It’s not a bad taste you realize but you don’t think you are convinced to change your ways. Suddenly the dick is gone but you can hear sucking and slurping and feel the motion infront of you as it increases. You hear a moan and realize the dick came and I must have finished it. “Just a little taste” you hear me say as I kiss you. As our mouths meet you can barely taste the cum on my lips. No real taste just a salty sensation, you think. The room goes dead. You hear some movements but after the day and the evening you are exhausted.

You wake up with an urge to pee and you untangle yourself from the TJ and Julie cuddle you are in the middle of. You didn’t even wake up as the cuffs and hood was removed from you. You walk inthe bathroom, pee. Get a cup of water as you drink you can feel the dried juices on your lips become slimy again. You take a wsh cloth and wipe your face down and look into your eyes in mirror. Wow is all you can think. I walk in behind you and wrap my arms around your waist and kiss your shoulder.

“You okay?” I ask. You look at me an nod.

“You know this is a normal weekend for us” I say with a smile.

” I hope you really are okay. We didn’t go to far did we?”

You turn and hug me and we softly kiss. I take your hand and say lets go back to bed. We snuggle up with Julie and fall back to sleep.

In the morning we slowly started moving. None of us was in a hurry to go anywhere. We decided to order room service and start cleaning up. When breakfast showed up we all stayed naked and exposed as the room service guy rolled the cart into the room. Julie had talked about giving him a special tip but you and I weren’t real interested in participating so the guy just got to see us as his treat. I think he was more than happy. We soaked in a hot tub sipping coffee eating our breakfast rolls. You slid next to me and started washing my body with soap and a washcloth. I closed my eyes and relaxed enjoying the sensation. I asked you a few questions about our activities. I was concerned that I might have gone too far with having the man there last night and you have now been fucked by a man. I was relieved that you seemed okay with it. You had to admit his dick felt nice when he was fucking you but you didn’t think it was something you needed to do again. And if anyone asked you would have never thought you would have a dick inside you but the way it all happened you were okay with. I also wanted you to know it wasn’t an attempt to make you bi or second guess your status I just thought it would add to your exploration experience. Now you have had a dick in you and you even sucked one. I had spent some time finding the right guy. His dick had to be a nice size and he had to understand how gentle he needed to be. The guy I had join us was perfect. I owed him one. He is a friend of mine and Julie and I tested him once before hand to make sure he would would work. I closed my eyes and went back to enjoying have you rinse me off after soaping me up. My eyes were closed when I felt your lips touch mine. You softly kissed me and started caressing my breasts making my nipples hard with your attention. Our kissing never became harsh, long soft controlled passion. I don’t think you realized how much this kind of kissing turned me on. I felt your hand slowly run down my stomach around my pussy onto my legs. At that point you ran your fingertips gently across my thighs. When your fingers finally touched me you quickly realized how turned on I was. You gently slide two fingers into me. It felt so good I pushed my hips up to help you push in a little more. Like your kissing you never increased your tempo. It stayed nice slow gentle, heavenly. I would never orgasm like this but it felt so great I wouldn’t care. This wasn’t fucking. It was love making, often we forget the difference. You could have done this to me until your arm fell off. It was so good. You felt me change the hunger in our kissing. I started biting at your lip and offering my tongue for you to which you eager took. Workout saying a word you understood my actions and increased your tempo thrusting into me. I grabbed your head and pulled your face tighter into mine. I wanted to share every breath with you as I felt my orgasm build to release. My body shook and I released your head and grabbed you and pulled your body into mine. As I caught my breath I looked into your eyes smiling. Then we laughed as we realized your arm was awkwardly stuck between us.

“You guys are better then the internet” said Julie.

We both turned and looked at Julie laying on the bed rubbing her pussy. She apparently had enjoyed the show we had just given her. I don’t know about you but I had totally forgotten she was in the room. I was so into the moment with you. I was a little disappointed know she had witnessed our love making.

You got out of the tub and didn’t even bother drying off you walked over to Julie and climbed up on the bed. Before Julie knew what had fully happened you had rolled her over and planted your pussy on her face. She eagerly went to work running her tongue up and down your folds. You reached down and grabbed her nipples and gave them a good squeeze and pull. We could both hear her muffled moan and the attention you were giving her nipples.

“Eat that pussy or I may pull these nipples off” you threatened her. As you ground down on her face. I sat back to watch the new show. You  had made soft passionate love to me. Julie was getting fucked. You laid down across Julie’s body and then drive several fingers into her pussy. She moaned again from the new attention to her body. She moaned again.

“No one told you to stop eating” you said as you shifted your legs to get into a better position on her mouth. I thought you better come quick or Julie might suffocate. she was eating your pussy for all she was worth and you were finger fucking her as fast as you could. Before long there was nothing but continue moans from both of you. Then it happened you both became one groaning orgasm as you managed to peak together. Your mass of bodies went limp and still. I thought my god she did kill her. The you rolled of of Julie. You laid side by side trying to catch your breath.

Finally, Julie said “Kels can come visit anytime. Actually once a month might be better I would need the time to rest between visits.” The you both you drop in the tub with me. You really didn’t bath you just rinsed each other’s sex from your face and bodies.

We needed to get going we still needed to get back to my place and get all of your stuff and get you to the airport. We hadn’t brought anything with us. So we dried off and put our costumes back on for the drive to my place. Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic yet. People were either sleeping in or at church. We got to my place and changed into our normal clothes and got ready for the day.

We stopped and had brunch on the way to the airport. When we pulled up to the curb Julie and I got out of the car with you. Julie gave you a hug and a kiss and then told you how great the weekend was and she hoped that you had enjoyed it. She also added that she knew how much I had enjoyed getting to know you. She then got in my car and drove off. You looked at me wondering what was going on.

“She will come get me later” I answered.

We walked into the airport together. We casually talked about the weekend and talked about when we might be able to get together again or when you might move to Atlanta.

After we get you checked in we start to walk to security. We can see the security line and I take your hand and pull you into a famliy bathroom. You have got to love these things. I pull you close and kiss you. You hold me in your arms kissing me back trying to remember my feel, my smell. You run your hands down my back and across my ass. Then you run you hands up my skirt to my bare ass.

“No panties just for you” I giggle

You drop to your knees and push my skirt up. You are looking straight into my pussy. You lean in and gently kiss my mound as you massage my ass cheeks. You then stand up and kiss me again. We walk out of the bathroom and back into the terminal. I stay with you until I cannot go any farther.

“Now its your turn so you better start planning. I want to come visit you in Dallas. We will set a date this week sometime. Bye Kelsey” I watch you pass the TSA agent and get ready to pass through security. I stand and watch until you have gone as far as you can. Then you turn and hold your hand up to me and I hold mine up to you. I am glad you are far enough away that you can’t see me crying. I am sure you can tell my eyes are red. Then you turn and walk down the escalator to the trams.

Four days later you recieve a package. It contained a recording of our group sex session.

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