The Swing Series 6

The Swing Series 6Welcome to Part VI of our series. In our last episode, Sue and I had a really exciting time with our babysitter, Alexia. Car trouble had ruined other plans and we came home to find Alex masturbating to one of our “home movies.” Never would I have believed that I would have a chance again in my life to fuck an 18-year-old! It was a very exciting night and my wife, Sue, and I were hoping to be able to get together with Alex again sometime. Neither of us were expecting our chance to come as soon as it did.Alex had stopped over in the early evening three times since last Friday. She and Sue were becoming close friends. I had been pretty busy and wasn’t paying much attention to either of them all week. Alex usually stayed around for an hour or two before going home. After she left, Sue would tell me about their conversations.Sue said that after last Friday night, when we had fucked this little beauty, Alex had been masturbating several times each day. Alex had told Sue she had sex on her mind all the time since getting her first fuck. She told Sue that on Saturday afternoon a boy called her and asked her to go to the drive-in that night. She normally turned down dates to the drive-in. She said it was too much work fighting off the horny young guys all night. That Saturday though, she eagerly accepted this boy’s invitation. Alex told Sue that the boy, Robby, was shocked when she accepted his offer of a date. She said Robby was pretty shy and she doubted he had ever even had a date. She couldn’t figure out what had given him the guts to call her and ask for a date, but she promised herself to make sure that he enjoyed his date with her. Of course she figured she would be enjoying herself, also. Alex said that before it even got totally dark at the drive-in, she had dropped to Robby’s lap and was sucking him off. He was in total shock at his good fortune. Never did he actually think he would be here tonight with a real chance of getting his first piece of ass. Of course, he had fantasies about it, I’ll bet. I could see Robby sitting there with this young girl sucking on his 18-year-old virgin cock. I was remembering the first time I blasted my cum into a girl’s mouth. Alex told Sue she sucked Robby off completely, swallowing ALL of his cum. He had been amazed a girl would WANT to swallow his cum. Alex said she fucked Robby four times that night! This k** not only lost his virginity, but was able to fuck four times and get sucked off the first night! She told Sue he had started telling her he “loved” her and she had, in no uncertain terms, informed him that this was some very enjoyable sex but he was not to assume a commitment on her part. He seemed a little hurt but I am sure figured he wasn’t really in a position to argue. Now was not the time to argue-he was getting laid and didn’t want to stop now.I asked Sue if she thought Alex had told her mother about our having sex with her daughter. Sue said Alex told her that when I dropped her off Friday night, she went straight to her mother’s room. She wakened her mother and told her EVERY exciting detail. She had been so excited and seemed so appreciative of us, Alex said, that her mother didn’t get upset at all.They had laid in her mother’s bed while Alex told her mother how much she enjoyed sex with a man. She had gone into a lot of detail about making love to another woman, also. Alex said her mother had seemed quite excited and that after she went to her own room, she could hear her mother masturbating. She was glad to see that her mother could still enjoy a good orgasm. Her mother had been so lonely since losing Alex’s father. Alex was trying to figure out a way to get her mother back into dating again, knowing it would be good for her; she needed a man in her life. Sue told me she had invited Alex over for dinner Saturday night. Sue wanted another chance at that young little body, also. Alex stunned Sue when she asked if her mother could come along with her. She wanted so much to get her mother out of the house. Sue reluctantly agreed to have Alex bring her mother for dinner. Sue thought it would put quite a damperon the evening, but she knew there would always be another time.Since we had no plans now for an evening of sex, we spent the day preparing a fabulous dinner. We didn’t want Alex’s mother to think all we wanted from her daughter was her sexy body. We wanted her to know that Alex was a cherished friend to Sue and I. We dressed casually and conservatively. I made a couple of drinks for Sue and I and we waited for our gueststo arrive.At about 6:30 I greeted Alex and her mother at our door. Alex introduced her mother, Moni, to Sue and I. Moni told Sue and me she was glad her daughter had found some close friends in the neighborhood. She added that Alex had told her many good things about us. I think she blushed when she said that, but I wasn’t sure. We went into the living room and while the others took a seat, I served drinks. Alex wanted a glassof white wine. She had never had an alcoholic drink before and said the wine tasted fantastic. Moniasked for a brandy and water. Sue said she had totake a look at dinner and disappeared into thekitchen. As we talked about many different subjects, I was looking over Moni. She was a pretty good-looking woman and her age — 46 — wasn’t obvious. She had black slacks, heels, and a lacy white, high-necked blouse. I could tell she had a good-looking body. Her breasts were large and heavy and seemed almost out of place on her small body. She was about the same size as her daughter, around five-foot-two and 110 pounds or so. I could tell they were mother and daughter; the resemblance was amazing. The difference in breast size was the only obvious difference, besides age. Alex had dressed much the same as her mother. Every once in a while she would look me in the eye and wink slyly. I hoped she would not be too obvious about any sexy ideas she may have had, at least not while her mother was here. The evening was going well. Dinner had been excellent. Moni helped Sue clear the table while Alex and I sat in the living room talking. Sue later told me Moni had complemented her on how lucky she was to have such a nice home and handsome husband. She told Sue about missing having a man around the house. They finished the dishes and when they entered the living room, they were laughing about something, enjoying their new found friendship. Alex and I were sitting on the couch next to each other looking through an old photo album. Alex made a comment about how I seemed to be getting better looking with the years and placed her hand on my left thigh in a seemingly innocent way. Sue and Moni were making themselves another drink. Alex, while looking at page after page of photos began güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rubbing my thigh, making little circles on my inner thigh with her fingers. I was getting a little uncomfortable with Alex’s behavior, thinking Moni might think it inappropriate with her there. I knew Moni knew about our sexual relationship with her daughter, but thought she wouldn’t want to be exposed to it so openly.Alex told her mother to take a seat next to me so she could see some of the pictures we were looking at. I knew Moni noticed her daughter rubbing my thigh-she couldn’t miss it! Then Alex said, “Mom, if you think these vacation photos are good, you should see John and Sue’s VCR tape library.” The room got real quiet. Young, “innocent,” little Alex had opened a subject we weren’t sure we wanted to talk about with her mother there.Moni broke the ice. She said her daughter had told her about our relationship with her daughter. She hoped we didn’t mind that Alex told her, saying they talked about everything. She said she was happily surprised Alex had been able to wait until she was 18 to have sex. She said her daughter’s new-found interest in sex reminded her of her younger days. She blushed a deep red as she told us she had been quite promiscuous at an early age. Sex had always been a high point in her relationship with Alex’s father. Moni said that before he had passed, they were having sex many times a week. Alex giggled, adding that she laid in her bed many nights listening to them make love in the next room. Moni seemed a bit embarrassed, saying she didn’t think they were being that loud. She added that she used to get a little vocal now and then; it used toturn her husband on.Well, the ice was broken, the subject seemed to be heading in a new direction-about sex. Sue and I had not expected to be sitting here having an open discussion on sex with our babysitter and her mother.Sue asked openly how Moni managed to get by now without a man around. Alex jumped in, saying there were other ways her mom had found to please herself since her dad had died. She said, to her mother’s astonishment, that she had found her mother’s vibrator in her dresser drawer. She knew her mother must be masturbating with it, as the batteries were really low on power. Moni, still blushing, said these nice people did not want to here about her using a vibrator and apologized for her daughter’s openness. I told Moni I thought it was quite exciting to hear about this and thought the openness she and her daughter exhibited with each other was commendable.Sue asked if Moni and her husband had ever been involved in group sex. Moni looked at her daughter for a moment and then said she and her husband had been into swinging for about five years when he had died. Alex’s face lit up and she said, “Mom, you mean you and daddy used to have sex with other people while you were married? That’s so cool! I never knew! Of course, I guess I was too young to notice then.” Moni told us they had belonged to a long-time swingers club near their home. There were six other couples in the club and they met usually met once or twice a month as a group. Sometimes they would meet one or more of the club members separately, but always just members. Due to the occupations of some of the members, discretion and secrecy was a necessity. She said those were the most wonderful years of their marriage. Moni added that many of the group’s members had stayed in contact since her husband’s death. Most had been trying to get Moni to continue her membership in their club, even without bringing a man along.I knew why-they didn’t like not being able to fuck this sexy woman any more.Sue asked Moni why she had never gone to one of the club’s parties since losing her husband. Moni said she just didn’t feel comfortable without her husband there; they had ALWAYS done everything together, never separately. After a few years, she said, she didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and didn’t feel as sexy as she used to be made to feel by her husband. I told her I thought she was a very attractive woman and could understand why these other members wanted her back into the club. Sue asked Moni how she felt about her daughter having sex with Sue and I. Sue said Alex was energetic, ready to learn, adding that Moni shouldn’t waste her life neglecting her sexual desires. Sue sat next to Moni on the couch and gave her a big hug. Sue asked her if she might be interested in joining us sometime, assuring Moni I would be more than happy to have sex with her. My wife was working her magic again. It looked like we might all end up in bed tonight if this continued.Moni and Alex were looking at each other, neither knowing really what to say. Then Moni turned to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind if this `old lady’ makes an advance. It’s been so very long.” She glanced at my wife, who smiled, and then took my face in her hands and kissed me on the mouth. Her lips were on fire, her tongue darting into my mouth.I took her in my arms and returned her caresses. Moni asked her daughter if she minded sharing her new friends with her old mother. Alex said, “Gosh, no, mom! Wait until you see John’s big cock! It’s so nice and gets so hard! Maybe we should go up to the bedroom and get more comfortable.” Moni and I broke our kiss and I leaned toward Alex to kiss her and feel her hard breasts. Her nipples stood erect and hard in my hands. I turned to see Sue take Moni into her arms and kiss her. Moni said she had never been touched by, or touched, another woman, even in their sex club. None of the other women were comfortable with it, to Moni’s dismay. Moni said she had gotten wet when her daughter told her about having sex with Sue the last week. She’d had a fantasy about what might happen tonight when Alex told her about the invitation to dinner. We all got up and went upstairs to the bedroom. I got undressed in the master bathroom. The women began undressing in the bedroom. When I stepped into the bedroom, my cock standing out hard and straight, there were three totally naked, beautiful women laying on the bed and smiling at me. Moni was licking her lips as she admired my cock. Sue reached over and lifted one of Moni’s large tits. Her tits were sagging with age but they still were nice tits. Suebent and sucked in one of Moni’s nipples as sheplaced her hand on Moni’s furry cunt mound. When Alex saw me set up the camcorder and tripod she said she was getting really excited about beingin her first XX Rated movie. Alex turned toward her mom and ask if she could feel her breasts. Moni told her she would like that. She said she hadn’t had Alex touch and suck her breasts for many years. With that, Alex bent over and sucked in Moni’s free tit. güvenilir bahis şirketleri She rolled the fleshy mound in her hands, causing her mother to moan aloud in appreciation. Moni was just laying there, having my wife and her daughter making love to her naked, sex-starved body. She was holding Sue’s and Alex’s heads against her breasts as they suckled her tits. When Moni saw the camera going, she smiled and parted her legs to not only allow me to film her hair covered cunt close up, but to allow Sue’s hand greater access to her pussy lips. She said she loved to “perform” for a camera and had on many occasions with the club she had belonged to. Alex said she would LOVE to see those tapes. She specifically wanted to see her father making love to her mom. Moni said she might be able to get her hands on copies of the tapes. She said Alex, Sue, and I would probably be shocked if we saw who some of the people in the club were. Most were quite prominent figures in the area.Alex told her mother she would like to eat her pussy, if she wouldn’t mind. She didn’t wait for an answer and crawled between her mother’s thighs. Here she was, staring into the same hole she was born from. She bent and ran her tongue through her mother’s dampening pussy lips. I could now see one other difference between Moni and her daughter. Moni’s pussy had the absolute thickest forest of pubic hairI had ever seen on a woman before. Her huge bush extended from just below her naval to the tops of her thighs. Alex had to spread the curls to the sides,trying hard to get to the entrance of her mother’shairy cunt. I saw Alex spread Moni’s lips until she found her mother’s hardened clit. She dove down, ducking the nub into her mouth. This caused Moni to jerk and begin jabbing her pussy against her daughter’s face. She was thoroughly enjoying her first lesbian sex act! Moni was talking aloud to us about how great she was feeling: “Oh, my sweet little baby! Suck mommy’s cunt, my darling! It feels soooo good! Why have we waited so long? We could have been helping each other with our sexual urges for years. Make mommy cum, sweetheart! Your tongue feels so good in mommy’s pussy! Suck my clit into your mouth, darling! Oh…I’m cumming! I’m cummming! How I’ve missed such intense cums!”I couldn’t believe my good fortune again. I was standing here filming a cute 18-year-old girl sucking and licking her own mother’s pussy. Her mother was having a very intense orgasm and was bucking against her daughter’s face, holding her head tight into her pussy. Sue squatted over Moni’s head. I saw my beautiful,naked wife lower her pussy to this lovely lady’s mouth. I couldn’t see from my angle, but knew from Sue’s broken speech that Moni was digging her tongue into her first pussy. Sue said, “Moni, here’s my cunt for you. Suck my juices, feel what it’s like to eat a woman! Lick my cunt like your daughter is licking your pussy. I want to fill your mouth with my cum. OH THAT’S IT…RIGHTTHERE…OH YES YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! DON’T STOP-I’MSO CLOSE!” Moni was holding onto Sue’s ass, holdingher in place so she could eat my wife’s pussy. Suewas humping her cunt down onto Moni’s face whilepinching her own nipples as hard as she could. Alex moved to one side and asked me if I would like to fuck her mother with my red-hot hard cock. I let the camera continue filming on its own and lay on the bed near Moni. I moved my cock closer to her waist and I saw Alex lift her mother’s leg up and over my left thigh. Moni’s pussy was totally exposed to me, her lips pulsing in anticipation of getting fucked after so long without a cock in her. Alex reached in and took my cock in her little hand. She rubbed the head of my cock over her mother’s pussy and then inserted the head into Moni’s widespread cunt. Moni didn’t want to wait any longer and slammed her hips into me, burying my hard cock to the balls inside of her. There was Moni’s daughter, her face inches from my cock sliding in and out of her mother’s pussy, watching the lips roll in and out with each stroke. She told her mother she looked wonderful having sex. She wanted to know how my cock felt buried inside of her pussy. Moni mumbled into Sue’s pussy that she was on fire, she loved the feel of my cock hammering into her pussy. She screamed for me to DRILL my cock into her. She kept humping back into me, meeting my thrusts. Her pussy wasn’t really very tight, even after so many years without sex, she wasn’t even close to the tightness of her daughter or my wife. Some women are just built different; I was still really enjoying this fuck! I knew I would be blasting my cum into this woman very soon. Alex was busy rubbing her mother’s pussy lips and clit with her hand as I fucked into Moni. She was really engrossed in watching her mother get fucked from such a great viewpoint. When Alex saw my cock begin to throb and saw me begin to shoot my load into her mother, she wrapped her fingers around my cock to make it as tight as she could for me. My cum was flowing out of Moni’s loose big pussy lips. Alex pulled my cock out of her mother and sank it into her mouth. She said she loved the taste of me with the added flavor of her mother’s pussy juices also on my cock. I moved a little and Alex dove her tongue into her mother’s dripping cunt. She lapped like a dog, sucking the cum from her mom’s sloppy pussy. Moni had another orgasm at the same time Sue’s pussy began gushing her cum all over Moni’s face. Moni’s tongue was making a lot of noise as she lapped at Sue’s wet pussy.We decided to take a little break to clean up and get something to drink. We have a giant projection TV in our bedroom and I placed a tape of one of our sex parties into the vcr. This got Alex’s attention, shetold her mother she just HAD TO see some of this stuff. There was Sue and her sister Pat both taking turns sucking our friend Joe’s big black cock. There were four hands around it, pumping it as they took turns licking the head and sucking the end into their mouths. Moni said she had NEVER seen a naked black person and wanted to know if ALL of them were so well-endowed. Sue said they weren’t, really, but Joe did have an exceptional cock. Moni said her husband had been old-fashioned and NEVER would have allowed her to touch or be touched by a black man or woman. Seeing the enjoyment Sue and Pat were having with Joe, though, made her want to try this for the first time in her life. Alex giggled, saying she definitely wanted to be there for that. She was willing to try this, also. She added that she really didn’t see how a woman could take a cock that big inside her body. Moni said the biggest cock she had even ever seen was only about eight or nine inches long.Sue bragged about being able to take all of Joe’s monster canlı bahis şirketleri cock into her pussy. She told Moni and Alex that you just have to go slow and adjust to his sizea little at a time. She promised to arrange something when she could.Moni asked if I would fuck her once more before they left. She said her favorite position was doggy style. She asked if I would like to stick my cock in her ass, also. She said her husband and the other guys in their club always used to love to fuck her tight ass. The other women wouldn’t allow this, so she got all of the attention when the guys were looking to fuck a woman in the ass. She told me she loved to feel a man alternate from her pussy to her ass, and back into her pussy again. She wanted it hard. She said that once my cock was wet with her pussy juices, I could slam it into her asshole without worrying about hurting her. Alex said she just HAD TO see this. She wanted me to do her ass sometime, too…maybe. If her mother liked it, it must be good, she said.I didn’t need any help getting another hard-on. Just hearing this sexy lady ask to have me fuck her ass in front of her daughter was enough for me to get turned on. Moni turned over and stuck her ass in the air, waving it around in circles. She bent her head down onto the bed. In this position her cunt was wide open, I could see inside of her cunt. Her swollen, hanging pussy lips were inviting me to fuck her. Her tiny brown ass hole was puckering open and closed. She obviously had taken many a man’s cock into her ass before. I thought I really would be able to slam into her ass in one stroke, as she asked. I mounted Alex’s mother, kneeling behind her upturned ass. Sue licked up and down Moni’s open crack, making sure the wetness was spread out over her pussy and ass. Moni groaned as Sue stuck her tongue deep into her asshole, reaming her ass with her long tongue.I placed my cock into the opening of Moni’s pussy andslid right in. I could tell she was trying to flex her cunt muscles to make it tight for me. I could feel her contractions, but it never got very tight. She had abig, sloppy, wet pussy. Her juices were dripping out around my cock onto the bed. I figured Joe could probably slam his cock into this pussy without any problem. He would enjoy that; he usually had to go slow and easy with most women he fucks because of his great size. At least with Moni, he could see what it was like to really hammer his cock into a woman. She could take it all easily. As I pumped this woman’s pussy, she told me to pull out and ram into her ass. My cock was juiced up from Moni’s drippings and I pulled out in one stroke and slammed into her ass in one more stroke. I felt my balls slap her ass as I was totally engulfed by her well-fucked asshole. This was tight! It felt so good to be squeezed by her ass muscles!She bucked back against me. She rose up onto her hands, slamming her ass back against me. Her big tits were bouncing all over, swaying beneath her chest. I reached for her right tit and pulled it around to her side. It was so big and sagging that I could bend it around until the nipple was pointing back at me behind her back. I reached down and sucked her nipple. Never had I been able to suck a woman’s tits at the same time I fucked her in this position!Alex said, “Oh, Mommy, I can see John’s hard cock sliding into your ass. Does it feel good to have aman fuck you like that? I would think it would hurt terribly. I want to try this. John, will you fuck myass, too, please?” Moni answered, “Yes, darling, I love to feel my ass stuffed with a man’s big cock. My asshole is much tighter than my pussy. Having you and your brother, Cory, really left my pussy stretched. The first timea man at one of our parties stuck his whole hand into my pussy, I knew I wasn’t tight enough to properly please the average man fucking my pussy with his cock. I asked your Daddy to fuck my ass one night when we had been drinking a lot. The alcohol numbed my senses enough to allow him to get all of his cock into my ass without too much discomfort. From the first time I felt your daddy shooting his hot cum into my ass, I was hooked on ass fucking. I became much more popular at our parties, too. Your Dad was always so proud to see me taking another man into my ass. The other wives said it either hurt them too much or didn’t turn them on at all. I’ll bet you will enjoyass fucking as much as I do. It just takes time toadjust to the size and most importantly a gentle man.”I was fucking in and out of her pussy and asshole. I had never been able to do this with such ease; it was a real turn on! When I finally came, I slammed my cock into Moni’s ass just in time. My load filled her bowels, bringing her to a gut-wrenching orgasm at the same time. I got up and went to take a good shower. When I returned, the three girls were in a circle eating each other’s pussies. I walked around the bed, watching them please each other. I touched anywhere I wanted to on each woman. Their bodies were all so different, their skin different textures. I pulled Alex off of her mother’s pussy, flipped her onto her back, and pulled her legs up onto my shoulders as I stood next to the bed. I lined her young teenage pussy up with my now-hard cock and rammed myself into her. The air seemed to all leave her body as I slammed forward, burying myself in this young woman. Her mother rolled closer and held her daughter’s hand as I pummeled her pussy. Moni told Alex their lives together would change from here on. She thought things were going to be better than either of them had ever known. Moni said she hoped her daughter and herself could share many men in the future. She hoped Alex would maybe bring some of her young boyfriends by the house to fuck her horny mother now and then. Alex said many of her boyfriends had ogled her mother in the past, even though they would never admit to it when Alex confronted them with it. Alex knew they were amazed at Moni’s breast size and would jump at the chance to fuck the older woman.Moni bent down and sucked her daughter’s right tit into her mouth. She ran her tongue around the hard nipple of her daughter’s hard tit. I was fucking this girl in front of her mother, my ass humping like a rabbit. Sue told me to fill Alex’s cunt with my cum. After I came and pulled out, Sue asked Moni to join her in cleaning up Alex’s well-fucked little pussy. They took turns sucking my cum from the teenager’s pussy.Moni and Alex left about 1:30 a.m. We promised to get back with them soon. Sue had asked Alex about the possibility of bringing over one or more of her young hard-body boyfriends sometime. Sue wanted to get laid by some young men without a lot of experience. She enjoyed teaching them! Sue and I went back to bed, exhausted again. When Sue began talking about the great evening we had just had, I actually got hard again. I fucked my wonderful wife, feeling her fantastic pussy milk my cum into her body. No matter how many other people Sue and I shared our sex life with, we were always the most turned on by each other.

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