The Circumstances Of The Tachibana Family (Part 02

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The Circumstances Of The Tachibana Family (Part 02
A few days had passed since the night he spent with K youka. The days had passed uneventfully, as though it had all been a dream. The memory of her voluptuous, seductive body was still fresh in his mind. The soft skin under the dim light, the glistening sweat, her faintly heaving body, and especially Kyouka’s rich fragrance that had stirred the very depths of his senses.
The memory was so vivid, jerking off just wasn’t enough anymore. He’d tried, but never got in the mood and kept giving up halfway.
He was just k**ding himself Deep inside, he was hoping that Kyouka would pay him a late-night visit.
” . . . Oh, come on, ‘Tl ,u u. ”
Looking up, he saw Yuika right in front of him. “Were you even listening to me?”
“I… uh … ”
“Come on, pay attention!”
” I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else… what were you talking about?”
“I was talking about all the playboys messing around in my club and around town. Oh well, I mean, it really doesn’t matter, you know?”
“What’s with that reaction?”
“I doubt anyone would know how to respond to that,” Koharu giggled as she munched on some snacks.
“Jeez, you’re just so absent-minded.”
It was a laid-back early Sunday afternoon in the living room. “Yuika, Yuu’s got enough on his mind as it is.” Kyouka got up. She had been down lying on the couch, flipping through a magazine.
“Like what?”
“Who knows. I wonder what. I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on at college too.”
“Well … yeah … I guess so … ”
Yuika looked at Yuu, but didn’t press the matter. His eyes met Kyouka’s. Her casual gaze seemingly more like a flirtatious glance, his heart throbbed.
… That’s enough for today, okay?
The words he had heard in a drowsy stupor echoed in the back of his head.

He looked up at the sound of a knock. He closed the notes he had been revising, and answered the door. Kyouka entered.
“Kyouka-san … ?”
She was wearing a dressing gown. “Is this a good time … ?”
“Ah, yes, o-of course … !”
Kyouka sat down the bed, beckoning him over. It was like a re-enactment of the situation a few days ago.
“You seem to be out of it recently. Was it because of what happened?”
“N-no. Of course not.”
“I get worried seeing you like this, especially after that night.”
“Please, y-you don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine.”
Her worried expression didn’t change. “I really don’t think so. I have to
apologize. I didn’t think that my actions would have such an effect on you.”
“That’s not true. You did nothing wro-”
“No, no. I was the one led you on. I didn’t mean for things happen the way they did … I guess … I was just lonely.”
Kyouka spread open her dressing gown. Yuu’s eyes widened at the sight of the see-through negligee underneath. Her voluptuous body was completely visible under the semi-transparent material. Just the sight of it made him feel almost faint from its seductiveness, and he was ready to explode.
At that moment, she closed her gown.
“A … ”
“This will be the signal for ‘tonight’. Whenever you see me wearing this, come to my bedroom.”
The dressing gown would hide an indecent see-through negligee canlı bahis şirketleri beneath, and he would be the only one to know. “R-really … ?”
“I wouldn’t be joking about something like this.” Her whisper was warm and moist in his ear.
At that moment, he felt something well up from the depths of his body, rushing through his body and threatening to burst forth. It flowed through him like electricity, aching so bad he wanted to scream. “Kyo-Kyouka-san!” He leapt towards her.
” … C-calm down. Yuu-kun, I’m not going anywhere.”
“You look. .. so … beautiful…”
” … I’m glad you like it. I bought this just for you.”
“F -for me … ?”
The expression of her feelings brought trembles to his chest. He lightly touched the negligee. The mere thought of her naked body under the thin fabric made him tremble. However, he had no idea how to take it off Violently ripping off something she had bought specially for him wouldn’t do, but asking her how to take it off would just be awkward.

“Hold it here, and just slide it down.”
He looked up in a panic. It was like she could read his thoughts.
Kyouka gently held the zipper on the negligee, sliding the cold metal down and revealing the soft white skin underneath. As her round breasts revealed themselves, they jiggled invitingly.
If he gave into his impulses and threw his arms around her, she would
reciprocate. He had not been able to forget her these past few days. Her seductive softness filled his heart with ecstasy.
Burying his face in her breasts, he enjoyed their smoothness and the way they jiggled, as his wandering hands pinched her nipples.
“Ha …. nnn. …I ”
Yuu gently rolled her nipples with his fingers. They were already hard enough to push back against his hands.
” … ku … ”
Kyouka gazed at Yuu, breathing heavily. He buried his face in her cleavage and took a deep breath. Her moist cleavage filled his nose with a sweetness that drove the young boy drunk with ecstasy.
“You can do … whatever … you want…” Kyouka blushed, and he sucked on her right nipple. He flicked his tongue and sucked hard on it like a milk bottle.
“Aaaa. … n …. uuu … ”
“Does it feel good?” He used his tongue to toy with her nipple. Its firmness, the sweet taste of sweat, and her fragrance filled his mouth.
” … M-maybe … nnn … I-I don’t know … ”
As he used his tongue, Kyouka occasionally frowned and bit her lip, her body
twitching nervously. He also sucked on her left nipple, tracing his tongue over the areola and biting her tit.
“Nnn … aaaaaa … ” Kyouka’s cheeks flushed red, and she stretched out her hand towards the tent being raised in the crotch ofYuu’s pajamas.
“Uuu …. !”
Her hand slid into his pajamas. His engorged penis flew into her grip, and she pulled it out. His penis throbbed violently in the presence of his beloved K youka.
Pre-cum dripped all the way down to his testicles.
” … Come … a little closer … ”
Smiling bemusedly at the sight of Yuu obsessing with her breasts, she gently wrapped her long white fingers around his penis, paying no mind to the stickiness of his secretions.
“Uu süperbahis … ” A sweet numbness flowed through him.
“It’s so … slippery.”
Hearing her whisper, he cast his eyes down, shameful of his impatience.
” … Ah, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. This was all because of me … I’m … you know … glad,” she said hurriedly. He thought her reaction was pretty cute, but the increased throbbing of his penis that it caused made him grimace. “Aaa … ”
He knelt closer, and bit hard on her right nipple. It was all he could do maintain his restraint.
“Nn!” The unexpected stimulation caused Kyouka to throw her head back, and at that moment his thick cock exploded. Pulsating powerfully, it wriggled wildly in Kyouka’s hand.
“You came … so much,” she murmured in amazement, wiping him off with a tissue. She smiled, rolling the damp tissue around in the palm of her hand. “Ah … it’s so heavy … ”
This was probably the first time I’ve ever been so aroused, he thought. Even after ejaculating, he still wasn’t satisfied. No, he wanted even more. And so he clung on tightly to her. “Kyo-Kyouka-san … ”
“This may be asking a little much, but. .. ”
“I. .. ” He hesitated. Despite all his desire, he was afraid K youka would rebuff him if he got too carried away.
It was then she took his head in her hands, and forced him to look at her.
“Kyo-Kyouka-san … ?”
“It’s alright. Just say it… I don’t know if I can give you what you want, but just tell me.”
His lips trembled for just a second, then firmed up as he made up his mind. “I want to touch your p-pussy. Since you didn’t let me do it before … ”
Kyouka dropped her eyes in thought. It felt like an eternity before she
” … Okay.”
She took off her half-open negligee, revealing her nude body. Her pure white skin stood out in the dim orange light. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on her panties, but stopped short of taking them off Her cheeks blushing vividly, Kyouka glanced mischievously at Yuu. He thought she was about to speak, but she remained silent.
Kyouka’s delicate loins were engraved in his memory. He wanted to see it again. Now. It was all he could think about.
” … H-hey, Yuu-kun.”
She saw right through him. He panicked.
“Won’t you lie down for me?”
“Eh … ah .. okay … like this?”
“Just like that.”
She slowly straddled Yuu’s face. “Eh?” he sputtered, stunned at the sudden development. He looking up at her wonderful body. Her breasts reminded him of sweet peaches that threatened to fall onto him in all their enormity.
And then, K youka raised first her right leg, then her left, removing her panties.
Her pussy framed by her pubic hair was exposed in all its glory.
“W-will this do … ?”
With her private parts in front of his eyes once again, he nearly choked on his breath. In this position? Kyouka-san’s so bold, he thought. So this is what they mean by an ‘adult woman’.
“Kyo-Kyouka-san.” He stretched his hand and rubbed her buttocks.
“Aaa… n … ”
They were like thick supple peaches, somewhat larger than her breasts.
“They’re beautiful. .. ” süperbahis güvenilir mi he blurted.
“Eh … ?”
“Your butt is wonderful.”
“N … don’t say that…”
Rubbing the bashful Kyouka’s buttocks, he felt a shudder build up within him.
He touched her pussy. “Ah, it’s a little wet…”
“Nn … ”
He stroked the spot she had shown him the other day, where a man would enter.
As he did, K youka drew a sharp breath and let out a moan. Her slightest tremble caused her bosom to sway delightfully. Yuu touched her carefully, so as to not damage her delicate pussy.
“A…n …”
Her body shook.
“Are you alright, Kyouka-san?”
“Y- yes …. nnn. .. ”
“S-should I keep going?”
She gave a small nod. Her light brown loins glimmered erotically, slick from 1ove juices. “…Aan…”
He slurped with his tongue, sensing a slightly salty taste. Her vulva twitched faintly. Her supple pussy walls accepted his tongue, clinging to it. This is how Kyouka tastes, he thought. It’s so good … I want to keep licking her forever. It seemed like her pussy walls were molding, adapting to his tongue.
“N-no. Let’s stop here … ” Kyouka pulled her hips away.
“Eh? Now?”
“We’ve donee-enough, haven’t we?”
“B-but. .. ”
“Oh, Yuu-kun … ” Kyouka grabbed his energetic monster rod.
“Uuu … ” He was caught off guard.
Kyouka slid his cock into her mouth.
“Kyo-Kyouka-san … ” Yuu said, bewildered.
Her mouth was warm and moist. His penis throbbed violently as the sensitive tip entered her mouth.
Being sucked off brought tears to his eyes, and shudders to his body. Her tongue slid under the foreskin, slowly drawing it back.
Ah … she’s going there …
He knitted his eyebrows, and let out a low groan.
More slurping. She moved her tongue in large motions, mixing in her saliva and sucking him off
“Aaa … ”
Electrifying waves of pleasure coursed through his body over and over again.
Slurp, slurp, slurp.
Her tongue crept along his meatstick, meticulously stimulating him. Kyouka read Yuu’s level of excitement and alternately sped up and slowed down, carefully pleasuring him.
“Uuu … aaa … Kyo-Kyouka-san, I’m going crazy … ” Yuu said, wriggling.
Slurp, slurp, slurp.
From shaft to tip. He was amazed at the fine strokes of her tongue seductively stimulating him, reaching a level of arousal completely different from anything he had ever known.
“Aa … uu … Kyo-Kyouka-san .. ”
Kyouka narrowed her mouth, and sucked on his penis like a straw.
“A a… I’ m … cummm. g … ”
He let out a cry as the waves of pleasure ramped up, and released his roaring load into Kyouka’s mouth.
The penis flew out of K youka’ s mouth, spurting out and drenching her face with hot sperm. She coughed.
“Ah, Kyouka-san, I-I’m sorry … ”
He reached for a tissue, but she stopped him. “… I-I’m fine, Yuu-kun … Don’t worry. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish you off in my mouth.”
“No, that’s totally fine … ”
He gulped at the sight of her elegance defiled by his fluids. She managed to be both cute and sexy at the same time. He had never seen Kyouka like this before.
“There’s so much of it.” Kyouka smiled in surprise. The goo had a yellowish streak to it, having been stored up for days,.
“Ah, yes … I’m sorry.” He looked down in shame.
“Don’t apologize. You haven’t done anything wrong.”
Yuu lay down feeling fulfilled, and K youka nestled up next to him. As she stroked his head, he drifted off to sleep.

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