The Chuffing & the Royal Jelly

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The Chuffing & the Royal Jelly
The Chuffing and the Royal Jelly
By Denuded Man-berries

Standing side by side, Queen Agress Maulalot and Sister No-Man survey the underground dungeon. The drones, nude but for leather gimp masks, loincloths, and Birkenstocks, have just finished tying Jimmy, the heavy-set hit man, naked to a large board by his wrists and ankles.

“Wow, look at that gut and those fat balls!” Sister No-Man admires Jimmy’s parts, reaching out and hefting his belly up to see more of his genitals. “We’re going to kill you, bitches!” He screams.

“Here,” Queen Maulalot hands Sister No-Man a gag, “better put this on him.” The Queen’s bobbed hair and black business suit are a contrast to Sister’s leather one piece, stockings and stilettos. Sister No-Man’s pony-tail whips behind her head as she smacks him across his face and gags his mouth—he lets out garbled complaints.

Jimmy looks around and sees he is one naked tied man in a row of men tied the same way, but he doesn’t see his partner, Chuck, who had been captured and brought down here with him earlier. “Drones, prepare to attach the chuffers!” The Queen watches her servants as each picks a tied man and stands in front of him with cylindrical device attached to a hose leading off into the distance.

Jimmy looks worried as he watches the drone approach him with a chuffer. “Wait; I want our gangster friend to see what we do to the rest before it happens to him,” says the queen. The drone pauses and waits.

“Turn on the compressor!” The queen orders, and the unseen engine kicks on and the hoses jostle about. “Ready,” she says and the drones assume the stance, each with a chuffer-hose held like a machine gun pointed at each restrained, bare man. Jimmy is dumbfounded at the number of men’s penises that begin pointing out toward the sucking hoses.

“Ready,” The queen raises her hand. All the drones adjust their feet like they’re going to begin a race. “Chuff!” A mix of sounds erupts: cries, yelping, shouts, and the sound of 50 some odd chuffers sucking onto each penis at the same time; be it hard and pointing or soft and dangling. Feet and hands slap and pound against the boards as the men writhe and pull against the ropes while screaming and wailing.

“What do you think of that?” Sister No-Man asks Jimmy who’s large and limp banger hangs down against his massive scrotum. He tries to yell through the gag. “Obviously you don’t think much of it,” she fingers his flaccid shaft and then smacks it. He jerks against the ropes. “Maybe if I keep smacking your dick you will start to become aroused,” and with that she slaps his soft cock back and forth, ending with a hard punch into his big sac and gets a muffled cry in return.

The queen approaches, “Let’s show him what the Royal Jelly does.”

“Ah, yes,” replies Sister No-Man. She opens a cabinet along the far wall and removes a large glass jar with what looks like honey in it and a screw top that has a brush attached. “This is what Her Highness, the Demon Lilith, produces to erode restraint in her men, only this jar is full of concentrated, solid, pheromone.”

As Sister No-Man opens the jar, the queen walks up to Jimmy and looks up into his eyes as he is suspended higher than eye-level, “I bet you have been wondering how we make the men ejaculate so much. This stuff Lilith secretes from her pores will arouse any male under any circumstances beyond anything they have ever experienced. We may be using you up, but you are actually very lucky as most men never have this many multiple orgasms.” She pauses, “Of course quite a few are driven mad and end up a drooling mess before too long.”

The sounds of the other fifty men, casino siteleri though muffled by gags, are quite difficult for Jimmy to keep listening to. As the jar is being opened, the queen looks up and gives another order, “Release their feet!” Suddenly all their feet are released from the ropes binding them and feet and legs go flailing about, kicking one another’s boards as the chuffers chuff relentlessly on their penises. Some trying to keep their legs steady as others kick like mules, and still others kick in vain trying to remove the chuffers. The man next to Jimmy kicks him against his hip. He tries to kick back but he can’t get his balance and just flails against the board.

“I love this part; watching all the legs kicking and mouths trying to scream through the gags like tots being changed,” the Queen muses while Sister No-Man raises the soaked brush toward Jimmy’s genitals. Jimmy watches wild eyed as the brush approaches the head of his limp dick. Sister No-Man stops short and holds the end of the brush just an inch from his glans. Like a magnet, his penis starts to lift toward the brush. Then she slowly wipes the goo down along his shaft and it stretches out with the brush, popping up fully erect and pulsing as she pulls the brush back by her shoulder.

“That’s all that’s really needed, but in your case, I want to try using more,” and she dips the brush, filling it with solid pheromone and paints his entire package liberally. She isn’t even finished before his throbbing pecker squirts out a thick stream of hot sperm into the air in front of him and he bangs his head against the board, moaning loudly into his gag.

Drool streams out around the sides of the gag as he kicks his thick legs and thrashes against the board. He is trembling all over his naked body. “It’s amazing isn’t it?” Asks Sister No-Man. As if to answer her, he tenses and points his toes and they curl hard as two more thick spurts shoot out about three feet into the air with audible heavy drops hitting the floor all around them.

Queen Maulalot laughs out loud, “That was just one coat, and only on your genitals; now she’s going to put it all over your body.” Sister No-Man doesn’t waste any time and begins brushing the powerful goo all over Jimmy’s bare skin. The other men have been cumming and kicking this whole time and now Jimmy joins them in agonizingly relentless ecstasy—easily the loudest and most active of all of them—kicking, bucking, and launching forth thick shots of cum into the air in all directions with the big globs thumping the floor around him.

“Let’s not waste any more and get this chuffer on it.” The two women take the hose from the drone who has been standing there patiently and suck Jimmy’s shooting penis into the chuffer and he spasms and thrusts uncontrollably into it as the chuffer pulls his butt out from the board and chugs his big throbbing shaft unremittingly.

“It looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head!” Sister No-Man says to the queen. Jimmy’s face is beet-red and he writhes like he is on fire: thrusting his pelvis and pounding the board with his feet.

He thrashes his head back and forth and suddenly the rope around his waist snaps and he falls off the board until caught by his wrists. The chuffer keeps sucking forcefully on his hard pecker as he shakes and kicks. Then one wrist breaks free and he is hanging by his right arm getting drained from his throbbing organ while thrashing against the board and grabbing at the chuffer with his free hand. He keeps cumming so hard that he cannot get a grip on the chuffer to pull it off.

Queen Maulalot orders one of the drones to cut him down while canlı casino he is still shooting into the hose. The drone uses a ladder to reach Jimmy’s wrist and has to dodge his flailing legs as he cuts the rope. Jimmy grabs the drone on his way down and pulls him off the ladder and hit the ground together.

“Oh my,” Sister No-Man sounds titillated watching the display as Jimmy seems to be trying to get to his feet but the relentless orgasming into the chuffer keeps him falling down and writhing about on the floor. The drone tries to get up, too, but Jimmy grabs at him and pulls him down trying to use him to get to his own feet.

As they struggle together on the floor, the drone gets royal jelly all over him from Jimmy’s slathered body and immediately becomes erect, his penis pushing away his loincloth right when Jimmy actually latches onto the material and pulls hard on it during another body-rocking orgasm, snapping the string and pulling it completely off when the drone shoots a stream into the air and it rains down all over the two of them.

Queen and Sister both cackle loudly at the struggling mess the two of them have become. Jimmy, his hair slicked against his forehead and his huge balls pulling up against the chuffer as it continually sucks the semen he is unceasingly shooting into it, gains enough composure to push away the drone and try to remove the chuffer with his both his hands.

The drone rolls away, shooting cum and grabbing his tackle trying to stop what was happening to him but to no avail. He starts to get up but slips in his own cum and Sister No-Man gestures to two other drones and they walk over to the ejaculating drone and each takes him by an arm and they drag him off, howling and spewing, leaving a trail of sperm. They have to stop at one point when the poor drone has one convulsion that produces a particularly large amount of semen that tenses him up and hardens his cock to the point of bursting as it sprays out. Together they yank down hard on his bright red berries, pulling the skin of his stiff pole taut and pointing it out straight and the semen launches a dozen feet as they hold him by his arms, then they exit.

Jimmy is crying as he keeps cumming into the chuffer and he can’t muster the energy to get it off his pulsating sore and swollen dick. He rolls into a fetal position, covered in a slimy mixture of the jelly and the drone’s splooge as he hugs the hose with his legs and grabs his scrotum with both hands and pulls his balls like he wants to tear them off.

Queen Maulalot takes hold of Jimmy’s hose and gives it a yank. A muffled cry comes through his gag louder than all the rest and the chuffer pops off his engorged cockhead with a wet snap. It is swollen to almost twice it’s normal erect size, bright red and pulsing and lobs a thick stream over five feet across the floor as Jimmy grabs it with both hands and shoots another longer, thick strand above himself which comes down in his hair and on his bare shoulders. His face is red and he is crying into his soaked gag.

The Queen squats by his bulbous frame as he sits up grasping his inflamed sausage and shoots out again and screams into his gag.
“What a mess you are now!” She says, “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She snaps her fingers and two drones approach as she gathers up his package in her hands and squeezes and kneads the balls and raging erection, holding his hands onto the shaft as he comes two more times. “Take it, fat man! Shoot that jizz!” She aims his cock at his face and covers his eyes and nose with his own semen and starts using his hands to jerk his shaft, laughing to herself.

“I bet you want a rest,” the Queen says. kaçak casino She turns to the drones and instructs them to take Jimmy to be hosed off and caged. The whole time they lead him away he cums about once every 10 seconds and he’s so weak he can but go with them, shaking so much he can barely walk and he repeatedly bears down and squirts out more sperm as they make their way across the room.

Each time the three of them stop when Jimmy shoots, he lifts one foot and bends the knee, arching his toes and then steps down and lifts the other, squirting like it’s coming from deep within—like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed empty each time. Just as soon as he almost regains composure, the drones, each grasping a big arm, guide him awkwardly forward as he lets off more shots until he tenses up and has to stop again and release a larger load all over the floor. The sound of large heavy globs hitting the floor can be heard even over the continuous sound of the other men’s muffled orgasms.

They are almost out of the room when Jimmy pulls away from the drones and lets out a deep shout, pulling up his gut as his extremely swollen and stiff fleshy pole points way out and pumps loose a very long and thick rope of ejaculate that arches a good thirty feet into the air before it splashs thickly against the floor, “AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Hurry up, drones, he’s going to pass out if you don’t get him washed off,” says the Queen. Jimmy hunches over with his hands on his knees and his stiff dick and giant scrotum, all swollen to elephant size, swing between his legs, dripping sweat and cum. He exhales a long breath and it seems like it’s over but then more shoots out and he frustratingly stomps around, clutching his big sac and walking about with bent knees in various directions in a state of delirium—-howling through his soaked gag.

They eventually get him out of the room and Sister No-Man follows them out.

They lead Jimmy to a shower area with tiles and drains in the floor and use a water hose to spay him down after shackling him to the wall until all the jelly is off of him. They spray him in the crotch and he screams and cums hard again and they spray all that off too. He hangs there, dripping wet and finally stops orgasming and just goes limp against the shackles, trembling with the occasional shudder. Sister No-Man watches his penis shrink slowly while he catches his breath.

“Not so mouthy now, huh?” She asks. He has a dimly vacant look in his eyes and says nothing, just panting and drooling around the gag. I guess we can removed this now, she takes it off. He stares blankly like he is struck blind and dumb.

She unshackles him and places his big wrists into padded cuffs with which she leads him naked into another room with a platform overlooking a large space filled with six foot tall vats. She attaches the cuffs to a rope and leads him to the edge. He doesn’t say a word, just stares blankly. She looks over the edge at a vat nearest them.

“This is where we store extra jelly in these vats. Since you seem to like it so much I thought I would give you time to rest and then leave you here to produce for the night.” She winds the rope up by a pulley handle near them until his arms are in the air and then she gently pushes his bulbous, naked form off the edge of the platform and he hangs by his wrists over the open vat.

As she lowers him into it, a look of realization begins to come over his face but it’s too late. She lowers him in up to his chin and he starts screaming again, “No, please!!” He keeps screaming and seconds later starts cumming again uncontrollably into the jelly all around him in the vat.

“I’ll be back in the morning and the jelly will be supercharged with your semen and we can use it to make the super drone!” She listens to his screams fade as she leaves through a hall on the other side of the platform.

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