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It’s been years since anyone has pressed my buttons. I guess I’m just getting old but I assure you I’m just as fun as I was in my heyday!
I remember the times I would have fun on busses, trains and even get a bit naughty and banged on the teachers desk.
In spite of my age, i burned passionately with every caller, I had many repeat customers, of lack of a better word.
Oh it is agonising, waiting to be picked up and made a play thing, I end up daydreaming about my first time.

It was June 6th, 1984,
I had just graduated a college programming course and my whole life was ahead of me, nothing but fun in the sun for a while.
A bit of a geek, I often found myself in the video games aisle of walmart, staring at the new releases and the charts.
They would change on a regular basis but I would still be there, every day, just perusing the games until one day, I saw him.
He didn’t hesitate to try to pick me up, I was of course quite a popular name.
Alas, I’m not cheap and certainly less so back then but day after day, I would look at the games and day after day, he would stare at me.
Eventually he would up his game and end up taking bahis siteleri me back to his place, I just sat in the living room while he made some coffee.
Coffee isn’t my thing so i just watched him, dissearning what he may be like, if he was up to the challenge, as it were.

Almost as if he couldn’t contain himself, he started undressing me right there in the living room. I felt so exposed, it really got me going, but he had a long way to go to get me where he wanted me.
I guess I didn’t know where he wanted me after all as he left the room, leaving me guessing.
When he came back, he had brought with him one of those machines you see in all the more popular videos, the ones that make loads of noise and shit.
It makes me giggle now that I think about it but I was so excited I was almost begging for him to stick me on it.

Wasting no time, he lifted my clothing off of me, leaving me in just my smooth, naked shell.
I took a moment to take in my surroundings, comics on the coffee table, his games console just laying on the floor where he took his sneakers off, it was a mess… but it made me all the more excited.
He sat me tipobet güvenilir mi on the machine, carefully adjusting the little nobs on the side to make sure I was comfortable. He didn’t want to miss a thing!
After inserting fresh batteries (everything used a metric ton of batteries back then so it worried me a little) and turned it on.

With a ‘PING!’ I knew it was on. I asked him how he liked it, he just set it on setting one and we were off!
It started slow, a bit of movement, occasionally it would twist and made me shudder a bit and lose my balance.
It didn’t take long for him to crank it up a few levels the pace was picking up a fair amount and I was breathing quite heavily.
He played with me carefully, focused, the sweat dripping from his temples as he built me up for the final explosion. The pieces began to fit into place, one after another, but a space remained deep inside me. I groaned in anticipation for the final fulfilment.
His machine was doing things inside me, it felt like a large heavy weight crushing my insides, punishing me, leaving me just a bit more empty every time, making perabet me shout and demand that one piece, one long burst of pleasure from this hard, protruding instrument.
Before I knew it, he was pressing the buttons in just the right way, it was like the machine was turning 360 inside me, this was too much to handle and I made a noise I had never made before, this seemed to stir him on a bit more so I kept doing it.
This machine was MAGIC! It preformed things inside me I couldn’t imagine before now, moments went by where I was teased into climax before a long, drawn out wave of energy flowed through me as he pressed just the right buttons again and again and again.
I was like a puzzle and every time he squeezed the best parts of me. I would sit up straight and just let his wonderful device do the rest.
At this point, there was no use hiding it, he cranked the nobs to maximum and I screamed louder than I had ever done and have ever done since, I was shaking, erupting in ecstasy and when I had finished, it was like a rocket exploded inside me.

I had satisfied this gentleman, he had gotten his use out of me and I had the time of my life while doing so.
He told me he would brag to his friends about me for years to come.
He brought me to his bedroom many times since after that afternoon but never quite made me finish like i had the first time.
The upside however?

It had a two player mode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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