T-room First Time – Hot Bi ‘n Trans Stories

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T-room First Time – Hot Bi ‘n Trans Stories
Hot Bi and Trans Short Stories

1. T-Room First Time
These short stories are kinky-hot tales that fit in with The Prelude Stories and the My TV Sex Adventures. They are from a variety of time periods beginning, like this one in my teens and extending to ummm… probably last week or so. Enjoy and comment, particularly if you’ve had similar experiences!!!

What to do on a school holiday? I was a new proud holder of a driver’s license, employed as a dishwasher, and a happy-to-be-driving used-car owner. In my second year of high school, I was absolutely loving the freedom that came with a car, particularly my new ability to expand my sexual horizons. I now was driving myself to discreet places to park near adult arcades or the same adult theater Mr. Carlton had taken me to a couple of years ago. I was addicted to bottoming out in those places. I found myself being a whore for hours on end and edging while sucking cock whenever I went. I loved it! The size of the car, huge, made it easy for me to store and then change into my alter-ego- Rebeca. I’d leave work and then in about twenty-five minutes or so, I’d become a little gurlie-boi fuck-toy and play as long as I could.
My mom was in the clinical phase of nursing school, so, her work and home hours were always changing and the let me do whatever I wanted quite often. So, I’d frequently leave the house for work, get done, and then change into Rebeca and get some real work in.
I’d all but accepted my bisexuality. I LOVED playing with several older people I’d been introduced to by my neighbor. I had begun expanding my experiences after my neighbor’s association with some others led to his sexual desires to become unwound. This had caused him to leave the area for a while, possibly to jail, possible just away, and made me expand my horizons. Ultimately, it was a good thing for me. I’d been groomed to be a sex object and really enjoyed it. I loved how the all-knowing gay-dar seemed to work with my swim coach a few years earlier, with my boss the year before, another sports coach form another school, and, of course, at the YMCA gym and pool I went to.

The day I discovered kinky men’s toilet sex, or T-room sex, was a Monday and I was off from work, and it was a legal holiday, so, no school too! At this point I was already extremely bi-sexual, with far more sex occurring with guys and only about fifteen actual sexual cock-in-cunt experiences with women and a couple of high-school girls. Needless to say, I was very sexually comfortable either dressed as a gurl or naked as a slim, slender boy. I was insatiable too. I was a constantly hard and horny, routinely experiencing orgasms between three and five times almost every day.

I was paid gas money to I drive two buddies to the mall one city over, which in Southern California at the time was about fifteen or twenty miles away from home. They needed to shop for a formal dance that was coming up. Of course, I was totally straight to them and they had no idea how twisted my sexuality was. I’d known them all my life and never let it cross over into our relationship.
I had no desire to get away with heavy petting on a dance floor at school when, on any given night, I could have an intense variety of kinky sex in wide variety of places. I much preferred to go someplace and actually suck cock, get fucked like a gurl, or, rarely, fuck someone else hard the screw around (very figuratively) with some ditzy girls who were probably teases, posers, or prudes. By this point I was a casino oyna regular and recognized as a guy or a gurl at two arcades and an adult theater. I was regularly invited to sex parties by several people who were, truth be told probably age inappropriate. It was hot, very easy, and very satisfying, so I didn’t care about girls my age.

I drove my friends to the mall, dropping them by an entrance and said I’d find them after parking. The parking lot was crowded so I parked at the other end of the mall by Sears.
I walked past the makeup counter and I was sexually stimulated, as intended I think, by the sexy, borderline whorish, pictures of the semi-high-end makeup add boards and then by a very good-looking middle-aged white and Latina lady with a low-necked cream blouse who was selling makeup to an older woman at the counter. She looked up, saw me and smile-winked in a polite and playful manner that turned me on a bit. She made me imagine her fellatio and anal skills. I looked her over and decided she might be pretty good in both departments. I smiled back as I nearly passed her.
Then, I felt the call of nature. I needed to go. I remembered that the store had a fairly nice toilet upstairs.
I headed up the escalator and past the women’s lingerie to push open the first door into the short corridor and nearly was hit by the inner door opening toward me and a relatively fit older man.
He looked warm, almost sweaty, passing me on the way out. I proceeded and entered into the only open stall, the left of three that was next to three urinals.
I made it in time and sat to do my business. I noticed, as I sat there finishing my business that the person in the next stall seemed to be not really doing anything. He was as quiet as I had been noisy moments before. As I continued completing my business, I saw his shoe, an older, well-worn shiny black dress shoe, inch toward the invisible line that separated my stall from his. He pointed his toe upward each time he appeared to adjust his stance and spread himself a bit wider. Then I saw something that changed my life.
Having started young, I was very tuned to sexual activity and, in this case, when I saw his shadow on the shiny white floor moving back and forth in a rhythmic motion, I knew he was stroking himself.
My heart leaped as I watched and then new knew the guy inches away from me on the other side of the graphitti-covered metal partition was jacking off.
I immediately felt a deep familiar feeling. My inner sex ached in that delicious way it always did when I would go to see my next-door neighbor for some tranny-fucking… or to an arcade dressed like a whore… or to the adult theater dressed like a whore… or the local YMCA… or see my boss in the back office for some quick head before or after work… or over to his place for a deep rough fuck… or my swim coach a few years ago…or….
I saw the telltale masturbation movements and I knew I wanted to cum too. My cock stood up almost immediately and my hand caressed my balls and then my shaft.
At that moment the guy’s shiny black shoe moved again and pointed at me. Three more times he “adjusted,” each time pointing and holding his toe upwards for an extended pause before dropping to the floor.
It occurred to me that this was him making a pass at me. I scooted my foot toward him, gestured similarly with my toe, and stopped. His foot pushed toward me and pointed upward again. On we went, flirting with our feet for about another few minutes when, all of a sudden, I saw his foot briefly move back into his stall kaçak casino and then the bottoms of both of his shoes were facing upward toward me and he was clearly on his knees, facing the other stall on the end of the row.
Then I heard the unique sounds of cocksucking that I knew so well. Seconds later, a moan, more wet sucking, then another moan and a head banging into the metal partition wall, then another moan, heavy breathing, another moan and then the hiss of “Yessss.” A moment later I heard a deep breath in and a hard exhale with a moan that was a tell-tale orgasmic release – “Uhhhhhhh, ahhhhh,” and then a hissed low, almost whisper of a mature man saying, “Fuck yess, I’m cumming, don’t stop.”
These noises faintly echoed off the tile walls of the toilet and made me surprisingly hot. I had to see what I could of the action. I stroked myself with slow firm strokes around the base of my meaty cock for a time and then I and leaned forward far enough to look under the stall-wall. I saw a well-dressed man on his naked knees, slacks pushed down around his ankles, dress shirt untucked, body curled up tight enough to be sucking off some other man, and moving back and forth on what I knew was a hard cock. That guy being sucked off was wearing jeans and was kneeling, thighs spread wide to make him as low as possible, and he seemed to have his cock positioned right below the wall of his stall. My friendly middle-stall neighbor dressed in the nice clothes was clearly mouth-fucking the guy in jeans with a vigorous rhythm and obvious enthusiasm.
I watched as the middle-stall cocksucker seemed to slow his back and forth mouth sex moves to let the other guy finish his orgasm. The breathing on the end stall was still loud and labored. He was cumming alright. Then I heard his final orgasm moans- “Haaah!!, Uhhhhhh!! Ohhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhhh…”
Still leaning forward and stroking my own cock, I saw the man in jeans start to stand up. Likewise, my neighbor raised off his naked knees and sat on the commode, spreading his knees wide and stroking himself.
I sat up straight and stroked myself as I wondered, is this a thing? Could I have just found a new…thing…a new sex thing? My heart was bursting with adrenaline as the man in the last stall, clicked back his metal lock, opened his door, washed up and went to leave.
As he did, I heard the men’s room outer door open and then the inner door open as a new person came to use the restroom. Through the crack in my door edge I saw the guy in jeans pass the new restroom patron who hurriedly went to the urinal and did his business.
I slowly stroked myself but then my eye caught the return of my mid-stall cocksucker’s shoe. He was ready to resume flirting with me.
The guy at the urinal finished and then left without washing up. The restroom was quiet. Then, I saw a pale tan finger feel along the length of the dividing wall between us. He stroked it back and forth and then bent it, wordlessly inviting me to him. I’d seen the same kind of movement in glory-holes. I was pretty sure it was an invitation to a blowjob, so I knelt down and handed him my hard-teenage cock. He squeezed it and stroked it and I heard him climbing off his commode and onto the floor into position and then I felt his warm wet mouth and started getting an expert blowjob. He knew what he was doing and started getting me close very quickly.
Then the terrible sound of the outer door opening caused a spike of fear to shoot through me as I scrambled to re-seat myself. I made it just as the inner door opened and canlı casino another man went to piss.
My heart pounded in terror and lust. The man finished at the urinal and washed briefly before leaving us alone. As the man washed, I saw the finger stroking back and forth and when we were alone, I dropped to the floor on my knees, and eagerly provided my young terror-stricken yet undeniably horny, semi-hard cock again. In seconds he was sucking me hard and then working me into the first orgasm of the day. A thought raced through my passion-flooded mind; this was going to be a big fucking load. The day before, Sunday, I’d only jacked off twice and I’d also eaten well while I was at work and I’d swam that morning at the YMCA that morning, but hadn’t played around in the showers, as sometimes happened. I was under-fucked, so, this was going to be really big.
Then I started feeling my crotch tighten and my asshole squeeze, prompting my prostate to tighten and then trob the first shot of cum through my cock. I felt the mystery man in the second booth slow a bit and go deeper down my cock and then hold himself and squeeze my cock in his lips. Then he went up and back down smoothly, not fast and not slow, just smoothly.
That was it. “Huuuaaaaaahhhh….Ohhhhhhh, ohh-ahhhh….sssssssssssssssssssss” I hissed mindlessly as if my body was accenting the first shot of cum through my hard cock and into the cocksucker’s mouth. It was magical. My knees hurt the slightest bit, but my cum flow and deep orgasm in my loins over-rode my senses. I came, shooting blast after blast of fresh thick young hot cum into the guy’s mouth.
Again, as if on cue, when the last really good throb from deep in my loins happened, the outer door opened. Now more relaxed and, much less able to be frightened, I efficiently and quickly pulled away and sat on my toilet. I stroked my cum and saliva cocktail soaked cock and finished my post orgasm on my own. I played it cool, slowly stroking away the last ripples of my orgasm.
This time, the new patron went to the end toilet and sat to do his business. I was curious and waited, every once in a while, making typical toilet noise, and wiping myself. I imagine the things and noises a mall security guard might find typical and did those things.
As I cleaned myself up and flushed, I saw the familiar shadow and rhythmic masturbation movements of my neighbor. A few seconds later I saw the bottoms of his feet again under the stall-wall. I was smitten with jealousy and noticed my loins binding up and almost painfully beginning to strain into another hard on.
Again, the doors opened and a fourth patron arrived, but he waited out of sight to my right and I guessed next to the restroom wall.
Of course, all the action had halted and the guy in the middle stall was back playing it cool. I waited, but as I sat, I reasoned that the man in the middle stall would not leave and was not done getting is blowjob fetish on. I also realized that I was done, for a while at least, and the new man needed me to vacate, maybe to get a blowjob, or maybe for a real potty-break. So, I flushed, pulled up my pants, left my stall, and washed my hands, continuing to play it cool. I looked up from my hands as the new patron, who appeared to be a middle-aged married guy, entered my stall, then turned and looked me in the eye in the mirror with a cruisy look. I suspected it wasn’t a potty-break he needed.
I washed my hands for a while and then realized my new restroom friends might not get started while I waited. I also remembered that my school-buddies were probably wondering where I was, so I departed, with a slight personal smile on my face. I passed another guy on his way into the men’s room and knew I’d discovered a new thing!

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