Sperm Wars: Return of the Jism

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Sperm Wars 3: Return Of The Jism

The order of my stories to read is:
Todd & Melina series.
Interludes 1-5
Sperm Wars series.

Before voting or commenting, please remember that these stories are building up to future stories with better sex and you-solve-it police cases. The Sperm Wars series is a necessary prequel to those stories.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 13 – Getting To The Truth

“I can’t believe it.” Laura said, her eyes staring glassily out into space.

She was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. It was 11:00am. Melina had awakened briefly around 8:00am, and Laura and I told her gently that she was okay and to get some rest. Heavily sedated, Melina drifted back into sleep.

I had just broken the news to Laura: A few minutes after seeing Melina, I received a call from Detective Cindy Ross. A call of “shots fired” had come in during the pre-dawn early morning hours at an abandoned house in the “Slums” district in the southwest part of Town. Responding officers had found a body in the house.

The deceased was a young woman, a nurse at the University, but I also knew that this woman had been working for Dr. Laura Fredricson in her medical clinic at her University offices, the clinic where Laura had extracted that semen sample from me so deliciously well. Still remembering that first kiss with Laura, I glanced at the crime scene, seeing that people had been in the house, but finding no real clues. I left the wrap-up to Detective Ross.

As Laura reacted to my news of the death of Nurse Anna, Cindy Ross appeared at the hospital, and after asking how Melina was, she informed us that this was a police inquiry, that she was there to ask Dr. Fredricson about the death of her assistant.

She answered Cindy’s questions, saying that the girl had been bright, efficient, seemed to love her nursing job, had never had any problem with drugs or bad people that she (Laura) knew anything about. Cindy soon left, and Laura then told me a fascinating story.

“She must have been a spy inside my office.” Laura said. “I knew her mother, who had been a high class prostitute in an eastern European country, before the Iron Curtain came down. I helped her emigrate to the West and she came over to America.” That was one way to say it, I thought to myself as I listened.

“The mother really enjoyed making porn movies and was soon out in California. She was pretty famous as far as porn stars go.” Laura named the porn star, and I readily knew the name. “She got pregnant not long after she got to California and had this girl, Anna. Their lives weren’t all that great, but Anna managed to do okay and got into nursing school. Since I had known her mother, I let her get some extra work in at the clinic. Looks like she had the same… disposition… that her mother did, and she was spying on me.”

“Anything sensitive?” I asked. “And anything to do with Melina?” I was already wondering if the murder of this nurse was connected with what I was certain was the attempted murder of my wife.

“Probably not.” Laura said. “None of my clinic people have anything to do with Dr. Heinz and his work, which is what has to be kept under wraps. But she may have seen some of my sex research, and she very likely knew about all the pregnancy and paternity tests I did on Melina.”

“Hmmm, speaking of Dr. Heinz…” I said absentmindedly. My cell phone rang, interrupting my reverie.

I took the call. As I hung up, I said “I am working for an excellent Police Force. They already have this kid Tony in custody.”

I smiled. “Even better is the word going around that Cindy Ross might have been a bit, shall we say, ‘forceful’ in making the arrest.” I asked Laura to call me if anything developed with Melina.


“He’s in Interrogation-One.” Cindy said. “Hasn’t said anything. After a couple of questions, he asked to call his coach and then said he wanted a lawyer.”

Tanya was also in the MCD room. “Expedited report.” she said. “Drugs were in the champagne glass Melina drank from. As you guessed, some of the compounds would break down into the hormones that Melina reacted to, making it a time-release compound. The Crime Lab has seen the hormones in drugs before, but have not seen them synthesized quite this way. That and the inert ingredients suggest that the drug was crudely prepared, that is, not professionally produced or from a normal research lab.”

“And Don…” Tanya added, the tone of her voice forewarning me as she spoke. erotik film izle “If Melina had drunk that whole glass… she would be dead now.”

“I see.” I said, my voice grim, matching my mood. “You two, come with me.”

Stopping by her office, I asked ADA Paulina Patterson to join us. We went through the labyrinth of the hallways of Police Headquarters to the interrogation rooms, which were between the jail area and the department area, with safeguards to prevent any perps from accessing our side from theirs.

I looked at the kid through the one-way mirror. The beginning of a welt on the cheek below his right eye had formed. “I see that this dipshit seems to have fallen down and hit his face. He needs to learn how to walk– er, strut properly, eh Cindy? Maybe you can give him some pointers from your days in the Miss Physical America competitions, eh?”

“He certainly needs some– er, instruction in complying with the Law.” Cindy replied. Paulina’s smile at that was full of sarcasm. I smiled at Cindy, one of support, then looked over the information on his file.

“Football player, hmm. Starter– okay. Pro prospect– hum!” I said as I read the file, saying the words out loud, hoping the Detectives would learn from what I was about to do. They were good detectives, but had had little experiential training from more senior officers. I intended to change that.

After a moment, I had my plan of action in my head. “Okay, let me take a shot at him. Tanya, you and Paulina come inside with me.” When the women admonished me that he’d “lawyered up”, I just smiled and said to ‘watch and learn’.

“Hi Tony.” I said as we entered the room and sat down in chairs opposite the kid. He looked at me a bit sneeringly.

“Do you know either of these two people, Tony?” I asked, showing him two pictures as I sat down on the other side of the table from him. The pictures were of Elizabeth and Ned, and I always carried them with me, though not for any reason resembling love of family.

Tony’s eyes reacted; he knew them. But he didn’t respond verbally to my question. “I want to make my phone call.” he said instead. “I’ve already told her that I won’t talk without my lawyer here with me.” He was pointing at Tanya.

“How much are you into the woman for, Tony? Five thousand? Ten? More?”

“I. Want. A. Lawyer.” Tony replied slowly, as if I were an uncomprehending child. But I had not asked that last question expecting an answer, but to let its import sink in. I felt like it was working.

“That’s fine, Tony, and you can call your lawyer in just a few minutes.” I said. “Though… you may not want to when I’m done. In fact… why don’t *I* do the talking, and you’ll please correct any errors that I make, okay?” Tony did not answer, but looked at me skeptically.

“So the witnesses say that you introduced the woman Melina to the now-dead-man Alex, is that right?” Todd did not react to my springing the info on him that Alex was dead. Either the detectives had already told him, or he knew some other way, I surmised.

“We have the lab tests that Melina was drugged, Tony. And since you introduced them, that’s going to make you an accessory to attempted murder.”

“Pul-eeze.” Tony said. “Stop with the intimidation bullshit and let me call my lawyer or my coach. Once he and the University get through with you, you’ll be lucky to find a job as a night watchman for a fruit stand on Main Street.”

Paulina and Tanya had dark looks of anger at Tony’s sneering remark, but I had to stifle a laugh. I loved this part of the Game, I had to admit to myself. “This kid must’ve gone to the same School of Asshole that Ikea did.” I said to Paulina, making both ladies smile. Then I looked at him.

“Okay, buddy, if that’s the way you want to play this game, we’ll play it that way. I could arrest you, and the news of your arrest… on drug charges… will be heard by your parents. Think of how your mother would feel about that, young man.” Tony looked uncomfortable, but rallied and challenged me.

“It won’t work. I want a lawyer. NOW.” he demanded.

I turned to Paulina. “Prosecutor, maybe it’s not a crime to introduce two people to each other.” I said with alacrity. Paulina simply listened to me, knowing that I was going somewhere with this, and she played along beautifully.

“Who is the head football coach of the University team? Harlan? Yes, Coach Harlan.” I continued. “Prosecutor, why don’t we call Coach Harlan and have him come pick up young Tony here. We’ll release Tony to Coach Harlan’s custody, pending further investigation into this case.” Tony looked relieved. And then I hit him with a nuclear bomb.

“And as I investigate…” I said, looking straight into Tony’s eyes, “I’ll leak my police report to the Press. The report will prominently mention drug use at that party, Tony, and I won’t be lying, will I? My leak might also mention the football team, Tony. And what do you think is going to happen then, buddy? film izle Let me tell you: the Press will want to ask Coach Harlan some questions. They’ll ask him if he’s had you undergo any drug tests. If so, they’ll ask for the results… and if not, they’ll ask why not and ask if you’re going to be tested, and how soon?” Tony’s eyes began to show understanding. And concern.

“And then, Tony, your coach will either have to produce the tests, or have you take one, just to cover his own ass when the Press asks the NCAA if they’re inquiring into it… or Coach Harlan will have to lie for you.

“Now which way do you think the Coach is going to go with that, Tony? Put his ass and his career on the line, just for one player, one single player? For you? Or… will he throw you to the dogs? You’ll be finished, Tony. And you can kiss any shot of the pros, of the money to take care of your mother and to live well… you can kiss all that goodbye.” I paused. Tony was trying to keep his veneer of dominance, but it was beginning to break down. “Okay, Prosecutor, let’s call the coach.”??

“Wait!” Tony said, his voice desperate. Sweat was beginning to form on his brow. “If I tell you what I know, what’s in it for me?”

“Let’s hear what you’ve got.” I said. “If you play it straight with me, I’ll do right by you. Now, from the start: do you know these two in the photos?”

“Yeah.” Tony said. He was broken to my fist, to use falconry lingo. “I know ’em. Her name is Elizabeth and the guy is her son, his name is Ned. I’m in her clutches for over thirty thousand dollars.”

“Thirty thousand?” Paulina said, totally in shock. “That is one hell of a lot of cocaine!” I was irritated that Paulina had stopped his talk, but I could understand her shock and her reason for asking the question.

“Not just coke.” Tony said. “I… I’ve been using performance-enhancing drugs, too. The kid makes ’em for me and some of the other players on the team. So far, they’ve been completely undetected. That kid is good. But they’re expensive.”

“How did you meet these two?” I asked.

“The woman came up to me at a party. It was several months ago.” I said. “We got to talking and she took me to her hotel room and we fu– we had sex. After hooking up with her a couple of times, she told me she could help me enhance my performance on the field as well as in bed. That’s when I met the kid.”

“Interesting.” I said. “Keep going.”

“She told me that she would forgive almost all of my debt if I would just do a couple of things for her. One was to introduce that woman to Big Alex and facilitate them hooking up. The other was that if the kid did not put a knockout drug in her drink, that I was to give her the drug in a drink after they fu– had sex.”

“Do you have that drug now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Tony said. “The packet is still in my wallet. They took it from me when they brought me in here.” Tanya was already up and moving out of the room before I could say anything, headed to the booking department where people’s personal items were kept.

“So what happened next?” I asked.

?”Well, the woman… she was a nice lady, good looking, too. I don’t know what was going on between her and Elizabeth, but she and Big Alex hooked up. Then she started screaming. When I looked in, she was going into some sort of fit and Alex was going crazy panicking. Other people were rushing into the room ahead of me, so I couldn’t see much of what was going on.

“I was supposed to stay at the party then go home, but I got panicky. And when I saw Big Alex sneak out, I followed him. I followed him down the trail to the pond back behind the houses there. Elizabeth was waiting for him. I waited at the edge of the trees. She had Alex lie down and got on top of him and started riding him, fucking him. I thought that was real weird, but she was trying to calm him down.” Tony looked at us conspiratorially. “That guy really was as dumb as a pet rock.”

“So what happened then, Tony? Tell me what you saw next.” I said.

“After a couple of minutes, Big Alex yelled he was coming. Right then, the kid, Ned, he came up to them, knelt down and shot Big Alex. Just shot him in the head. No reason to it.” Even now, Tony’s eyes looked panicked as he remembered. “I got real scared and ran away. I went back to my dorm room.” As he finished, Tanya came back with a sealed packet in an evidence bag.

“Have you seen or had contact with either of them since?” I asked.

“No.” replied Tony.

“Okay Prosecutor,” I said, satisfied that I’d heard as much as I was going to get from Tony. “This witness was apparently just taking a nice walk when he came upon two people having sex, then one of them was murdered. This witness has been very helpful to us, and after he gives you his sworn, written affidavit of what he observed, we’ll call his coach and release this citizen into the coach’s custody.”

I looked at Tony. “I will not be making any calls nor leaks to seks filmi izle the Press, Tony, and you will only be contacted by me ever again if an innocent person is accused of committing the murder you witnessed. Of course we will keep and analyze this drug packet, conveniently forgetting where we found it. Prosecutor, if that’s not good, you can give him a partial immunity in exchange for his statement.”

“I’ll do that now,” Paulina said, “in case this ever becomes public later.”

“And Tony,” I said, “I am not doing you any favor at all by doing this. I would not be surprised if the two people in these pictures don’t come looking for you one day, and you’ll find that your debt is not forgiven, that they will be wanting their money.” I got up and left the room, leaving Paula to handle the details.

“Why did you let him go?” Tanya asked when she got back from delivering the evidence to the crime lab for analysis. “He was part of an attempt to murder your wife!”

“Tanya, let me ask you this: what crime did he commit?”

“Conspiracy to commit murder!”

“He just introduced two people to each other. Is that a crime?”

“He had that drug packet in his wallet.”

“Found on the sidewalk as he took a stroll towards the pond. Meant to give it to the cops but got scared when he witnessed the murder.”

Tanya looked at me disbelievingly, and I explained. “We just don’t have enough on him, and besides, he’s the small fish. I got the truth I wanted out of him. And…” I finished, my eyes betraying my driving desire, “I want to land those two big fish…

“…and filet them.”

Part 14 – Insemination With Intense Intent

Melina arrived home on Christmas Eve. She said she felt fine and wished we wouldn’t dote on her. She went to work during the next week and worked out herself, as if to prove she was fine. But Laura was practically living with us, and I knew why: she was watching Melina for Melina’s mental condition more than her physical health.

Melina had taken the loss of the baby hard, but Laura assured her she could get pregnant again. I kept Melina filled in on our search for Ned and Elizabeth; it was no longer just my search but an entire Police Force’s mission, and my team spent every spare moment they could on it. It appeared the Elizabeth had somehow gotten out of the country and back to France again (“Just what good is our Homeland Security Department?” I overheard the Chief ask Captain Malone, who was being surprisingly helpful in the search for her), but Ned was believed to be in the area or possibly in the City. He was a wanted man, and he knew it.

All that aside, things started happening on New Year’s Eve.

We attended a New Years Eve party at Melina and Cindy’s gym, and I need not mention that Melina drank nothing but bottled water she herself had brought in. My police team was there, as was Britt Maxwell and a couple of Campus Police guys, college students. Paulina Patterson attended with her husband. No one seemed to notice nor care that she was black and he was white.

Todd was also there and, to my surprise, several of his SEX fraternity buddies had come with him. This was a surprise, as they rarely showed up as a group outside their frat house or at secret ‘conclaves’. I did notice them get together with Melina in an office room for a private conversation, which lasted some minutes.

We counted down the seconds to the New Year. As everyone cheered, I saw Todd and Melina sharing a deep, wet kiss, oblivious to everyone else around us. But within seconds Laura Fredricson was in front of me, wrapping her arms around me and sinking her long tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back and we locked lips in a deep embrace for what seemed forever… and it was pure heaven.

Tanya had been kissing one of the SEX guys, but I did not see Britt Maxwell anywhere in the room. That question was “answered” about 10 minutes later when she came into the room with Cindy Ross… and both of them looked a bit flushed. I smiled inwardly, wondering where things were headed for those two….


Around 2:30am, Melina, being stone-cold sober, drove Laura’s Mercedes-Benz home from the party. Todd was in the front seat with her, and I saw them holding hands. I was beyond caring, though, as Laura and I were sharing kisses and caresses.

Once at home, we were in the basement room. Melina and Todd were making out and groping each other as Laura and I did the same on the other sofa. Then Melina got up and took Todd’s hand.

“Come on, Todd.” she ordered. “You have work to do. We’re not going to let your dogshit brother win. It’s time for you to put another bun in my oven. Let’s go upstairs.”

Todd dutifully followed Melina upstairs. “See you in the morning, guys.” Melina said to Laura and I, her voice very ‘meaningful’, as they passed us on the way out.

“She doesn’t want me helping?” I asked.

“Oops. I think she figured me out.” Laura said. She had been quite surprised by Melina’s action, and Laura rarely was surprised by anything: normally it was almost as if she knew what was going to happen before it actually did, but not this time. “Looks like she’s going to see if Todd can do the job alone.”

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