Sissies owner p3

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Sissies owner p3
Daddy told cyntia to wait in the car

He needed to unload and i was going to learn how he liked to **** his sissy daughter

He locked the restroom door pushing me back in when i tried to leave and throw me on the toilet seat bend over

”you are just a fucking slut now, you never gonna be a boy again ”

unlocking my chastity belt , my toy plug buzzing removed and pushed in my mouth, locked the straps on my head , gagged and ass up

he fucked me like a wore
hard and fast making me squeal on the toilet his fat cock stretching me

calling me a slut a wore a cumdump for real man

and he cum all of it in me making me feel full and owned

before locking me back , plugged and full of cum

walking me out like a pet , tamed and obedient

back in daddy car

”oh daddy what did you do?”

”did daddy **** you cindy?”

nodding feeling his cum in me

”dont be sad, its ok, i get **** too its ok it means you are a cute girl if men **** you”

”I was only 14 when my school friend fucked me under the bridge”

”all 3 black boy made it clear it was my fault, i had been sucking one in secret and got caught”

”a black dick in my mouth and another in my pink hole, killing the idea i was a boy with each bbc stroke in my 2 wet holes, weak and learning horny real boi have big cocks and fuck smaller cock boi like me”

”after that i became cyntia and met daddy”

”he took care of me and teach my holes good so ow when i get **** it dont hurt so much”

daddy drive us to the last place

It was a place with a big jacuzi and casino siteleri i was help by cyntia to change in a bikini

both having a princess disney littke one piece with our cage out and ass naked by proper design

walking to the spa where 5 nice black daddies were relaxing

taking some beers after a long night at work, construction crew just needing some good times between jobs

i was gropped and passed around all of them wnting to look at our chastity belt and little cages

the small bbbbbzzzzzz of our plug locked in by the firm strap and locked

”damn i love this place”

”my daughter friends have the same swim suit”

”those are so sexy , they look like little white sluts, i wish you bought the keys”

”we should get the tool , im not going to pay for the keys , those bitch are made to be fuck”

i was on the spa side my belt cutted down , breaking the metallic chastity string cage

out plugs floating around in the spa , bbc sliding down in our always wet and ready fuck holes

we were used and liking it

”thats what they needs, sissy just take it and oves it”

the spa sound was calming me and cyntia bouncing sit on laps and moaning 3 cocks in our face to share

in pretty girly Disney princess swimsuit, forced to take cocks and ok with it

its what it was all about them bbc in my tight pink holes and i loved it , cyntia on my side doing the same , it was easier with a sister

feeling ok because i wasnt alone and wanting to be pretty like she was, mostly imitating her
up and down , mouth open , little sissy casino oyna fuck dolls for bbc

they made us feel so girly , so hot in the spa fucked up like little slut needing attention

my ass was making pussy sound , mouth working another real man cock, looking up in love for them offering me such a great time

i love all of their cocks, all feel different and nice warm , in the right place for such horny nice cocks

eager to feel it enter back in me when they switched

sitting down on it, bouncing up and down again

i was a girl, i loved the idea so much now, all these hot bbc for me and my cute sister

i felt one getting close and bounced for it like a mad lil wore

until it exploded, bouncing on him , sucking it all out with my ass cunt. moaning a bbc rubbing my face tongue out feeling so good bbc all around ready to do the same

switching place a new hard cock sliding in , cum full little pussy slut

cyntia moaning her pussy up filled by one too

her lil cage cingling backing on the fat cock ass up for all of it

”ahhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm yessss ahhhh ahhh i love big black cock ahhhhh”

my sister pounded the load in hard and deep ass slapped fucked pussy up like a cute blond teen in pretty bikini

made me horny and wanting to be cute like her

i was carried out and on the kitchen table not far, the studio kind of room had everything around the jacuzi

looking at the stranger black daddy kissing me deep , carrying me to the table on my back holding my legs up for him

his smile was the best thing i ever seen , he kaçak casino really loved me

my lil pink cage flaping away with his pounding in my pussy

moaning looking at him with that sissy face of acceptance, willingly legs up fucked up like a girl and wanting cum

wanting to see that nice older daddy grunt and explode in me, wanting him fully please by my tight ass moaning i love his cock

cyntia not far dropping on the table like me

both fucked up legs up moaning

our lil swimsuit matching , side to side, sister fucked up like good girls

frozen disney lil fuckdolls on the table taking real big cocks easy , just like good sissies working for our daddy
who train us, buy us cute cloth and sell our sissy services away at his airbnb

the word was kept secret and groups had formed around the renting practice he has

his 2 lil girls took longer than expected

he stormed in the place and at gun point ask them to release us

he ask us who started this and he made every one look at what happens if you dont buy the key in the room package

the muscular cocky black dude ass up grunting face down , daddy telling every guys to line up , ass up and be quick

they argue and he punch one and kick the other

”you fucking dont tell me what to do here”

all 5 ass up tied ankle to knees

we sat down in awe at our daddy being so alpha even with them
all squealing and taking him in turn ass slap and learning to respect his buisness

”you all stupid , all of you are stupid , i get you 2 hot girls and you cheat me?”

”you are all just peace of shit, now take the cock for fucking my princess for free”

he cum in the smaller black ass

and we left , warning them to get the fuck out or hell be back with friends

i never felt so secure , so happy he was our daddy

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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