Quiet in the Kitchen

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I am the nanny, house maid, step-daughter, etc. trying to fix a vase the dog broke earlier that evening. You come home from a long day at the office/work to see this instead of dinner. Instead of heading upstairs to kiss your children and wife good night, you decided to take your day’s frustrations and anger out on the help. You come into the kitchen, yelling at me. The quiet of the room is broken by your voice, and it scares me; I jump and turn to face you. You keep venting, walking towards me, unsure of what you yourself will do next.

I get backed up against a counter top. You get so close the space between us is dense with your turbid feelings. You grab my face, a little painfully, and kiss me hard before reaching down a hand to my clothing covered pussy. When your lips leave mine, I am afraid to breath, to make any sound that will set you off again. I stay perfectly still as the internal debate in your head tries to decide what to do about your fingers that have found their way under my skirt, now rubbing my panties.

I see a look cross your face that frightens me. It is one of greed. “Sir…” I try to whisper, but my throat has gone dry. Your eyes snap to mine at the faint sound from my lips. Your fingers on my pussy suddenly get rougher, hungrier. You mutter something as your hand rips away the fabric covering my pussy lips. I throw a hand up to your chest to push you away in protest, the other stays behind me on the counter for balance. “Please,” I finally manage to say. “Your wife and children are upstairs. They’ll hear. This isn’t right anyway.”

You remove your hand that has been sliding around in my wetness. “What görükle escort is right is besides the point.” You lick your fingers before moving my hand from your chest. “You taste fantastic and feel soft and warm. Your voice and look upon your face is scared. And I am sorry to say, but that is just fuel to me.”

You force me to spin around, now facing away from you. “Put your hands on the counter and don’t move.” I close my eyes, do as you tell me and take a deep breath. I feel you back away and am almost relieved that you have decided to leave me alone. But then I feel you breathing on my neck and your arms sliding around me to place something on my hands. I open my eyes to see what this strange weight was, a lit candle for each hand. “Now, don’t do anything to let the candles fall or blow out. I guarantee that I will be even more angry if that happens.”

You place your hands on my hips and pull my ass back away from the safe counter’s edge. My torso is practically parallel with the floor when you stop pulling me and replace a hand back to my torn panties, just to finish removing them completely. I can hear you kneeling down behind me as calloused fingers tease my clit and push past my pussy’s lips. Your other hand pushes my skirt up slowly to be around my waist. I then feel your hand smooth over my ass. “What an ass..” I think I hear you say before your hand leaves it.

Then it is quickly back with a loud smack! I jump with the shock of the sting and yelp. “Shhh, not too loud. I am sure my wife would fire/punish you for this.” Then you swing again, your hand landing with a bit of pain. Your fingers inside bursa escort bayan my pussy get more harsh with every spank. After a few more, I feel your tongue upon the ass cheek you spanked more. Your lips and tongue wonder my backside as one hand continues to make sure that my pussy stays wet and the other traces one finger down my ass crack.

“Leave my ass alone, please. It already hurts too much,” I beg you. I hear a dark laugh escape you before you slide one finger into my ass. My knees buckle, and I almost knock over a candle. That dark laugh again. “Your objections and shaking will only give me ideas of what discomforts you. And after my day, that is exactly what I want.” You pull your finger out of my ass a little before plunging it back in with another finger. The sensation of two fingers in my ass while your other hand works on fisting into me shortens my breath. I can’t even count how many of your fingers are playing in my ass by the time your tongue returns to my body. Your hand spreads my ass for your tongue to continue the fingers’ work. You’re licking away when your fist stretches itself into my pussy. I barely keep my balance upright as I cum onto your fist. You move your hand in and out as you lick my ass through my orgasm.

When I finish, I am ashamed and exhausted; hopeful that you had released enough anger to leave me be. Unfortunately, I am wrong. I hear your dark laugh again and you stand up. You remove your fist from my pussy, but keep a finger in my ass. You should the cum covered hand in my face and make me lick most of it off. When I have almost licked all of my cum off your hand, bursa escort you enjoy the rest for yourself.

Your now clean hand forces its way under my shirt to my tits. Your rough, damp palms feel wonderful as you caress and grope my tits and finger my ass. “You’re almost finished, don’t worry,” you whisper into my ear before biting down upon my neck. As your teeth sink in, I feel the head of your cock push up against my dripping pussy. You bite and grope me harder; your fingers push deeper just as your cock slides its full length into my body. At this, I cannot hold myself up anymore. My knees buckle and a candle falls into the sink as I cum. “I told you not to do that.” And I feel your hands remove the remaining clothes on my body before returning to their former positions.

Then the hand on my tits reaches for the candle still lit on my left hand. Drip, drip, drip. I feel the hot wax splatter and cool on my back and ass. Despite your warnings, I can’t hold back anymore and cry out. I continue to grip the countertop as you fuck my pussy harder, deeper. One hand gropes my ass and the other finds my clit as you pound me harder. As hard as if you were boxing with a punching bag. My breath gets heavy, in time with yours. My legs barely support me as I lean on the counter. I cum yet again; just before you take your cock from inside me and spin me around and force me to my knees on the floor. I just realize what has happen as your cum shoots onto my face, neck and tits.

When you have finished cumming all over me, you lower yourself and hook a finger into my pussy, as if to pull me up by it. I raise an inch or two in discomfort. You lean in and warn, “Speak of this, and I won’t be so kind next time.” You spank my ass, roughly squeeze me with both hands then stand up. You straighten your clothes, lick your fingers and grin. Then you leave me in the kitchen, alone, ashamed and still wet and wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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