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My college friend Melanie and I were out for dinner Friday night and we had plans to spend Saturday hiking along the headlands, only the forecast was for rain which was a big disappointment.

Melanie told me that she had received an email from the head of the psychology department where we both went to college, and that they were looking for women to help them conduct some government-funded research, so maybe we should plan on that as an alternative. The psychology department was so short of lab assistants, that they had set things up to meet applicants at 9 am tomorrow, and make a quick decision, in order to deploy the successful applicants for experiments to run at noon. We both exactly met the specs: intelligent and attractive 25-29-year-old women, living 60 or miles away from the college campus, the idea being to minimize the chance that we had ever met our subjects prior to the experiment.

“What kind of research?” I asked.

“It’s to test the subject’s observational ability, in a laboratory environment where there is the possibility, but not the certainty of a sexual reward,” Melanie informed me. “And that the subject felt some sense of desperation about achieving that reward,” she added.

“Hmm, and why would the government be funding this research, and why would I want to help conduct it?” I queried.

“Well, I don’t recall if it is the CIA, or the DIA, or maybe it is the SEC – I truly can’t remember – but whatever agency is funding this is looking to learn how to protect its foreign agents against the dangers of ‘honey traps’ and they think the findings from this research will do just that,” explained Melanie.

“And I suppose that you and I are the ‘honey’ and the subjects are all male, why do I want anything to do with such research?” I asked, especially as Melanie tended to have a wild streak compared to me.

“Becky, I understand where you are coming from, and I felt the same way when I first heard about it a few months ago. Inexplicably, the experiment is audio recorded, but neither observed nor video-taped, and that creates the opportunity for the women who conduct it to chart their own course, and have some real fun while doing so,” said Melanie, who was well aware that my work as a third year legal associate left me little time for a social life.

She went on to explain her experiences the two times she had helped conduct it and provided me a lot of valuable coaching. By that point, I was intrigued by the idea, and agreed to get up early the next morning so we could get to our alma mater in time to apply, with the understanding that if I felt uneasy about it in the intake process, I could always back out then.

We met early the next morning to drive to our old college campus together. I was wearing my black jeans and black ribbed turtleneck sweater, which accentuated my 5’10” frame. I have shoulder length chestnut-colored hair, which I had tied back in a bun, with just a tendril down by each ear, and large hoop earrings.

As the college already had us in their computer system, the psych department research coordinator was able to cut through a lot of the normal screening steps and hire me quickly. Melanie waited while I went through a half hour orientation session. The whole experiment hinged on the asking and answering of twenty questions, and the subject had to answer fifteen correctly to get his “reward.” All while spread eagled to a king size bed. Lab assistants were encouraged to choose harder or easier questions as needed, to try to get the subject to a point where everything hinged on his answer to the 20th question.

This all seemed a little bizarre to me, but at the same time, it was so well structured, that I felt more capable of doing what would be expected of me, and thus I decided to go through with it. I was given the address of görükle escort where to go, two keys, and the subject’s first name (Michael), his picture and a short bio about him.

A few short hours later, I let myself into the house in question, walked through a small foyer, and to a bedroom at the back of the first floor, where there was a king sized, four-poster bed with the subject, Michael, naked and loosely tied to it with black nylon straps. (He had been given his own key and instructions to let himself in and prepare ahead of time.) He was tall and muscular, nicely proportioned, curly brown hair, a good-looking student athlete.

I was about to introduce myself, but I took a second look at how much slack there was in each of the nylon straps, and I heard myself saying, “is that the best you could do,” as I reached out to one of the straps and pulled his hand much closer to the bedpost, and then retied it with no slack whatsoever. Michael arched his eyebrows, and perhaps he was going to protest, but thought better of it, and said nothing. I similarly tightened the straps attached to his other hand, and then his two feet. I felt a sense of satisfaction, as I eliminated the possibility of him getting loose.

The experiment was to be audio taped, both the introduction, and the 20 questions and answers. After turning on the tape recorder I told Michael that he would have to get 15 of 20 questions right to earn a sexual reward, and that the first two questions were essentially “freebies”, he just had to reply to them truthfully, there were no right or wrong answers. Question one was how long it had been since he had cum. “Two weeks,” he replied. And question two was how much did he currently want to cum, on a scale of 1-to-10. “Definitely a ‘ten’,” he said unhesitatingly. That answer did not surprise me; I had been told beforehand that he had been wearing a chastity device for the past two weeks. I steeled myself not to look at it while asking these questions.

Michael had already signed a release agreeing to all matters of physical contact between the lab assistant and himself, including while he was restrained, and I asked him to confirm this verbally just to get it on the audio tape too. As a final preliminary, I informed him that assuming he did not get 15 correct answers, he had the option to come back as a subject a second time, but he had to decide now whether to make that commitment. And in fact, he did agree, somewhat to my surprise, since it would involve being chaste for another two weeks, as the chastity device would be reapplied immediately after this experiment ended, unless he got fifteen correct answers.

Now it was time to unlock his chastity device for today’s experiment; I had the key attached as an anklet to my right leg. It suddenly occurred to me, rather than double over to get it off my ankle, to put my foot on the bed close to his crotch, slide it forward, and graze his nuts with my toenails. He gave a little gasp from the unexpected contact, and then closed his eyes and relaxed so he could better enjoy the sensation for the 60 seconds it lasted. After that, I inserted and turned the key to unlock and remove the chastity device, Michael’s cock sprung to life, freed from its imprisonment. Michael got his first view of his cock in two weeks.

The research coordinator had given me two lists of possible questions, one easy, and the other hard, with the idea being that if Michael got ahead of a 75% rate of correct answers, I should pick questions from the harder list, and if he fell below 75% I should instead read from the easier of the two lists. Luckily, I am good at math, so I was able to keep an accurate running tally, and also know the percentage of correct answers with mental math. This whole time, the voice recorder was running, and I made a bursa escort bayan point to call out his running score. The easier questions were about things he could still see in the bedroom, and the harder ones were about things he saw when he first entered the house but were no longer in view.

A couple of times when Michael provided a correct answer, I felt it would have been nice to stroke his cock as a more immediate reward, but I didn’t want to elicit a reaction that would be recorded and get me in some sort of trouble when the audio tape was later reviewed. And besides, the idea of the experiment was to let the suspense build as things moved to the 20th question.

And thanks to my rotation from the easy to the hard question list, and vice versa, Michael wound up scoring 14 correct answers out of the first 19 questions, so everything would be riding on whether he could answer the 20th question correctly, just as I had hoped. I would have been a nervous wreck at this point, had Melanie not advised me so well and encouraged me I could go through with it. I took a deep breath, and turned off the voice recorder and said, “I don’t think the team that developed the experiment actually had what I am about to do to you as a possible outcome.”

That said, I rummaged in my pocketbook, and pulled out the condom and shoelace that Melanie had given me the day before. I opened the condom wrapper and rolled it onto his well-shaped and engorged cock. Then I tied the shoelace tightly around the base of Michael’s cock.

I took off my black jeans and my panties as well, and then climbed up on the table and extended my body on top of Michael’s, supporting my weight on the palms of my hands and toes, in a plank position. I angled my body forward and back while staying on the palms of my hands, rubbing my clit gently up and down the front of Michael’s cock, just grazing the tip and the foreskin. A lot more interesting for me than using one of the provided vibrators on Michael, which was what the experimental design called for.

Michael arched his back in a vain effort to get some penetration, but I backed off by an equal amount. “Is this what you were trying for Michael?” I queried, lowering myself onto his cock until he was fully inside, then reversing, and finally pulling completely off him. Michael groaned as I broke off all contact with his cock. “I’m right here Michael,” I said, as I teased him by hovering about an inch above the tip of his quivering cock. Then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Michael pulled simultaneously against all four straps while thrusting his cock uselessly up into the air, but despite his efforts there was not enough play in his bondage for him to get any renewed contact with me.

“I don’t know if you have noticed what color my toenails are painted or not, but that’s the 20th question, and you need to answer it correctly to get your reward, which will be a continuation of what I have been doing to you these last few minutes. But please don’t answer just yet…” With that I lowered my torso, so my clit was once again just grazing the tip of Michael’s cock. Michael raised his head, but the lowest extremity on my body he could see were my knees.

By now Michael was looking extra attractive to me. The sheen of sweat beading up on his biceps and his abs, the straps cutting into his wrists as he strained for some extra play, his hands turning a pinkish purple, and his tied and frustrated cock turning an even deeper shade of purple all accentuated his helplessness, which along with my growing sense of power over Michael, all fueled my excitement.

Finally, I resumed sliding my clit up and down the front of Michael’s cock, again just barely grazing it. “So let me be clear about the consequences of giving me the right or wrong answer to bursa escort the 20th question,” I paused a moment for effect. “Before I begin riding you, I will either take the shoelace off your cock, if you have answered correctly, or tighten it further, if you have answered incorrectly. So, which will it be?” With that, I gave a loose end of the shoelace a playful little pull and smiled as Michael’s cock swung back and forth aimlessly.

“And after that, one or both of us will get to cum. Sadly, probably only one of us. I’m told that it won’t be possible for you to cum with the shoelace tightly wrapped around your cock, so let’s hope for your sake that you have paid good attention and can correctly tell me the color of my toenails.”

“So what color are my toenails Michael, did you happen to notice?”

Michael thought for a second, then guessed “red.”

I leaned over and whispered in his right ear, “Sorry, they are colored purple, just like your cock.” I gave his earlobe a playful bite, and then pulled the shoelace around his cock even tighter, as he gave an anguished groan.

I began riding Michael vigorously, and we got into a nice rhythm, our bodies responding to each other’s. Melanie had told me that the shoelace tightly wrapped around his cock would prevent him from cumming, but I sensed that Michael might be building to an orgasm, which I definitely did not want, as it would invalidate the results, and mean I would not be paid. So I stopped, and pulled off Michael. He continued pumping his torso up at the same cadence, only now he was humping thin air. Michael groaned as I got off the bed altogether.

I grabbed the bullet vibrator from the nearby dresser, sat down in an armchair facing the king-sized bed where Michael was laying in total frustration, turned it on, and let it do its magic, pushing me ever closer to an orgasm. If you had asked me a few days earlier whether I would consider masturbating in front of a complete stranger, just minutes after I had met him for the first time, I would have replied, “not a chance.” But my current reality, having the power to deny Michael’s orgasm, and him helplessly watching me achieve mine, was greatly contributing to my excitement.

But before I used the vibrator to push myself over the edge, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I climbed back on top of Michael and rode him for about 60 seconds more, at which point I achieved a massive orgasm. I then pulled off him before he could climax.

I cleaned myself up and called the research manager to send another lab assistant whose job it was to apply an ice pack to Michael’s rigid cock, reapply the chastity device once that was possible, and loosen Michael’s bonds. I was supposed to leave before all this happened but hung out long enough to witness Michael roll two dice he was given into a little cup, which determined how many additional days he would have to wear the newly applied chastity device. Michael rolled a nine, and I found myself wondering whether I could get away from work early nine days later, and again apply to be a lab assistant, and also what were their policies about pairing the same two people a second time. Because I really liked the way our bodies felt together, and I suppose if I were honest about it, I liked playing with him while he was tied up too. I suppose you could call me a quick study when it comes to the things you can do with a guy when he is in bondage.

In case you are wondering what learning the sponsoring agency could get from this experiment, I had the same question myself. Michael had been prevented from having an orgasm for the two weeks prior to the experiment, expressed that on a scale of 1-to-10 his need for one was a 10, he did not get any sexual release, and yet he willingly agreed to be locked back up in chastity for an additional nine days and have a woman who he had never met before and whose name he did not know walk off with the key to his cock. If that is what going on in the field, sounds to me like a lot of our spies may be vulnerable to blackmail. Even if their observation skills are excellent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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