Quake and Shiver

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i awoke from my dream state to start my day as usual: the sweet melody of the tune dd Private Emotions dd softly playing from my alarm. i was still tied in ribbons from the day before as ordered when the call came in at 8:13am, it was Him. The orders were very clear, or so i naively thought! Nothing too surprising as it was a work day for me. i expected to stop by His place so He could start the day the way He likes best, tying me nice and tight in the corset of His choosing, stocking, heels, and collar locked in place where it belongs. How odd i thought, no red leather cuffs ordered locked on my wrists and ankles, but He did allow me to change into a clean set of ribbons for my day. The time was set, 9:30. Then came the first unexpected twist; Only a coat over my attire! Then came that calm, matter of fact voice telling me to be sure to have my butt plug and wireless remote toy in place when i return to Him after work.

O/our 9:30 meeting was short and all business as he reveled in the laces as He pulled them tighter and tighter to His liking. Spinning me around when He finished, surveying His handiwork with that smile that instantly lights up a room and makes me feel like the most beautiful creature on the planet. Then with a smack on my ass, He took my collar key and sent me off to work as He ran His errands.

My workplace is a beautiful home where the memories are many. i do my work in solitude and have the house to myself when i am there. This is the place He first made love to me, the place where i have also spent time with Him teasing and torturing me endlessly in the upstairs bedroom with the 4 post bed. This is also where many days have been spent with Him calling in His orders for pictures in front of the grand windows that look out over the vast expanse of grass and trees in the back. Then there are the days when a repair man is expected and He is sure to dress me just so to make them wonder just what is under there. Yet today was filled with unexpected, bizarre twists and turns that warranted a call to my boss to try and solve a potential issue at the house. My pulse was racing as i tried to finish up before the new realtor stopped by to handle the issue. I’m not sure she would understand finding me there in a corset, stockings, heels, ribbons and a collar, although i’m sure He would greatly enjoy me trying to explain it to her!

i finished my work and double checked my orders with Him that i was to have my plug and toy in place before i left work. He confirmed that and i left to head for His place. i was starting to relax as i left work, knowing there was no realtor in sight, when i glanced down only to be greeted with a flashing light on my dashboard…”dte 0″. WHAT??? Distance to empty 0??? What now? Dressed like this running out of gas was NOT an option!! i started to panic hoping to be able to get to the gas station, thinking how much He would enjoy my predicament and of course, my cell phone rings and it’s Him!! i explained my panicked tone as He chuckled in the background. Luckily i görükle escort made it to the gas station while He explained the change in plans. The panic of running out of gas quickly faded and was replaced with a racing mind trying to figure out what He had in mind. The new orders were to go home, lock on the red leather cuffs, be sure to have my gag ready and…gulp…my red ropes and my favorite toy that sits in the drawer next to my bed. Red ropes?? He had never asked for them before. What was He planning? What new adventure of teasing and torture was i in for? THAT toy, too?? The toy that can bring me to the very edge in the blink of an eye?? i already had the butt plug and the remote egg in place. Could He have forgotten that? What a silly thought that was! i was ordered to text Him when i had everything ready as He would be stopping by.

i made sure to quickly slip into my cuffs and lock them on, placing the key to the locks and the other assorted items requested out on a small table in the basement. Oh #$@% i almost forgot to put the batteries in my favorite toy!! The last time He requested this toy, i got in a lot of trouble for not having the batteries already in place! i double checked the table; red nylon ropes, favorite (evil) toy key to my locks, and i added the padlocks that he likes, even though they weren’t on the list. i sent my text as ordered, put in my gag and knelt in the basement as i awaited His arrival.

I could hear the front door open upstairs. My heart started racing, my breathing shallowed as i heard Him coming down the stairs. Being a good little slave, i knelt with my arms behind my back, head down as He approached. Nothing could prepare me for what was next. i expected the usual; locked to the pole, ass getting smacked and body teased as He would run His fingers across my skin, pulling on my ribbons. He had much more in his arsenal today…

He walked around behind me and i could hear Him moving things around on the small table. He came up behind me kneeling there and suddenly my wrists were padlocked behind me. He stood me up, taking a good look at His slave, making sure all was as ordered. i prayed that i hadn’t forgotten anything or screwed anything up! As i looked in His eyes my mouth went dry. i could see that glint in His eyes, that look when He knows this adventure will push me into an even deeper level of submission.

He started out slowly, checking my gag to be sure it was secure, examining every inch of His little slut to be sure all was in place. Turning on the egg that He had ordered me to have in place, His fingers pressing on my wet pussy, playing with the settings, finding just the right setting, the right pattern that would keep me on that slow burn He likes so much. Then He checked that the butt plug was nice and secure under the ribbons, moving it around while the egg buzzed away. Then He walked away and my body started to quiver as i listened to Him mutter “now what to do with my little slut”. (help) His mind was working overtime bursa escort bayan to survey the room and all the possibilities. My mind was already scrambled by this point, only knowing that whatever He came up with would not be good for me!

When He turned me around and i saw a chair there i would have let out a gasp if i weren’t gagged. i knew it was for me. He sat me down, hands still locked behind me and reached for a length of red rope. He was sure to spread my legs so that each ankle sat perfectly in front of each leg of the chair. He let His fingertips trail on my arms, my inner thighs, my pussy.

i remember feeling my body give in to the feeling of His touch, trying to remember how to breathe as i watched Him contemplate the rope. The feeling of Him running the nylon fiber around my body, securing me to the chair, was sublime. He took great care that the rope lay just perfect around my midsection as He wound it around a few more times. i could feel him by my ankles, securing each one to the leg of the chair with great precision and care. By now my body was not my own, but His; a quivering, quaking restrained slave waiting for the next wave to come and boy did it ever!!

i vaguely remember closing my eyes, trying to quell the intense storm in my body when i heard Him at the table again. This time it was the evil toy in His hands! i heard it turn on. low, med, high, the different patterns, then high again as i felt His fingers and the vibe on my chest. The sudden, unexpected vibration on my nipple almost sent over the edge! He continued to tease and torture my nipples until i thought i would scream. Next thing i knew, His fingers, then that vibe were up against my clit! Once again He tested each speed, each pattern, seeing which one elicited the most torturous response from my bound and shivering body. Grabbing me by the hair, pulling my head back time and time again, He would remind me to be a good slut. Warning me that any slip up of my rules was not an option, repeatedly asking me if i heard Him. All i can remember is feeling the intense storm raging in my body, wanting to cum so badly but knowing that would result in severe punishment. Once He was satisfied, He slipped the vibe in place under my ribbons and took a seat in a nearby chair. He was sure to let me know just how relaxing it was for Him to sit there and watch His poor little slave writhe against the ropes in agony,not being able to escape. Then suddenly the vibe slipped out from the ribbons! Up He popped from His chair telling me what a bad girl i was for doing that! i must have made a noise to indicate that it couldn’t be my fault and i instantly felt the pull on my hair as my head was yanked back and i was eye to eye with Him. He repeated “that was a bad girl! right?” i nodded in agreement as the cycle began again. This speed, that pattern, being reminded to be a good slut and not break my rules until He once again settled back in His chair, satisfied with His handiwork.

my head was spinning, i had lost all bursa escort sense of time and place as every inch of my body was corsing with energy, writhing in ecstasy that threatened to push me over the edge at any moment. After what seemed like an eternity, i felt the ropes loosening as He untied me and stood me up. i wanted to fall right to my knees but that wasn’t an option. Somehow i managed to spread my legs as we stood there. It was almost instinctive now which He took notice of. Then He commented on His little slut. He was sure to tell me how sweet i was with every crevice filled; gag in the mouth, egg in my pussy, plug in my ass. What a sight i was indeed. His favorite sight. His slut, His slave, reduced to a quivering creature completely under His control.

i soon found myself being walked over to the arm of the couch and quickly bent over. Now He placed the evil toy up against the butt plug turning it into a vibrating invader. i was being pushed to the edge of insanity, the plug being pushed in deeper and deeper as he pushed up against me from behind. Suddenly i found myself being forced to my knees, head spinning, barely breathing, not being able to control the shaking within. my body was ready to betray me at any moment. Then, i could feel Him on my lips as i have so many other times. Letting my tongue taste just the tip of Him i wondered if i had been a good enough slave to have even a little taste of His sweetness or would it be like the past few times; allowed to taste just a bit but in the end denied because i was a bad slave. i was thinking of being tied in the chair as the vibe slipped out, Him calling me a bad girl. Then suddenly my mouth was full of all that is Him. my tongue was sweeping and swirling all around His delicious shaft as He pushed His way in. i felt his hot juice hitting deep in my throat and all at once my mind, body, soul were fully spent and instantly filled all at the same time. He had rewarded His little slave and i reveled in the moment, continuing to suck on and enjoy my treat. Once again reaching that place where time and space cease to exist and He and i are the only ones that exist in that moment.

He brought me to my feet, looked me in the eyes, right down into my soul and once again i was complete, even though if asked i wouldn’t know my own name! In this place, in this moment i am always complete. Completely His, completely fulfilled, completely one with my Sir…

Before He left he placed my keys on the small table and gave me permission to remove all my locks and toys (except my ribbons of course) and He would call me in a bit.

i stood there as He made His exit. As soon as i heard the door close behind Him, i found myself collapsed on the ground, quaking, head spinning, breathing a full time job. After some time, i crawled over to the small table and, as ordered, cleaned everything up. Standing on my own two feet was still not an option.

A little while later, the phone rang and it was Him, checking to be sure i was ok and took care of everything. He could tell by my voice i was a useless bundle of babbling slave and this pleased Him to no end. He took great pleasure knowing i spent the next hour curled up in His polar fleece, tied in His ribbons, not able to do anything but lay there with a sweet smile on my lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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