Paying the Rent in Jail Gay PT2

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Paying the Rent in Jail Gay PT2
A loud distorted voice came out of the metal speaker box in our cell that announced tier time was starting. I had only been asleep a couple of hours but I could still taste Jermane’s cum in my mouth. I got up and headed out of our cell and went over to the deputy’s station to get my special pink razor and head to the shower like I was told earlier.

As I got to the deputy’s station, the deputy just winked at me and grinned as he opened a drawer and pulled out two items. He handed me a pink razor and laughed as he handed me a small clear plastic bottle with a long cylindrical tip. I asked him what that was and he told me it would clean me out really good. I knew exactly what he meant. I was to enema myself until I was totally clean for my new master.

The deputy then pointed me to a shower that was all by itself. I climbed up the stairwell and around to my shower. I swung open the door and entered. As the door swung shut behind me I noticed all sorts of shaving creams and lotions and shampoos. I instantly knew this was the “bitches” shower since it had all the stuff for us bitches to get smooth and smell good for our masters. I undressed and hit the button to start the shower. The water was warm and drenched my body. I grabbed a bar of soap and washed my body. Then I stepped out of the stream of water and started applying shaving cream to my legs and armpits. I started shaving myself smooth, which wasn’t a huge task since I’m not overly hairy. I then decided to make sure my master’s pussy was silky smooth and then I also shaved my balls and pubic area silky smooth. I then shaved my face super smooth and any other stray hairs I found on my body.

After I was done shaving, I washed myself clean and marveled at how smooth I was. It shocked me since I was used to having hair on my body, not smooth like a woman. I shrugged it off and washed my hair. I rinsed myself off and stepped out of the shower. I dried myself off quickly and started applying the lotion that was in the shower stall. It smelled like peaches and I applied it all over my body. I again marveled in how smooth and silky my body felt!

I got dressed and headed back down to my cell. I noticed on my bunk was a new outfit. No, it wasn’t anything hot; it was a set of clothes the female inmates wore in the jail. I stepped out of my clothes and decided to clean myself out before I got into my new clothes. I filled up the enema bottle with warm water and I got on all fours on my cell floor. I inserted the tube up my ass and started squirting the warm water up my ass. It felt kind of good and I just held it up there as long as I could. I illegal bahis siteleri could feel that I had to “go” and got up and headed to our toilet in our cell. I pulled out the tube and sat down. As soon as I sat down all the warm water came out with everything else. I was starting to feel clean! I decided to do one more round with the enema bottle to make sure I was super clean.

After I had cleaned myself out I started to put on my new clothes. First I put on my new bra and my panties. They weren’t anything sexy; instead they were cotton and plain white. Then I put on my over shirt and finally I slid up my pants. I put my shoes on and headed out of the cell. I looked around the housing unit and I could see a small group of “men” wearing exactly what I was wearing and I knew they were the other bitches of the housing unit. I walked over to them and they all greeted me with very feminine voices. I thought it was strange but shrugged it off.

Before I could sit down the deputy yelled out it was chow time and all those with special diets to line up first. The other bitches informed me I was now on a special diet and to get in line with them. As we were given our food I noticed all we each got was a Styrofoam bowl of soup and a milkshake. I accepted it and headed back to my cell to eat, or drink should I say. I quickly finished my dinner and threw the garbage away. I lay down on my bunk alone wondering if this was going to be my life for the next year. Before I could get too heavy into my thought process I saw Jermane enter our cell and close the door behind him. I watched him walk over to our toilet as he pulled down his pants and started pissing. I saw him notice my new enema bottle and he just turned to me and smiled. I smiled back and he shook his dick as he finished pissing.

“I see that you are ready to become my bitch, so get on your knees and clean off my dick and get it hard for your new pussy”, he commanded.

I crawled over to him and took his massive dick into my hand and lifted it to my mouth. I licked the head and could taste some of the piss remnants still on his dick. I licked his cock all over getting it all clean and hard. I could feel his cock harden in my hand as I lifted his cock and licked his balls. This made Jermane moan loud. I stopped licking his balls and decided to get his cock in my mouth.

I inserted his cock into my mouth and I tried to take it deep. I noticed I could now fit about half of his hard black cock in my throat. This pleased Jermane as I looked up at him and saw him smile. I worked my mouth over the half of his cock I could fit in my mouth and started sucking canlı bahis siteleri him good. I felt Jermane put his hands on the back of my head and I thought he was going to face fuck me again, but instead he grabbed my head and pulled me off of his cock. Jermane walked over to his basket of personal belongings and pulled out a tube. He threw it to me and told me to start applying it to his cock. I squeezed out the goop and thought it looked like lube. I lathered it all over his massive hard cock and was jerking Jermane’s cock hard when he told me to stop.

“Strip for me now”, he ordered.

I did as I was told and started pulling off my shirt. I then pulled down my pants. I stood there in my bra and panties when I saw Jermane smile and his massive cock jerk with excitement.

I started to take off my bra when Jermane ordered me not to. Also I was to keep my panties on.

“Get on all fours on your bunk with your head facing the wall and your ass sticking out towards me” he ordered.

I did as I was told. I was really nervous but wisely did as I was told. Jermane then handed me the lube and told me to start applying it to my pussy hole but to not take off my panties. I reached back and slid my panties to one side as I slid a greased finger up my ass. I moaned in delight, shocked I liked it so much. I then shoved another finger up my ass and started working them in my tight ass. I was working them in earnest as I looked back to see Jermane stroking his cock watching me loosen up my pussy for him. I then pulled out my fingers applied more lube and then gingerly shoved three fingers up my loosening ass. I could feel my ass loosen more and more as I worked it but I figured I would need it as loose as possible to fit Jermane in me.

Just as I was about to insert my fourth finger in my ass, Jermane ordered me to stop. He told me to remove my fingers and get ready. I felt him come behind me and before I knew it, he was starting to insert his massive black cock into my tiny ass. I winced in pain as the head started stretching my asshole to accommodate his cock. I started to cry some as Jermane finally got the head in my ass and was trying to shove more of his cock into my ass. I asked him to please stop but that just made him laugh. I grabbed my pillow and buried my face into it as I started crying and screaming in pain. I thought my body was going to be ripped in half when all of a sudden the pain went away and I could feel my asshole stretching and loosening. I was shocked at how good it started to feel.

I could feel Jermane shoving more and more of his cock into my tight pussy and I thought his cock was never going bahis firmaları to get all the way in me. I felt Jermane pull out some and then shove all of his cock into me. This made my eyes roll back into my head as I let out a loud moan and I felt my cock cumming without even being touched. I could now feel Jermane’s big black balls slapping mine and his hipbones digging into my small ass.

“Oh fuck yeah bitch your pussy is tight! I knew you were a natural as soon as I saw you and now you have all 11 inches of my dick up your small tight ass-pussy!” he said.

I moaned in agreement as Jermane started fucking me at a slow pace. My ass naturally started opening up and soon he was able to pull his huge cock almost all the way out and slam it all the way back in my loose ass. I started moaning like a whore in heat and meeting my hips with Jermane’s as he started to get a good rhythm fucking my ass. All of a sudden I felt my small cock start to spew more cum into my panties and this made Jermane laugh again.

“I knew you would love my cock. I knew you were a bitch too! Only bitches come more than once when they ride my cock”, he chuckled.

Jermane pulled his entire cock out of my ass and he ordered me to put my mattress on the floor and lay down on my back. I did as I was told and as soon as I got onto my back, Jermane was between my legs. He pulled my tiny smooth legs up over his shoulders and he pulled my panties to the side again. He then pointed his cock back into my pussy. I moaned in delight as his cock started to find its way deep into my body. Jermane grabbed hold of my legs, commenting on how well he liked my new smooth body and started to really fuck me like his woman.

Jermane was starting to work his hips and really fuck me good like I used to see porn stars get fucked. I was moaning louder and louder and begging Jermane to fuck me.

“Please master fuck me. I’ve been good like you wanted me too. Please make me cum again! My ass is yours master anytime you want it, just don’t ever stop fucking me!” I screamed.

This made Jermane wild like an a****l and he really started pounding my deflowered pussy. He slammed me once again and I started cumming into my panties again. As I came my ass clamped down on Jermane’s cock and this made him tense up. I felt Jermane stop pounding me and I looked into his face as he grimaced and I felt a flood of warm cum shoot into my ass-pussy. This made my cock twitch more as more cum dribbled out of my cock.

Jermane let go of my legs and lay down on top of me. I felt myself melt into his chest as I rubbed his ass cheeks and his back. Jermane was rubbing my smooth legs and my smooth ass cheeks. Jermane soon stopped rubbing me and I heard him snoring soon after. I lay there still rubbing my master’s skin and nibbling on his neck with his softening cock still lodged up my ass. I knew then I was his and I couldn’t wait to get fucked by my master again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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