Out Of Afrika, Chapter 37

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 37
A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi


My wife and I had been married for six years and we had recently moved to Hawksville, a bigger town or small city in the south and were finding it hard to establish friends in our new location. Other than that, life was the usual routine of work for us both, looking forward to the weekends when we could drive to the beach, or just hang by our pool. I had married her when she was 19 and I was 35. My love life, if you could call it that, was generally pathetic and most girls turned me down for even just a date. So when this shy teenage knockout not only agreed to date but agreed to marry, well, I was over the moon. Neither of us particularly wanted to have c***dren, especially me.

I took the usual ribbing about ‘robbing the cradle’ while thinking to myself that my friends were all just jealous that I married a very hot teenager, just out of high school. most of my ‘friends’ called me a wimp behind my back so I took much pride in having Emily all to myself. Her body was to die for, neither of us had much sexual experience so I loved introducing her to my cock, which I convinced her was ‘larger than normal.’

Each time I was transferred with the big insurance conglomerate for which I worked, it meant more responsibility and longer hours always compensated with generous increases in remuneration.

In this case, it was to establish a new branch in a bustling town which had huge potential, with a firm eye to getting some of the insurance business from the massive Rhino Industries. It would also mean a big change for Emily who found herself once again looking for a job in a strange city.

I didn’t have to travel on business much other than quarterly trips to the Head Office near Chicago. Some guys had to travel constantly and I noticed that put a strain on their home lives with their lonely wives. Guys tended to drink more when away and seek female comforts, either other travellers or professional sex workers who were more than easy to find. They then would be upset when their wives took on lovers. I always felt if my young wife wanted to sample another man, then that would be ok as long as she told me about it.

As a few years passed, Emily completely lost her shy demeanour and loved dressing up in sexy clothes. I used to tease her that she was becoming a ‘party a****l’ and loved showing off her sensational breasts and ass. She just giggled and said something like ‘if you have it you should flaunt it.’

In our previous city, my wife loved to party and I often stayed in the background and watched her flirt with other guys. The flirting sometimes lead to some sexy close dancing, and occasionally I would lose track of her at a party. If she let a guy feel her up a bit, she will always tell me in great detail what the guy did and what she did and it often led to great sex for us both when we got home.

Emily, or Em as I always call her has to be careful of her wine intake as sometimes she can get too adventurous with other guys. As long as she is careful and is open and honest with me and it leads to great sex for us what’s the big deal?

Once at a party in our old hometown, she gave a complete stranger a blowjob when she showed him where the bathroom was located. She reported to me that her knees hurt from kneeling on the tile floor while sucking him off! I commiserated with her and when she told me how big his cock was it made mine very hard indeed. It was not until we got home and got into bed and started making out that she told me he was black, and that she ‘loved doing it for him’ and that she even ‘wanted more black cock’.

It was the best sex we ever had, but it was also the first time she had ever said my cock was ‘so much smaller than her black friend.’

On our honeymoon, it was obvious that I was her first sexual partner, which didn’t bother me in the slightest, as she obviously loved getting laid and was active, vocal and very very easy to bring to orgasm multiple times usually with my mouth, as she often said my cock ‘just didn’t cut it’.

Even now when she calls herself the world’s greatest cock teaser, I don’t mind.

I even help her dress provocatively so the guys get to ogle her great young breasts and ass. It is a huge turn on for me to help assist in doing up her sheer lacy white bra while she won’t let me touch her large firm breasts or engorged nipples.

She tells me to kneel and has taught me how to roll up her stockings on her sexy legs while brushing my aching hands away from her neatly trimmed sweet pussy. Putting on her matching sheer lace panties is the highlight of our little game.

I hope that later after she is ready she will permit me access with my tongue and mouth to pleasure her. But that is after the party when she has had her fun with cock teasing other guys.

Em is very personable and we felt she would land a good job with her multitude of talents. After a few fruitless interviews, she was offered a great job as a senior coordinator at a local special event planner. Em was thrilled as she explained it, “Oh, Doug, every day is different and the guys and gals at work are all so hip and cool.

They seem to party a lot and hang around together even on weekends. There is a very cute young black guy that all the girls really want to date!

“I told him I was happily married and he said that didn’t matter to him. Isn’t that wild?”

I was a bit taken aback but did not comment, she seemed very happy and I was so tied up in my own responsibilities I wasn’t about to rain on her parade. Besides, I now knew that it was true about black guys being very well endowed so I could see why the white girls and women were interested in exploring that possibility.

A few weeks after she told me about the gang at work, she said she was going out with the whole group to party on Friday night. They had just concluded a huge conference and their bosses were going to join them for a celebration.

Spouses were not included.

She also said that one of the bosses, Mr Elrod, had taken a shine to her and given her a special generous bonus for all of her hard work. He said that the client had been so pleased by ‘the new girl’ that he specifically mentioned Em by name.

She said it would ‘probably’ not be a late night, and she would be fine as there were only about five guys and eleven or twelve gals. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

I asked her if the cute black guy she had mentioned a few times was going out with the group?

She replied, “Oh, yes Doug. His name is Clint and he told me he would be keeping an eye on me to protect me and make sure I wasn’t a bad girl. Isn’t he so funny?”

She seemed very excited about the event so I left her to her makeup preparations.

When she came downstairs she looked stunning. Her minidress was very tight across her chest, and while not particularly low cut it still emphasised her breasts with the silk material hugging her invitingly. The skirt was so short she looked like the teenager she was when I married her.

I went to kiss her and she stepped back, “Please don’t kiss me, I just spent ages on my makeup.

“Get me a drink to calm my nerves.”

I didn’t think that was a particularly good idea on an empty stomach given her habit of flirting outrageously when she has a few drinks, but she insisted and when she insists on something, anything really, I know I have to do what she says. I guess I am getting ‘pussy whipped’ as I understand some of my friends say behind my back.

“Don’t drink too much as you know I won’t be there to take care of you.”

She laughed and replied, “Oh, Doug, I just told you Clint promised to keep me in line!”

I convinced her to wear her short white vinyl raincoat as the forecast called for rain, and fortunately, it was a bit longer than her tiny dress. The doorbell rang and I saw a huge black SUV limo outside. It was almost a minibus with multiple rows of seats. There was a black guy at the door. He looked like a pro football player and he was holding an umbrella fending off the misty rain. He had fresh cut flowers for her.

Em exclaimed, “Clint!. How sweet of you to come and get me. Thank you for the flowers, that’s so kind.

“This is my husband, Doug, I have told him all about you.” She turned to me and said, “Doug, get a vase for the flowers and arrange them the way I like.”

Clint stepped into the foyer out of the rain, and whistled, “Wow, Em you look sensational!”

He openly stared at her breasts, apparently not caring if I noticed. I thought it was a bit much for this guy whom she hardly knew to call her ‘Em’ the nickname that I thought was exclusively mine to use, but as usual, I did not complain or say anything. Clint continued,

“A few of the girls could not come and the boss added a few clients, so it looks like eight guys and eight gals unless it changes again.”

He grinned, with his perfect white teeth contrasting his black African skin. This news did not comfort me, especially as they left and he put his arm around my wife and led her to the vehicle. As she bent over to enter the limo he patted her ass and looked back at me and laughed.

Well, I told myself at least someone is looking out for her.


As Em climbed into her seat in the middle of the vehicle she became aware of all the others who were already in place in the dim interior of the luxury limousine. It smelled like a new vehicle except for the unmistakable smell of erotic perfume. She took her seat and Clint sat beside her.

He said quietly, “Here, let me help you with the seatbelt, they are a little awkward to work, but you must put it on.”

His face was an inch from hers, his masculine aftershave almost intoxicating, his hand trailed across her front as the backs of his fingers under the belt paused and then slid on over and then past her full breasts, her nipples suddenly erect and engorged. She felt herself blush, and was glad in the dim light no one could see her. He sat back and took her left hand in his, holding it as her husband would resting on his leg. She flushed again and looked down at her wedding rings, shining in the gloom with just enough light to see that her hand was very close to an enormous bulge in his crotch.

Across from them and facing backwards was one of the senior executives of the firm with his arm around one of the young female interns, his hand cupping her breast. Emily knew him to be married with c***dren older than the young girl who was making no effort to suggest he stop fondling her. In fact, she seemed to have one hand on his fully erect cock.

God, she thought, he is three times her age.

She thought to herself that she was happy to have Clint looking out for her, at least he was roughly her age. Her mind wandered about what the girls in the office constantly talked about, that black men are well hung, black men have far more stamina, black men are superior lovers and so on.

It was also obvious to her that the executives of her new firm enjoyed partying with the staff and celebrating special achievements. They also apparently chose a Friday night so no one would leave early making canlı kaçak bahis the excuse that they had to go to work in the morning.

She decided to remind Clint she was a married woman.

“Clint, thank you for looking after me, I think you are a wonderful friend, and judging by what is happening on this bus, I am lucky to have you here. But, but…”

He turned his head and drowned out her conversation by kissing her open mouth, and before she had a chance to say anything about being married his big long tongue was in her mouth and she could not resist responding in kind, kissing him back with a ferocious passion she didn’t know she possessed.

As the kiss ended, the limo driver hit the brakes and everyone was momentarily startled.

Emily looked up the aisle and right into the kindly eyes of her boss Mr Elrod.

Oh God, she thought had he been watching and seen Clint kissing her? She assured herself that her making out with the black man could not have been observed by her black boss.

He smiled and gave her a little wave. She smiled and waved back and hurriedly told Clint, “Please behave yourself, I am married, and my boss is a few seats in front of us. Don’t make me get mad at you!

“He has just given me a promotion and a big bonus, and I want to be sure I don’t betray his trust.”

Clint was confused by the last statement, but clearly, he felt he had better ease off, after all the night was young and he had her to himself, her prissy cuckolded husband left well behind.

As the limo moved smoothly towards the outskirts of Hawksville, Emily saw an immense tower with a huge illuminated red ‘R’ in the distance, as they got closer she could see a smaller ‘E’ and ‘D’ and she asked Clint what it the sign signified.

“That is the Rhino Entertainment District, we are headed there. The original building is the luxurious, first-class hotel, then Rhino Industries added the casino, an office block with condos and a Gentleman’s Club, and finally the superb restaurant where we are going.”

Darkly, he added, “That’s why I told your husband I would protect you.”

“But why would I need protection?” she asked innocently.

“Well, my sweet, many young white women both single and married go to the RED in search of BBC and thus a lovely, sexy, gorgeous woman like you could probably be most vulnerable.”

“What is BBC?” she inquired.

“Well, there is no polite way to describe BBC, it stands for big black cock, and the white women, many of them young wives such as yourself who are sexually frustrated at home come here to find a black lover of which there are many. By being on my arm, a good looking young black man, if I may say so, you will be as safe as a church mouse!”

He laughed.

As the limo pulled into the special restaurant attached to the sprawling enterprise. One of the executives called to Clint to wait just as Emily left the bus. She looked back and the men both seemed in earnest conversation.

Mr Elrod quickly moved to Emily’s side and took her arm saying, “I would like to have the privilege of dinner with you tonight young lady, Clint is being asked to sit elsewhere with some clients who have requested his presence and I would like you to meet more of our top clients and senior executives.”

“I have been most impressed with your work and I would like to know more about your ideas to improve our products and services.”

Emily had never really looked closely at Mr Elrod, as she was intimidated by his larger than life presence around the office. But clearly, she had no choice but to join him. He was one of the black men that the other girls speculated was a great lover and so on, but none of them knew for sure as he was married and seemed to separate his home and office life very effectively.

Now she looked very closely.

He was tall, towering over her, very handsome and dressed like a million dollars. He was extremely personable and was the main spokesperson for the firm, owned by a group of silent investors who stayed in the background and were only seen when there were board meetings.

He explained that his wife was out of town and could not come and that was why the firm decided that spouses were not to be invited. She was thrilled by him and amazed to be selected to sit with him at the table with the other executives.

She happily noted that Clint had two white women with him and she waved. He gave her the ‘thumbs-up’ sign, and she relaxed letting her firm breast make contact with the older man’s arm. Mr Elrod was a perfect gentleman, she gave him her full attention, and, while not flirting, certainly conveyed the impression that she was very excited to be his special dinner companion.

Emily excused herself and in the bathroom repaired her lipstick, applied more and made sure her appearance was perfect. The dampness between her legs had subsided and her nipples were calm after the erotic incident with Clint. As she made her way back to the front of the room most of the men watched her every move, not missing her perfect ass in the tiny skirt and her bare legs that longed to be touched.

The wine flowed. Her glass was continuously refilled by the very attentive wait staff. Emily noticed that they seemed to be all young girls, probably college students and they were all wearing most revealing outfits. The male waiters were all black men. She suddenly remembered what Clint had said about the open sexual nature of the huge enterprise and she felt apprehensive and looked around anxiously for Mr Elrod who thankfully appeared back by her side.

Mr Elrod introduced her to one after another of the executives, each time taking her arm protectively and each time letting his hand linger on her arm. She was feeling very relaxed and confident. All of the men enjoyed meeting their “newest superstar” as Mr Elrod called her.

She looked up into his handsome black face and said, “Oh Mr Elrod, you are too kind, I have just been applying the principles I learned in College and at my other places of employment.”

Her smile dazzled him. Now she openly flirted. She thought of her husband. He will be fine. As long as she tells him she flirted ‘a bit’ he will be ok with it.

She was sure.

She looked around for Clint and noticed he was at the very back of the room with the two older white female clients, they all seemed to be getting along just fine with Clint seated between them. Me Elrod excused himself briefly and her phone buzzed. It was her husband wondering how things were going. She texted him back saying she was fine and that one of the senior executives had ‘taken her under his wing’ she added ‘not to wait up for me as dinner had not even started yet’ and she added that ‘Clint is with new clients so you needn’t worry about him.’

She finished off the long text with ‘have to turn the phone off as am entered into serious business discussions with several of the bosses, who will be sure to get me home safely.’

As Mr Elrod returned she turned off the phone and put it in her purse. There was another black man with him who looked vaguely familiar but she could not place him.

Mr Elrod said, “Emily, please say hello to one of our biggest clients, Ma’Bill is one of the founders of Rhino Industries and the man who is in charge of marketing!”

Ma’Bill smiled happily and took her hand in both of his while stroking her arm, “It is a great pleasure to meet you, Emily, your boss has been very happy to tell me about all the great things you have accomplished in your first year with him, and I am delighted to meet you.”

Emily involuntarily shivered, the man seemed so, well, erotic, almost like he wanted to make love to her right there on the spot, and was used to white women giving him what he wanted. Why would she think that? Perhaps because he was still stroking her arm as Mr Elrod laughed happily.

“I have asked Ma’Bill to join us for dinner, my dear, so you will have the two most important, powerful men at your beck and call all night!”

She smiled invitingly, her boss could have added the words ‘handsome’ to his comment. Ma’Bill stood very close to her. He finally stopped rubbing her arm and clearly turned on the charm as he continued,

“I have asked Mr Elrod to consider putting you in charge of our Rhino business, Emily.

” I fear we need a complete review of our Business Plan as we have grown by ‘topsy turvy’ in recent years and now need some fresh, young input.

“If we have time later I could take you both on a brief tour of some of the facilities so we can have an ‘inside look’ and then as you work closely with me in future we can accomplish great things!”

“Why Ma’Bill I just gave this lovely creature a substantial raise, now you will make me have to review that again!”

Mr Elrod stated, laughing happily.

Emily was almost overcome with the idea of such a major account being handed to her.

They sat for dinner at the table in the middle of the room. Emily sat between the two very handsome black men, all eyes seemed to be on her. They constantly talked business across her and with her. Sometimes each man’s hand brushed against her breasts, her nipples thickened and stayed that way, visible through her lace bra and the expensive silk dress.

She was very aware that her tiny minidress just barely covered her damp pussy. Ma’Bill was not shy and put his hand on her leg to emphasize a point he was making. It felt warm and reassuring. The thought crossed her mind that both men wanted her.

She decided not to worry about it.

Whatever happened and would give her wimp of a husband a new thrill.

With each glass of wine, she batted her heavily made-up eyelashes and flirted even more obviously. She put her hand on Mr Elrod’s leg her wedding rings sparkled in the light, the tablecloth covering her boldness. He took her hand in his and placed it lightly on his semi-hard cock. He smiled and said, “That’s a good girl.”

She squeezed it and looked lovingly at him as Ma’Bill stroked her leg from the other side.

She needed to get laid. To get fucked and she didn’t care which man took her. However, while she had always flirted and let guys take some liberties, she had never ‘gone all the way’ outside of her marriage. She was in a conundrum – and it never occurred to her that both black men would soon enjoy her considerable charms jointly and alone.

With dinner over, Ma’Bill suggested they visit the famous Gentlemen’s Club.

Ma’Bill was shown the best table by the hostess, a busty blond who was a tad overweight and seemed to be intent on showing the world her wonderous breasts. Em was taken aback at the erotic atmosphere which seemed to promote only one thing, black men making out with much younger white women.

Most of whom apparently were married and working at the club for extra spending money.

Ma’Bill took her to the dance floor. Couples were openly making out and he started feeling her up. She did not resist. Her boss watched them intently until he had seen enough and he stood to take her hand and lead her back to the table. Ma’Bill was nonplussed and flirted with a white waitress who seemed willing to do whatever he suggested.

Emily noticed what looked like a private room at the back of the massive bahis siteleri club. There was a subtle unlit sign stating that it was ‘The Ballroom’ only visible from time to time when the strobe lights happened to hit it. She asked Mr Elrod about it and he replied,

“To be honest I am not sure, perhaps ask Ma’Bill as he is more up to date on these things and if you are to take on Rhino as the main contact for our firm you need to be totally informed.

“I’ll call Ma’Bill.”

Ma’Bill happily took her arm and guided her through the dancefloor, mainly occupied by young white women in the fetching slave outfits dancing with black men of all ages.

As they entered the room and passed a security man, Ma’Bill casually put his hand on Emily’s sexy ass and rubbed it.

She did not object.

“OK Emily, so, as you can see in here, the wives are dressed differently.

“Once they have served for several months as slaves in the main room they have an option of working in here. You will notice they are dressed in their wedding gowns or at least their wedding dresses and they must wear their wedding rings.”

His hand had moved up her side to cup her breast.

“Of course not all of them have kept their own wedding dresses, or don’t fit in them, so we have a section of the ladies department of the Rhino Store dedicated to weddings, and they can get properly fit in one there, naturally it is a different style than the one they actually wore when they got married.”

Emily noted the absolute lack of any white men as opposed to the main room where there were some. She commented.

Ma’Bill replied, whispering in her ear as he openly fondled her ample bust and squeezing her hard nipples, “My dear, you would not have been allowed in here without me, and no white men are permitted, just their juicy young wives, dressed for their wedding. That is a huge turn on for the black clients of our firm, and the white women can’t wait to get in here, there is actually a long waiting list!

“If your eyes have adjusted look over at the pink couch in the corner, can you see the bride?”

Emily looked where he indicated and took a sharp intake of breath.

A white wife was lying across the laps of two black men. She was sucking the cock of one of them whilst the other had his hands under the white silk of her dress obviously fondling her pussy.

Her wedding rings glinted in the low light. She seemed to be in a sexual trance.

Emily looked around. At another group, she saw a busty white woman masturbating an older black man. Ma’Bill seemed to sense what she was staring at and started rubbing her ass again, “That turns you on a little lady? ” he said.

” More than a little Ma’Bill, I would like to be in my wedding dress and strutting around to show my tits and service these nice men. Perhaps you could bring me here and look out for me, or I could bring my husband. There is a whole world of sex that I didn’t know existed.” she replied.

“Well you can’t bring Doug, but I could certainly look after you in any way you like.

“We must rejoin Mr Elrod now he will be concerned.”

As they walked back to Mr Elrod’s table Emily’s juices were flowing. She had visions of digging out her wedding dress. That scene was the hottest she had ever experienced.

She texted her husband to say she would be very late.

How did Ma’Bill know her husband’s name was Doug?

“Well, my dear, there is another option for your husband. We have a special group of black ladies who are fem-doms dressed in the appropriate outfits who will look after your husband in The Playroom.

“It is over here just have a quick look.”

She looked in aghast at a few sissy husbands being bossed around by large black ladies in bustiers with huge breasts. Some sissies were being forced by the fem-doms to put on soiled silk panties and stockings. A few even were wearing bras and feminine makeup.

“This is a great new idea so young couples can spend the weekend with us.

“The wives can experience as many black cocks as they like, while the fem-doms masturbate and force their husbands to perform orally on their black pussies and assholes before giving them handjobs or letting them suck off their other sissy friends.

Emily thought she was about to faint.

Then Ma’Bill saw Maggie Miller.

He had not seen her since her wedding at the Confederacy Country Club or ‘CCC’ as everyone in the know called it.

He remembered feeling her big breasts when she hugged all the men soon after taking her wedding vows, making no effort to remove Ma’Bill’s black hands from the front of her pure white wedding gown.

He remembered what a wild night that was bedding the lovely young white wife, what was her name? Oh yes, Delores, what a great fuck she was that night.

Maggie was sitting with some other women when she spotted Ma’Bill. He had just what she needed, a big black cock. Her husband, Devon, was away and she needed cock badly. Devon would understand, he always understood.

She lept up and into Ma’Bill’s arms kissing him with a wild, passionate French kiss.

Maggie taught Sex Ed and was the Department Head for the subject at Hawksville High. She was married to a BBC but her husband could not keep up with her needs and was totally ambivalent when she strayed from her marriage. In fact, he approved completely.

Devon was not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he had what she needed daily and that was a huge hard erect black cock.

Ma’Bill brought Maggie over to join Em and Mr Elrod. They both liked Maggie’s engaging personality immediately.

Ma’Bill suggested they continue the tour as Maggie bade farewell to her friends, She was sure they would all also achieve their goals as other black men approached their table as Ma’Bill led her away.

Mr Elrod continued to hold Em in his arms. His sexual magnetism was engulfing her senses, she had never felt such desire. She asked him to keep dancing with her. He pulled her tight into his midsection.

Emily could feel his erection against her. What was it the high schoolers called it? Oh yes, ‘grinding.’ She remembered grinding with her date at the prom dance, but this was wildly different. She knew he was big. Much bigger than she had ever experienced by far. Her husband would be interested she hoped.

Mr Elrod leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Would you like to see one of the suites upstairs?

“We could be alone.

“It would be on our tour.”

She stammered, “I really want to but, but, I shouldn’t, you know, I’m, a, an um married.”

“Well we could ask Maggie and Ma’Bill to join us, and I would never do anything you did not want. Just tell me and if you wish I will stop.”

She went to answer.

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out.

She did not want him to stop.

She had never wanted anything in her life more.

And with a gorgeous black man!

His mouth descended and covered her lips, his tongue entering her mouth.

For the second time that evening she was being french kissed by a handsome black man, this one was twice her age and again she involuntarily responded to his passion with a passion of her own, their lips locked. His hand squeezed her breast.

It felt perfect, this is what the girls talked about in the office over coffee.

Em now had the bosses’ hard cock pressing into her, she looked at his black hand on her full breast. It was erotic. It was perfect. Her nipples never reacted like this with her husband.

She felt the familiar feeling of her pussy soaking wet.

“I will, I want to, yes I would like to go upstairs with the others.”

He smiled and said most reassuringly with the words she was getting used to, “That’s a good girl.”

Riding the elevator seemed to take an eternity. There was an older white couple waiting when they got there.

Mr Elrod, ever the CEO, smiled and made small talk. while Em noted the woman who was at least eighty years old stared at his crotch. The old man clearly had lost his ‘filter’ and openly ogled Emily’s breasts, and when she turned to get in the elevator he brushed against her.

God, she thought, he must be 75 years old at least.

She pulled her arms back to emphasise her bust and looked him straight in the eyes as she did so. Let him stare. His cock was probably puny. She cock-teased him. She took Mr Elrod’s hand in hers to let the old man know she was taken.

They finally got to the suite. It was massive and gorgeous, and Mr Elrod he knew Ma’Bill had a master key so until they arrived, Mr Elrod and Emily were alone.

He took her in his arms and whispered in her ear, “When we are away from the office please don’t call me ‘Mr’, call me Rod, like all my friends, do.

“I will leave it to your imagination why they came up with that name.

“Think of this as your wedding day

“Were you a virgin then?

“Have you had a lover outside your marriage?”

She stammered, her face flushing beet red, “Yes, I was very innocent when we married, I was a virgin, and Doug told me he had a bigger than normal sized cock.

“To be honest, we had pretty lousy sex until we learned to communicate better.

“Why do you want me to think of this as my wedding day?”

“No, I have not had a lover, but I have enjoyed giving guys head from time to time.”

“Well, sweet Em, tonight, with your permission I will be introducing you to my hard big black cock and we will need time for you to take it all in. So be sure to let me know.

“It is like another wedding for you, but this time with a real cock.”

“That’s so sweet of you Rod.”

They kissed again, he took her hand and put it on his cock. It was huge. And hard.

He unzipped her dress and it fell away. He put his hand inside her damp panties and started to finger her expertly. Better than her husband ever did.

He quickly dropped his pants and picked her up with ease and lay on the bed with her on top. She kissed her way down his muscled abs to the head of his enormous hard cock.

“Oh, God, I have wanted this all night, it is amazing.”

She knelt between his spread legs and kissed and sucked, her saliva coating the glistening black rod.

He slipped around her and they took their 69 positions.

He kissed her sweet pussy as he had been expertly taught as an eighteen-year-old by a friend of his mother’s. She taught him to kiss her pussy like he was french kissing her mouth. His big thick lips drove Emily crazy. His nose was pressed against her anus.

He pulled back to inspect it. It was perfect, puckered and pink.

He licked her anus causing her to shiver delightedly and squirm.

“That’s a good girl.”

He inserted his strong tongue in her back passage.

She was a virgin there.

He knew it.

That would be for later, for now, he had to work on her pussy to take his twelve inches of erect black cock.

She squirmed wildly as he brought her to her first orgasm.

After she climaxed she went back to bending over to take his cock in her mouth again.

Neither of them heard the condo door open or close behind Ma’Bill and Maggie who were now watching them from the bedroom door.

Maggie silently approached Emily from behind and cupped her breasts. Emily was startled and turned her head only to be met by Maggie’s mouth covering hers with a deep french kiss. Ma’Bill pulled his erect cock out of his güvenilir bahis siteleri pants and Maggie took it in her hand and placed it at Emily’s cunt.

Ma’Bill pushed it in.

She turned her head back to Rod’s cock.

She was being fucked by Ma’Bill while sucking Rod and French kissing Maggie.

Rod was watching keenly and had the last word.

“That’s a good girl.”


Emily twisted on the bed trying to accommodate the heavy load as Ma’Bill took her from behind in the age-old doggy style position, She was now crying out demanding more and more of the fulfilling feeling of Ma’Bill’s big cock in her soaking wet pussy.

Ma’Bill rotated his hips expertly as he thrust into the young willing white wife. He was big, strong, very virile and he had been very attracted to Emily as soon as he laid eyes on her a few hours before.

He had clearly enjoyed the flirting over dinner. The casual ‘accidental’ touching of which he had become an expert turned him on. The building of sexual hunger in this latest choice to receive his attention and later, the sexual dancing in The Gentlemen’s Club had led to both of them losing any inhibitions. The sight of so many black men with white wives aroused them both underlying more and more black sexual dominance in the Rhino fashion.

Ma’Bill was aware though, that as soon as the CEO, Oskar Botha, took one look at Emily’s long auburn hair, her perfect large breasts, long legs, very kissable ass, and her perfect pussy, that he would want her for his own.

Thus he decided, he would encourage Mr Elrod to fuck her as well. Rhino Industries could not afford to irritate ‘Rod’ as they called him. He was another in a long line of black executives, now residents of Hawksville, who had conquered the place and were now enjoying the spoils of victory.

Namely any white wife they wanted they got. White men were powerless.

Nor would Oskar get this one, not this time. He had taken too many of Ma’Bill’s discoveries in the past. Not this one.

She was squirming in passion, yelling at him, “Fuck me harder, give it all to me.

“I will explain to my husband that I have finally found real cock.

“Fuck me, don’t stop, harder, YES fuck me.”

He gave very little thought to the wonderful, pretty marketing manager’s husband as his sexual drive for other men’s wives knew no bounds. The black men who now dominated Hawkville’s economic engine also dominated the sexual lives of any women they wanted.

He loved it when the white wives kept their wedding rings on while he fucked them. It added dramatically to his erotic excitement to know that somewhere in town a white husband was wondering what his wife was currently doing at his Rhino Entertainment District.

And, of course, what she was doing was getting ten inches of thick hard black cock that Ma’Bill delightedly rammed deep inside her. The black executive also loved it when they screamed out during sex for more cock. He loved the power surging through his loins. He would give it to Maggie next, not for the first time.

Emily did not disappoint him. She is a great fuck, he thought.

Emily had been making out with her black boss, Mr Elrod earlier in the evening, and they had just undressed each other in the huge suite in Rhino Hotel and Condos when Ma’Bill and Maggie Miller joined them from downstairs.

Seeing Emily on her knees sucking Mr Elrod’s huge cock with her ass in the air enflamed Maggie’s imagination and she took Ma’Bill’s hard cock in her hand and pushed it into Emily’s wet and available cunt. Ma’Bill was perfectly positioned to examine Em’s cute pink puckered anus, so he wet his finger and rubbed all around it.

Maggie, a true black cock connoisseur watched and kissed Emily whenever she came up for air from sucking Mr Elrod, whom they were all calling ‘Rod’ at his behest. As often as possible Maggie also lowered her head to suck Rod’s rod as much as she could.

The girls, who had just met downstairs, enjoyed deep french kissing each other, while the black men took more and more liberties with the compliant and very horny white wives.

Em had earlier wanted Rod’s cock to be the first black one ever between her legs, but it was too late to worry about that now, so she pushed back at Ma’Bill as hard as she could once she had accepted his girth and length. She put both hands on Rod’s cock and took as much as she could in her mouth.

Emily thought ruefully that earlier this evening she had been concerned that Clint might want to fuck her outside her marriage, and now the one in her pussy was a man she had only known for an hour, and she was sucking her boss who would obviously soon be the second to share his magnificent erection with her.

She was now understanding why black men made such great lovers. She was fast becoming a convert.

Her phone buzzed with a text. Must be her husband, she thought.

Damn it, she had forgotten to turn it off again.

Doesn’t he realize she is busy with work-related activities? She ignored the buzzing.

Let him play with his wimpy little cock, and leave her to accommodating real men.

She had never had a black lover and now she had two giving her their black cocks at the same time.

They had not even turned on the Rhino TV system which was rumoured to help young and old to orgasm. They did not need it. She would never need it.

Maggie picked up Emily’s phone and turned the camera on. She zoomed in on Em’s mouth full of Rod’s cock and her saliva pouring out of her mouth coating her wedding rings on fingers just barely able to circle the huge black erection.

She slipped back a few feet to get the full effect of Emily being fucked by Ma’Bill while sucking Rod. A true white woman’s fantasy: two hung black men screwing her at the same time.

One in her mouth and one in her pussy.

Checking the pictures Maggie was delighted. She took another picture of her own cunt and texted all of them to ‘Doug’ whom she assumed was Em’s husband.

Emily was delirious with lust. Ma’Bill was grunting and driving his huge erection in and out as fast as he could, she was able to take it all now.

Rod said quietly, “That’s a good girl.”

Maggie was talking to no one in particular as she shouted, “Fuck her hard, give her all you got Ma’Bill, don’t stop. Fuck me, this is so fucking HOT.”

Maggie’s hand snaked between Emily’s legs and started stroking her clit. It was soaking, she was cumming, over and over. Ma’Bill pulled out and spurted his cum all over Em’s asshole and back. Maggie took his cock in her mouth and sucked it dry. Then she licked up what was on Em’s back and finally buried her mouth in Emily’s cunt and sucked and licked like a woman possessed, finally she swallowed it all.

The camera’s video captured the whole scene perfectly.

Again, Maggie hit ‘send’.

Rod’s cock still stood strong and proud, and Maggie spread her cunt lips and mounted him. The SexEd Department Head at Hawkville High had come to the Gentlemen’s Club at Rhino to get herself laid with black cock and she was overjoyed with the events of the evening.

Rod drove it home. She screamed, “Fuck me you handsome brute, push your big black cock up me hard, harder, fuck yes, that’s it push it in. Aaaah God, more, harder.”

Maggie was always vocal with her students in her descriptions of how black men were superior to whites. Her students would sit sat in rapture, both boys and girls as she moulded the curriculum to describe in detail how sex works and how to satisfy each other with their hands, mouths, cocks and vaginas.

In fact, the three girls who were downstairs were all her former students back from the first-year of university. Just nineteen, they were loving being the centre of attention from black men of all ages.

Ma’Bill’s phone buzzed. Some emergency required his immediate presence at the Front Desk.

He swore.

The others ignored him as he dressed and left.

Emily tried to catch her breath just as the older chief executive of the firm positioned her to sit on his face while she faced Maggie riding his cock for all she was worth.

Maggie pulled Emily over and the two girls continued their deep french kissing while Emily squirmed on Rod’s face. She had yet another orgasm. Rod’s tongue again probed her anus. She was on fire. The older black man was insatiable.


Emily’s husband, Doug, was thrilled when he heard his phone buzz once, then again and again.

‘Whew,’ he thought as he stroked his barely five-inch erection in his wife’s panties.

He had picked them from the laundry hamper earlier along with her stay-up stockings and a cute pink bra.

Doug looked longingly at the open door in the closet where her pretty wedding dress hung. It still had fragrances from that wonderful day and night.

Their wedding day had been the first time that he had stirrings in his groin watching her dance with other men. Especially black men.

One such dance was with a young black man from her office. He held her tight to him and his hands wandered on her bare back and down to her pretty bum. She giggled and flirted and did not seem to mind as both her arms were around his neck. Doug thought he had seen them kissing at one point, but the evening was a bit of a blur.

One day, he thought, one day I will squeeze into that pretty dress.

Earlier he had put on one of her summer frocks and paraded around the house.

There were advantages to her going out on a date with Clint, a black co-worker.

Oh, Yes, he thought, it wasn’t really a ‘date.’

That would be improper for a married woman, especially his sweet young inexperienced white auburn haired freckled skinny wife Emily.

He loved stroking himself in her clothes. They smelled of her perfume.

But he had to be careful not to cum in them, so he would bring himself to the very edge of cumming and then stop for a few minutes, and start again. It was such a great feeling with the silk against his cock and balls.

Later he had carefully put the summer dress back exactly as he found it.

His cell phone buzzed again.

He picked it up. Emily had put a new password on it. She had not liked him to have ‘sissyboi’ as a password on his phone, someone might notice and embarrass her.

And he always did what she told him to do.

What was it again? Oh yes: ‘suckabigblackcock’

Did she know his fantasy? Or was it her fantasy?

He was confused as he opened the first of the pictures on his phone. He noted there was also a video. That was most unusual.

Maggie finally screamed as she came and squirted on Rod’s massive erect cock.

She slumped down on Emily and the two women held each other.

Emily was amazed at the way Maggie had turned her on.

Why would another woman have such an effect on her?

She was indeed having a sexual awakening. She would never again be satisfied with her husband.

Rod got up. He was proud of himself.

Maggie was holding Emily and giggled:

“That was amazing but I must go. The girls just wrote that they are upstairs with six or seven black guys and needed my help! ”

Rod had a quick shower and then lifted Emily effortlessly off the bed. He walked into the shower and lovingly soaped her down. He bent her over, the water coursed its way over his ebony body and he rubbed his hard cock between her legs from behind.

They were finally alone.

As he entered her, gently at first and then more firmly. She was in heaven pushing back at him.

“Oh, Rod, don’t stop, give it to me, that’s a good boy.”

He smiled. This girl was very special.

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