My slave and my Friends

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My slave and my Friends
My Master made me kept a journal of my experiences as his slut whore bitch slave, and I write here my experiences with my Master’s friends.

Since being collared by Master, I had been used by countless number of men of almost every race and nationality, covering:
White – German, Swede, Spanish, Dane, Serbian, British, Australian, American, Polish, Belgian, Dutch, Bosnian, New Zealander
Black – African American, Indian, Pakistani
Yellow – China Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian, Japanese, Taiwanese
I have had sex with all shapes of men, tall, short, muscular, skinny, girlish and even obese ones. I had seen all shapes of men’s phallus, ranging from mammoth ones of African American to wee little thing of a Chinese Singaporean.

Yes, in addition to the mighty White men, whom I really enjoyed serving, my Master also made me serve men of other colour to make sure I understood clearly my status in life. To totally debase me, I also had to serve women, White, Indian and Chinese. He made it clear that I was at the bottom rung of humans, inferior not just to White men but to any men, and also inferior not just to men but also women, including other cheap whore Chinese woman.

Master divides his friends into two categories. For his close friends group, they are at liberties to do anything to me as they wished including raw sex. The only out of bound areas are s**t and permanent markings of any kind. For “other friends”, they are only allowed sexual service from me – oral, vaginal and anal. These other friends are only allowed safe condom sex.

I had to provide a wide range of services for the friends, many of which I had never thought I would be so disgracefully succumbed to performing and worst of all actually enjoying it. My experience so far:

Whore – I have become a common whore. I provide both in-call and out-call service to Master’s friends both men and women. I am to avail myself to his friends anytime when I am not at work. His friends can request for my service in my apartment or their home or hotel. The service I had to provide was both massage and sexual services. My clients were usually men though there were a couple of times my service was taken up by women, Indian and White. It was through this lesbian encounter that I experienced for the first time being fucked by a strap on dildo. For some reasons, these women seem to enjoy using extra-ordinary large ones on me. Sometimes the friends will tip me for the service but most times I had to provide the service free. I had to whore myself even when I travel on business and holiday – if Master has a friend illegal bahis there, I may be required to call them to volunteer my service or they may call me having been informed by Master. I started being a whore, after about 12 months of meeting Master, by then I had become a sex crazed woman – I really enjoyed being fucked by both men and women and cumming for them – and I really enjoyed performing the role.

Maid Service – For his close friends, I can be requested to perform domestic chores for them on weekends. I had to perform these chores either in the nude or some flimsy French maid uniform which I had to bring along in case my clients so prefer. In most instances, I have to complete my duties with sexual services. If the client was not satisfied with the cleaning, both of his apartment or his sexual organ, they are free to discipline me as they see fit. These punishments can be very intense, much worse than Master’s, as some of them are really sadistic and really enjoy torturing us Chinese girls. As long as their actions don’t injure me or leave permanent markings, they have Master’s permission to render on me.

BDSM Model – Whenever I visited Tokyo, Master will require me to contact his friend a bondage Master and be a model for his shows. These shows were held either at his studio or in a SM club in Roppongi. The show is non sexual, it involved being tied up in ropes and being suspended. Depending on the show for the evening, sometimes I will be waxed by dripping candles for which I would howl in pain, always to the amusement of the Japanese customers. While suspended and tied, though no sex is involved, customers have the freedom to grope and finger me. They could also insert dildos, vibrators or anything their perverted minds can think of in any of my holes. Being treated so cheaply excites me and these perverted acts mostly end up with me having numerous unrestrained screaming orgasms to the ovation of the crowd. I loved being a model, I love exhibiting myself, I love being a fuck toy and I loved cumming for my audience at these shows.

Escort Service – Relatively, this is the simplest service to perform. When friends need a female companion for dinner or to have a sexy lady in their arms for social events, they can avail themselves to me. This service may end up in sex but not always. Sometimes the friends will pay me for the service but more often it is a free service. I do enjoy being an escort as I love showing myself off at these events and I enjoy the sensation of men feeling proud when they show me off at these events.

Party Hostess – In the simplest form, as bedava bonus veren siteler a party host my role is to serve drinks and snacks at Master’s friends’ social events. Master may or may not be there. I would either be clothed in some sexy attire but without panties or on some occasions host in the nude. It is almost inevitable that I would be groped by the guests during the evening. Often, I have to perform oral sex as and when requested by these men; I would have to kneel down and suck their cock while they continue their conversations or whatever they are doing. Once, I had to suck the cock of a cross-dresser much to the amusement of all the guests. If they so wished, I could also be fucked there and then in front of all the guests – both in the arse or cunt as these men wished. On the more extreme sides, these events will be wild sexual orgies, with other Chinese slave whores also present. They could also be SM events where we Chinese slave girls are humiliated, whipped, flogged and disciplined by sadistic powerful White men.

Toilet – I am a human toilet! Master regularly organized social events for his close friends. On some occasions my role is a human toilet. I had to kneel down in the bath tub and wait for guests to relieve themselves. When a man comes in, he stands next to the tub and relieved himself into my mouth, there is always large volume of pee coming out from these pricks and I to drink as much as possible but given the volume inevitably much will overflow from my mouth and pool up in the tub. The tub is plugged so the pee will not flow out but will accumulate around me as the evening wore on. Women too can use me as a toilet if they so wish, they will straddle the bath tub, and I will adopt a somewhat lying position as they aim their yellow liquid to my mouth, with the excess wetting my hair and face. When they finished I have to licked and suck their cock or pussy to make sure they are clean of wee. To complete my humiliation, I had to say either: “Thank you Sir” or “Thank you Madam”. By the end of the evening, I would be kneeling in a pool of pee and my body, face and hair will be coated with the pungent liquid and I would smell more foul than a dirty public toilet. For me, this is one of the most degrading act to perform, the disgrace constantly a reminder of my now lowly place in society.

Sexual surrogate – This service was actually thought of by me and Master agreed for me to provide the service. Back then, I met up with a group of married friends regularly for various social events. At one of these gatherings, I noticed yatırımsız deneme bonusu that one of the husbands, a White man showing more than a casual interest in me. I reported my observations to Master after the event and Master concluded that the husband was sexually interested in me and directed me to seduce him and fuck him. By then I have become an insatiable cunt that could not have enough of cocks. I assented to do so without a sense of guilt that I was scheming to have sex with my very good friend’s husband. The opportunity soon presented itself and soon was fucking my friend’s husband on my bed, with Master watching the whole show on the cams he had installed in the apartment. It was so sinfully erotic, that I found myself in total sexual ecstasy cumming again and again from my friend’s husband prick pumping in and out of my cunt. “You are amazing” he kept on murmuring as he kept fucking me until he sowed his White seed into my cunt. After that night, he even co-ordinate his business trips with mine so that we could continue our sinful liaisons abroad. It then dawned on me, that most married men are sexually deprived by their wives or no longer find them sexually attractive as these wives do not bother to keep up their appearances. On understanding this and with Master’s approval I decided to provide a sexual outlet to these deprived men – all my friends’ husbands became fair game to me and I ended up fucking many of these husbands behind their backs. Being the filthy slut I had become, I felt no guilt and shame only glad that I am able to be of service to these men and making them happy.

I have become an extremely busy girl. I have no more time to focus on my work and my career has stagnated. It does not bother me, as I really, really enjoy being nothing but just a thing for White men and in fact all men!

For whoever, Master decides to share this article with – you may wonder if what I wrote is true, the answer is yes every bit of it. Most White men and men do not really understand that they have the power and ability to transform any of us Chinese whores and into mindless obedient slaves – because we Chinese women are genetically submissive and just want to be used. From my experience; through a combination of constant verbal abuse and skillful cultivated addiction to orgasm and cocks, I easily gave up my moral right of sexual equality. I am now more concerned about not being deprived of White men’s cocks making me cum and drinking their sweet nectar when they feed me with their prick. Of course this is being reinforced by pain from punishment that the Master and his friends inflict to tear down any remnants of my woeful resistance. The constant mixture of pain and pleasure when rendered expertly will reduce any women into readily embracing slavery and consigned to be the lowest form of humanity – a grovelling and whimpering piece of fuck meat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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