My Sister in law Lizbeth

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My Sister in law Lizbeth
So my wife is excited. Her brother who lives in California and she hasn’t seen in a few years decided to take a family vacation. They are coming to visit us in San Antonio. It’s himself, wife and their two boys. The boys and him are cool to hang out with. We always have a good time when we spend time with them.

Now his wife, Lizbeth is a different story. She’s very pretty, nice tits and ass. She is a solid MILF The only downside is that she is batshit crazy. Also is clinically bipolar, takes pills and everything. It doesn’t bother me, but I have had my fun with her. Plus she says she’s an exhibitionist, well that’s what she says.

Nothing too bad. Over the years there has been some grab ass, you know… I grab her ass she grabs my dick. From time to time she will send me sexy pictures, some bra and panties or just naked ones. One Halloween when the k**s were little, we snuck off for a little bit. Lizbeth was wearing this sexy costume I don’t know what she was, but it showed off her tits. The slits on the sides of her costume went all the way up her thighs. We found a little spot where no one could see us and we began making out.

Great kisser, got me hard in no time at all. After a few minutes I focused my attention to her ample breast. No bra that night plus her nipples were perfect. Not to big, not to small. She loved me kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Small moans of pleasure escaped her mouth and a few moments later she was releasing my cock from my pants.

There it was, just hanging out with her hand wrapped around it. I’m not that big, I’m about 5 1/2 long, but I am pretty thick. Lizbeth’s hand doesn’t completely wrap around my dick, but she enjoyed working her hand up and down my shaft. This crazy bitch knows how to work a stick, in no time I was leaking precum.

With that I let one of my hands explore the slit of her costume. And what a treat I found. No panties on and a very smooth very wet pussy. I started playing with her clit then began caressing her wet lips. Not wasting any time my fingers found her snatch and started working in and out at a slow pace. Then faster and faster, my hand coated with her juices, her hand covered with my precum.

Lizbeth’s pussy clamps down as her body spasms as her orgasms floods her body. Still with her hand gripping and stroking my cock like a possessed woman I started shooting out stream after stream of cum from my dick. The look of crazy on her face was a little scary, but a turn on.

Lizbeth looked at her hand with a mad face, “My hand is covered in cum.” Without saying anything else she began licking off the cum from her hand. That still is one of the hottest moments in my life and it got better. She whispered in a very very sexy voice “You got some on your cock, let me get that for you.”

She leaned forward and took my half hard dick into her mouth. She sucked and licked up all the cum that was on my shaft. “Okay, let’s head back.” And off she went. It wouldn’t be a few more years later till I saw her again. About seven years later, more or less.

That time we went to visit them in California. My wife and I were there for about a week. Lizbeth was shaking her ass at me the whole time, but she was careful enough that my wife didn’t see her. To make things a little more fun for us, when no one was looking I would slide my hand down her panties and grab her ass and once and a illegal bahis siteleri while I would put a finger in her ass.

It wasn’t till about the fourth evening till we really got to play. All of us where watching movies from Blockbusters (when it was still open). Everyone started dropping like flies until it was only me and Lizbeth. I had already changed into my sleep wear earlier, then she told me she would be right back.

She came back in a very very short pink nightie. The top was sheer so her very hard and very pointy nipples were visible, add to the fact that Lizbeth’s nightie barely covered her ass. She sat next to me on the couch. I was thinking we were going to fool around and make out. She looked at me and spread her legs apart and all that came out of her mouth was, ” Eat my pussy.”

Now I knew I shouldn’t with everyone in the house, but once she lifted the front of her nightie and I saw her bald pussy, all reason flew out the window. In a heartbeat I was on my knees on the floor with my face inches away from her slit. I don’t know what she did, but Lizbeth’s pussy smelled like cotton candy.

When I went in for a taste… She tasted so sweet, it was like I was eating candy. With her hand on the back of my head I wasted no time licking, sucking and nibbling on her dripping wet snatch. About a few minutes in the moans started. A few more minutes they got a little louder and a few more minutes later Lizbeth had a pillow covering her face as she moaned uncontrollably into it.

Being so turned on, I whipped my dick out and proceeded to stroke it slowly, so I could enjoy the moment I was in. But as do all good things come to an end, as my cock got to its full potential her legs pulled me in. Her nails dug into my scalp, her back arched and then juices began flowing out of her. I remember vividly, because Lizbeth was the first woman I made squirt that fast.

She was still in a daze, body limp on the couch with her legs still spread. I could hear her catching her breath with the couch pillow over her face. Me being so turned on and horny with the taste of pussy in my mouth, I rose up slightly from the floor. My cock was perfectly lined up with Lizbeth’s pussy.

Lust took over my body, without thinking twice I shoved in balls deep. A loud muffled moan was what I heard as her pussy tighten around my cock. “We can’t do this…” Lizbeth told me as she removed the pillow from her face.

I pulled back till only the tip of my dick was between her pussy lips and slammed all the way back in. She grabbed my shoulders and dug her nails in. I enjoy the look on her face, eyes rolled back and her biting her lip. I whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to stop?” Then I do the same thing again and again and again. Lizbeth let go of one of my shoulders only to cover her mouth.

Pounding and pounding away, seeing Lizbeth’s tits juggling I knew I needed a better look at them. Grabbing her nightie from the top, one hand grabbing the lace covering her breasts and quickly ripping the lace off. Somehow that really turned her on, because she wrapped her legs around me and pulling me more in with each thrust.

I could feel her pussy tighten and getting wetter. My cock was almost at its limit. Giving her tits attention, going back and forth sucking on her nipples. That sent her over the edge and with her hand covering her mouth trying to muffle the moans that canlı bahis siteleri escaped her mouth Lizbeth had her second orgasm of the night.

That did it for me, one hand grabbed her hip and the other grabbed her throat. Slamming into her snatch one last time, I just blew my load into her willing cunt. Stream after stream after stream just kept coming out of me. I don’t know how much time passed, but all remember was collapsing on top of Lizbeth when my cock finished shooting baby batter into her.

When I snapped back into reality she was still wrapped around me holding tight, but for another reason. “You need to pull me to the edge of the couch.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“So I don’t get any cum on the couch dumb-ass.”

Well she had a point, so carefully we moved together towards the edge then she loosen her grip on me. I withdrew my half hard cock from her and that’s when the flood of baby batter gushed out of her cunt. It splattered on the floor and more was still coming out. I freaked a little, I have never cummed that much before. She and I were in amazement of the sheer volume that was now on the floor.

I asked Lizbeth, “Little late to ask… but are you on birth control?”

Standing up with cum oozing down her legs, “Nope.”

“Oh… Okay. I’m gonna get some sleep, see you in the morning.” I told her as I gave her a kiss on the lips and a smack on her ass. Then I just walked away. She’s always fuckin with me, so it was my turn.

The next day was just like all the same, except we forgot all about the wet-spot on the couch. Lizbeth just said she spilled a drink and forgot about it, so that covered our tracks. We packed and took our flight home later that night. It was about to week later when she sent me a text. Guess who started her period?… This lady.” And she also sent a topless along with that text which I still have.

So it’s been about eight years since then. So we are heading to my mother in law’s house. Apparently they took a cab from the airport and wanted to surprise everybody. We got there, did our hugs and hellos. When I got to Lizbeth, she hugged me like I was dying. She quashed her boobies into my chest. There was no doubt I could feel her rock hard nipples against my chest. As we embraced she whispered in my ear, “I’m so wet right now.”

We enjoyed them being there for their vacation. About a week in my brother in law was called back to work for a really big emergency and left right away. Lizbeth stayed with the boys, so we entertain them the best we could. On the plus side with him gone, Lizbeth and I got to play a little bit more. Which was really fun on Saturday night.

She wanted to see downtown at night and go for drinks. I was down for it, plus we didn’t live to far from downtown either. When it started getting dark Lizbeth, my wife and me got ready and headed out. We drank and drank. Ate some food at a restaurant. Then drank some more and walked around downtown, which did look really nice at night.

Time flew by, it was about 2:30 in the morning when we started getting tired from all that drinking. We headed back to our place. Soon as we got there my wife told me she was gonna crash out already and headed to our room. Me and Lizbeth ended up having a night cap.

“I really need to take a shower,” she told me.

“Well… Why don’t you?”

“I’m out of sleeping clothes. I haven’t washed yet.”

“Tell you what. I’m sure some bahis firmaları of my clothes might fit you. Take a shower in our bathroom and I’ll get you something to wear.”

“Okay, thanks you’re the best.”

In my room the bathroom right as soon as you walk in on the right side. The bed was a little farther to the left side and back. The room was big and that’s what I love about it. Lizbeth made a bee line for the shower, stripping her dress off along the way. No bra or panties, it was a beautiful sight.

I went through my clothes and found some very loose clothes. Loose because I had an idea for later. Turning around I saw my wife passed out on the bed barely covered with the sheet. She was dead to the world when she drinks like that. I stood by her side of the bed. There she was, only wearing a skimpy pair of panties. Her beautiful D-cup titties on display. Her nipples hard with the cool air in the room.

She started moving about slightly. Legs spread a bit, well enough to get some access. So I started caressing her pussy through her pink panties. Feeling a wet spot started to form and getting really turned on. With my dick hard I carefully pulled her panties off and rolled her onto her side. My fingers found her snatch, dripping wet no less.

Having my fun for a few minutes. Working my fingers in and out of her pussy. I sucked on her hard nipples. Then to my surprise she came and clamped down on my fingers. It took a moment for her orgasm to pass. I still had a raging hard on from what just transpired, but still had to take Lizbeth the clothes.

Walking into the bathroom it was jaw dropping site. We have a glass shower and you can see everything. Lizbeth opened the shower door, “What took you so long? I need someone to do my back.”

She said with a grin on her face which meant she was up to no good.

“Were you playing with her pussy?” She asked me.

“Well, yeah.”

“Which fingers?”

So I picked up my left hand and Lizbeth quickly grabbed my hand . She then shoved my fingers into her mouth and sucked them dry. This was making my already hard cock even a little more painfully harder. Lizbeth took my fingers out of her mouth.

“She taste a little sweet. I might want to eat her pussy if I get the chance.” And there was that grin again.

“So… Are you going to get in and do my back?”


“Good. That way I can take care of you.” She said as she was staring at the bulge in my pants.

Wasting no time I step into the shower and she hands me the body scrubber with soap on it. I get to work scrubbing her back down her legs and back up to her ass, but doing it ever so slowly to tease her. I turn her around and start lathering up her breasts and that pretty pussy of hers. She then returns the favor and lathers me up too.

Both of us covered in soap we rinse off. Still hard and horny Lizbeth has that grin on her face. Wondering what she had in mind.

“Dry off quick,” she told me as she walked out of the bathroom drying herself off.

I dried myself as best I could, I was noticing my dick was starting to turn a little purple and was starting to get a case of blue balls.

Walking out of the bathroom my dick gets a little bigger. I see Lizbeth on the bed, face first eating my passed out wife’s pussy. Taking to myself “Oh, this is gonna be fun.”

I walked to my dresser and set up the HD video camera to record the show. Headed over to the bed with my now throbbing cock. I took a moment to enjoy the view and the sounds of pleasure that were filling the room. Standing behind Lizbeth with her ass in the air and her face eating my passed out wife’s pussy I had only two options, which would it be… Ass first or pussy first?

I took her ass!

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