My first cuck experence

My first cuck experenceIt happened while on holydays last summer . May I first point out that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to watch ether my now wife or ex girlfriends fuck someone else . I had been trying and encouraging my wife to engage in my fantasy in the hope she would fuck some guy . she did for a while go along with the whole idea in bed but then got very board with it I still kept wishing thing would change . June 2014 was the turning point for us we met this black guy by pure chance at the complex we were staying at we talked and had a few tighter when he left I could see she was interested I asked what she taught of him and with a very stern look she asked if it was what I rely wanted I said yes and kissed her . The next day we saw him again and invited him for a drink as we sat down I moved round kaçak casino so they were siting next to each other she began flirting with him and he looked at me I just nodded he took over putting his hand on her leg then pulled her forward kissing her . I got up and asked if they want to go to our room she took his hand led us all in that’s when he asked if I was ok with him fucking my wife she told no to worry about me as it was my idea what transpired over the next two hours was out of this world his cock was well over 9 inches (mine is 3at best) she cried with joy at the way he used her mouth and pussy . After he came in her mouth she came over to me taking hold of my head and kissed me that was my first taste of another man’s cum I was hooked . He then ordered me to clean her out after which he said something to casino oyna her where she looked at him he nodded and she called me over grabbing my hair she told me she wanted him to fuck her once more but as her mouth was sore from sucking him I was to suck and get him hard for her I did as I was told and thus began another session of him pounding his cock into her pussy he grunting and she begging him to fuck her at one time she looked over at me and said I was no longer going to fuck her as she would not feel me inside her as they lay in each other’s arm’s kissing he said he wanted a beer I was told to go get some. I opened the door looked back to see her climb on top of him again and slide down his cock she ten barked at me to fuck off and close the door last words I heard were take your time wimp. When I returned canlı casino siteleri they were laughing and asked what I taught of then going out on their own that night as he wanted to show her off to his friend’s this was not part of my plan she just laughed and said tough shit I started it all now she was in charge . He also made it quite clear she would do anything he told her I watched as she got ready .She was dressed in light short dress no panties or bra his instructions she did look stunning and very hot I was permitted to lick her pussy before she went out . With very mixed feelings I sat there and waited till they returned at some point I fell asleep woken by the sound of the door opening she came and kissed me full on the mouth and she both stank of and was full of cum later she told three of them used her one in her mouth at all times while another fucked her . This lasted for another week and when we came home she demanded I find another black guy for her it take me a bit of time but glad to say I have found one I now serve them both with my mouth .

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