Lake Tahoe

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With the extra money I have been earning lately I decided to go snowboarding with a few friends. They had found a really good deal to Lake Tahoe, staying in a catered chalet with lift passes included.

We flew from Manchester airport early on the Saturday morning, and after changing flights at Chicago we arrived in San Francisco late afternoon. With the time difference we were all pretty tired, and we crashed out in the back of the van for our four hour transfer to the resort.

It was gone 11p.m by the time we got to our chalet, but having had a couple of hours snoozing in the van we decided to dump our gear and go for a few drinks. The chalet host was called Dani, and she recommended a local bar.

We managed to find our bearings and soon we were having our first real drinks of the holiday. It didn’t take long for the altitude and alcohol to kick in, and the four of us were soon up dancing on our chairs and generally having a laugh.

Michelle said we should call it a night as we had to be up early to collect our boards from the hire shop, so reluctantly we staggered back, but not before having a snowball fight on the way. Jane caught me full in the face with a great shot…the bitch. I would have to get my own back on her for that one!

Being in a chalet we had got two en-suite rooms for the four of us. I was in a double with Jane, and Claire was in a twin with Michelle. Now I know you guys out there are thinking “Great, two girls sharing a bed”, but it happens all the time and it has never turned into a lesbian sex-fest! You must know me by now, even though I do find girls attractive, I just love cock too much to turn.

Almost as soon as my head touched the pillow I was sound asleep. The early start, late night and the extended day due to the time difference had really caught up with me. Next morning the alarm clock woke me up to find myself alone in the bed.

I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face, and then threw on yesterday’s clothes. As I walked into the living area I found Jane talking to Dani and a few of the other chalet guests. It seemed Jane had woken early with the excitement and had already gone down for breakfast.

We were soon joined by Claire and Michelle and after a bowl of cereal each we tucked into a plate of eggs and bacon with a side order of toast all washed down with a large coffee to shake off the cobwebs.

As we ate we got the low-down on the town from Dani and the other guests. Which the best bars were, what runs we should try out and which restaurants were worth going to on Dani’s day off.

After breakfast we got showered and changed into our snow wear, and then Dani took us to get our equipment and lift passes. Before long we were on the hills, working off our large breakfast and last nights drinks.

The powder was great and the weather was dry and sunny. The four of us spent most of the day exploring the mountain, with a break for a light lunch and a glass of wine. By mid afternoon we were all pretty done in, and decided to head back for a soak in the hot tub.

Dani had left some cakes and muffins out for us, but I gave them a miss. I went beşevler escort bayan to my room and stripped off, dumping all my clothes on the bed, then had a quick shower and put on my bikini. The hot tub was on the back porch and could seat about eight at a squeeze. The other girls joined me and as we sat in the tub relaxing we saw a large 4×4 pull up by the double garage in the back.

A guy who looked to be in his mid forties got out and walked towards the house. As he passed he looked and waved, calling out “Hi.”

“He’s quite tasty,” said Claire.

“Very nice for an older guy,” replied Michelle.

“Who do you think he is?” asked Claire.

“I bet he either works on the chalet or owns it,” I said.

“He can work on me,” laughed Claire.

“Me too,” I said.

Now I’m not too bad looking, but Claire is stunning. She has a perfect figure, the most amazing boobs and gorgeous, curly auburn hair. When we go on a summer holiday I always feel envious of her. She always goes topless, and her firm, D-cup breasts put my small B-cups to shame.

“Fancy a walk round the shops for a couple of hours, do a bit of shopping?” asked Jane.

“Sounds good,” said Michelle.

“Yeah great,” agreed Claire.

“I’m going to leave you girls to it, I said, I need to get my head down for a couple of hours.”

We all wrapped towels around ourselves and wandered in to the chalet. Back in the bedroom I dried myself off and picked up my clothes from the bed, hanging up my jacket and pants. I went to put my underwear and base layer in my washing bag, but I couldn’t find my knickers. I checked everywhere, even checking the legs of my snow pants. Strange.

“Have you moved my knickers?” I asked Jane.

“Why would I want to touch your dirty knickers?” she laughed.

“I can’t find them anywhere.”

I was too tired to think straight, so I let it go and got into bed. Even though I was so tired I lay there for about ten minutes but couldn’t drift off. Sod it, I might as well get a shower and see if I could find the girls.

The warm water felt great, and I could feel it wash the tiredness from my aching body. I got dried off and put on some clean knickers and matching black bra. It was then I remembered we had decided to share a hair dryer to save luggage weight, and it was in Claire and Michelle’s room.

I opened my door and listened for a second. There didn’t appear to be anyone home so I sneaked down the hall in just my underwear. As I opened the door to their room I disturbed the guy we had seen outside looking through a chest of drawers.

“What the hell are you doing?” I shouted.

He spun around and looked at me, keeping his hands behind his back.

“What have you got there?” I demanded.

His face was turning bright red.

“Nothing, I’m just here to do the repairs.”

“What repairs?” I asked.

“The drawer is sticking,” he said.

I walked over to the chest of drawers and pulled open the one he had been looking through. It was full of underwear, either Michelle or Claire’s. It was then I remembered how little balgat escort bayan I was wearing, a fact that hadn’t gone un-noticed by our intruder. He was eyeing me up and down.

“Show me what’s in your hands?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” he insisted.

I went to reach behind him but he pulled away.

“Okay I’m calling the police,” I said.

“I’m not stealing anything, and I own this house so I have every right to be here,” he said.

“But you were going to take something, and you still shouldn’t be here.”

As I said it I grabbed behind him, causing my near naked body to brush against him. He tried to pull away but it was too late, I felt his erection pushing against my belly. I stepped back and looked down at his pants. As I watched he brought his hands in front of him, a pair of panties in his hand.

“Have you taken a pair of knickers from my room?” I asked him.

He reached into his pocket and brought out my worn panties.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I have a…fetish. I promise I won’t do it again. I’ll put them back.”

He put the clean ones back in the drawer and closed it, and he held mine out to me.

“Follow me,” I said, walking to my room.

He did as he was told, and I led him to my room and closed the door.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Hannah. Tell me about your fetish Joe.”

“I have a thing for underwear, panties and thongs mostly. I just get so aroused by them. The feel of them, the fabrics. The smell. How they look.”

“So why not go and buy some?” I asked him.

“I have tried that, but I get more turned on when I know who they belong to. I saw you girls in the hot-tub and couldn’t help myself. I’m really sorry.”

“What do you do with them?”

“I…err…just look at them.”

I moved closer to him and looked him directly in the eye.

“I don’t believe you. What do you do with them?”

His eyes fell to my cleavage and then down to my panties. I felt my pussy getting moist as I made him squirm with embarrassment.

“I…use them.”

“How do you use them Joe? Do you sniff them?”


“Show me,” I told him, passing my worn panties back to him.

He slowly lifted them to his face and inhaled. His eyes closed as he breathed in the aroma of my pussy on the panties. It was such an erotic site seeing this guy getting so turned on by my underwear, that I felt my nipples harden and my pussy start to tingle.

I walked to my chest of drawers and opened the one with my lingerie in. Reaching inside I lifted out a white, lacy thong.

“Do you like this one?” I asked.

“Very much,” he replied.

I passed it to him, and he caressed it gently. I then took out a pair of sheer, black panties.

“What about these?” I asked.

“Mmmmm, they look amazing.”

“Do you want to touch them too?” I asked.

“I would, but could you do something for me first?” he asked.

“That depends what you want?” I told him.

“I would love to see you in them,” he replied.

I went into the bathroom and changed into them, batıkent escort bayan and when I came out I heard him moan as he saw them on me. They are totally see-through, so much so he could clearly see my trimmed pubic hair and my pussy lips. I had my worn pair in my hand and I passed these to him. Again he lifted them to his face and breathed in the heady scent from the fabric, the crotch moist from the excitement I was feeling.

“What else do you like to do with them?” I asked him.

He looked at me lustfully and said, “I like to wrap them around my cock as I wank.”

“Show me.”


“Really, show me how you stroke your cock,” I demanded.

He took his zip in his hand and lowered it. Reaching inside he freed his erect cock, a drop of pre-cum visible on the tip. He took my black, recently worn panties and began to rub the damp material against his hard cock. I could see his legs were shaking as he wrapped them around his cock and began to wank. His free hand brought my stolen panties to his nose.

I moved closer to him and pushed him so he was sat on the edge of my bed. As he fisted his lovely cock he was sniffing my panties and staring at my visible pussy lips. I lifted one leg up onto the bed so he could see the damp spot growing in my sheer panties. Reaching into them I began to gently rub my clitty in little circles, never taking my eyes from his hand as he worked his cock faster.

“Do you like my pussy?” I asked.


“Would you like to see it better?”

“Ohhh yes please.”

I took my hand from my clitty and took hold of the fabric covering my mound. As he stared at panties I pulled them away to the side, exposing my trimmed pussy, my lips glistening with my juices.

As he looked on, still pumping his thick cock into my lingerie I once again began to play with myself, only this time I spread my lips so he could see how pink and wet I was. I tickled around my wet hole and then pushed two fingers inside myself.

I used my free hand to reach up and unclip my bra, and shrugged it off. Leaning forward I pushed my boobs towards his face, and he didn’t need telling to suck on my throbbing nipples, sucking them both in turn.

“Mmmmm that’s it, suck them harder,” I demanded as I gripped his hair.

I love having my nipples sucked, it always gets me so horny, and if they are gently bitten it pushes me closer to my orgasm.

“Bite them you dirty bastard,” I almost shouted.

As he did I finger fucked myself harder and felt my pussy spasm as I came, my juices squirting out and onto his legs.

“I’m cumming…ooohhhhhh fuck…Mmmmm” he moaned.

He kept pumping his cock as he shot his cum into my panties, and there was so much it began to seep through the thin fabric. I reached out and took them from him, and as he watched I raised them to my mouth and sucked them, taking his salty load into my mouth and swallowing it.

“Oh thank you so much Hannah, that was amazing,” he said.

I readjusted my sheer panties, picked up my bra and put it back on, and then tossed my cum soaked panties at him.

“You can keep those as a souvenir,” I told him as he fastened his pants.

He put them in his pocket as he stood up.

“Come back tomorrow Joe, and I will have another worn pair for you.”

As he left with a large grin on his face I knew exactly how to get Jane back for that snowball. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t miss a pair of her dirty knickers!

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