Kiss Juice Pt. 02

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A month or so had passed; Raj and I had been fucking on a regular basis, even more regular than when I was married. In those few weeks there was not a room in the house where he had not fucked me. He had become a real stud, and that made me hope that I was his only. You never know with young men who are not always in your line of sight. Once they’ve lost their virginity, they just want to fuck any woman that walks with a pulse. I really hoped Raj was not one of them, especially as I am no spring chicken.

Since that first time, Raj had come very much out of his shell. He was no longer timid, far from it, and with every encounter he was like a man who knew exactly what I wanted when we were naked and alone. In the beginning the fucks were uncontrolled, raging and frenzied.

Those turned to slow and sensual. Those would last a while as he fucked me in the most sensual way that our bodies had become one, each knowing how to please the other just through our sexual connection. He would slide in and out slowly for ages, on occasions leaving his cock deep in me for me to pulse my cunt on, squeezing it as we kissed lovingly.

And then there were the sessions where he would be quite rough. But that never put me off; I loved it that way too.

At first we only got a couple of hours here and there, mind you he also did get some gardening done.

I had come home after one of my three times a week morning gym sessions, just to keep me active and the body tight in the right places… you understand. Raj had not been round for a couple of days, and I felt so fucking Horney from thinking of Raj’s thick, brown Indian cock, that I just ripped my clothes off and got the rabbit out for a spin. I had made myself so wet thinking of his cock, that I did not need anything to ease that rabbit in. I set it on max; I really don’t know why they have any lower settings.

And straight in, it did wonders on my clit as I pumped it in and out so fuckin hard, I wanted to make it hurt, I found that was the best way to get maximum pleasure from these things. It vibrated and gyrated and on occasions I slipped it in and out slowly, imagining the way Raj fucked me. After quite a few pumps, I left it in deep, gripped it with my thighs, I glided both my hands along my body to my boobs. I played with my nipples, pinched them, twisted them, slapped them, oh… just the thought of when Raj emptied his load down my throat as a virgin boy gave me such a thrill.

I felt that tingle in my cunt, I was about to cum, and with both hands I grabbed the rabbit, lifted my knees up and thrust my hips in time with my plunging that rabbit hard. And ah… there it was a very welcoming orgasmic release. I slowed down and slid the rabbit in and out, my eyes were closed, and my mind went to when Raj filled me up with his youthful spunk and I had taken his virginity… Naughty girl… Naughty me!

I could write and tell you of all the times Raj came and fucked me, but the one that still sticks out is the first of many weekends his parents went away. During the week Raj had messaged me and said that his parents were going to stay with some friends for a couple of days from Friday, and would not be back till late Sunday. I immediately text back and asked him to stay over those couple of nights.

I usually went out and danced on Fridays, but I thought I would give dancing a miss on this occasion, as I had already got a tingle down there just thinking about Raj and I.

I had asked Raj to come round for something to eat at around seven that Friday evening. I had a bottle of wine ready as well. I knew he was a vegetarian, so was going to make a veggie dish for both of us.

It was around five when I got back from the shops, this gave me enough time to make my dish and have a nice hot shower. I trimmed my bush and got rid of all the unwanted hair, you know, the usual areas, arm pit, legs and around my very kissable pussy. I wanted my body to look its best, it made me feel good and I hoped it would be appreciated by Raj.

I don’t know why, but I had bought some hair dye, red, a very vibrant red. Not for my head, but for lower down, you understand you know what I mean. I hoped this would be a turn on for Raj.

I put on my sexiest underwear; usually I never wore a bra at home, but just for the occasion. Not that I intended to have it on for long; a bright almost illuminating yellow bra and frilly nickers to match; a loose flowing blue skirt, above the knees and a white blouse.

I had gone downstairs and into the kitchen to check all was okay and ready. I opened the bottle of Merlot and poured myself a glass. Went into the lounge and put on some light background music.

It was just then the doorbell rang and my attention was drawn towards the clock on the wall and it was five to seven, Raj time. My face lit up like a school girl with a crush, and a hot flush ran through my body. I composed myself, looked into the mirror for a final check and went to open the door.

“Hi Raj, come in.”

He walked through, görükle escort dropped a small case and gave me a kiss on the lips (yes, the ones on my face!), I closed the door behind him and walked through to the lounge holding his hand.

I offered him a glass of wine, and his reply was, “Thank you Sally, but I don’t drink alcohol.”

Maybe this was something else I could introduce Raj to, but for the moment he drank water. As I came back with a glass of water for him he said, “You look very nice Sally,” then hesitantly, “Very… sexy.”

I put the glass of water down and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I rubbed his cock through his jeans saying, “Thank you Raj, you’re very kind. I’ll suck your cock extra hard for that compliment,” and winked.

Upon which he pulled me closer to him, both his hands went straight to my arse and pulled me onto his hips. Although flaccid, I could feel his thick fat cock against me. He kissed me hard, deep and long.

When he finally let go of me I said, “My… I think you have an appetite, but it doesn’t seem to be for food.”

But we did, we sat and had the meal I had made, I got through almost all of the wine bottle’s contents, and felt more than a little happy. Raj washed as I dried, then made our way to the sofa in the lounge.

He sat first and I was about to sit next to him, when he guided me to sit on him, straddled, facing towards him. My skirt rose up and almost exposed my bright yellow nickers. He wasted no time; he began to kiss my neck, cheeks, just all over my face; amongst deep tongue twisters. His hands were on my arse as I rocked gently back and forth and felt his raging hardon throughout.

We talked a little, but we kissed a lot, his grip on my arse had got stronger and stronger, my pussy had got wetter and wetter. I had my hands on his shoulders when we broke from a kiss. I looked at him and winked, then raised my eyes up to the ceiling. He knew what that meant as I dismounted him.

I picked up the wine glass and emptied it; he stood and we made our way up.

I was about to take my clothes off to reveal my lingerie, Raj stopped me; he gently took my hands away and started to undo my blouse. He kissed me gently as he undid each button to reveal my yellow bra. When he saw the bra, a big grin came on his face and he looked up at me. I slipped off the blouse as he kissed my neck several times, several places and sucked the top of my exposed tits.

As he came up to kiss me, his hands went to the zipper on the back of my skirt, slowly he lowered it and the skirt drifted to the floor. He stepped back as I kicked the skirt away.

He beamed with a smile and said, “You look fuckin great old girl,” I said nothing but thought to myself that I’d get him back for that “Old girl” remark.

He came close and wrapped his arms around me, kissed me as he undid my bra. Stepped away as the bra dropped into my cupped hands, I discarded that in the direction of the skirt.

He began to take off his clothes as I got onto the bed. He was quick, as I turned to face him on the bed; he was already down to his boxers. And they came off in nanoseconds.

And there it was Raj’s manhood, a wonderfully stiff, gratifyingly thick and gorgeously long cock. He came onto the bed and got between my parted legs. He looked at my crotch and back at me, he had seen my fiery red jungle through my frilly nickers. He placed his fingers on either hip as he started to peel off the yellow fabric. And as soon as the bush was exposed, he bent down to kiss it; and did so several times along with soft sucking kisses around my fresh, clean, smooth pussy below.

I raised one leg then the other as he disrobed me of my final garment. He laid soft kisses on each inner thigh, licked and sucked either side of my pussy lips, and then he began to eat me out. He had done so several times before, but for some reason at that time it felt so much more sensual and brought on an orgasm so quickly, so strongly and so unexpectedly that I groaned out loud and with both hands I pushed on his head, down onto my crutch, my whole body vibrated like my rabbit.

Raj came up beside me and wanted me to lie on top to suck on his cock; I was more than keen for that as I placed my damp pussy on his face. He again began to eat me and I started to work on his cock. I licked the length several times, kissed it, sucked on the head and made popping noises as I withdrew it; then deep throated it again and again, feeling his cock-head slipping down my throat.

I wanted to keep my promise of giving him a good strong hard blowjob. I exposed his glowing knob and gave it the hardest suck I could. Floated my tongue around it and then sucked hard again. I sensed he was about to cum; I wanted to see if Raj was still willing to cum kiss with me. He pushed in deep and as the waves of cum ejaculated down my throat; I collected some in my mouth, most of it I had to swallow, but still ended up with a mouthful.

I turned around and pulled him up so we were bursa escort bayan face to face on our knees. I opened my mouth to reveal its treasures, and a little dribbled out of the corner. Raj came close and licked it and as he did I grabbed his face and kissed him. We kissed, swapped cum, swirled it around each other’s tongues.

It seemed Raj was okay with cum kissing; I had never done that with a man or woman before, it was one of the sloppiest kisses I had ever had, and tasted so fuckin nice. It was a first for both of us with that amount of cum; we had finally managed to share it between us and parted. I asked, “Did you like that lover?”

Raj nodded and said, “You’re so fuckin dirty, I love you. And we’ll have to do that again.”

He looked down to his cock and grabbed it in one hand, and said, “Fuck, I thought my cock had exploded, it felt so amazing, you suck a mean cock lady.”

Raj fell back and said, “I’m so thirsty.”

I asked, “Would you like some water?”

His reply as he scooted up on the bed and sat up with a pillow behind him, “I could do with a cup of tea.”

The audacity of him, I replied, “Would you like me to make you a cup,” he nodded, I said, “You know where it all is, go make it yourself you lazy fuck,” with a slap on his thigh.

He was about to get off, I placed a hand to his chest, pushed him back down, I said, “Lay back down, I’ll do it.”

I made myself a cup too, and when I brought them back up, he was still there, sitting on the bed, legs straight in front. I passed him his then I straddled across him and sat face to face. We chatted and drank our tea.

After we had finished the tea, we still sat in the same position, still chatted, and still kissed. During that time I felt his cock which had risen, stood erect between us.

I looked down and said, “Well… I see the tea has had a magical effect on something.”

The youth of the bastard, he seems to be able recover in a very short amount of time, I said, “Let’s not waste that,” I rose up and inserted him into me and sat back down.

We carried on with our chat with him fully embedded in me, no hip movement from either of us. The sensation was so fuckin amazing. I could feel his cock flex in me, his throb… his fullness. I rocked gently back and forth, till neither of us could bear it.

I entwined my fingers behind his neck and pulled him forwards, my lips to his ear as I whispered, “Your cock feels wonderful… just so wonderful.”

He grabbed my hips and I began to ride him, slowly, building up slowly to a fast ride, an orgasm ripped through me. Oh god, oh fuckin god; so nice, so fuckin nice.

Raj slipped down carried me with him; he lay flat on the bed. I placed my hands onto his chest and began to ride, sensually to start, then created circles with my arse as I rose and fell. I looked down and could see my inner pussy being pulled out; it clung tight to his thick shaft.

On occasions he would grab my arse with both hands and came up and fucked me fast for a while then lay back and let me grind on his fat cock. He did that several times, as I went through a couple of gratifying orgasms.

It was on my third and exhausting orgasm when I let out a shriek, my body went through a couple of contractions, I shouted out, “Jesus Christ, fuck, slow down kid, we’ve got the whole night, I’m not as young as you!”

He grabbed my tits tight one in each hand and rose up with his hips, as he let go of a load, and on each of his thrusts he carried me high as he released load after load. As usual, there was so much that on his third ejaculation, my pussy could not contain Raj’s offering. The cum leaked… no, flowed out of my cunt back along his thick shaft, down his balls and pooled on to the bed.

I looked down on him as he opened his eyes and said, “I love fuckin’ sex, why do people wait so long. And yeh, I know you’re ancient, I love fucking you old girl.”

I slapped his chest jovially, “You sarcastic bastard… less of the old you brown shit.”

We both laughed as I reluctantly dismounted him; his cock slipped out and a wet slap sounded as his still stiff cock hit against his taught body, it left me so empty, like I had a limb removed.

There was a lot of cum to clean up once again. There was a lot more still in my cunt too, which Raj cleaned up as I sat on his face. With both hands I grabbed handfuls of his thick black hair between my fingers, pulled his head into my cunt as he licked away. I tried to push out more of our kiss juice.

He kept some in his mouth as we cum kissed again; this seemed to have become one of our much loved things to do after sex.

I pushed on his chest to get up and looked over my shoulder to his brown fuck pole, it was limp and glistened from cum and pussy juices. It looked so fuckin big, my thought was, how do I get that thing in me!

I got off Raj and sat on the edge of the bed; Raj took hold of my hand, gently and softly he stroked the back of my hand with bursa escort his thumb and asked, “Where are you going?”

I said, “I’m going to take a piss dear boy, won’t be long. Why, do you want to come and watch?”

He smiled and shook his head, I leant back and gave his knob head a kiss, then slapped it fairly hard, and his response was, “Hey what was that for?”

I didn’t speak for a while, just stared at his cock, and then said, “For making me happy, and not letting me think I was past all this.”

He squeezed my hand but said nothing, I took a big gulp of air, and with almost a tear in my eye I said, “You brown bastard, just lie back and I be back,” and gave another kiss to the cock before I got up off the bed, wiped my eyes as I walked away.

I have an adjacent shower room, I left the door open as I sat on the toilet and let out a stream. I looked across to Raj, he was flat on his back and his head was turned away. I had a good wipe of my pussy, which still had the wetness of his mouth around it.

Little things set me off, I was a sentimental woman, and certain thoughts would set my eyes flooding. As I looked at him lying there, my eyes welled up again. I slightly closed the door to hide myself. Went to the wash basin to wash my face and looked into the mirror.

I was for some purpose trying to reason with myself that I should be ashamed of what I was doing. Was it for self-satisfaction, self-gratitude? I had taken his virginity, should that have been for someone much younger than me.

Final look in the mirror, fuck it… fuck them all. Both Raj and I were adults, consenting adults, unattached and free, age was not a factor, we were two single people, a man and a woman, who became one on that bed. I walked back to the bed with my head held high.

I lay sideways to him and threw an arm and a leg over his warm body, cuddled it real tight. He turned to face me, “Sally… you okay?”

I closed my eyes and nodded, gave him a soft kiss to his lips and we drifted off to sleep.

My whole body seemed to ache a little, my tits sore and my pussy very slightly pained but in a most joyful way.

I had gone into a deep sleep, hadn’t done that in a long while. Then the most amazing sensation went through me, made me open my weary eyes with a smile. And as my focus came along I could see Raj as he licked my pussy ever so gently.

I closed my eyes and placed a hand on his head and the other found its way to my tit, where I rubbed, twisted and pulled on the nipple. Raj had looked up, noticed I was awake and began to work a bit harder. His tongue darted in and out of my cunt, his lips rolled back the hood to expose my enlarged clit, and he licked and flicked it, which sent shudders through me. And it wasn’t long when my body trembled and my thighs tightened on his head. I whimpered like a kitten.

Raj had woken me up in the most delightful way, and my whimpers turned into moans and groans of pleasure and finally my orgasm, I let out a screech as I pushed hard on Raj’s head. My thighs tightened around his head and relaxed as each wave of pleasure ran through my body. Eventually my thighs eased their grip and I grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled him away.

He looked up and I said, “Thank you,” and pursed my lips to blow him a kiss and said, “That was really nice.”

Raj rose up and stood on his knees; fuckin’ Indian cock was ready to penetrate again. I got up and made my way to him on all fours and took that brown bastard into my mouth, then with a hand I peeled back the foreskin and sucked on the head as I stroked him off. His hands were both on the back of my head and he made me deep throat him several times, each time forced my head down for longer than before.

I had barely enough time to gasp for air when he plunged back in. He kept it in the longest then at last he let go of my head and I fell back onto the bed. I had rolled over and lay on my front, still drawing in deep breaths.

Raj came and began to kiss, lick and bite on my arse, his hands glided over my legs to my arse and he grabbed each cheek in each hand and gave my arse a really tight squeeze, oh that felt so… so nice.

He pulled on my body, manoeuvred me to get up on all fours with my arse at his beckoning. He grabbed his cock and started to rub and slap his cock all over my arse and closer to my willing entrance.

I didn’t look back as I said, “Make sure it goes in the right hole, cause the other one’s not going to open for that tree trunk of yours.”

He slapped my arse and pushed me along the bed, I grabbed hold of the top of the headboard with both hands; with a knee he pushed my thighs apart, made me spread wider. I felt him engage, as he slipped in an inch or so, and then withdrew. He pocked away a few times, deeper each time till almost all of him was in me. And when he was, he started fucking me in a very slow methodical manner.

He pushed both arse cheeks closer together, made me tighter for his thing. The bastard cock seemed to touch new places, made me squint my eyes and let out tiny breaths each time he rammed home.

He quickened the pace as his hands made their way to my tits. He grabbed them tight and rammed his cock so hard into me. Oh God it felt amazing, it really felt like I was being fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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