JIMS wanking gets him in trouble part 6

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JIMS wanking gets him in trouble part 6
Amanda walks into jim’s room jim is still asleep amanda reaches under the covers takes hold of jims cock and slowly strokes it , jim groans in his sleep and rolls towards amanda as she strokes his cock harder and faster , jim opens his eyes ‘wh wh what are you doing he asks’
Amanda carrys on stroking his cock harder and faster not saying a word jims cock is rock hard now and dribbling precum amanda stops stroking and rubs her hand all over the tip of jims cock coating her fingers in precum then moves her hand up to his mouth pushing her precum covered fingers into his mouth jim sucks on the fingers and gags as she pushes the fingers deep into his mouth , Amanda takes her fingers out of his mouth pulls the covers off of jim so she can look at his naked body she takes hold of jims right hand and wraps it around his cock and pumps it up and down making him wank himself she gets some more precum on her fingers and once again puts them up to his mouth jim keeps wanking as he tastes his precum off his moms fingers , Amanda leans forward putting her face next to jims she pushes his mouth open with her sticky fingers and puts her mouth over his and spits the mouth full of cum she has been saving straight into his mouth.
‘swallow it and say thankyou mommy’ Amanda says
jim swallows the load ‘Thankyou Mommy’ he says wanking his cock harder
‘you really should thank your dad’ Amanda laughs ‘i just gave him a wake up blowjob then saved the cum in my mouth just for you’
‘please mom don’t do that its disgusting please don’t do it anymore ‘ jim begs but wanks his cock harder
‘by the look of your hand pumping that cock i think you like it ‘ Amanda smiles ‘but slow down a bit i don’t want you cumming yet , ask me for more of your dads cum’
‘please mom no i don’t want it please no’ jim begs
‘ask me nicely now’
‘please mom can i have some more of dads cum please’
‘good boy now keep wanking but don’t cum if you feel like you are going to cum stop calm down a bit then wank it again , when i get back you better be wanking , also wipe up every drop of precum with your left hand and eat it , when i come back you better be wanking a dry cock’ amanda smiles ‘your dad is in the shower i’m sure i can get him to cum in my mouth again before he goes to work’
Amanda leaves the room
Jim keeps wanking his hard cock still tasting the cum his mother spat into his mouth his cock is dribbling precum so he wipes it off with his left hand then licks his fingers clean still wanking his big hard cock , he really does like the feel of his hard cock in his hand he pumps and pumps his cock faster and faster almost forgetting not to cum , he stops wanking with a gasp his cock is dripping precum now , he wipes the precum off with his left hand licks his fingers clean trying to get his cock dry again before he once again starts to wank it
Amanda walks back into his room leans over him bends down so her lips are touching his her tongue pushes into his mouth he can taste cum on it , his cock explodes a huge wad of cum all over his sheet , Amanda opens her mouth and lets his dads cum slide into his mouth she spits tomake sure jim gets it all
‘you have been bad again haven’t you ? you didn’t ask if you could cum , you didn’t use your cum cup to catch the cum , you didn’t thank me for your dads cum , and you messed upyour sheet’
‘i’m sorry mom please it won’t happen again please i’m sorry mom’ jim says
‘you have no idea what i have to go through for you ! do you ? i have had to tell your dad that i love the taste of cum so much i like to keep it in my mouth and savour the flavour , just so i can bring it in here and spit it into your mouth thats what i do for you and you can’t even obey a few simple rules , well start licking your sheet get as much of that cum down your throat as you can as you will be sleeping on that sheet tonight i don’t have time to wash it i’m going out today’
jim starts licking his cum off his sheet
‘faster i have to go out come on i don’t have all day’
jim licks faster and licks as much cum up as he can
‘well i think your sheet will be a bit crusty tonight but thats your fault maybe now you will learn , but of course you forgot to thank me for letting you eat your own cum again’
‘sorry mom it won’t happen again mom’ jim says
‘it keeps happening so i think it will happen again , that 5 times you have fucked up this morning so 5 more wanks you owe me isn’t it ‘
‘yes mom sorry mom’ jim says taking hold of his cock and slowly wanking it
‘not now i told you i have to go out leave your cock for now you can do them when i get back , of course i can’t trust you not to wank yourself while i am out so i have arranged for someone to come around and keep an eye on you’
‘please mom no theres no need please don’t mom’
theres a knock at the door
‘go and answer the door’ amanda says
‘but mom i’m naked !’ jim says
‘i don’t care go let your wank sitter in now’
jim goes downstairs opens the door peers around the side to see who it is
‘come on open the door and let me in ‘ says darryl
jim opens the door darryl walks in , amanda walks down the stairs
‘thankyou for keeping an eye on him darryl , jim you will do anything darryl tells you understand ? darryl jim owes me 5 loads of cum when i get back as he doesn’t stick to the rules’
‘yes mom’ jim says looking down at the floor
‘ok i’m off for the day now have fun boys, there are sandwiches in the fridge for your dinner’ amanda says walking out of the house

jim starts to walk up the stairs
‘where are you going ?’ darryl asks
‘just going to have a shower then get dressed ‘ jim says
‘i’m going to have to watch you shower can’t have you wanking in there can we ? and i don’t think you need to get dressed today i have already seen everything you have’ darry says laughing ‘ now lets go and watch you shower’
‘please don’t i promise i won’t wank off please let me shower in private’ jim begs
‘no i have to keep an eye on you all day’ darryl says
jim walks up the stairs and into the bathroom darryl follows
jim turns on the shower lets it warm up then gets in
‘use plenty of soap get a good lather going and make sure you give that cock a really good clean ‘ darryl laughs
as jim starts lathering up darry looks around the bathroom sees a laundry basket in the corner and has a look inside
‘theres 4 pairs of panties in here kaçak iddaa i take it they are yours ?’ darryl asks
‘no i don’t wear panties those are my moms please leave them alone’ jim says
‘watching you play with your cock gets me hard so i may need to release a load or 4′ darryl laughs i have to cum somewhere seems your moms knickers are as good a place as any , and of course you will get the blame’ darryl laughs
‘please no please don’t do that’ jim says while lathering up his cock
‘well we will see if you can think of a better place for me to cum’ darryl laughs ‘ you are spending a long time on your cock i think its clean now time to rinse and get out of the shower’
jim rinses off and gets out of the shower
‘good now come downstairs i have something for you’ darryl says
jim follows darryl downstairs
‘sit down hands away from your cock’ darryl says
darryl reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out 3 condoms full of cum
‘one each from me and my 2 sons just for you’ this time you are going to swallow them all wthout even ouching your cock understood ? and don’t forget to thank me for each load’ darryl laughs
darryl undoes the knot in one of the condoms ‘ tilt your head back open your mouth stick your tongue out’
jim does as he’s told darryl tips the cum into jims mouth ‘swallow it all down the push your tongue into the condom lick the rest out’
jim pushes his tongue into the condom licking the rest of the cum out
‘thankyou darryl ‘ jim says
‘good now same thing for the other 2 ‘ darryl says
jim swallows the cum from the other 2 condoms licking the condom out and thanking darryl afterwards
‘did you like eating 3 loads of cum ?’ darryl asks
‘no i didn’t’
‘but you thanked me for it and your cock is hard’ darryl says ‘ why would your cock be hard if you didn’t like it ?’
‘i don’t know but please i didn’t like it’ jim says
‘go get your cum cup bring it back give it to me then stand up facing me’ darryl says ‘put your hands on your head’
jim gets his cum cup gives it to darryl then stands facing him with his hands on his head
‘ask me to wank you off’
‘no please i don’t want that please don’t make me’ jim begs
‘you have just eaten a load of my cum and your cock is hard i think you do want to cum so ask me nicely’
‘please darryl please wank me off’
darryl takes hold of jims cock in both hands and starts to wank him off hard and fast
‘your cock is huge i bet you love playing with it don’t you ?’ darryl asks
‘yes it feels so good’ jim says ‘please darryl may i cum?’
darryl stops wanking
‘no not yet you have made my cock hard so i think i should cum 1st ‘darryl says holding out a pair of jims moms panties he stands up takes his trousers and boxers down starts wanking while holding the panties in front of his cock
‘please don’t cum on my mom’s panties’ jim begs
‘where else should i cum ? somewhere better ? ‘
‘cum in my cum cup please’ jim offers
‘i would rather cum on your mom’s panties’ darryl says wanking his cock faster
‘please don’t where would you like to cum instead ?’ jim asks
‘in your mouth ‘ darryl smiles
‘somewhere else please not that please ‘ begs jim
‘your mouth or your moms panties better hurry up i’m almost there’ darryl smiles
jim gets on his knees in front of darryl and opens his mouth
darryl pushes his cock into jims mouth and starts fucking jims mouth
‘suck it come on you do some of the work give me a nice blowjob after all i was giving you a wank’
jim sucks darryls cock and bobs his head up and down on the shaft
darryl groans and cums into jims mouth
‘swallow it all down then say thankyou’ darryl says
jim swallows ‘thankyou darryl’
‘would you like me to continue wanking you off now ?’ darryl asks
‘uh could i just do it myself ?’ jim says
‘no everytime you cum while i’m here today it will be with my hand on your cock , if you feel like wanking you can wank my cock ok?’
‘please wank me off darryl’ jim says
‘stand facing me with your hands on your head again’
jim puts his hands on his head darryl takes jims cock in his hands and wanks it hard and fast squeezing hard on the cock while he wanks it
‘you mom is out for 5 hours in that time i want 20 loads of cum ok ? mine is included so 1 down 19 to go ok ?’
‘please i can’t cum that many times in that short a time please ‘jim says ‘ please may i cum darryl’
‘sure ‘ darryl says holding jims cum cup under his cock
jim groans and cums into the cup
darryl squeezes jims cock getting all the cum out into the cup
‘thankyou darryl ‘ jim says
‘2 down 18 to go’ darryl smiles
‘please i can’t cum that many times in such a short time please darryl’ jim says
‘well i did say mine were included so you just have to make me cum as well , but everytime i cum it will be in your mouth ok?’ darryl says
‘please darryl may i suck you off please ‘ jim asks
‘not yet i need a little time to recover ‘ darrl says starting to wank jims cock again
‘please no its tender please give me some time’ jim begs
‘no put your hands on your head again and enjoy it’ darryl says gripping tighter and wanking harder
‘by the way i just recorded you saying ”please darryl may i suck you off” darryl laughs wanking jims cock harder
‘here this will help you cum again ‘ darryl hands jim his cum cup ‘sip it while i wank you off’
jim takes the cup of his cum and sips it down while darryl wanks him
jim can’t help it but gets very excited again ‘ please may i cum darryl’
‘hold your cup in front of your cock to catch the cum then yes you may cum’
jim holds the cup in front of his cock and cums as darryl continues wanking him
‘thankyou darryl’ jim gasps as darryl continues wanking him
‘you forgot to say thankyou for me letting you sip your cum while i wanked you off’
‘sorry please it won’t happen again please ‘ jim says
‘well that another cum you owe me so we are still at 18 to go , maybe you will learn’ darryl says
‘please i’m sorry it won’t happen again’ jim says
‘well still 18 to go’
‘please may i suck you off now darryl’ jim says
‘lay down on your side on the sofa i’ll kneel in front of your face you can suck me while i wank you off again’ darryl says
jim lays on the sofa darryl pushes his cock into jims mouth still wanking jim’s sore cock
‘you need to make me cum before you do as i’m not taking my cock out until i cum , so you won’t be able to ask me if you can cum ‘ darryl laughs wanking jims cock faster
jim groans and gags on darryls tipobet güvenilir mi cock as darryl fucks his face
darryl wanks jims cock harder and harder faster and faster
jim sucks on darryls cock as darryl fucks his face , darryl takes hold of the back of jims head and pulls jims mouth harder onto his cock jim can feel the head forcing its way into his throat as darryl cums straight into jims throat
jim gags and gasps as darryl takes his cock out of jims mouth and jim cums at the same time all over the floor
‘oh dear you didn’t thank me for my cum you didn’t ask permission to cum and you didn’t thank me for letting you cum so now we are back up to 19 to go’ darryl says ‘ now lick your cum off the floor ‘
jim gets down and licks his cum up
‘do a good job as i’m going to wipe the floor with a pair of your mom’s panties afterwards ‘ darryl says
jim licks up everydrop of his cum
‘thankyou darryl ‘ jim says ‘please don’t make it another 19 times though please’
darryl wipes the floor with Amandas knickers then looks at them ‘ i don’t think i can see any cum on them so you may have gotten away with that’
‘please can i use the bathroom i need to pee’ jim says
‘ok lets go’
‘please can i go on my own’ jim asks
‘no i need to keep an eye on you and i will hold your cock for you i don’t want you touching it’
jim starts to cry as he wanders upstairs to the bathroom with darryl following holding jims cum cup
darryl takes hold of jims cock passes him his cum cup
‘drink the last of that cum before you pee’ darryl says
jim drinks it down
‘so still 19 to go but if you want you may drink you own pee and that will take 1 off the total’ darryl smiles ‘pee in your cup then drink it down dn’t forget to say thankyou’
jim cries as he pisses into his cup then drinks it down ‘thankyou darryl’
’18 to go now then , i need to pee as well drink that straight from my cock and it takes you down to 17 ‘ darryl smiles
jim gets on his knees and opens his mouth darryl aims his cock into jims mouth and pisses a slow stream into jims mouth
‘swallow it fast don’t want it running down your chin’ darryl laughs
jim swallows as fast as he can drinking darryls fresh warm piss
‘thankyou darryl’
‘good boy now 17 to go not too bad is it ?’ darryl says ‘ still think you are not gay ? you suck cock and drink piss i think you are gay and worse a gay pervert’
‘please i’m not gay darryl’
‘we shall see so its 17 to go , if you let me fuck you up the arse then i will knock 5 off the total otherwise i’m going to wank you off 17 times right now with no gaps in between’
‘please no not that please ‘ jim begs
‘get on your hands and knees with your head in the toilet push your arse back as i push my cock in or i start wanking you now’
jim gets down on his hands and knees with his head in the toilet darryl kneels behind him and lines up his cock with jims arsehole
‘push back i want you to fuck me with your arsehole while i stay still’
jim pushes back impaling himself on darryls cock
‘push back harder its not all the way in yet , you should be thankful my cocks not as big as yours’ darryl reaches forwarf and flushes the toilet ‘keepyour head down in the toilet and push back until you can feel my balls then fuck my cock hard and fast long strokes so my cock almost comes out the all the way in again’ darryl says
jim grinds his arse down onto darryls cock taking it all the way up his arse the pulls fowards nearly off the cock again then all the way back
‘faster much faster’ says darryl
jim speeds up fucking darryl’s cock with his arse
darryl groans pulls jim back onto his cock and cums deep inside jim
‘thankyou darryl’ jim says
darryl pulls his cock out of jims arse ‘wow you were tight much tighter arse than jen, now turn around and clean my cock with your mouth
‘please no thats disgusting please no’ jim begs tears running down his face
‘suck it clean or its 0 off your total , jen always sucks after i bugger her i don’t see why you should get special treatment , suck it clean and if you get it hard again make it cum with your mouth’
jim takes darryls cock in his mouth gagging on the taste
‘suck it quick the thought of you tasting your arse has got me excited so i need to cum again ‘ darryl pushes his cock forwards further into jims mouth
jim sucks and sucks and fucks darryls cock with his mouth , darryl grabs jims head and forces his cock into jims throat then comes again straight down jims throat
‘thankyou darryl ‘ jim says
’11 to go now’ darryl says smiling ‘now lets see what sandwiches your mom left us’

jim and darryl go into the kitchen darryl opens the fridge and takes out 2 plates one just has a sandwich on the other has a sandwich and a condom full of cum on it, ‘looks like that one is yours’ says darryl ‘ he takes the top slice of bread off of jims sandwich then squeezes the cum out of the condom onto the tuna ‘its like tuna and mayo’ darryl laughs ‘still looks a bit dry though hold the plate in front of your cock i’ll wank you onto the sandwich if you ask me nicely’
‘please darryl wank me nto my sandwich’ jim says
darryl takes hold of jims cock and wanks it fast over the sandwich
‘please may i cum darryl’
‘yes you may cum’
jim groans and cums over his tuna sandwich
‘thankyou darryl’
darryl puts the top slice of bread back and hands the sandwich to jim
jim eats his tuna and cum sandwhich , while darryl eats his own very nice ham sandwhich
‘thankyou darryl for letting me eat my cum’
‘good boy you are learning that takes us down to 10 , you probably need something to wash that down with so get on your knees and suck me off again’ darryl says ‘if you get hard while you are sucking me stop and get on your hands and knees and ask me to fuck your arse again’
jim gets on his knees takes darryls cock in his mouth and starts giving him a blowjob , sucking and licking around the head while he bobs his head up and down , but he can’t help himself his cock gets hard so he stops sucking turns around gets on his hands and knees ‘ please fuck my arse again darryl’
darryl lines up his cock with jims arse pushes straight in all the way to his balls the starts pounding jims arse hard and fast pulls out just before he is going to cum ‘ finish me off with your mouth’
jim turns around gagging as he takes darryls cock into his mouth tasting his own arse and the last load of cum that was in there tipobet giriş on the cock
‘lick it 1st then suck it ‘ darryl says
jim licks all round the head and up and down the shaft then sucks on it until darryl cums in his mouth
‘swallow it all down’ darryl says
‘thankyou darryl’ jim says
‘that takes us down to 9 ‘
‘9 but i thought you fucking my arse was counted as 5 ? ‘ jim says
‘not this time you asked me to do it so it only counts as 1 because you wanted it ‘ darryl smiles
‘now come and sit on my lap while i wank you off ‘ darryl says smiling
jim sits on darryls lap darryl takes hold of jims big cock and starts wanking it fast
jim squirms as his cock is still tender ‘if you squirm too much and make my cock hard it will go up your arse while i wank you off’ darryl says
jim tries to sit still while darryl wanks his sore cock but can’t help squirming soon darryls cock is hard again
‘ok get up put my cock in your arse and sit on it while i wank you off’
jim impales himself on darryls cock as darryl continues wanking him
the feel of darryls cock up his arse sends jim over the edge
‘please may i cum darryl ?’
‘of course’ darryl holds jims cup in front of jims cock while continuing to wank him
jim gasps and cums into his cup
‘thankyou darryl’
‘good boy 8 to go now ride my cock get me off again’
jim bounces up and down on darryls cock faster and faster
‘stop’ darryl says
darryl takes jims cum cup and dips his cock in jims last load
‘now suck me off ‘ darryl laughs
jim leans forwards and sucks darryls cock
darryl soon cums down jims throat again
‘thankyou darryl’ jim says swallowing the load
‘7 to go now lay on the floor on your back and put your legs back over your head as far as they can go i bet with a cock that size you could probably get some of it in your mouth’
jim lays down puts his legs over his head his cock is pointed at his mouth
‘not far away ‘ darryl says wanking jims cock
darryl wanks jims cock harder and harder until its rock hard again less than an inch seperate his lips from the end of his cock
darryl pushes down on jims arse pushing jims cock forwards until jim can get the end in his mouth
‘good boy’ darryl wanks jim’s cock into his own mouth jims precum dripping straight down his own throat
”pplleeaase caaan i cuuumm’ jim tries to say around his own cock
‘cum straight in your own mouth’ darryl says
jim explodes into his mouth then swallows
‘thankyou darryl’
‘6 more now stay in that position i’m going to fuck your arse again while you use your tongue and lips on the tip of your cock’
darryl pushes his cock into jims arse again pushing jims cock further into jims mouth
jim gasps as darryls cock pushes all the way up his arse in 1 go then darryl starts fucking jims arse
‘don’t forget to work on your cock with your lips and tongue’ darry says thrusting into jims arse
darryl pulls jims legs apart so he can see jim sucking on his own cock the sight sends darryl over the edge he grabs jims cum cup cnd explodes into it pushing down on jims legs so jim can suck his own cock
‘ppplewaese mmmay iccccum ‘ jim asks around his cock
‘yes cum in your mouth again swallow it nicely’
jim cums and swallows his load
‘thankyou darryl’ he says
‘clean my cock then drain your cum cup down your throat’
jim takes darryls cock in his mouth licking and sucking on it until its clean then gulps down the cum in his cum cup
‘thankyou darryl’ he says
‘good boy only 4 to go now’ darryl says
‘come and sit in this chair’ darryl says
jim sits ‘ darryl ties jims hands and legs to the legs of the chair
‘now i’m going to wank 4 loads out of you 1 after the other with no let up ‘ darryl smiles
‘please no i’m too sore already ‘jim begs
darryl smiles reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of rubber gloves which he puts on then a bottle of tobasco hot sauce he tips a couple of drops of hot sauce into his gloved palm the massages jims balls rubbing the sauce into them
jim wriggles and squirms ‘please no it hurts please wash it off please’
‘thats just the beginning ‘ darryl smiles and pours some more hot sauce onto both gloves then takes hold of jims cock in both hands and starts wanking
jim screams and tries to pull away but as he’s tied to the chair there is nothing he can do
‘pplease no it hurts please no’ darryl wanks harder faster
‘please no it hurts please ‘ darryl wanks faster
‘pppleease masy i cummbgiy ‘
darryl holds jims cum cup infront of his cock
jim cums into his cup
‘thankyou darryl’
darryl doesn’t slow down just keeps wanking jims cock harder and faster
jim has tears rolling down his face
‘please may i cum again darryl’
‘yes you may’ darryl still holds the cup in front of jims cock
jim explodes into the cup
‘thankyou darryl’
‘2 more ‘ darryl smiles wanking jim faster
jim is crying his eyes out as darryl continues wanking him faster and faster
‘please may i cum darryl’
jim cums again into his cup
‘final 1’ darryl holds jims cock pulling back so the tip opens up darryl takes the bottle of tobasco sauce and tips 2 drops straight down into jims cock
jim screams as darry wanks him faster and faster and faster
jims cock is burning darryl wanks faster
‘please i can’t take it please stop it burns’ jim pleads crying his eyes out
darry wanks faster
‘please may i cum’
‘cum for me’ darryl says
jim groans the screams as he cums out of his burning cock
‘thankyou darryl’ jim says
darry tips the rest of the hot sauce into jims cum cup
swallow it all down
jim swallows all his cum and the hot sauce burning its way down his throat
‘thankyou darryl’
‘good boy jim ‘darryl says untying him from the chair
‘don’t touch your cock ‘ says darryl’come over to the sofa and wank me off’
darryl sits down and jim starts wanking darryls hard dripping cock
‘nice and fast your momm won’t be long make me cum’ darryl grabs hold of jims moms 4 pairs of panties holds them in front of his cock
‘please not on those please cum in my mouth ‘ jim begs
‘no you have had hot sauce in there i’m not getting that anywhere near my cock’ darryl groans and cums all over Amandas 4 pairs of knickers the wipes his cock on them
‘take these up and put them in the laundry basket come straight back down ‘ darryl says
jim does as he is told , when he gets back darryl is fully dressed and amanda is in the room back from her day out
‘hi mom ‘ jim says
‘hi did you have a nice day with darryl ?’
‘yes mom’ jim says
‘did he behave himself darryl ?’
‘i had been watching him up until the last few minutes when he went to the bathroom on his own , so maybe you need to check the laundry basket in case he has been up to anything ‘ darryl says ‘i’m off goodbye’

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