Irene,cumming w/daughter: the night of perversions

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Irene,cumming w/daughter: the night of perversions

Continuation of the text: Irene cumming with Daughter

After the morning shag we didn’t want any more crazy things, we had lunch and slept – Chel in your bed and Irene and I in hers. Around 5pm, 6pm I wake up with a noise in the kitchen, I get up and when I arrive I see both of them cutting pieces of fruit and meat into cubes.

– Hey, sleepyhead, we didn’t think you’d wake up.

Chel speaks with a mischievous girl smile, she looks at me from the top down, she admires me even with a crumpled face and disheveled hair.

– Honey, go and get ready, put on some loose light clothes.
– No panties.
– Chel! What’s that c***d, be polite?
– But didn’t you ask me to wear that dark sweater with nothing?
– That’s between us sweetie and not with him…
– Nonsense mom, he’s not a stranger, he’s our lover.

Chel laughs at what she’s talk. Irene closes her face.

– My lover, let’s share.
– Who would you rather stay with, Julius?

I laugh embarrassed.

– See, he wants both of us.
– He didn’t answer.

Irene looks at me with a angry face, is it jealousy?

– Those who shut up, agrees.

I laugh at the gal’s cleverness. Irene keeps her face shut.

– Julius goes and gets ready. We’ll prepare a foundee and there’s still a lot to do. Your towel is in the bathroom I left separate.
– Don’t forget, don’t put your underwear on, okay?

I do, bathe and I dress…… we all get ready. Around 8, 9 p.m. we’re sitting in the dining room, Irene turns on the lights which makes the atmosphere more cozy, in the center of the table a bubbling pot – we start with a meat fondue, with rose wine and some spices.

I wear blue silk pajamas, Chel wears the dark sweater that spoke, from time to time I see parts of his breasts and when she walks the tight shorts highlights the little ass she has. Irene is in a pink silk robe, which covers part of her arms, but leaves her legs visible, barely reaching the middle of her thighs, I feel that underneath both are as I wish, hope.

– Serve me a little more, Irene.
– Careful Chel, that’s the third glass. So you get drunk.

In fact, we are all half altered by the effects of the drink. It’s time to serve the chocolate fondue, together we rearrange the table and then an unexpected impressive evening begins.

At a certain point Chel, uninhibited and with a rolled tongue, looks at me in a warm, penetrating gaze, her hand touches my knee and her fingers glide down my thigh, Irene notices and laughs at an accomplice laugh, the two of them look at each other.

Chel sticks a strawberry on the spit and dips it in the pot in front of us, seconds later bites one part of the smoking fruit and offers me the rest. Irene gets her chair closer to us. She sticks a slice of banana and does the same and she does it the same way as gal.

I bite, chew…, while they caress my arm, chest. Chel kisses my cheek and neck, Irene unbutton my pajamas.

– Honey, if you don’t take it, that’s fine, but we want a special night.
– Insane! Kinky!
– The proposition is that you do whatever we want, we order. Do you accept?
– What do you mean?
– Abuse you, use… you.

Chel talks and I look like I don’t understand, Irene smiles and unbuttones another button.

– We’re two and you’re one.
– You have advantage.
– What’s up?
– So the ‘little play’ is us exploring you a little… bit…
– Make you our slave.

Chel laughs at what he says at the same time he bites another piece of strawberry covered in chocolate. Irene finishes unbuttoning her blouse, passes his hand over my belly and goes up to my chest, caress and look at me.

– Do you feel like doing everything we say tonight? casino siteleri And tomorrow when you have sex with Chel… you’ll still have me to enjoy, what do you think?
– It’s still in the profit.

My dick grows, hardens, even though I get suspicious of what’s coming. Chel is fascinated as I am, Irene also likes and whispers, staring at me:

– You Accept?

There’s no denying it, I nod my head. Chel asks:

– Can I, Irene?
– Take advantage.
– Your dick is so hard, I’d like to eat some fruit with your ‘skewer’… May I?

She pulls my shorts and Irene takes my shirt off – I’m naked in the middle of these two hallucinating, maybe depraved. Chel holds the cock and Irene licks my chest until she gets to the nipple, nibbles and sucks. The other wanks me and kisses the hot dick.

Irene stands up and we kiss, the tongues fight inside our mouths, the hot mouth of the gal on my cock is also delicious, at the same time that the mom licks me from the roof of my mouth to my throat. We salivate, make wet noises, moan. Chel spits on the stick, like in the movies she sees, wank me with taste, with skill.
Irene and I split up because of the lack of air.

– Can I, Mom? I mean… Irene?
– What’s… Chel?

The girl laughs, her eyes glow in a dirty way.

– So… Julius I want to eat fondue with his ‘spit’, can I?

I don’t understand.

She picks up a g****, chocolate covers, blows and goes with it to my dick, pulls over, I react to the heat, but she keeps passing the fruit all over the limb until she gets on head, licks my dick all over – eats the fruit and licks my mast.

It’s Irene’s turn, she greased my dick even more than the gal, and Chel kissed me abusively, spit in my mouth before sucking my tongue. The two take turns, one sucks me and the other kisses my mouth or neck.

Chel picks up a shell filled with steaming chocolate and pour on a plate in front of us, hopes to cool down a little, wet his fingers and goes with them on my mast. I feel a mixture of pain and pleasure since the girl swallows me the whole, spit, she does this while Irene offers me the breast: I bite, stretch his hard beak, I suck breast-feed this increasingly shameless mother, she laughs, moans.

– That’s it… you bastard, do it… bite…..

She speaks softly while Chel gets up smeared, they look at each other, kiss each other. Irene soaks her palm and fingers in the hot chocolate that passes me on the hard cock and a creamy, delicious handjob – she crushes the phallus before she devour my cock. The gal offers the creamy fingers that hold half a strawberry, I crazy bite of pleasure and pain, sucking her fingers – she gets excited, her eyes glow, now I’m the one who spits on her tongue for a pervert kiss.

The mom licks the cock’s head and scratches the mast chewing a fruit, the gal undoes the bow and offers the beautiful breasts, pink nipples. I bite with strength, lust, tare, even more than with the mom, she moans:

– MMMmmmmm!!!! Aaaaaaannnnnhhhhhhhh!!!! Uuuuuuhhhh!!!

I hold the gal by the hard little ass, tighten and grab her chubby hips while Irene licks my balls – I’m almost there, she notices:

– Stand up so we don’t lose a drop, darling.

I do it, and the two of them work on my member together again – I groan with my eyes closed, my legs stretched out… I throw, I pour my white milk, hot on the plate where the smoking chocolate is.

– This is crazy! How delicious!
– How horny!

Irene completes gal’s sentence. The two kneel down and lick their dick taking advantage of the drops that still come out, I am surrounded by greedy mouths and agitated tongues. Irene sits down, holds the plate and mixes the ‘milk’ with tipobet the chocolate: she tastes, likes and offers the daughter who also swallows this strange mixture and laughs. Both are animated fissures, until they leave the dish clean.

Irene looks me and warns:

– It’s just the beginning.

She holds the dick and pulls me into the living room.

– U lie on the carpet.
– On your stomach,, okay?

Obey the gal, I stretch out my arms and Irene’s hands do not delay massaging my kneeling neck on my back, I feel the ass and the heat of the vulva that comes from the middle her legs, the hard-on there is the flower of the skin, she moves like was ‘swallowing’ my dick. The humidity drips from the olde cunt, the young lady is on my thighs and caress my ass: squeeze, scratch…, bite…, kiss. Open my meats and shove your little hand in until it finds the balls, massages, strokes and goes… until it finds the anus, mine. I try to hold her hand, Irene won’t let me.

– No, it’s our joke, let it.

Chel laughs and fingers the hole until he finds a way to stick his fingertip in. Irene bites my ear, her soaked pussy moves easily on my back, she gets rid of the robe. The girl takes off her tight little shorts and sits on my ass – as hot as her mother, she takes advantage and massages her mother’s back and hips. They groan a delicious groan, almost a whisper.

Irene turns and stares at the gal, she grabs her breast, squeezes it out to harden her beak, the other does the same – they kiss each other…, uninhibited Chel tilts and licks the breast and sucks it up as if she wanted the milk. The heat of the pussys is even greater, a viscous liquid runs down my back, the cock hardens and I am in a lovely discomfort.

Experienced Irene sticks her fingers in the virgin vagina of the perverted daughter – they find the pronounced brote of the girl, they move tasty…, slow…, until they sink in the tight hole that is the little pussy of the missy., who moans by sucking on her mum’s chest.

– Enjoy my baby, sucks … Uunhhhh!!!! Mmmmm!!!!

Irene speaks between teeth, now it is Chel who offers the breast, the other swallows with desire, does with taste, way … Chel moans, breathes:

– Aannnhhhhh!! My God! Mommmmm!!!

Irene’s fingers sink deeper into the young pussy, the girl pulls the face of her mom and gives her a licked, uninhibited, abused kiss, her tongues show and her teeth bite lips and tongues, both of which squeeze her breasts.It’s Chel’s turn to masturbate his mom. They are sweaty, their hair is wet, stuck on their faces and shoulders. Irene takes off her clothes and asks:

– Change Chel, let him turn now.

Even with my back wet, what matters, I get on my stomach and see the legs, the butts, the pussies of both, the one of Irene I make a love. I walk my fingers up the thigh to the vulva – I find the lips and the groove, I enter…, I penetrate…, at the same time that Chel cherishes my dick with her foot.

– Come on, Chel, let him work you with his mouth.

Now it’s the girl’s ass that I see, this one covers my face with the hot pussy – it rubs all over my face, with taste. Irene helps me to get into her pussy – she ride, gallop crazy my cock – we groan, plus the gal to the point of Irene stick your fingers in the mouth that the other one sucks like a pervert.

It won’t take long for them to cum an intense, suffered, crazy enjoyment.They kiss each other, laughing. We sit on the couch, my wet, hard cock stands out. They both gasp and lean their heads on my shoulders and the gal grabs my dick.

It won’t take long for them to enjoy an intense, suffered, crazy enjoyment.

– So as not to leave bahis siteleri you without work.

We kissed. Irene strokes my belly and thigh, they still want it.

– It’s the night of the taras, of the madness and you’re still our slave.

Chel laughs and bites my neck, smashing my cock.

– Stand up, honey.
– What for?
– For us to abuse you.

They laugh, Chel laughs.

– So you scare the boy. Go on, Julius, stand up.

I get up and they’stay kneeling: one bites my hip, the other kisses, the two embrace my thighs. Irene spits on the stick, closes her eyes and sucks with will, intimacy, horny. Then goes the balls she swallows without taking her eyes off my face. Chel opens my ass again and fingering, seeks the orifice.

– Chel is hurting!
– Open up, spread your legs, u naughty, let me see your little ass.
– No, Irene?
– Leave it, tomorrow it will be your turn to abuse us.

Like the idea, I spread my legs. Irene scratches my dick and the daughter sinks her fingertip in my anus, and then she walks in with two fingers. I start dripping in Irene’s mouth that pervert swallows me to the stalk, my dick hits the bottom of his throat. Chel is on tiptoe and leaning against me, the pussy rubs up my ass, crazy… frantic…

– I want to eat you, fuck you tasty ass.
– What’s that? I haven’t done it with you yet.
– But you did it to me, remember? Come…. Let me do it.
– But! No!!
– I like it, you go too.

I turn my back to Irene and Chel takes my dick straightens my hair and asks:

– Cum all, soaks my mouth.

Irene searches the room for a white phallus, I’m ashamed, but also excited, by the sucking of gal and the pleasure that I imagine when her mum uses me.

It opens my butt and sinks his tongue into my ass, I bend myself which makes it easier the gal to swallow me, she spits in cock. The fourty neighbor sticks her whole finger, then the other one, I feel a strange discomfort and she goes tearing me, opening in a go and comes deeper and deeper, I close my eyes and I enjoy the pleasure of being fucked by my lover’s fingers, I get used to it, like it.

The stick is at the bottom of the girl’s wide mouth that caresses my balls. Irene spits on the white dick that’s in your hands, then with affection and skill she passes the tip in search of my anus until she finds the hole, the entrance door, she twists the rod: wounding, opening, shoving until get to half the white stick – turn on, the vibration and greedy mouth of Chel dominate me. Irene now licks the space between my ass and balls, I shake uncontrollably, in ecstasy.

The two of them are kneeling in front of me, Irene takes the stick out of her daughter’s mouth and works it with her tongue with taste, style…, I’m on the verge. I take control and wank so hard: desire, despair, madness and then drops of cum appear just before the orgasm, I point and …

Cummmmming!!!! I roar, scream.!!!!
I throw jets like movie actors, first I squirt on mom’s face and then I cover Chel’s face – a white drool drips from their faces and mouths, I shudder.

– Wow! Crazy!!

Chel speaks wiping the cum that covers his eye, Irene still eyes closed and my goo is dripping on her chest, I see that she swallows some of what has stayed on her lips and tongue. Chel wipes her mum’s face and spreads it on her chest, Irene opens her eyes and passes a finger on the girl’s face wetting it with my cum and then stick it in Chel’s mouth that sucks up my sweet milk.

The two kiss each other, a long, lecherous kiss, mixing saliva with fucking drops that still cover their faces. I remove the white phallus and when they separate still panting they look at me.

– So, did u like it?
– No, it hurt a lot, it’s bothering me.
– But did u like it?
– I loved it.
– I’ve never seen so much cum, it was too much….

Chel speaks by wiping his face and laughing, beautiful….

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