I need to get FUCKED Gay

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I need to get FUCKED Gay
I made myself a stiff double scotch and scrounged around the fridge for something to eat. I actually found enough to make a salad which was a welcome relief from all the crap I had eaten in the office that week. I poured another scotch and got out of my clothes, ready to hit the hot tub, when I passed my computer. Although I had taken out a great many frustrations at the gym, there was one that suddenly bitch-slapped me for attention. I needed to get fucked!

I logged in to my account at manhunt and then finished getting undressed. The scotch was just kicking in and I was feeling better and hornier all the time. Since it was Friday night there were lots of lurkers online and my mailbox was filling up quickly with junk. Meantime, I was fending off some wanna-be’s from my IM. I knew what I was looking for tonight. I had seen him online several times but we had never hooked up. I was hoping against hope that he would be online and was just about to give up when his profile appeared online.

“Masculine top, strong-silent type, rugged features, well hung, experienced at anal play, long lasting, ‘bend over, I’ll drive’.”

For a second my mouth went dry, then I laughed at myself and sent him an email. Soon we were on IM talking about likes – cigars, scotch, weed, poppers, toys, anal play and fucking – and dislikes – fems, lurkers, cheaters. I was beginning to squirm in my seat as we chatted until I finally asked if he would like to meet. Yes. My place? Ok. Now? The sooner the better.

I gave him the details and he said it would take him about an hour to get there. Fine by me and we logged off.

An hour?! What was I thinking, I hadn’t been home in a fucking week!! Oh well, this would have to be the quick clean version. I stuffed the dirty dishes into the dishwasher – don’t turn it on, I thought. You don’t want it running when he gets here. Laundry and dirty sheets went into the hamper. I only had time to straighten around the house, no dusting or vacuuming. Then again, I only planned for him to be in the bedroom, clean sheets were enough!!

I still had enough time to get into the shower and use my nozzle attachment to clean myself out. I love using enemas because it makes my hole really hungry to be stuffed! I tried not to get too into it as I fed the nozzle up my ass. Mmmm, just wait, I thought, you’re going to get the real thing soon enough. I felt the water flowing into me, bringing my ass to life, making me crave big, hard cock. Then I opened up and let it out, my asshole now craving to be filled again. I washed away all traces and made sure I was clean as a whistle. Just enough time to put on a robe, light some candles, adjust the lighting and get the hot tub warming up.

I was pleasantly surprised when he arrived. I had expected him to be only vaguely like his profile description. But he was truly ruggedly handsome, well built without being muscle-bound and he exuded sex from every pore of his body. I was in lust and I hadn’t even seen him naked yet!

I invited him in and asked if he would like to join me in the hot tub. He said he would, so I directed him to the bedroom and gave him a robe to change into. He had brought a gym bag with him which he left close to the bed. I shivered as I imagined what might be in there, but decided to wait and let him show me when he felt like it. I poured him a generous scotch and we retired to the deck to sit and enjoy a fabulous evening. I also raided the humidor for two of my favorite Habana Reserva Romeo y Julietta’s. We sat and chatted and smoked and sipped for quite a while watching the lights of the city across the river from my condo and admiring a beautiful starry night sky above. My condo is an end unit with no other units visible, a private little paradise overlooking the bustle of society.

Our conversation had turned to sex and I was beginning to get really horny in his presence. I looked over and saw that his robe was now open. A nice, thick cock was nestled between his legs. 6 inches and semi-hard at this point. His body hair had been trimmed but his cock and balls were shaved. I could just see the glint of a leather-studded cock ring surrounding his shaft and balls. He noticed my gaze and he chuckled as his cock twitched. He spred his legs wider and took a nonchalant draw of his cigar. I knew what he wanted.

I stripped off my robe and knelt, naked, on a towel between his legs. I rubbed his legs and belly, moving up to tease his nipples. His cock throbbed under my ministrations and grew at least another inch. We moved together and our lips met in a hot kiss. We tasted of scotch and cigars. I could smell the gentle musk of his cologne. Our tongues teased and coaxed each other. The kiss was long and hard. He was taking my breath away as his tongue demonstrated what he would soon be doing with his cock.

Breathless, I broke the kiss and looked into those dark, shining eyes. He smiled and put his hand on top of my head. I took the signal and moved down to his nipples. I heard him suck his breath in between his teeth as I licked and bit his sensitive nipples. I felt his now rampant cock throb against my belly as I toyed with him. His hand was on my head again and so I kissed my way down his belly, kissed his thighs and laid soft kisses on his cock and balls. His cock was rock hard now and throbbing, every bit of 8 thick inches. I licked the head and then the shaft. He trembled and grunted. I closed my lips around the base of his shaft and slowly moved up and down wriggling my tongue while he panted softly. I backed off and looked at the throbbing dick in front of me. I looked back up at him and those sexy dark eyes. His intent was clear and his hand on my head drew me down to the object of my desire. I opened my mouth and took his cock inside. I slowly took as much as I could fit inside, thrilling a little inside when I heard him moan. I savored the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth as I slowly sucked him.

His hand left my head and he let me suck as I pleased while he continued to smoke his cigar and sip his scotch. I worked his shaft as best I could (I’m not much of a deep-throater), but it was certainly a hot, wet, sloppy blowjob – lots of spit, lots of tongue, sucking hard and then gentle. He was certainly getting into it because his cock got harder and harder and oozed more pre-cum by the minute. I licked up and down the shaft and moved down to his balls. A deep, low moan issued from him as I mouthed his very large – and very full – ball sac. I made several trips with my tongue from his balls up the shaft of his cock, wolfing down his dick when I got to the top. Then one hand was playing with his balls while another teased his nipples and my head bobbed up and down faster and faster on his cock.

His cock was a thing of beauty when hard. Thick, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri veiny, with a slightly salty flavor. I could feel it throb in my mouth as I worked him toward climax. I heard the change in his breath and with a muffled grunt I recieved several hard spurts of cum in my mouth. I sucked hard and swallowed, though some of it leaked out. His hands held my head as he gently fucked the last of his cum into my face. When he had finished, I licked up the last traces, cleaning his cock and balls with my tongue. He smiled and eased back into his chair.

I asked him if he would like a fresh drink and would he join me in the hot tub. He said yes to both. I brought out fresh drinks and towels. He stripped out of his robe so I could fully admire his impressive physique – well-turned calves, strong thighs and compact hips (perfect for hard, vigorous thrusting!), a trim belly and muscular upper torso and arms, not a body-builder, but in very good shape, a man’s man, built for sex. We adjourned to the hot tub.

We settled in for a soak, easing away the tensions of a few moments before and sipping our scotch. He complimented me on my blowjob technique. I was a little embarassed becasue oral is not really my specialty. He asked me what my specialty was.

“Taking it up the ass.”

“Taking what? Fingers?”


“Toys?” “Yes.”




(Oh god, he made that sound so fucking sexy!!) “Yes”, I blushed.

He pulled me to him and I sat astride his lap. The hot water of the tub as well as the bubbles and the jets had invigorated us. My skin was tingly all over. I could feel his recovering cock throb against my thigh and then against my butt as the water swirled around us. We kissed hard, long and hot yet again and his fingers sought out my ass. He pulled my cheeks open and stroked my quivering asshole as I ground my cock into his belly and kissed him with every thing I had.

“Are you ready to give me your ass?”


I stood and helped him up from the hot tub. I dried him off almost worshipfully and led him inside to the bedroom. I lay back on the bed, offering myself to this man to do with as he pleased. He smiled that menacingly sexy smile and retrieved his bag from beside the bed. The first thing he pulled out amazingly enough was a bong! Oh yes, this was going to be a blow-your-mind fuck!!

We got some water for the bong, all the while playfully nipping, kissing and stroking each other. Then I licked and sucked his renascent cock as he lit and took a couple of hits. Then it was my turn to enjoy his oral talents as he went down on me while I took a couple of hits. We played this game for several minutes, trying to see who could make the other gasp or exhale with our oral tricks.

Eventually, he put the bong on the nightstand and pushed me back on the bed. I was floating on a purple buzz cloud as I watched his serious “sex” eyes take in my body. He played with my nipples and I closed my eyes and moaned. Before I realized it, his mouth was on them, sucking, nibbling, licking my sensitive little buds. Then he was kissing his way down my torso until he engulfed my cock with his mouth. I moaned loudly and my hips came up off the bed to meet the moist heat of his mouth. He pushed me back down and I just lay there and reveled in his oral magic. He sucked me hard and deep, hungrily devouring my cock. His hands began to stroke my thighs and my balls. I spread my legs to give him whatever access he wanted. He grabbed me behind the knees and gently pushed my legs back. His mouth came off my cock and licked down the shaft to my balls. I shouted out loud from pleasure as he worked my balls with his mouth and tongue. His mouth moved lower, beneath my balls. I began to pant with desire. I reached down and grabbed my own legs, pulling them to my chest, opening up my ass to him. He sucked and licked on my balls while his fingers played in my crack. I was moaning incoherently by this point.

“Ooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

I moaned low in my throat as his tongue found my asshole. Almost better than getting fucked is getting rimmed. And oh, he knew how to rim! I was going out of my mind lying there with my knees pulled to my chest trying to get his mouth and tongue into my ass. He licked my hole with broad strokes until it was puckering open and closed for him. Then he would drive his tongue deep into the ring. I would gasp and try to let him inside. His lips would seal around my hole and he would suck and nibble and wriggle his tongue into my asshole. My cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. He made love to my asshole with his mouth and I was in heavenly bliss! I have no idea how long the incredible rim job lasted. I just know when he finally pulled his mouth off my ass I was as horny as I have ever been in my life. I wanted to be fucked 10 ways to Sunday and I knew my man could do it.

He reached over into his bag again and drew out a small brown bottle. Oooooooh baby, I thought to myself. This is going to be seriously mind-blowing, breed-my-ass sex!! He took a couple of hits from the bottle and offered it to me. I took a pair of short hits and felt the tingle run through my entire body. I reached over and grabbed the bong for one more deep hit, then two deep snorts of poppers. My brain exploded and all I could feel was my cock and ass throbbing with need. I went down on him one more time, worshipping this cock that was soon going to ravish my ass. After paying those 8 thick inches homage with my mouth and tongue. I looked up at my man…

“Take my ass!”

I knelt on the bed, face in my hands, ass offered to do as he pleased. I heard him open the lube and felt the cool, slick liquid coating my asscrack, dripping off my balls. I felt his hands gliding through my crack, teasing my hole, playing with my balls and cock. A finger introduced itself into my asshole and I sighed with pleasure. Soon it was sawing away full-length into me, smoothing the way. He knew the way into my ass – rimjob and poppers and you can pretty much do anything you want in my ass. I was fully open to him as another finger slid inside me and began to open up my hole. I rocked back on my knees, helping to fuck myself on his fingers. It felt so good. He pulled his fingers out and held my hips steady. I couldn’t really see what was coming, but I didn’t much care at this point. I felt the cool, blunt tip of a toy asking for entrance to my asshole. I relaxed and pushed back as a medium-sized butt plug slid home in my ass. He massaged my cheeks and lower back, stroked my cock and balls as he pushed and pulled the plug in and out of my ass for several minutes. He pushed it home one more time and pulled me up into a kneeling position. He grabbed the bong and took a deep hit. Then he kissed me hard and while we were güvenilir bahis şirketleri kissing he exhaled the smoke into my mouth. I tried not to gasp when I figured out what was happening and finally managed to suck in a little smoke. He chuckled as he broke our kiss to take another hit. I knew what was coming this time and while his tongue worked its way into my mouth, I sucked deeply of the smoke he offered me. He put the bong back down and reached for the poppers.


I nodded.

He placed the bottle underneath one nostril while his other hand reached for the butt plug. Suddenly he pulled the plug completely from my ass. I inhaled hard on the bottle at the unexpected removal of the butt plug. My eyes opened wide, staring into his dark, inscrutable ones and I thought the top of my head would come off. My asshole spasmed trying to find the toy and pull it back inside. Looking at me intently, he pushed the butt plug back into my ass. I gasped and panted trying to accomodate it so suddenly. He pushed the bottle under the other nostril and again ripped the butt plug from my body. I inhaled hard again, a little more prepared this time and felt my whole body tingle at the rush of pleasure, pain and amyl nitrate. He put the bottle away. I knelt face-down on the bed and reached back with both hands to pull my asscheeks open for him, offering my ass to his pleasure.

I heard him open the lube bottle again and felt him move between my legs. I was a little suprised when I felt another toy being introduced to my ass instead of his cock. But I sighed with pleasure as an anal twist slid up into me. The concentric ridges on the dildo popped inside my anal ring with a slick, juicy sound. My asshole welcomed the invasion and it was soon buried inside me up to the handle. I sighed and moaned as he slowly worked it in and out of my ass. I love that sound a toy makes in your ass when it is all slicked up and slicing in and out of you. I grunted into the sheets and ground my ass back into the tool. The rings on the dildo popping in and out of my ass felt awesome. He sped up and slowed down and played with my ass until it was open and I was gasping with pleasure. I turned my head to look back at him. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes he slowly inserted the twist again, pausing when it reached the handle and then pushing it further into my guts. My eyes got wide as I struggled to let it all up inside me. He smiled as 11 inches slid deep inside my ass with just the knob of the handle sticking out. He pulled it all the way out and pushed it all the way in again as I lay there and grunted with sexual pleasure. He did that twice more before removing it completely.

I lay there panting and gripping the sheets. My asshole was flowered open and spasming in delight, waiting for more ravishment to come. I heard the lube bottle and looked back to see him prepping another toy, an ass master. I reached back again to hold my asscheeks open for him, letting him know he could do as he pleased with my asshole. The ass master was much thicker than either the plug or the twist. Even in my current buzzed and open state, I had to consciously relax to let it inside. I felt the thick latex tool split my ass. I sighed as the widest part breeched my anal ring. He didn’t stop at the handle this time, inserting as much of the thick 10 inches as would fit in my ass. His hands stroked my balls and cock, my ass and lower back, as this monster toy stretched my willing hole. He pulled me up into a kneeling positing and pulled enough of the toy out so he could get a grip on it. As he held it in place on the bed, he told me to fuck myself on it. Placing my hands on my thighs to brace myself, I began to bounce up and down on the toy. It was just at the right depth so that my upward movement pulled the widest part of the dildo out of my ass and my downward thrusts plunged it deep inside. My asshole was getting an amazing workout and I hadn’t even been fucked yet. I was hard as a rock and there must have been a huge pool of pre-cum underneath where I knelt. I grunted loudly and incoherently as I fucked myself on the huge tool. He showed his pleasure at my wanton anal display by kissing me in mid-thrust. I held still with the tool buried up my ass while we exchanged another breath-taking kiss. Our tongues twined affectionately and hungrily. Mid-kiss, he began to twist and turn the toy in my ass. I moaned deeply into his mouth as each twist and turn of the tool sent ecstatic bolts of pleasure radiating from my asshole throughout my body.

Not sure how much more of this I could take, I buried my face in his crotch and sucked hungrily on his thick tool. He continued to work my ass with the ass master, pistoning it in and out, turning, twisting, dominating my asshole. Between deep slurps of his cock in my mouth I begged him.

“Please fuck me. Please fuck me now.”

He pulled the toy from my ass and positioned himself between my legs once again. I fell face first into the sheets and arched my back to present my willing hole to him. I heard him slick up his cock and finally felt the warmth of his cockhead against my asshole. I sighed and cooed as he slowly inserted all 8 thick inches of his bare cock into my ass. In spite of all the reaming I had already taken, I tried to squeeze my muscles around his dick. I wanted to feel every vein, feel its hardness and girth. I savored the heat of his erection as it slowly ground in and out of my butt.

“Oh god, your cock feels fanfuckingtastic!”

He slowly took my ass with long, deep strokes. I suddenly realized I was not the only one moaning. A shiver of pleasure went through me at his words.

“Such a hot assss!” he murmured.

“Fuck it. Fuck my hot ass. Fuck me.” I pleaded

He took me with hard, pounding strokes. His hands on my hips pulled me forcefully into each measured stroke of his cock up my ass. I gave up my asshole to his pleasure, letting him take me as he wanted. When he would grind his hips into me, I would push back making sure I had every inch of his cock inside me. When he thrust faster, I would open myself and let him take my hole hard. When he slowed down, I would milk his cock with my anal ring, savoring his sighs as my ravaged asshole massaged his cock. I felt the heat of his bare cock deep inside me.

He shifted so that he could lay across my back, nibbling my neck and ears, making me writhe with pleasure as his cock ground up my butt. Ready to go to the moon? he whispered. I could only moan and drop my head because I couldn’t imagine anything more pleasurable than what I had experienced so far.

He reached over and grabbed the bong again taking a deep hit while he pushed his cock full length into my guts. Then as he gently fucked me, I tried to steady myself enough to take another deep hit. canlı bahis şirketleri I was floating in a cloud of ecstacy when I suddenly felt the emptiness of his cock sliding out of my asshole. He handed me the poppers again and I looked back to see him slicking up a big, black, manhandler dildo. I took a deep hit of the little brown bottle as the big thick tool invaded my ass. I saw stars and screamed as he slid most of the tool home in my butt.

He worked the tool gently in and out just long enough to get it all the way inside me to the handle. He told me to take another hit of the popplers and suddenly he was working my asshole in earnest. It was like everything up until now had been a warm-up. He began to piston the thick tool in and out of me at an every increasing rate of speed. I was panting and screaming in pleasure as he totally dominated my ass with the manhandler. He would push it in to the hilt and then turn it and twist it inside me, drawing shouts of pleasure. He would hold it still until I started fucking myself harder and faster on it. He would hold my hips and really fuck me hard and fast, leaving me gasping with pleasure. Every vein and ridge and knob on the surface of the toy caused my asshole to spasm in pleasure. I was going out of my mind with excitement when he finally ripped the tool from my body, threw me over onto my back and slammed his thick, hard cock up my asshole. I managed to pull my legs up to my chest as his hips pounded against mine. My mouth was open and every thrust of his cock up my ass caused a deep grunt to issue from my throat.

Suddenly, he leaned down onto me and kissed me hard. My cock had been ready to burst because of denied stimulation, now sandwiched between us I began to cum uncontrollably screaming my orgasm into his mouth as we kissed. My throbbing asshole brought him off at the same time and soon he was shouting into my mouth as I felt his cock twitch in my ass and then felt the hot jets of his cum deep in my bowels. I was truly over the moon as the sensations ripped through my body – the cock in my ass, my cock trapped between our bodies, the heat of his body, the heat of his cum in my ass, the taste of his mouth and tongue as we kissed, the whirlwind of memories of the last few hours of pleasure and passion – my mind exploded into a thousand pieces as I felt my orgasm ripped from my whole body.

He continued to fuck me hard and erratically as the intensity of our fucking overwhelmed him. He ground his cock into me as deeply as it would go and I wrapped my legs around him in welcome. My hot cum made our bellies slick as we slid together in the final dance of fucking. He was moaning and grunting and crying and trembling as every last ounce of cum was forcefully ejected from his body. He finally collapsed on top of me and we held each other close savoring the intensity of our fuck. We closed our eyes and knew no more.

We awoke sometime Saturday morning. The sun was already up. My cum was dried and crusty on our bellies and his was still leaking from my ass. We laughed at the mess of lube and cum and toys and such on the bed. He helped me take the dirty sheets off the bed and get them into the laundry. I made coffee while he started the shower. I joined him in the shower and we sipped coffee and washed each other carefully.

“You have a sweet ass,” he whispered in my ear.

He gently washed my ass crack. I was sore, but his attentions felt good back there. I lay my head against his chest and let him wash my hole. My cock throbbed to hardness against his thigh.

“Your cock was so hot in my ass,” I said.

I washed it carefully. I gently stroked its length and felt it grow in my hands.

Wordlessly, we left the shower and dried off. He helped me put clean sheets on the bed and we met together in a deep kiss in the middle. Our hands explored the other’s body as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. He pulled me on top of him but then began to turn me around toward his cock. I realized what he wanted and soon we were sucking each other’s renewed erections in a passionate 69.

My head bobbed up and down on his thick,sweet cock and my hands gently played with his balls. I now sought to memorize every vein and bulge of his cock with my mouth and tongue the way my asshole had last night. Meantime, he was going to town sucking my cock. He sucked hard with lots of wriggling tongue action that had me shivering and breathless in no time.

I drew a sharp intake of breath when I felt his fingers toying with my asshole again. I wasn’t sure I could take anything today after the amazing assault on my butthole last night. But after a few minutes gentle massage I sighed as one long finger slid back up inside me. I let my assent be known by sucking his cock with deep, slow, wet strokes to match the rhythm of his finger in my ass.

I let him know I was ready by reaching over and grabbing the lube to slick up his cock then handing it to him to do the honors with my ass. I moved off him but remained kneeling on the bed as he moved behind me. There was a quick, sharp pain as he entered me and momentarily I thought this might not be a good idea, but my body had other needs and in a moment or two my hole relaxed and I pushed back to nestle his cock completely up my ass.

“Oh god, your cock feels sooooo fucking good in my ass!”

I savored the heat of his dick inside me; the feeling of skin on skin as his erection once more explored the confines of my ass. He fucked me slowly with long deep strokes.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” he said.

“Fuck me.” I begged.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass again,” he warned.

“Do it, my ass is yours,” I told him.

“I love your hole,” he sighed.

He began to pick up the pace of his fucking. His cock was fully rampant now, every bit as big as it had been last night, opening up my ass to his pleasure. He reamed me to the rhythm of our grunts and moans and the slick accompmaniment his cock and my hole made together.

He shifted so he was over my back again. His cock now plowed down into my prostate and I moaned my appreciation. He held me tight across the chest, nibbling at my neck and ears, taking his pleasure with my ass, bringing me closer to orgasm right along with him as his cockhead battered my pleasure spot. Our moans joined in unison as we sped to release together. My cock spurted first, pumping out my seed onto the sheets in time to his thrusts against my prostate. My spasming asshole brought his cock to climax inside me and I once again thrilled to feel the hot spurts of cum deep inside my asshole. We both cried out together as the blissful pleasure of orgasm ripped through our bodies. We collapsed onto the bed with his cock still buried in my ass. I couldn’t move, paralyzed with pleasure. Finally, his cock shrank in my ass and with a gentle squeeze I pushed him out along with what seemed like a quart of cum.

“I can’t believe you shot that much cum after last night,” I told him, shocked at the feel of so much cream inside me.

“It’s the company,” he laughed softly in his throat.

We smiled and gently kissed and nestled into the newly made mess of the clean sheets.

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