I had a reason to worry

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I had a reason to worry
My wife of 5 years was going to Vegas without me. Why? Well my little sister was getting married and that’s where the bachelorette party was going to be. Why was I worried? Well I know my wife and booze don’t mix well, what I mean by that is, she gets bat shit crazy when she drinks and if its tequila well it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

They were all leaving on a Friday morning and said they would be home Sunday afternoon. As my wife waited to be picked up I reminded her over and over again not to drink for her own safety, and that Vegas has a lot of pit falls that goes along with the bright lights. She finally turned to me and told me that she was a grown woman who can take care of herself and then she put her hands on her hips telling me to get off her fucking back. All I said was that I was worried she could have a problem if she didn’t watch out. My sister showed and my wife was out the door without even a kiss or a goodbye, nothing but a single finger being held up for everyone to see.

I called her on her cell about the time she would be getting near Vegas and she said she was sorry but my nagging was driving her nuts and she would be very careful. I told her that I loved her and to have a good time just not too good of a time.

She called and told me they were all going for diner and then to see the male strippers, so if I called there would be a good chance she wouldn’t hear her phone, so she would call in the morning but not early. She said she had to go and that she loved me.

About midnight I got a picture sent to my phone from a number I didn’t recognize. At first I wasn’t going to open it but I thought what if its important so I opened it and there was a picture of my sweet little blond haired blue eye wife with her hands wrapped around a huge black cock, and what was worst she had her tongue stuck out touching that cock on its piss slit. I thought I was going to throw up on the spot but tried to call the number that sent the picture but it told me the user had not set up the voice mail yet. I guess who ever it was sent the picture and had turned their phone off.

I started to go nuts calling her cell and leaving her voice mail after voice mail and then a new picture come in from the same number. This time it showed my wife with what looked like a straight shot of tequila. What made me think that’s was there was a half empty bottle of the same colored liquid and the label said tequila on it. That wasn’t the worst part of the picture cause it also showed my wife kaçak iddaa naked to her waist with a big black hand holding one of her firm C cup tits. That was it, I lost it right there. It was a good thing I was in the kitchen cause all I had to do was turn to throw up in the sink.

I knew they were going to stay at the Trump hotel but I had no idea in what room or under who’s name it was booked under. All I did know was they had 3 rooms booked and there was 6 of them going. I called the hotel only to find out it wasn’t booked under my wife’s name or my sister’s name. Hell I didn’t know any of the other girls going.

About 2 in the morning I got a video which showed a woman who I was sure was my wife naked this time and some blacker then the ace of spades nigger with his face between my wife’s legs eating her out with the girls telling him he had to get her good and wet if he was going to fuck her with his horse size cock. What made me sure it was my wife, well she has a little blue rose tattooed just above her pussy hair which is as blond as the hair on her head.

I watched that video over and over yelling at my wife to push the guy away and get the hell out of there. I then all but passed out thinking about what was about happen if she lets him fuck her bareback. See her and me have been trying to start our family for over half a year now and so far she hasn’t got pregnant which made me look at the chart she had beside the bed which showed the best time of the month for her to conceive and tomorrow was the day, wait no that’s wrong its today it’s after midnight. Oh fuck she’s at her most fertile time and I looked to hopefully see that her diaphragm was missing but no there it was in the box she kept it in. Well I guess it meant she wasn’t planning on this but, oh my god why was she doing this to me, no make that to us.

I was just thinking about getting in my car the driving to Vegas when 2 videos popped up on my phone. I just sat there not wanting to open the videos but I knew I had too. I was hoping I would see my wife pushing that black guy away from her, or something to give me hope. What I saw killed any hope I had, I could hear my wife screaming “Eat me you black bastard eat me, oh fuck I’m coming again on his face.”

As I sat there on our bed the whole room started spinning and I felt like I was about to black out but I just had to see the next video. There was my wife with her legs spread as wide as they would go and that black horse size cock against her sweet pussy. As I watched kaçak bahis it slowly made its way inside my wife’s unprotected pussy. He didn’t even put on a fucking condom and with my wife at her most fertile time, oh god my marriage is over.

As it went deeper inside her the more her legs started to kick. She does that when her orgasm is getting close. Then her legs went still with the muscles were rigid and standing out on her legs, she only does that when she’s having a very intense orgasm. That black bastard still only had maybe half his cock inside of her. Not only was that thing he call a cock long I mean over a foot by the looks of it but big around as my wrist.

Ok my wife and me have been have sex for over 6 years and I bring her to orgasm 3 or 4 times but she seems to be in just one long orgasm screaming at him to fuck her as she orgasmed. She then did something she has never done with me. Her cum started shooting out around that horse cock. In over 6 years she has never squirted when she cum for me. That’s when I realized that I was hard as a rock in my pants as I watched my wife getting her brains fucked out. What is wrong with me, I can’t be turned on by this, can I? Now I’m feeling sick at the thought that I could be turned on watching this.

The video ended when the black bastard as deep as my wife could take it. I laid back on the bed thinking about what was happening when my phone got a new video sent to it and this time I rushed to open it so I could see what was happening. My wife was on her hands and knees, still being fucked with that horse like cock and her cum was running down both their legs, but what was new was this time she had a cock in her mouth as well. It wasn’t as big as the one in her pussy but it was still bigger then mine. As I watched the guy in her mouth grabbed the back of her head pulling her all the way down on his cock with his balls bouncing off her chin. I came in my pants as he forced himself balls deep over and over again in her mouth. She had never taken me that deep, hell she would only take the head of my cock in her mouth and here she with a cock down her throat. The fucking video ended again.

I got up to clean myself trying to think what was going to happen over this when a new video hit my phone. It showed the bastard in her pussy coming inside her unprotected pussy and this time he was balls deep inside of her. She was coming right along with him and when he pulled out a gush of their combined cum flowing out of her. That’s when the cock I had güvenilir bahis seen in her mouth show up behind her. This guy pushed into her pussy only to pull right back out and push against her virgin ass. She wouldn’t even let me push a finger against her rosebud and as I watched that cock start to slid in her rear hole. I waited to hear her tell him not to fuck her ass but what I heard was “I’m such a fucking slut, that’s it fuck me anyway you want, fuck my slutty asshole.” The video ended again and I was standing in our bedroom with a new hard on, what the fuck is wrong with me?

About 20 minutes later I got a new video showing my wife with her face planted in some girls pussy looking like she was eating this girls pussy out. My wife always said that the thought of two women or men having sex with each other was a total turn off and just so wrong and here she is eating a girls pussy with the girl now saying for my wife to suck his cum out of her pussy and make her cum. The video moved back to show the cock being removed from my wife’s ass and him shooting cum all over her back. I thought ” That’s what the one in her pussy should’ve done instead of filling her to over flowing with his black seed.”

I got no more videos for the rest of the weekend just a message saying ” I told you she could turn into a total slut.” I thought back and it was my little she who said that to me before we got married and now I know who was sending me the videos.

It was almost 8 Sunday night when my wife got dumped off in front of our house and when she walked all I did was show her the video of that horse cock inside of her and her yelling for him to fuck her. She looked at me with tears rolling down her face and said ” I fucked up and I guess we are over. I’ll pack and leave in the morning.” I grabbed her arm leading to a chair sitting her down as I sat across from her.

I said ” First thing tomorrow you are going to buy the morning after pill cause I’m not going to raise some nigger baby. Second our lives have just changed and from now on you do as I say and there will be no back talk from you ever. And for number 3 I want you to take my pants off and give me some of that deep throat I seen you giving that fucking asshole, and oh by the way your asshole is no longer off limits to me! Understand? If this isn’t what you want I don’t give a fuck and you can get out without so much as a fucking penny from me!”

She looked at me and got on her knees pulling my pants down giving me the best fucking deep throat I have ever gotten and the best part was she swallowed without having to be told to do so. I think we will work this out after all but my sister is going to be made sorry for what she pulled knowing that tequila makes my wife bat shit crazy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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