How my mistress enslaved me – A different love sto

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How my mistress enslaved me – A different love sto
I admit it. I always was drawn towards self conscious and powerful women. It is the way I like them. Back in school I was attracted to my female teachers. For one reason only, they had some power over me. Somehow I was always looking for my own mistress. I dated a lot, yes, had enough sex too, but I longed for that one special girl. Out of curiosity and for confirmation, I served some professional mistresses. I liked what the did to me, did with me. But a few hours now and then weren’t enough. I wanted every day to be like that. It took a while, but she found me. Ordered me to serve her. And I complied. We fell in love, are still together until today.
In my mid twenties I graduated from university. With a masters degree. Still no women on my side. But hey, there are worse things in life. To regain some strength after my demanding education I decided to take a year off. No, I didn’t travel the world. I just took a job as a waiter. In a nice dinner down the road. To do some normal work. Something, and I don’t want to offense anyone, were no complex thinking processes were needed. My brain needed a break. And as you can imagine, I liked serving other people. Taking their orders. Bringing their food. Be grateful for some dip.
One day, she walked through the door. She caught my attention. At least a decade older than me. A tall girl. With long beautiful hair framing a nice face. Broad shoulders. A curvy, well proportioned body. And a capturing smile. Yes the smile, was the thing that really got me in the first place.
She took a seat at the counter. Ordered a coke, a cheese burger and fries. It was in the middle of the afternoon, so the dinner was practically empty. Not that much work to do at this time of the day. So I talked to her. A nice conversation developed. There was a brain in her head. Charisma. And she was nice. Before leaving, she asked when I had to work. I told her my times for the next month. She thanked me with a smile. And off she was. Twerking her ass in my direction while leaving the diner.
Three days later she came in again. Smiled in my direction. Took the same seat, her seat. Ordered a coke, a bacon cheese burger and some fries. She wasn’t in a hurry. Enjoyed her food. The diner was famous for it cuisine amongst the locals. Chatted with me while eating. Ordered a cup of coffee and a cake for dessert. Sent me some seductive views. A few minutes before my shift ended, she called me close. Whispered in my ear: “On the toilet. Now.”
Luckily for me, my workmate was already there. She took over. I headed for the women’s restroom. Knowing that no one was in there but her. Because bahis siteleri she was the only female guest in the diner. And boy, there she was. Sitting on the throne. Like a queen. Looking hot as hell. Her face expressions frozen. Her voice without sweetness, in a rash commanding style:”You are late. Never let me wait again.”
A shiver ran down my spine. My cock grew hard. Not knowing how to react, I just stood there. Nodded with my head. Stared at her. Watched her lift her skirt. Couldn’t believe what was going on. And again, the commanding voice:”Stared enough you little pervert. Come on over here. Kneel down in front of me. Lick my beautiful cunt. Adore her. Thrust your fingers in me.”
Within a few seconds I kneeled in front of her. Dug my tongue in her hairy pussy. An explosion on my taste buds. Those delicious first moments, when the tongue hits the cunt. Got addicted to her taste. Played with her clit until she was wet. Slid my fingers in her hole. One after another. Four fingers in the end. Her pussy leaked juice. I slurped it up. She began to moan. My dick rock hard. Then she climaxed. Ordered me to pull out, gently. When I was out, she stood up. Went over to the mirror. Looked in it. Fixed herself together. Pulled her skirt down. Gave me her beautiful smile and left me blue balled. Without saying a word. If I would be allowed to, I would still jerk of to that incident.
Two weeks later, on the day, she came in again. It was lunch time. Rush hour for me and my work mates. She didn’t even bother to order anything. While passing by me, she just gave me one command every one could hear:”To the women’s room”
Not knowing what to do, I looked over to my co workers behind the counter. They signalled me:”It’s okay. Go for it.”
About fifty seconds later I entered the ladies room. Strangely there was no one in there. Except her. Sitting on her throne. Pulling blank when she saw me:”Good boy. Lesson number one learned. Your mistress is always first. No matter were, no matter what. Now, you know what do to.”
So I went down on here again. Nearly no difference to the last time. But before she left, she handed me a sealed envelope. Open at home, was written on it. Blue balled once more I went back to work. Later, at home, I opened her letter:
My dear boy,
come to my place, Friday eight o’clock in the evening.
Your Mistress
Below, instead of a signing, she kissed the paper with a dark red lipstick. And for those who wonder, the address was on the paper too, but I won’t make it public.

I had a few days to pass by until the anticipated moment came. I stood in front of her apartment. Two bottles of wine in my hands. Nervous as fuck. My bahis şirketleri knees trembling. My hands shaking. I had to pull everything together. I needed a few attempts to knock at the door. She opened. Only wearing a long bathrobe. No make up. Her hair tied to a knot on the back of her had. She ordered me in. And gave me a lecture:”Second rule. Always address me as mistress. Now drop your cloths. And stand still.”
I did. Stood there. Naked. In her hallway. Then she did it. Dropped her robe. My eyes nearly flew out of their socket. She was wearing a set of leather high heeled boots that ended above the knees. Some beautiful black stockings beneath them. A short, tight leather skirt covered her hips. Above that, a laced corset to pronounce her curves. Her big tits covered in a very provocative bra. She smiled at me. Smiled at my dick getting hard. She looked gorgeous. Beautiful and last but not least, in charge.
Next thing, she ordered me down on all four and to follow her into the living room. There she sat down on her sofa. Using me as a coffee table to but her feet on. We watched TV for a while. Until she got thirsty. I had to bring her a glass of wine. Had to hold it for her when she wasn’t drinking. While doing so, I kneeled on the floor next to her. Upright. My dick still hard. She complimented me on that. After a while, my body started to tremble. I simple wasn’t used to stay in that position for that long.
Then the edging started:”Still hard little boy. Jerk off. But don’t dare to cum.”
I rubbed my dick. Polished him while watching at her. She didn’t seem to bother. Just kept starring in the TV. I got close. Really close. I had to focus the keep my load inside. Jerked of slower. She took notice. And ordered me to get faster again. Then, when I couldn’t hold it any long. In the exact moment before I climaxed, she pulled my hand of my dick:”Enough for you sweety. Be a good boy and get me some stuff.”
Frustration. That close. It eats up your brain if you have to stop at that moment. All you want is to push you over the edge. Put I managed to keep my hands off. Full filled her task. Brought her the bag she asked for. Put it on the sofa next to you. She ordered me back on my knees. And began to unpack. Only toys for adults. And lube. A big bottle of it. She showed me every single toy. Told me that she was planing to use them. On me mostly, and maybe a little bit on her. It made me rock hard. She noticed, and smiled at me.
She began lubing an anal plug. Ordered me to stand up. Bend over. And slid the thing up my ass. Gently, it didn’t hurt, she knew what she was doing. And it wasn’t my first time either. But it felt great. illegal bahis I like it, when there is something sticking inside my dirty hole. She ordered me to jerk of again. Pre-cum started to drip out my dick. And somehow landed on her boots. She got angry. My filth on her expensive shoes. I had to lick them clean. From the bottom to the top:”But don’t dare to look up, look between my legs.”
And I tried to resist to urge the get a glimpse of her beautiful cunt. But it was to tempting. Far to tempting. So I did it. I looked up. And all I saw were their panties. Beautiful black ones. With plenty of pubic hair sticking out on the sides. I upset her once more. She put me across her knee. Spanked my ass with bare hands. Hitting harder and harder. Made some breaks in between. To squeeze my blue balls. It hurt like hell. My eyes tried to pop out once more. But I deserved it. Truly deserved it. I failed my mistress. Angered her. She went on as long as it pleased her. I begged for forgiveness. Begged for her mercy.
My erection was gone for good. She noticed and began to tease me again. I love those on/off games. She pulled down her panties. Exposed her cunt. Took one of the toys. Played with herself. Masturbated. I got rock solid, once more. She smiled at me. Asked me to play with her. No, no touching allowed. And no cumming, at least not for me. Just jerk of with her. Jerk off to her. She really let herself go. Moaned a lot. Had her eyes closed for most of the time. And then she climaxed. Her hole body was trembling. I had trouble to stay focused. It was the hardest moment in the evening for me. But I pulled it trough. I kept on jerking my more than aroused dick without shooting a load.
After she was done, she told me to stop. Take me hands of my dick. And to go into the kitchen, prepare us two something to eat. And two glasses of wine, one for me, a second for her. While I was in the kitchen she dressed into something more comfortable for her to wear. Her pyjamas. The game was over for the night. The nice, friendly part of the evening began.
At first, we put the coffee table back on it’s place in front of the sofa. Then we sat down, cuddled each other under a blanket, enjoyed the food I made and a few glasses of wine. We talked about everything and nothing. We found out that we have a lot in common. We even kissed for the first time that night. I felt butterflies flying in my belly. Then she got tired. And ordered me to stay over night. To keep her warm while she was asleep. Something I really enjoy to do. It was great to be near each other. And my dick, still hard for most of the time. Looking back from now, I somehow miss the time when I was still able to get hard without some iron bars restraining me from doing so.
That’s how I met my mistress. And how our journey exploring the kinky site of sex began. So there are plenty of tales to tell, believe me. But not today.

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