Hot Rain

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The smell of rain overwhelms your senses as the clouds overhead open up with a loud clap of thunder that lingers as a low rumbling. She runs with you, hand in hand, to take shelter under the nearby stand of pine trees. Giggling and breathless she turns to you “Everyone is leaving! Do you think we should go too?”

You eye the clouds overhead and, seeing no threat, reassure her that she is safe with you. She moves closer to you for warmth and you wrap your arms around her, enclosing you both in your oversized jacket. Smiling up at you, she leans in and kisses your lips softly, letting them linger against yours. You pull her against you and intensify the kiss, parting your lips to slip your tongue through hers. You can taste the remnants of the champagne you recently shared in her mouth and her responsive tongue tastes you in turn. Your hand finds its way into her long, silky hair and grips firmly as her hand rests against the back of your neck; your other hand reaches lower, cupping her ass cheek and squeezing gently.

Letting the growing intensity overtake her, she moves her hands to the waist of your jeans and starts to unbuckle your belt. Regretfully, you break the kiss and grin at her. “What are you doing, babe?” you ask, and her only response is a seductive giggle as she lowers the zipper of your pants. Her hand reaches inside and finds your member held inside your boxers. Stroking gently, almost teasingly, she asks if she should stop. You laugh quietly and assure her that this is what you want. Gracefully she drops to her knees, taking your pants down with her, and she leans in to kiss at the growing bulge now before her. As you lean back against the tree, you sigh happily, your fingers entwining themselves in her hair. She very gently bites up and down your shaft through the fabric and feels you becoming fully engorged, she hooks her fingers in the elastic waist and gaziantep escortları slowly pulls the underwear down over your throbbing manhood, exposing it to the cool, damp air.

Lightning flashes over the pond nearby and another long, low rumble of thunder rolls through the air. The rain intensifies, coming through the branches above and runs through your hair, over your face and down your body. She strokes your stiff member, getting the length wet with rainwater before closing her mouth around the head. Sucking gently, she slides her lips forward, taking every inch of you into her mouth until the head is pressing against the back of her throat. She opens up wider and pushes you in even further. Cupping your balls in her hand, massaging gently, she begins to slowly work your back out of her mouth but before she can remove you, your hands grip firmly in her hair and you thrust yourself forcefully back into her mouth. She gags on the head as it’s shoved down her throat and she struggles against your hands, trying desperately to rid her mouth of you. You hold her there for a moment and then release her, pulling yourself out. She looks up at you and licks her lips as you wipe rain from her brow and stroke her cheek. Smiling, she wraps her delicate fingers around your base and takes your head back into her mouth. She strokes your length with her hand as her mouth works on the first few inches, her lips squeezing and sucking hungrily.

Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes again as she intensifies her stoking and sucking, milking your orgasm closer. The rain pours down around you soaking the ground, your clothes, and your hair. Water pours over your member adding even more sensation to the wondrous feelings she is giving you. Your breath is ragged and you whisper her name as your hands guide her head. Her hand squeezes and pulls at your balls gently as your hips thrust against her and suddenly your body quivers as your orgasm rushes through you; she keeps her mouth on you as your warm cum fills her mouth. Swallowing your load, she carefully removes you from her mouth and smiles up at you; you can’t help but smile back. She stands to face you and you kiss her lips tenderly.

“Now it’s your turn” you whisper and lay her down on the wet grass. She closes her eyes and lets the rain wash over her, plastering her clothes to her body. Spreading her legs apart, her skirt slides up to her hips exposing her simple, white cotton panties. You pull them aside, baring her full lips to the rain, and you start to stroke them gently. Sighing happily, she relaxes and your fingers slip between the lips to brush her labia. She’s already worked up from sucking your manhood and you can feel her juices on your rough fingers. Finding her clit you pinch it gently and then start to stroke it in slow, miniscule movements; she moans and arches her back slightly.

“I can smell your sweetness from here.” you whisper and lean in for a taste, running your tongue from the bottom of her opening to the top of her clit slowly, savouring the flavour of her. She whimpers and presses her hips into your as you begin to lick and suck at her throbbing clitoris, your fingers stroking her labia and teasing her slit. She groans and squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples and moving her hips against you. Your finger slips inside of her and you feel her muscles contract. Closing your lips around her nub, you suck it into your mouth and gently nibble at it; your finger slides in and out of her with ease as her juices coat it. Her moans quickly turn to cries of pleasure, her hips rock against your hand and her body trembles with ecstasy.

“Fuck me!” she cries out. “Fuck me please, I need to feel your cock inside me!” You remove your finger and mouth from her swollen, pink pussy and move up her body, her legs over your shoulders. The rain continues to pour down over you and the thunder rumbles loudly overhead; the air is full of electricity and all the hairs on your body stand on end. Your cock, fully hard again, bobs in the cool air, the head pressing against her hot opening.

“I want to feel you around me.” You whisper, intentionally teasing her. She reaches down and starts to stroke her clit as she presses her hips up, trying desperately to bring you inside of her. You resist the temptation a moment longer, long enough for her to beg you again.

“Please, I need your throbbing cock inside of me. I need it more than anything.” She whispers as her body twitches with anticipation. Suddenly you plunge into her all the way to the base, splitting her open. She thrusts her hips up to meet you as she screams out in intense pleasure. You groan and hold yourself inside of her for a moment, then slowly start to pull out. Removing your cock completely, she whimpers, helpless. Leaning forward, you grab her breasts for leverage and begin to thrust into her hard and deep, your wet bodies slamming together as the storm around you intensifies.

Lightning flashes across the sky and thunder cracks and vibrates the earth. The electricity of the storm travels through you and into her as you feel your second orgasm climbing. Bucking wildly, her finger working her clit furiously, she cries out “I’m going to cum!” You squeeze her breasts hard enough to bruise and you slam into her tight, little pussy. As suddenly as the storm started, your climax explodes into her. Her body clenches and shudders as her own orgasm rushes through her, her muscles clench and relax around you rhythmically as you fill her with your seed.

Exhausted, soaked with rain and sweat, you lay down beside her. She curls into you and you respond by wrapping your arms around her and her holding her tightly. The rain begins to lessen, the thunder rolls away and you lay with her in peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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