Hot Couplings – After the Trip

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This is a true story. For the stories that follow, we’ll let you know which are fact and which are fiction. You might even suggest a scenario that we could turn into reality. Ideas are welcome!….Thanks for taking a peek into our lives….


Jake was going a little crazy. And was getting very horny. Sure, it was fun watching the football game in his hometown, but to get a text from his girlfriend, telling him how she wanted to ride him and have him fuck her until she came many times, made it very difficult for him to concentrate on the game. Plus, the fact that he was hard and erect, made it a bit difficult for him to leave his seat.

What he really wanted to do was get out of there, jump on the plane, get home and fulfill her wish. But, he had paid the money for the trip and his flight didn’t leave until the next day. Yeah, just wait it out, then you can rail her all you want.

Easier said than done, when the next text came in, telling him how she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy. OK, enough of this he thought, as he got up and went to find the men’s room. With everyone focused on the game, he thought he might as well deal with his hard cock and at least solve the problem, even if it was just temporarily. So, while the crowd was yelling over the touchdown, he was manhandling his cock until he got the relief he needed…at least for now.

Back home, Traci was having her own fun, thinking about his cock and how good it felt in her mouth, against her body, in her pussy….well, just about everywhere. He had this well-defined body she just loved, with an ample enough cock to fill her tiny cunt. As she thought about his kisses and carresses, she could feel her own pussy getting wet with her own juices, waiting for the few hours to pass before he was home and fucking her like the beast he could be.

Thinking about his long dick and smooth abs, she played with her own clit, stroking and touching, imagining him riding her and fucking her the way she liked it: hard. With that image running through her mind, she picked up the rhythm as she stroked her own clit, plunging her finger into her hot, wet pussy, thinking of him riding and fucking her. Soon she felt her pussy contract and gaziantep escortları plunge her into waves of satisfaction…fuck, love that cock, she thought….can’t wait for him to get home….

With the game over and his team having won, he knew the bet he made would pay off: winner’s choice in the bedroom. And he knew just what he wanted. He wanted to take her and use her to his delight and satisfaction. He loved and worshipped her body: gorgeous face, beautiful 32D tits, smooth tummy, tiny waist, very hot trimmed pussy, luscious asscheeks, magnificent legs…nothing he would change, even if had the chance. And with both of them placing bets on their favorite teams, it was a sure thing that one of them would win in a weekend, which meant they both really won….

Two days later, they finally re-united at his place. He left work as early as possible, drove home like a madman only to find her waiting in her car outside his house. A quick click of the garage door opener and she shimmied in, locking the door behind herself.

She too had waited all day for this. Wouldn’t he be surprised to see her come to the house, wearing her nylons, high heels, classy coat and only her lingerie underneath….yeah, that should get him going, she thought.

Get him going it did! Taking her coat off, he lost a breath seeing her in her gorgeous thong and sheer top….fuck, what an amazing body, he thought….time to grab some of that!

After a quick couple of sips of wine, they headed upstairs. While he peeled off his clothes, she set the mood and lit a candle she had brought…she very much loved setting the stage and bringing the romance into the room: candles, music, rose petals. She had always loved the romantic part of their relationship and even knowing how much he wanted her, she still wanted the setting to be just right.

He appreciated all of her efforts, but what he really wanted was to cash in on his bet. He knew what he wanted and she knew what was coming. That was the beauty of the texting: as his team made progress on the field, he let her know what her role would be when it was time to cash in the bet. And he wasted no time in letting her know the redemption had begun….

“Get on your knees and suck my cock,” he commanded. “And while you suck, stick out your ass, so I can play with your cheeks and your pussy.”

With that, she dutifully lowered herself to the ground and began sucking his dick, sticking out her ample ass as she did so. Funny, she thought, how he loved her ass so. She always thought it was a bit large for her petite five foot frame. But he loved it and she loved him for lavishing all of the love and attention on it that he did…, funny bunch, she thought.

For him, having her suck him while he could grab her ass and finger her pussy, was almost perfect. He absolutely loved looking at her perfect ass and loved feeling her tight, wet pussy…and having her suck his straining rod was again, almost perfect. But what he really wanted was a quck fuck; a bit of a taste, for him and her.

“Get down on your hands and knees, and stick out your ass. I need to fuck that hot cunt for a bit.”

Without a word, she obeyed, knowing she wanted that hard cock as much as he wanted that hot pussy. She had barely assumed her position, when he was behind her, stroking her pussy with his cockhead, then sliding it deep to the base of his cock in one easy motion.

Fuck, they both thought, that was what they were missing! She loved the feel of him in her and of knowing how badly he missed her and wanted her. He loved being able to bounce into her asscheeks while he fucked her cunt, knowing she loved the attention and release it gave her.

After a hard fuck, he pulled her up, wanting to save their cumming for later. He laid down on the bed and again commanded her, “I want you to ride me and fuck yourself on my cock until you cum.”

Again, with that command in his voice and that look in his eyes, she complied, straddling him and taking his cock into her very wet pussy in one easy motion.

Fuck, she loved riding him! She loved everything about his cock…and him too. He was every bit the man she never thought she’d find: loving, gentle, great body, intelligent, made her laugh…he was now the guy she could show to her girlfriends and know that she would now be the envy of the group…and how he could kiss!…damn!

Thinking those things, even as they all blurred through her mind, helped her to get even hotter and hornier as she fucked his gorgeous straining rod.

And seeing her ride him, with her tits bouncing in rhythm to her fucking, made him lose a little bit of control. With that loss, Jake started babbling every word he could think of about what he saw…”Yeah, fuck that cock! Ride that cock, feel that hard cock inside your hot, wet pussy! You like the cock in you, don’t you? You like fucking me, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me until you cum!”

Hearing that, it gave her the permission she needed to let loose, so she did. She let everything go inside of her: she let go of having to please former lovers, she let go of not being able to have sex for herself and she let go just so she could enjoy…and what a wonderful release it was: wave after wave of ecstacy washing through her body as she squeezed hard on his cock deep inside of her.

While she caught her breath, he took advantage of her loss of control and rolled her over on the bed. Flipping her onto her side, he pushed one leg up and sat on her bottom leg so he could fuck her pussy and still feel her asscheeks bounce against his balls.

With Traci barely having caught her breath, Jake plunged his dick deep into her still throbbing pussy and began fucking her again. God, how he loved seeing her body: tight, petite and the softest, most full ass he had seen in a long time. If she only knew how much he loved being up against that ass, he thought. And with that, he picked up his fucking pace, knowing he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer.

His pace was frantic now, he wanted to spew his hot load deep inside her. And she wanted him to cum deep inside her as well. She loved that she had such control over him and that he wanted to fuck her as hard and as often as he did.

Soon, they were both bouncing and fucking to the tempo of those who are ready to cum: hard fucking, balls slapping against her pussy lips, him grabbing her tits, knowing they would both cum any second….and they did, both of them collapsing in an orgasm of synchronicity, as he shot his cockload deep inside her cunt, wave upon wave of pleasure coursing through her body….

As they collapsed together and both caught their breath, they embraced each other again, resuming the love and connection they had discovered and enjoyed with each other…..and also knowing they had many more such encounters to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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