Hometown Ch. 03

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Note: this series is getting a lot of good feedback. There is not a whole lot of sex in this chapter. Read chapters one and two to catch up. Thanks for your support and kind words. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


Ted slept well that night and wasn’t surprised to see his aunt at the kitchen table the next morning. He whistled on his way to the coffee pot.

“Someone is very happy this morning,” she said looking over the newspaper. “Do you want to tell me about it.”

“Not really but I can say the night was very special.”

“I heard that Ellen wasn’t really happy.”

“Geez, aren’t there any secrets in this town?”


Kathy too was overly happy and caught herself smiling as she dressed for church. When she parked and headed inside she was stopped by Ellen. “Uh…good morning.”

Ellen glanced around to make sure no one heard her. “What’s going on with Ted and you?”

Kathy’s smiles turned to anger. “I don’t think that is any of your business.”

Ellen outweighed her by about ten pounds and moved all of it up to Kathy’s face. “Ted and I are putting pieces back together. Leave him alone.”

“You’re married. You leave him alone.” Their eyes glared darts back and forth until Kathy turned and walked towards the church entrance. Seconds later she suddenly felt Ellen’s hands grab onto her shoulders. She tried to pull away but her heels caught on the soft grass and she fell onto her side.

Ellen stood over her with her arms crossed. “Stay away.”

Kathy moved up onto her knees to get some leverage. The larger woman wasn’t expecting it when she lunged upward and struck Ellen stomach with her right shoulder. The momentum caused Ellen to fall onto her back with Kathy on top of her. Both of their dresses were well up their thighs as a few others rushed over to see what was going on.

“DAD! Mom is fighting!” Dawn yelled back into the church, which had not started services yet.

Neither woman cared about getting dirty grass stains on their bodies and clothing. Kathy quickly moved up to sit on Ellen’s stomach to hold her down. “You don’t want to mess with me.”

“Oh God, let me up,” Ellen begged seeing a group of people running their direction. What bothered her was that Jim was in front of the pack.

“Ok,” Kathy said after turning and seeing her mother trying to run with the rest of them. She moved up and started wiping the dirt and stains from her body.

Ellen quickly pushed her dress down and stood up next to Kathy.

“What’s going on?” Jim asked suspiciously looking at Kathy.

“Just a little disagreement,” Ellen said moving past him towards the church.

Dawn was excited. “Did you two fight? I mean really fight? Wow!”

“Are you hurt?” Mary Reavis asked her daughter. “Your elbow is bleeding.”

“I’m fine. Let’s get inside before we are late.”

Whispering covered most of the pews. Both women sat unfazed by the peeks and glances as the minister started his sermon.

“If anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn to them the other cheek.”

“Yeah mom,” Dawn whispered.

“Shhh,” Ellen whispered back now embarrassed in front of the whole town. She reached for Jim’s hand next to her but he pulled it away. She knew that he knew why she had fought with Kathy.

Church seemed to drag on for both women. Kathy quickly exited out the side entrance and made it out of the parking lot before anyone approached her. She was still pissed and realized that, although she had only known Ted for a short time, she was falling in love with him. It scared her because of what happened in Chicago but for the first time in a long time she met someone she really liked.


“Upstairs,” Jim said firmly after they entered their home after not talking in the car.

Dawn’s humor with the incident suddenly changed to fear since she knew they would be arguing. “I’m going over to Britney’s house.”

Ellen walked behind him and was nervous when he closed the door. He had never been physical with her so she wasn’t nervous about that. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t care for the way she acted last night.”

He took a big breath to try and be calm. “I know it was over Ted. Don’t bullshit me.”

Ellen sat down on the bed and covered her eyes. “I’ve tried not to be involved with Ted again. He was my first love and I thought I could just stop my feelings that I had deep inside.”

“That’s it? You tried. Jesus Ellen the whole fucking church and town knows that you still love Ted. That makes me look like the number one jerk.”

“The whole town already knew about you and Rebecca. And I didn’t fuck Ted.”

“Rebecca…uh…what are you..”

“No bullshit remember? I’ve known for sometime but until I over heard you telling Ted I avoided it.”

“You didn’t fuck Ted the other night?”

“No…but…but I was pissed. We kissed and I..I gave him a blowjob.”

“Who is Dawn’s father? Should I believe you that he isn’t Ted?”

“Ted is not the father. That’s all that I can tell you.”

“Some best friend,” gaziantep escortları Jim growled. “He kisses my wife and has oral sex with her.”

“Leave Ted alone,” she said firmly. “It was me pushing it not him.”

“Fuck. I thought we had a great marriage. It was until Ted Fucking Givens came back.”

“JIm our marriage has died down to a faint flicker. Neither of us wants to have sex anymore. Otherwise why would you fuck the town slut? And I kiss and give oral sex to Ted? We are both too young to give up sex. Maybe we need to do other things.”

“Other things? Like what? Do you want an open marriage to do whatever we want?”

“I don’t know maybe. I hear things in the beauty shop about other couples who…who swap.”

Jim sat down next to her. “I don’t want to lose you but I’m afraid to get involved like this with others.”

“I know but what if we just mess around some?”

“This town is small and others may find out.”

“Well they know everything already so why not?”


Ted woke up around 9:45AM and was about to head to the bank when his aunt came flying into the house from the garage. “Well nephew you just won’t believe what happened this morning before church started?”

He didn’t look up from the Sunday news. “What?”

She laughed and pulled the paper down to see his reaction. “Ellen and Kathy got into a fight on the church lawn.”

At first he didn’t comprehend. “Ellen and Kathy…what?”

“They were fighting on the church lawn over you. I don’t think they threw any punches or kicks but they were definitely going at it.”

“Shit. Are they both OK? This is not what I need right now.”

“They actually went to church after that and the preacher talked about not doing an eye for an eye and to turn the other cheek. It’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in Plainville since old Wilson’s cow got out and ran into Mrs. Johnson coming out of Food Town.

“I’ve got to go and see Kathy.”


“Mother I’m fine,” Kathy said for the tenth time. “I’ll call you later. Goodbye.” She hung up the phone and started to pull off her dress, which had grass stains on the right side and on the lower hem. As she pulled the rear zipper halfway she heard the doorbell..

Ted saw the door opening and peeked around to see Kathy in a dress. “Hi…I heard about what happened at church and want to make sure you are all right.”

“I’m fine. Ellen confronted me and threatened me….come inside.” She moved back and when he got next to her they both froze not sure if they should kiss or not. He looked at the dress stains.

“Will those come out?”

“I’m not sure,” she said feeling her heart racing. “I was just going to try and wash it.”

“Come into my bedroom while I change.” She turned knowing that her dress was unzipped down below her pink bra strap.

Ted felt himself getting excited walking into her bedroom for the first time. After moving in he saw a large bookshelf full of novels. “Like to read I see.”

Kathy walked over to the closet and pulled off the white terrycloth robe. “I haven’t really dated anyone since I came back. Reading keeps my mind occupied. Would you unzip me?” Her legs trembled as she walked backwards.

Ted smiled and pulled the tiny zipper down to the top of her hips. He could see that she was wearing matching pink panties but they were not as sexy as the ones she had on last night. After the zipper hit bottom he reached up to push off the dress but she stopped him.

“Turn around,” she directed.

“You’re kidding.”

“It was dark in your house last night and I had a few drinks. I’m actually a very shy person.”

“OK,” he grinned turning around. A few minutes later she talked.

“OK, you can turn around now.” She stood in the robe and saw that he was definitely excited. “We can’t do this today. It’s to much too fast.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Ted whispered moving forward. “I know we just met but..I don’t know…but I…I feel so good when I’m around you.”

“She told me to stay away from you. I think she still loves you.”

“I don’t love her. I wasn’t sure when I came back but since I met you I’m sure.” He leaned forward and lightly kissed her soft lips.

Kathy’s will to resist crumbled as her arms moved around his shoulders to pull him harder into her body. Their tongues tasted and mixed until both were short of breath. “I think about you too,” she whispered while nibbling on his earlobe. Her hands hooked around his neck as he picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“I’m still sore from last night,” she said after he gently lowered her onto the made bed. The robe opened causing her lower body from her navel down to be seen.

“It’s OK because I just want to hold you.” He moved next to her and pulled her body over to crush into his.

“I want to know everything. Who have you been with since you’ve been back. I don’t want any surprises.”

“Kathy, I don’t think you really want to know. Right now I’m with you and…no one else.”

He tried to kiss her but she pushed him back. “Ok, here goes. I uh…had sex with Ann.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Your aunt?”

“Yes…but she’s not really a blood aunt. She was adopted.”

Kathy sighed. “OK, is that it?”

“Uh…no…I’ve kissed Ellen and..and she gave me a…a blowjob.”

“Damn, no wonder she is angry. You led her on.”

“I didn’t. I mean I didn’t try to. She found out that Jim slept with Rebecca and I guess I was just a payback.”

“She still loves you.”

“I don’t think so. I think it is…I mean it was just sex.”

Kathy closed her eyes and tried to put it all together. “There are rumors around town that Dawn is your daughter.”

“She’s not. Dawn’s birthday was eleven months after I left.”

“Good,” Kathy grinned. “Is that it?”


“No? You’ve been back a few weeks and there’s more?”

“I uh.. had a threesome with Ann and a woman she works with.”

“What woman?”

“Lisa somebody. I didn’t get her last name.”

“I know her. She comes into the coffee shop almost every day. A threesome!”

“It was before us Kathy.”

It was her time to tell him her heartbreak. “The guys name was Ralph. He tried to get me to try new things like threesomes. I should have realized that he was married. He’s the only one, I mean besides you that I’ve been intimate with.”

Suddenly they heard the doorbell. “Shit, that’s probably mother. You might as well come downstairs.”

Mary saw a car in front and figured it was Ted’s. She rang the doorbell three times before the door opened and Kathy stood there. “Do you have a black eye?”

Kathy laughed. “No, my eye shadow smeared. Come in Mother.”

Ted stood back until Mrs. Reavis came inside. “Hello Mrs. Reavis.”

Mary closed the door behind her. “The whole town is talking about what happened. What’s wrong with you?” She directed at her daughter.

“You’re the one who told me not to take shit from others.”

Mary looked at the robe wondering if she was naked under it. “We need to talk.”

“Kathy I have to go to the bank. I’ll call you later.” He moved by and hesitated to kiss her but decided not to.

After the door was closed Mary started in. “Don’t tell me that..that you slept with him already.”

Kathy tried to calm down. “Things are different now. This is not the fifties. I really like Ted and we …things just seemed to click with us right away. Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“No, I mean if you give a man what he wants right away he will soon get bored. Didn’t you learn that in Chicago?”

“Mother I’ve always respected what you had to say and the advice you gave me. I’m almost thirty-one and my decisions are my decisions. This is not what happened in Chicago. I was lied to. He was married to a woman in New York.” Tears started forming in her eyes.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know and you didn’t want to talk about it.”

“I didn’t want to talk about it because it hurt too much. But now with Ted I’m able to face what happened. You have to trust me on this.”

“I do. I just want you to be happy.”

Kathy smiled for the first time that day. “I am.”


Ted spent three hours focusing on George’s loan. It looked like the funny business of extensions without penalty went back to the previous bank manager Joe Foster. After checking the Foster file he smiled and sat back. Joe Foster purchased a Wright Construction home two years before he retired. He also paid cash on a bank manager’s salary, which was not as high as a lot of people thought. He started reading Rebecca’s file again when his cell phone rang. “Hello.”

“Ted its Jim. How about meeting me for lunch at Sam’s lounge?”

“Uh…I’m not sure if I should.”

“I know everything and I’m cool with it. I promise I won’t kick your ass,” he laughed.

“OK, I’m finishing up here for now. I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes.”


Ellen watched her daughter exercising in the basement while she folded the clothes. Now that Dawn was 18 she knew it was time to tell her who her biological father was. It was a day that she had dreaded but it was a promise she had made years ago.

“Dawn stop for a moment please.”

Dawn turned off the Wii fit and wiped her forehead with a nearby towel. “What’s up?”

“I know a lot of people now are asking about who your real father is and the only person who has a right to know that is you. If you want to know I will tell you.”

“I was going to ask you,” Dawn said seriously knowing that it was something very personal and private to her mother.

“OK,” Ellen said taking a deep breath. “Please know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ll always love you and cherish the day that you were born. I was an 18 year-old girl that had just graduated high school and was experiencing a bad time. I was in love with Ted and Ted had left for college.” She felt dizzy and had to sit down.

“Let me get you a glass of water. Take your time when I get back.”


Ted was ten minutes late when he entered the dark bar and peered back at the booths. He didn’t see anyone as was about to order a beer at the bar when he hear Jim.

“Back here!”

Ted walked back still unsure if Jim was about to attack. “Hi.”

“Sit,” Jim grinned.

“What’s up?” Ted asked wanting to get everything on the table.

“Let me get you a beer first.”

After sipping on the cold draft Jim started. “Ellen and I had the best talk we’ve ever had. She knows about Rebecca and I know about what happened between you and her.”

“That’s a good talk?”

“Yes, we both realized that we both want sex.”

“Uh…yeah. How many beers have you had?”

Jim laughed. “We’ve decided to branch out together.”

Ted sat back. “Branch out meaning?”

“Messing around with other couples,” Jim said proudly. “No fucking..just foreplay.”

“Wow,” Ted said sitting back. “I’ve heard about it in New York but never figured Plainville.”

“We agreed last night and now we are both looking around to see who we might try to persuade to join us.”

“Uh…I know you are not asking me.”

“No, you are too close. But if you can think of anyone else let me know.”

“Yeah sure.”


Dawn had to leave her house after discovering whom her real biological father was. It was someone that she had never even thought could be her dad. She drove around town and ending up in front of the bank. She saw Ted’s car parked there and wondered if he would let her inside.

“TED! TED!” She yelled as she tapped on the door. Her hand shielded her eyes as she tried to peek through the dark glass.

Ted had walked to Sam’s lounge since it was just around the corner from the bank. As he approached the bank he saw Dawn walking towards her car. “Dawn, what’s up?”

“Hi,” she said with no expression. “I was wondering if I could talk to you.”

“Uh sure come on inside.” He figured she had stopped trying to get him to have sex. They moved inside and as Ted locked the door behind them he saw that she was moving into his office. “Are you ok?”

“Yes and no,” she answered. “My mother told me who my real biological father was.”

As much as Ted wanted to know he knew it was personal. “That’s good right? I mean at least you know who it is.”

“I really didn’t know him and now he is gone. I was hoping someday to meet him and talk to him.”

“Maybe you will some day. People are easy to find now-a-days.”

“Nope it won’t happen.”

“So that is the bad news I guess. What is the good news?”

“I found out that I have a brother. Actually a step-brother.” She smiled.

“That’s great. Does he live here?”

“He does now. It’s you Ted. You’re my step brother.”

“What?” he laughed. “That can’t be.”

“My mother said that after you left she was so sad and the only way she could help missing you was to … to visit your father.”

“Fuck,” Ted said remembering what Connie had said about the one time his father had screw up. “Oh shit.”

“I thought that you would be happy to have me as your sister,” Dawn frowned looking down.

“I am! But I have to get used to knowing that my father and Ellen. Holy shit.”

“Was he a nice guy?”

“Yes, my father was one of the best men that I’ve known. Jesus, now I know why he became so distant when I was in college. We used to be really close but it changed I guess when you were born.”

“Since you are my brother I’m sorry for flashing you my tits,” Dawn said seriously.

He had to laugh at that remark. “God, I thought that I didn’t have any family left except my aunt and now I have you.” He moved over and pulled her into his arms for a sisterly hug.

When they pulled back both had tears in their eyes.

“I think we need to keep this as private as we can,” Ted said wiping her tears with his fingers. She did the same for him.

“My mother told me that you were the only one I could tell. She will tell my father.. I mean Jim tonight.”

“Dawn, Jim is your real father. He’s been there for you all along and I know he really loves you.”

Tears fell from Dawn’s cheeks. “I’m so happy.”

“Me too little sister,” he said reaching for tissues.


Ted called Kathy later that evening and talked for almost two hours. They told each other about their lives as kids and later as adults. He didn’t say anything about getting a new sister. He was surprised when he saw that it was midnight.

“I’m not sure if I can get up at 5AM and run to the coffee shop.”

She laughed. “I have to be there at 4 AM to get everything ready. When can I see you again?”

“I need to work late tomorrow on an important project. How about Tuesday night?”

“OK,” she whispered. “I wish you were here now.”

“Me too. Good night Kathy.”

“Good night.”


That night after Jim went to bed Dawn closed the door to the small office where Ellen was working on her business spreadsheets.

“I told Ted,” Dawn smiled.

“You did? What did he…say?”

“At first he was shocked but then we both cried.”

“Why? He cried?”

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