Holiday night

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Alexa Pearl

Holiday night
Carl, Joan and Debbie had left and me, Joe, Edna, Bob and Elysha remained to polish off a couple more drinks and a light snack when it grew late and we all agreed to retire for the night. But Edna came up with a different solution. She got me and Elysha to agree to sleep with her in the master bedroom on the king size bed while Joe and Bob could either share a bed or have their own bed. We three women headed for the master bedroom while I noticed Joe and Bob heading into the same bedroom.
Edna laid down in the middle of the bed while Elysha and I laid on either side of her and I knew we weren’t going to be getting any sleep just yet as Edna looked at me and then at Elysha,
“Kiss me” she said to Elysha,
“Suck my fuckin’ tits” she said to me and we both moved in and over to Edna, Elysha planting some beautiful kisses on Edna lips while i reached over, took hold of one of her tits and gently licked around her nipple and then sucked on her as firm as I could. I could hear the two women moaning with pleasure as they kissed and I decided that Edna’s tits weren’t enough and so I lowered my hand down to her crotch and feeling her nice shaved cunt, began to caress her gently. I love the feel of another woman’s cunt and I soon drove my fingers into her wet cunt as she had gotten turned on by Elysha’s kisses and me fondling her tits and cunt. I then heard Edna say to Elysha,
“Let me suck your fuckin’ cunt” as Elysha pulled back.
Grabbing my hair at the same time she then turned to me,
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt whore” she demanded of me.
Elysha and I both moved, Elysha straddling Edna’s head as she lowered her cunt over Edna’s face while I rose up and moved down to Edna’s legs and taking one in each hand, I spread them apart and without hesitation, I moved quickly up to Edna’s cunt and into it I drove my tongue. Except for sucking a cock, nothing is more pleasing to me than sucking on another woman’s cunt and Edna’s was so exciting to me, having sucked on her cunt many times before. The moans quickly grew as Edna sucked on Elysha’s cunt and I sucked on Edna, both of us thoroughly engrossed in canlı poker oyna the wet cunts we had in our mouths, the clits we were biting on, the cunts lips we bit and pulled hard on; the sheer joy that came with loving another woman’s cunt as we were doing.
This went on for a while and I couldn’t quite see it, but I heard Elysha tell Edna to play with her tits and then slap them around as Edna sucked on her cunt. I soon decided to add a little more pleasure to Edna and stopped sucking on her cunt, rose up and went over to her dresser and pulled out a strap on dildo. I had fucked Edna before and knew where she kept her favorite toys. Strapping it on I moved back over to Edna, who still had her legs apart, climbed onto the bed, moved up between her legs and taking hold of the dildo, guided it into her wet cunt until I was fully in and then started to fuck her hard and fast. I heard Edan moan out louder as she tried to keep up the pressure on Elysha’s cunt and absorb the dildo I had now shoved into her cunt and was fucking her hard.
Elysha finally moved off of Edna, turned around towards me and moving down the bed came up next to me, placed her hands on my cheeks,
“Kiss me” she said softly. I met her tender lips and while we kissed I struggled to maintain my fucking of Edna. Her kisses were so soft and I just about melted as she reached down and caressed my tits as we kept our lips together. After a few minutes she backed off, looked at me,
“Fuck me next lover” she pleaded and leaned back in to kiss me some more. A few minutes passed and we parted as I looked down at Edna and saw that she had been playing with her clit as I fucked her and had reached a climax as she squirted her juices over me and the bed.
“FUCK” she cried out as her body jerked as the spasms came. Elysha and I just looked at her until she started to come down a bit and I took the dildo out of her cunt. Elysha had moved over to one side and had gotten on her hands and knees and looking back at me,
“Fuck my asshole” she pleaded and I quickly moved out from between Edna’s legs, slid over behind Elysha and spitting internet casino on her hole, took hold of the dildo and gently edged it into her hole. I started fucking away at her hole while Edna, now pretty much recovered from her fucking, slid over under Elysha and after kissing her for a minute, now moved up and began to suck and bite on Elysha’s hanging tits. This all went on for a few minutes as I fucked Elysha’s hole, she played with her own cunt and Edna abused her tits, sucking then slapping them hard until Elysha cried out and I knew she had reached a high point herself.
One last act was finally played out as I took off the strap on dildo, gave it to Elysha who then proceeded to fuck my cunt while Edna, now thoroughly horny, went over and taking a small whip from the dresser, came back over and sitting off to my one side, began to whip my tits hard as she had done so in the past, knowing how much I enjoyed the pain in my tits. I was so hyper I reached my climax way too soon, but still gave Elysha and Edna a good deal of time to abuse me as they did.
We three finally settled back and while Edna and I remained on the bed, Elysha said her goodnights and went to the second guest room. Edna and I laid there for a short while before we turned to each other, kissed for a while and I finally laid down in her arms and on her tit and dozed off.

Joe related this to me.

Bob and I had gone into the first guest bedroom and once in bed, I leaned over to Bob and started to kiss him long and passionately. After a few minutes of our tongues exploring one another’s mouths and me reaching down and caressing Bob’s nipples, Bob had said to me
“Suck my fuckin’ cock whore”
I obeyed and proceeded to move down Bob’s body, kissing and licking it as I moved towards his hard cock. Taking hold of his stiff cock, I licked it slowly up and down the shaft, running my tongue over his cock head,
“Suck it you fuckin’ whore” Bob finally demanded and into my mouth went his hard cock. Aside from sucking a nice cunt, nothing is more pleasing than having a nice hard cock in your mouth and taking it deep into güvenilir casino your throat. Bob’s cock was no different and I relished in the taste of his cock as I pumped away on it. A sudden slap to my cheek broght me back to reality and then a second and third followed as Bob took delight in slapping me while I sucked hard on his cock, putting it in my cheek so he could slap me hard and feel his cock. After a few more minute I pulled off his cock,
“Fuck me” I pleaded with him
“Fuck my fuckin’ asshole” I begged anew. Bob moved up a bit, slapped my face hard several times,
“Beg for it better you fuckin’ shit” he demanded,
Looking at him,
“Please. please” I began,
“Please fuck my fuckin’ worthless ass” I pleaded
“Please fuck this fuckin’ worthless shit of a whore’s ass with your fuckin’ hard cock” I added more. A final slap to my face,
“Get on your hands and knees whore” Bob ordered as I now moved off to one side and got into position. A wetness soon followed on my ass and within a minute, Bob rammed his hard cock into my hole, sending waves of pain searing through me. I tried my best to hold my position as Bob fucked away at me hole and when he saw I was about to falter, he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and pounded me even harder. For how long this went on I didn’t know, but eventually Bob let go of my hair, pulled his cock out, shoved me onto the bed, moved up to my head,
“Suck my cock whore” he again demanded and after only a few minutes, he grabbed my head, held it firmly in place and exploded a load of cum deep into my mouth and throat. I gagged as I tried to swallow his load and gasped for air as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.
“Very good whore” he said to me as he slapped my face hard several more times. He then moved next to me, caressed my cheeks and leaned in and kissed me long and gently. Sleep would finally end the night.

The next morning Elysha went into the men’s bedroom and sucked and fucked Joe while I went in and sucked and fucked Bob. Edna came in behind and switched from sucking Elysha’s cunt to mine as we both sucked on the men and then moved between us, kissing me and Elysha as the two men fucked us until they shot a load of cum into our cunts. I watched as Edna licked he cum off Elysha and then came over and licked my cunt. The holiday finally came to a close as Elysha left and Joe and I finally went home.

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