Hidden Desires Ch. 02

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Thanks to all those who commented and voted on the first part of this story, it certainly encouraged me to continue, particularly all you lovely ladies who can help me understand your mysteries. I hope you enjoy the continuing journey of discovery of our two young ladies?


It was Penny who woke first, stretching as she shook off the night hoping that she was not waking from a dream but to the reality of finally realising her desires. The sight of Sue lying naked and sleeping peacefully next to her dispelled her fears.

Raising herself on one arm, Penny gazed at Sue laying on her back her hair spilling over the pillow and framing her face. She was still sleeping peacefully, the swell of her breasts rising and falling as she breathed.

Penny wasn’t sure she’d ever seen anything so gorgeous as the vision of her beautiful friend and lover lying naked in her bed.

“Wow, lover? Is that what we are now? Lovers!” Penny thought to herself as she settled back down beside Sue and with the lightest of touch, traced her hand over Sue’s breasts.

Penny was fascinated to see Sue’s dark nipples harden under her light touch and also that Sue had not woken up to Penny’s touch or to the change in her body.

Penny carefully lifted the duvet away leaving Sue fully exposed but still sleeping. Trying to be careful not to disturb her, Penny continued to tease Sue’s nipples lightly and then holding her hair away lowered her head and flicked her tongue and ever so gently kissed them at the same time trailing her hand down over her stomach.

While Sue did not wake up, Penny did notice a change in her breathing which was thicker and with what could only be described as a purring noise coming from deep inside. Penny wondered just how much she could get away with before Sue woke up, she was sure if roles were reversed she would have woken long ago!

Again as gently as she could manage Penny trailed her hand up Sue’s inner thigh tracing a path around Sue’s neatly trimmed bush and down her other thigh repeating this back and forth. Glancing up Penny could see Sue’s swollen areoles, her nipples still hard, and most surprisingly her eyes still tight shut her face a picture of blissful sleep.

Penny was about to move back up to pay some further attention to Sue’s breasts when, as Penny’s fingers brushed over Sue’s bush she let a contented sigh and shifted her right leg up exposing her glistening pussy.

“Oh my, her pussy is wet, so wet I can see her juices,” Penny smiled to herself, “She’s getting turned on in her sleep, is this like a guy’s wet dream she wondered?”

Transfixed now by Sue’s dripping pussy Penny took a gamble on her waking up and stroked the slippery pussy lips her fingers teasing her now swollen bud. After maybe only half a minute or so Penny noticed Sue’s hips raise slightly off the bed as if to push her pussy towards her. Penny concentrated more on Sue’s clitoris now, her fingers also gently exploring the inside of her pussy.

There was a definite change in Sue’s breathing now as she was no longer breathing through her nose, her lips had parted, and she was emitting a whispering moan. Penny was convinced that she must wake up soon, surely you couldn’t sleep through this? Gently keeping her hand working on Sue’s pussy Penny manoeuvred her self to be lying down and took Sue’s breast in her mouth, her tongue languidly licking Sue’s nipple. Causing a low, sensuous moan to be released by Sue and a sharp thrust of her hips. Sue’s breathing was coming in short little gasps now, and Penny could feel her juices flowing between her fingers until with a sharp intake of breath and a very slight arching of her back. Sue’s body tensed, her eyes squeezed further closed, and she shuddered for a short while until with a childish whimper her body relaxed, and she fell back into a deep sleep.

“Oh my god! She’s just cum in her sleep and has no idea it was me! That is so horny!” Penny thought as she sucked Sue’s juices from her fingers and thrust her other hand into her dripping wet pussy.

Penny had no thoughts of being quiet, her pussy was alive and on fire her clitoris so hard and sensitive. And taking her fingers from her mouth, she massaged her breast and rock hard nipple until with her other hand working feverishly on her pussy she let out loud grunt thrusting her hips in the air as her entire body erupted and stiffened with the overwhelming power of her orgasm.

“Fuck… Fuuuck! Holy shit!” Penny exclaimed panting as her body came down from her towering orgasm her heart pounding in her chest. “Jesus H Christ!”

“What on earth?” Sue said lifting herself on one arm and trying to look awake. “I had the most amazing dream, and you’re waking me up frigging yourself silly!”

“A nice dream!? Jesus Sue, have you no idea what just happened?” Penny gasped struggling to speak properly

“Err no, like I said I had a majorly horny dream, now I’ll never know what happened after I came.” Sue said with a sulky pout.

“I’ll tell you what happened after you came!” Penny said unable to control herself from bursa yabancı escort laughing.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Sue asked looking confused and sitting up properly now.

“You have no idea what’s been going on have you?”

“Of course not! I wouldn’t be asking otherwise would I?”

Penny explained everything that had happened while Sue was asleep right up to her own need to deal with how horny it had made her feel.

“Oh my god, in my dream there was an invisible hand, and a feather, every sense in me seemed alive and heightened with pleasure, and it was you all along! Bloody hell! I came in my sleep! How cool is that?”

“Unfortunately I don’t know how cool that is, but what is cool, is that while I was touching you, your mind created a dream for the experience? I was sure you would wake up though, I’m sure I would have.”

“Yeah but then it felt so real, as if I was awake, maybe my brain knew there was no need to wake up?” Sue pondered aloud. “Ah, who cares what a great start to the day?”

Penny took Sue’s face in her hands brushing her hair away from her eyes and stroking her cheek she kissed her soft lips.

“Our lives have completely changed since we left home yesterday morning, yesterday we were close friends who thought we knew everything there was to know about each other. Today we are lovers with a whole world to learn about each other, and the first thing to learn is that so many times I have dreamed of waking up naked with you, making love, then we would shower together, so what do you say shall we go and get soapy?”

“Lovers, wow, there’s a thought? Hell yeah, let’s get wet!” Sue giggled.

Without bothering with robes Penny & Sue climbed off the bed and holding hands walked to the bathroom. There was no water saved by sharing the shower as the girls washed each other over and over. Luxuriating in the warmth of the water, the horny feelings they got from their smooth skins slipping and sliding over each other covered in soap and the sheer joy and release of pent-up tensions that had bound them over the last couple of years or so. They washed, stroked, grabbed, groped and explored every part of each other’s bodies with the inevitable consequence of a knee-buckling orgasm for each of them.

Finally stepping out of the shower they helped each other dry with warm, soft towels and still unable to keep their hands off each other.

“So what’s the plan for the rest of today then, I’ve completely lost the plot as to what we had planned for this week?” Sue asked.

“Come with me.” Penny replied taking Sue’s hand and leading her to her room.

Sitting on the end of the bed Penny took Sue’s hand, and with a sigh and a warm smile, she looked into Sue’s eyes.

“Yesterday morning we set off on our latest adventure as lifelong friends, several hours later we are crossing all sorts of lines, talking about things we never have before and ultimately acted on feelings neither of us realised the other had. So I don’t care what plans we had for today, we’ve given ourselves plenty of time before our first day, last night we became lovers, or at least I think we did?”

“Damn right girlfriend!” Sue chuckled.

“No Sue, I’m serious. We need to understand what happened and where we’re at, I’ve been thinking a little about this and have realised that maybe that as good as we have been as friends, inseparable and doing just about everything together, I’m not sure that we were emotionally close.”

“Of course we have been, I love you for heaven’s sake!” Sue exclaimed looking worried.

“Don’t worry Sue, I love you as well, always have, but if we were close emotionally surely we would have had some idea of our feelings, some idea that we had sexual desires or not? Are we lesbians or did we stumble into our first sexual experience last night?”

“Penny you’re worrying me, surely we have discovered not just some of the joys of physical love, but that we love each other as much more than friends?”

“You’re right we did discover each other last night, and I have no doubts as we speak that I would like to discover much much more about you! However, I can’t help feeling that our friendship is at a watershed point and we simply need to understand what that means if we become lovers, surely you can see that?”

“Yeah!” Sue sighed. “Always the sensible one eh? But you’re right we have a huge amount to learn about each other. So what is the plan for today then?”

“A t-shirt and panty day!” Penny giggled trying to lighten the mood a little.

“T-shirt and panty day?”

“Yep, we’re going to have a full-blown girly day. We’ll slop around in just our t-shirts and panties. We’ll talk and drink, drink and talk. We’ll start to find out what makes each other tick, Sue this may be one of the most exciting and important days of our lives!”

“Oki Doki, t-shirt and panty day it is then!” Sue said joyfully as she jumped up from the bed. “That is if you’re absolutely sure…?

“Of course I’m sure what do you mean??”

“Sure that you bursa sınırsız escort really want me to cover up this beautiful body?” Sue giggled as she dropped her towel and stood in all her naked glory in front of Penny.

“Ha-ha, don’t tempt me you little vixen.” Penny sniggered.

“Hey, your loss girlfriend!” Sue crooned and sashayed across the room turning to blow a kiss as she left the room.

Penny smiled and chuckled to herself and dropping her towel started to sort through her panties and tops deciding what to wear for Sue.

“Wow, there’s a new experience!” Penny thought. “I’m wondering what might please Sue and not necessarily what I want? Hmm, so what would Sue Like I wonder?”

Penny finally settled on a burgundy satin camisole top and pale pink satin pantie and was looking at herself in the mirror adjusting her panties for comfort when her door flew open.

“Ta-Da!” Sue said bounding into the room. She was wearing a white sleeveless top and baby blue cotton pantie. “Oh wow! Gosh, you look so sexy Penny, I mean… well mmm… so sexy. Is that for me? Oh heck, I just put on what I first lay my hands on!”

Sue was looking crestfallen as she realised she’d maybe dropped her relationship slip-up.

Penny turned and saw her friend looking so sad, went over and took Sue into her arms hugging her tight stroking her hair.

“Oh you silly thing, my poor sweet darling, don’t you get it? This is a perfect example of what we have to learn about each other. You see, I did give some thought to what I’m wearing hoping that you might like it and that gave me a bit of a jolt.

But I had no idea if this was what you would like or think sexy or whether you would be remotely bothered in any form of clothing I might wear?”

“But I didn’t give any thought to it! How selfish is that?”

“Not even remotely selfish, and we’re not in a place of rights or wrongs, we’re taking baby steps learning about each other.”


“No buts Sue, oh and just for the record, you look as cute as a button anyway, your white top contrasting your glorious olive skin, your dark nipples showing through the thin material, add to that your gorgeous little blue panties! Very sexy!”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” Sue sulked.

Penny let out a long sigh.

“Oh Sue, you’re right I could be, but I’m not, I’m really not! Your naked body is glorious, and I will always be happy to have you naked. But Sue, take a look at yourself, you look so sexy and seeing you like that turns me on!”

“Okay, I’ll believe you for now.” Sue mumbled, cuddling up and snuggling her head into Penny’s neck.

“Believe me, sweetheart.” Penny whispered, her hand stroking Sue’s bottom through the soft cotton of her panties. “Following your cute pink panties upstairs last night sent me wild with desire, I so nearly kissed them!”

“You are looking hot though,” Sue said with a little more cheer in her voice. “Your bum feels lovely in your silky panties as well, and as for your boobies… just look at those nipples of yours straining to break through your camisole!”

“Here endeth the first lesson of the day.” Penny chuckled “We like each other’s panties and tops and think we look sexy in our outfits. Now let’s get some breakfast, I’m famished, and if we carry on like this, I’ll eat you instead of the hot buttery toast and peanut butter I’m dreaming of right now!”

“Don’t let me stop you.” Sue giggled turning away from Penny and heading for the door.

Penny gave Sue a playful smack on her bottom as she followed her out of the room.

“Don’t tempt me, girl!” Penny chuckled.

Downstairs in the kitchen, the girls busied themselves brewing coffee, pouring juice and making toast before settling down at the kitchen table to enjoy their breakfast. The atmosphere was both charged with sexual tension and relaxed at the same time, both Sue and Penny were becoming aware of the change in the relationship dynamic.

They had always been entirely relaxed in each other’s company, of that there was no doubt. There had never been any moments of discomfort or embarrassment in the showers or changing room or indeed over the last year when they were living in each other’s pockets. They had such a secure connection and were inseparable. However, Penny was right, a certain depth of emotional connection had been missing, although neither girl had fully realised it, until now.

They were teasing, and joking with each other now. With sexual innuendos flying around and while this was apparently as a result of their recent experience, they both were slowly starting to recognise that this was entirely normal behaviour for any group of girlfriends. And as such almost felt a weight had been lifted from their shoulders even though they had no idea in the past that there was any problem at all.

“Mmm, that’s better, not the healthiest breakfast but who cares? A little comfort food never does anyone any harm.” Sue said licking her buttery fingers.

“Yeah, that’s filled a hole, görükle escort is there any coffee left in the pot?”

“Yep, probably enough for another couple of mugs.”

“Good, let’s top up and settle down on the sofa,” Penny said getting up and leaning down to give Sue a quick kiss and squeezing her breast.

As Penny leaned over Sue, the front of her camisole exposed a glorious view of Penny’s breasts hanging seductively in front of her eyes. Sue couldn’t resist weighing one of them in her hand, feeling the nipple harden through the silky material.

“God Penny, your boobs are magnificent, are your nipples always so sensitive?”

“Yes, I guess they are, but I think they’re a little hypersensitive at the moment. Yours aren’t exactly backward at coming forwards either are they?” Penny laughed giving Sue’s nipple a tweak.

“No you’re right, and they’ve always been particularly sensitive to the cold as well.”

“Come on let’s go and sit down.”

Penny took Sue’s hand and led her to the sofa, settling herself at one end, her legs folded under her, and cupping her mug in both hands, sipping the hot coffee and waiting for Sue to relax. Lowering her mug, Penny smiled at her friend and with a curious look on her face asked.

“Are we lesbians Sue? Penny asked, but before Sue could respond, continued “The thing is our behaviour and feelings at the moment might suggest that we are, but then women often have bisexual leanings, and our experience is not necessarily uncommon.”

“I guess if I were to answer that without any thought. Sue pondered “My answer would be yes we are, but I don’t see myself as a man-hater though, we know some lovely guys, I enjoy their company, and I’m certainly not revolted by the thought of a man.”

“My instinctive answer would also be yes and like you I’m not completely revolted by the thought of a guy, but I’m also not sure I can imagine myself with one either. I know I’ve never fantasised about a guy, if I’m honest though, I have to admit to enjoying seeing the other girls naked in the showers and their underwear when we were in the changing rooms and being surrounded by all that naked female flesh would often make me feel horny.

Sue, you were always my fantasy though, when I was alone I only ever thought of you and your beautiful body.”

“Was it always the same fantasy or did you have several different ones?”

“I suppose I had a few different ones which were very often driven by something that happened that day, the end result was always the same though, you and me naked and making love. My most common one was you and I alone in the changing room, and you would seductively strip for me while I sat on the bench watching. And then when you were fully naked you would pull me to my feet and undress me, kissing and caressing every inch of me until finally naked we would go to the showers and make love, what about you any particular fantasies?”

“A little similar I guess, I certainly think about something that may have happened that day and put my own horny slant on it. The last year has given me plenty of mind material watching you dress and undress virtually every day, and you know what?

The more I think about it, our earlier conversation about the tops and panties we were wearing and whether we found each other sexy in them. There is no time when I don’t lust after you whatever ever you are wearing, but there are definitely times when just because of your outfit that you would take my breath away and I just want to ogle you and make love to you!

“Any outfits in particular?”

“Well for sure your finest outfit is your birthday suit!” Laughing and shifting position Sue continued. “Bra and panties are so personal and very horny, so close to being naked, with still a hint of mystery.

Oh and your pale yellow evening dress for the end of college summer ball had me wetting my knickers all evening, the diaphanous chiffon and Grecian style, your natural height and long flowing auburn hair, you looked like a goddess. Jesus just thinking about it now is making me wet, I had so much Pussy Time thanks to that dress, some of your pretty miniskirts and dresses do it for me as well, I mean let’s be honest you have amazing legs.” Shifting herself up the sofa she stroked Penny’s legs as if to make her point. “Gorgeous, so soft and long and look where they end.” Her hand brushing the silky front of Penny’s panties, sounding a little dreamy.

“I’m just starting to realise how much time I spent thinking and fantasising about you, so are we lesbians, Penny? I have no real idea, and we are far too new at this to be a hundred percent sure! What I am sure of at this point in my life, is that you are the centre of my sexual universe, last night has opened a floodgate of emotions and desires, and they are exclusively all about you, I love you, my sweet Irish maid.”

Her head resting on Sue’s and gently stroking her arm Penny sighed “I love you too Sue, so very much. I don’t care what label society wants to put on us, or we put on ourselves, this just feels right for me, I have spent far too long going insane with desire for you. Last year was the best and worst year of my life, the best for all the fun and adventures we had and the worst for weeks and months of lost time and love we could have had because we were too naïve and stupid to realise what was right under our noses.”

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