Her submission

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Her submission
Hillary is roused from her sleep by a knock on the door. She pulls on some pajamas as she walks down the stairs, making sure she is decent before she opens the door.

It is him.

She had forgotten he was coming, caught up in other things. She was sleepy and smiley and horny. Her pussy still craving cock, despite the orgasms she gave myself before her nap.

“You were sleeping?”, he asks.

She nod my confirmation.

“And before that..?”, he asked.

She nods again. He knows her too well.

“So you just want snuggles from me?”, he asks.

Her face screws up at the ridiculousness of this suggestion, and finally she speak: “don’t be silly”, she says.

He grabs her and pulls her to him. She can feel his erection pressing into her belly and his fingers dig into her bottom, hurting her soft flesh.

He kisses her. Long and deep and passionately, her hands resting on his shoulders. As he pulls his head away, he sees the fire in her eyes.

“What do you want?”, he asks.

She considers. She is not sure. she wants to be snuggled, held close and stroked and cherished. But she also wants to be hurt. And, of course, she wants to be fucked.

What she is craving most of all is their connection. What she is craving is submission. Ownership, even.

He watches her as she thinks. He sees the different thoughts crossing her mind and expression at the same time. He sees her eyes glaze over and her head cock to one side as her slow, sleepy brain tries to figure out what she wants.

He does not wait for an answer. He understands that what she wants above all else is to be his – and so he reminds her that her body belongs to him.

He grabs her, turns her around, holds her arms behind her and frog-marches her up the stairs.

He throws her down on the bed, on her belly, her legs hanging off the end. Quickly, he pulls down her pajama bottoms to around her knees, then with one hand investigates the state of her pussy – wet and ready to go, of course casino siteleri – and then she hears him using his other hand to open his belt, to undo the zipper of his jeans.

It takes him a matter of moments, and then his cock is pushing into her. she whimpers as he fills her up, her grateful pussy tight around his beautiful cock.

He does not waste time letting her adjust to him by moving slowly. No. He just fucks her. Taking her hard, fast and deep, grunting as he thrusts into her.

she moans and whimpers, and her hands curl into the bed sheets as she clings on.

It feels so good. So indescribably good. her pussy is absolutely delighted by her good luck. her whole body appreciates this treatment. she closes her eyes and focuses all of her attention on the feeling of his cock slamming into her pussy.

He holds his dick deep inside her, pushing firmly against her cervix as he leans forward, planting a hand beside her on the bed, covering her body with his. He begins to circle his hips a little, grinding firmly into her.

“Good girl”, he whispers in her ear. she groan in response. she arcs her back. she is enjoying this delicious torture.

Without warning, he pulls out. He reaches down and picks up the nipple clamps she had used earlier off the floor, then grasps her hips and flips her over.

she loves the way he switches things up. He is never predictable. Never the same. He is always keeping her guessing, keeping her on edge, reminding her that she have no control – that she is his play thing.

He reaches forward and pulls off her pajama top, then gets rid of the bottoms still hanging around her knees. she whimpers as he applies the clamps, her nipples still a little sore from the abuse she had given them herself earlier.

Now he is kneeling on the floor, pulling her hips towards him, burying his face in her pussy.

His fingers lace through the chain connecting her clamps, then rests on her belly creating just tipobet güvenilir mi a little extra pressure.

His lips close around her clit and he sucks. Then his tongue laps and swirls as his other hand finds her pussy, and he pushes two fingers inside – curling into just the right spot and massaging.

her body responds to his treatment; her hips bucking, pushing her pussy against his face, writhing around as he pleasures her g-spot. He does not need to move his hand holding the chain at all – the movements she make pulled on it, pinching and burning her nipples.

The sensations mix together, the pain and the pleasure working together to build and build the tension inside her. she moans and groans and cries out as he finds the right spots again and again and again.

As she gets closer and closer to orgasm, her hand finds his on her belly – automatically he takes it in his, their now intermingled fingers putting more pressure on her sore nipples.

With her other hand she reaches down and curls her fingers into his hair, needing to feel connected to him as his mouth licks and sucks her clit, and his fingers fuck her pussy.

she whimpers quietly as she cums, her back arching and body shuddering.

she looks down and sees his face nestled between her legs. Their eyes meet, and she smiles. He smiles back. she moans and shuffles her body a little, craving his embrace.

But she does not get it.

Instead, maintaining eye contact, he yanks sharply on the chain and pulls the clamps right off her nipples. she crys out in surprise and pain, and her hands automatically reach for her breasts; holding and soothing them.

His hands grasp her hips again and flip her back onto her belly. she puts her hands underneath her and pushes up, turning her head to see what he is doing.

she sees him pull his hand back, then spank her. Hard. And then again. Hard, on the same spot. she cries out in protest, every bit of her body perabet extra sensitive in the aftermath of her orgasm. On the third blow, her hands go from underneath her and she collapses on the bed. her hands curl into the bed sheets again, this time from pain rather than pleasure.

He continues to beat her, hitting the same spot on her bottom each time. she wriggles and writhes and moans and groans and cries out in pain. Nothing distracts him. He has decided to hurt her, to make her bottom pink and give her a bruise for the next day, and he isn’t going to be budged from his task.

When he is satisfied that he has hurt her enough, he wraps his hand in her hair and pulls. she does not resist; she slithers off the bed, onto her knees on the floor.

Trapped between the bed and his body, he forces his cock between her lips, and she tastes herself on him.

she sucks. she presses and licks against the underside of the tip of his cock. she sucks more.

And then he begins to fuck her mouth. Long, slow thrusts to start with, shallow at first and then getting deeper and deeper. Within a few minutes he is pushing into her throat, moving slowly, letting her focus on relaxing her throat and overcoming her gag reflex.

And then he picks up the pace. He begins to fuck her throat as quickly and decisively as he had fucked her pussy. she focuses on her breathing and her gag reflex, closes her eyes, and trusts that it will all be over soon.

As he fucks her mouth her back is pressed awkwardly and uncomfortably against the bed, her muscles straining in protest, his hands either side of her head holding her still. Tears leak from under her closed eye lids as he abuses her throat, claiming it for his own, fucking it without regard for how she feels.

He pulls out as his orgasm overcomes him, covering her face in his sticky liquid, some landing in her mouth, some dripping off her chin and onto her breasts.

He takes a step back to admire his handy work. she sniffle a little, and forces herself to steady her breathing and calm down. she blinks away her tears. As he looks he takes in her hard, sore nipples, her cum-covered face, the saliva that has dripped over her breasts. He smiles approvingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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