Helping Look After Mum

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Helping Look After Mum
Remembering back, It’s hard to believe it really happened, and, of course, I still get
a hard-on recalling those great days.

When I was foureen, my mum slipped and sprained her right wrist rather badly, and, being
right-handed, this made her life somewhat difficult, especially since my dad had left us. The doctor put my mum in a cast on her lower right arm. It allowed her to move her elbow and use her fingers, but the wrist was immobilized. The doctor told her not to get the cast wet, or it would start to fall apart. “Don’t worry,” he promised. “A few weeks with the cast and then we can put on a support bandage instead.”

We did not have a bath tub, only a shower, in our cottage. So I guess, my mum had to
shower with her right arm outside the shower curtain for the first day or so. It must have been difficult for her, so she decided to have a little discussion with me about her showering problems.

“Mark,” she said, I can’t really do a good job washing myself in the shower. Would you mind
helping me out? If you just take care of my left arm and part of my left side. You can wash the parts I have trouble with and my left arm. I can do the rest myself.”

“Ok mum, I guess I can help.” I knew that I would get excited she would
see me with a hardon. I might even come in my pants, and she would see the big
wet stain! I had seen mum in her knickers and bra many times around the house.
But this was different, I was going to see her naked” My mum was kind of sexy-looking
and just thinking about her got me excited.
In fact, when I jerked off in private, it was her image I always had in my mind. But then I had
quickly realized, she would be inside the shower and probably just see my arm and head.

That evening I heard the water running, and soon my mum’s voice yelled out above the
shower noise to come in to help out. I went into the bathroom and saw the curtain was pulled completely across the shower stall. I took off my shirt so that it would not get wet and pulled the curtain back a little. My mum was right there facing me, her wet skin covered with water. She was inches away from me, and, jumping back in shock, I got a full frontal view. She did not make any big deal about it, just turning away so that I could reach her back and left side.

Needless to say, my cock was as hard as a steel bar after seeing her. She was magnificent, better than I had imagined. Her heavy round breasts were tipped by large dark nipples in the middle of brown aureoles. She had a thicket of dark pubic hair that was wetly flattened at the bottom of her soft, slightly protruding belly.

Even at that age, I was taller than my mum and had to bend over to wash her. I took the wash cloth she handed me and lightly scrubbed her back. I looked down, seeing how her narrow waist flared out to her luscious rounded buttocks. I began thinking about how good it was going to feel to jerk off that night with the real image of her body fixed in my mind. I could not resist the temptation to extend my washing farther in order to caress her fine arse. She turned a little more and asked me to get her left arm and armpit. She had turned enough so that I had a nice view of her left boob, water streaming off the tip of the nipple. I groaned softly, but my mum did not seem to notice. That dark nipple was so firm and jutted out from her pale breast that I was so tempted to touch it. Mum did not say anything and turned to rinse off and then shut off the shower. I stepped away from the shower.

“Be a darling and pass me a towel,” she said before I could exit the bathroom.

I turned back and grabbed one off the rack. When I turned toward her, mum had pulled back
the curtain, and I had another great frontal view of her — Holy shit, what a body! I started

to hand her the towel, but she asked me to dry off her right arm before any water ran down into
the cast. Trying to keep my eyes on the arm, I dried her arm carefully and handed over the
towel. I saw her look down, and there was no way she could miss how my shorts were
boldly tented out in front of me.
Red-faced, I grabbed my shirt and scooted out of the bathroom.

I was not in my bedroom two minutes when I heard a knock on the door. I yanked my hand out of
my shorts very quickly, having been trying to resolve the aching needs of my erect penis. I
groaned loudly and my mum must have thought I told her to come in, and so she did, dressed in a
thin silky robe. I could see her dark nipples through the wet fabric.

” Mark I know I got you very turned on, darling. I’m sorry if you got upset,” she said.

“I’m not upset, mum, just… well well, a bit excited.”

“You’re becoming a man now, Mark. I’ve seen you looking at me a number of times
and I can see just where you are looking.”

“Sorry I can’t help it mum…”

“I can help you out, darling, if you want, but I’d like you to help me too, okay?”

I must have looked puzzled because I was.

She then explained that she knew I was masturbating regularly, as she had found stains
on her knickers in the wash basket. She told me that was okay as young boys do
things like that.. She said that everyone masturbates at some point and admitted online bahis
she did it herself, as she was lonley on her own.
“My Mother admitted that she was doing it a lot”, or trying to, but was having trouble
because she wasn’t quite adept at using her left hand. Meanwhile, her hands were
stroking my legs, and she was gazing at the bulge in my shorts.

She began tugging at my shorts. I lifted my arse up off the bed to help her, why I don’t know.
She pulled my shorts down, showing my young cock barely concealed by the thin
fabric of my underwear.
She reached up again and tugged my thin cotton briefs down my legs.

“This,” she whispered, “is much better than I had hoped.

Mark, You just lie back and mummy will help you with this problem.”

As I lay back, completely naked, mum grabbed my erect cock and began to stroke me. It felt
really good with her soft, warm hand sliding up and down my hard young cock,
slowly and teasingly.

As she wanked me slowley, she shifted back and forth, and her heavy 38D breasts
swayed in the same rhythm. I watched her tongue slide across her lips as the first
thrills spread through my loins and made me quiver.

Groaning shamelessly,
I watched my cum flood out, dripping down her sweet hand onto my belly.
My mother milked my young cock for all it’s worth, running her thumb across the
swollen head until the last cum drops emerged. Then she rubbed my gooey emission
into my skin as if it were some precious lotion. I knew I had made a bit of a rumpus
with my moaning and gasping as she jerked my off.

“Oh god, mum,” I panted as she wiped the last drops of cum off onto my belly, “that was

“I’m sure it was, darling.
Now that I took care of you, I want you to hold me and rub my pussy for me.”
She shucked off her robe and lay down next to me. Guiding my hand to her hairy pussy,
she instructed me how to please her.
I began to rub her moist, warm cunt slowly and carefully and found her wet and slippery
when I pressed a fingers into her. She and I were in a tight embrace with her
body rubbing against mine, becoming damp from our excitement.
Our naked perspiring bodies were pressed tightly together, rocking on the bed.

Mum’s breathing became hard. Soft sighs became whines and groans.
Her hips began to grind against my hand faster as she urged me to move my
hand more rapidly. Finally, she let out a loud yelp, and quickly mumbled,

“Don’t stop, Please dont stop darling!”

So I kept on going, producing more groans and moans until she finally pushed my hand
away and buried her face in my neck.

We lay like that for a long time. I think we both napped a little before mum got up and put on
her flimsy robe.

“What would you like for supper, darling you must be hungry?” she asked with a big grin.

At my request, mum made us sausage and chips. As we sat there eating, I had some trouble
looking her in the face at first. She noticed my shyness immediately,
and began talking to me, reassuring my that I had done nothing wrong.
She told me that we had been merely helping each other out, giving eachother some
loving pleasure. Mum explained that i****t was more common than most people wanted
to admit, and many family members enjoyed each other sexually.

Of course, such matters were not the business of anyone else, so I understood that
I was not to discuss our relationship with anyone at all!!.

“But what if anyone finds out?”

“Just make sure you never tell any of your friends about us having sexual activity, Ok,
don’t worry about it and enjoy it. Just play it cool and keep mum about it, right?”

“Sure mum.”

She then told me that we could continue helping each other like that, or, if I wanted,
I could find out that the two of us could have a lot more fun.

I would also be learning a lot of pleasant thing two poeple can do together and
become a good lover. After all, some day I would meet girls that I liked and would
want to give them the pleasure they deserved.

I began helping mum clean up after super. It was quite nice, brushing against her and
getting a waft of her perfume. Glancing at her, I could still imagine how she looked
under her clothes. Afterwards we sat next to each other on the couch and watched a few TV
programs and talked. We held hands as though we were on a first date, playing little
games with our fingers. These same fingers had been fondling each other to wonderful
orgasms only a few hours ago.

“Why don’t you go up and take a shower Mark, while I straighten up a down here.
Then you can join me in my bedroom tonight if you want.”

“Okay, I would like that mum,thanks.” My mind was whirling about the possibilities of
what I might expect, things I had only heard about in school.

I don’t know how many steps I took to the bathroom because I felt as if I was floating through
the air. I took a quick, but careful shower and dried off. I pulled on my pajama shorts and
emerged from the misty bathroom to find the place in darkness except for a faint light
coming from my mum’s room.

I tapped lightly on the door and heard mum’s voice invite me in. Opening the door, I found the room lit only by her on bedside lamp her!. My mother was lying bedava bonus veren siteler in the bed, covered by a sheet, and propped up by several pillows. She pulled the sheet back on the empty side of the bed and told me to jump in. I slid in next to her and lay on my side facing her with my head propped up with one arm.

“We just have to take it slowly, dear, because of my arm, but later when it gets better we can
have quite a romp in bed.”

Mum leaned toward me and pressed her lips against mine. I put my arm around her
shoulders as she proceeded to give me lessons on kissing.
Whatever she did, I followed as best I could as a novice.
The simple kisses I had experienced with past girls were nothing to this —
This was real kissing! Our kissing became more extensive as our lips began
to move more widely. I learned how her lips could stimulate my nipples,
but not nearly so much as my own kisses on her breasts and nipples excited her.
My mother flung the sheet away from our hot bodies and intimate caresses.

Glowing in the soft light, mum began to kiss her way down my body, sticking her tongue into
my belly button as one of her big boobs pressed against my erect penis. Sliding down farther her head bowed down to my hard young cock. Her eyes fixed on my own as she planted wet kisses on the swollen cockhead. Mum observed the changes crossing my face and then took the entire head into her mouth. Alternating between kissing the hard shaft along its entire length and taking more and more of my hard young cock into her mouth, she smiled up at me as if enjoying the immense suffering she was imposing on my quivering body. Abruptly, before I exploded, my mother stopped and slid up along side me. She locked her lips to mine and played a nice game with my tongue.

“Okay darling, I hope you enjoyed that, now it’s your turn to go down on me,” she informed me as she placed a hand on my head to give me a gentle push in the right direction.

I started to work my way downward, a little confused about what I was supposed to
do when I ultimately reached my goal.
After all, my mother had a completely different set of equipment down there.” I was a vigin”.
I did not need to have worried because as soon as my lips were brushing her
thick patch of pubic hair,she began to whisper instructions as she panted lightly in
her own excitement.
“Kiss me, Mark darling, right on my pussy lips, big wet kisses and don’t be afraid to
use your tongue.”

Inviting me by spreading her legs, she reached down, and her outstretched
fingers ruffled my head encouragingly.
I could see those two outer lip’s glistening with her love juices, to invite my oral
attention. Without any more hesitation, I gave her hairy pussy a kiss.
Soon I was kissing her with enormous eagerness, tasting her womanly juices
with my tongue probing deeply into her.
Without her telling me, I pushed a couple of fingers into her, exploring the depth of her
wet pussy. Mum began to move her pussy against my face. I felt her lift her legs,
dr****g them across my back pulling me in to her more,onward to my lascivious
slurping and probing.
She was becoming worked up and was crying out and moaning. I wondered if I was
supposed to stop at that point and lie next to her again, but I soon found out otherwise.

“Oh god, darling, your going to make me cum.. I need to cum so bad… Fuck me with those fingers… Don’t stop, baby! Oh yeah!
Lick my pussy more! Don’t stop! Ahhhhh!”

In the back of my mind, a little thought flashed that she had not brought me off when she went down on my cock, but it faded, giving way to my overwhelming desire to give her the pleasure she craved. I began shoving my fingers deep into her as my lips and tongue focused on her hard clit at the top of her pussy lips.

I heard her cry out, but it was not anything I could understand. I just knew that her body shook, and her heels drummed on my sweaty back. I began to pull my face away, only to find her hands pressing me hard against her dripping pussy. I carried on licking and sucking all her juices.

Eventually, my mum released my head from her passionate embrace. I rose up to see her
body gleaming moistly in the dim illumination. Her chest rose and fell with her panting as her head lolled back and forth on her pillow.

“Are you okay, mum?”

“Oh, yes!” she gasped and held her hands out to invited my embrace.
“I’m really just fine!”

It took her about ten minutes to get herself together while we cuddled together.
We kissed, and I knew that she could taste herself in my mouth.
Then, slowly extricating herself from my arms, she moved off the bed and knelt
on the floor. Pulling my legs over the edge,
she squatted back on her heels and looked up at me lovingly.

“I’m going to pay you back now darling for what you did to me.”

Mum began kissing the insides of my thighs. My cock was as hard as it ever had
been at my horniest moment of my life.
Holding onto the head delicately with a her fingers. her lips began to kiss my smooth balls. Her tongue probed my scrotum, busily pushing my young nuts around. Sucking each one into her mouth she laved them softly in warm wetness. yatırımsız deneme bonusu My fingers dug into the bed.

I could not help myself. I put my hands firmly on her head and pulled her soft dark hair with my fingers as I gazed down, hardly believing I was enjoying this loving from my mother. Pausing briefly, mum lifted her face and smiled at me. The thin drool on her lips. Then she bent over my cock and swallowed it, her lips gradually slipping down to press into my soft, curly pubic hair. I could feel her doing wonderful things with her throat before she let my coated shaft slip entirely free of her mouth. Ringing the shaft with her thumb and forefinger, my mum slowly pumped my hard young cock. As she stroked me, she would give my cockhead a wet kiss, then take the head into her mouth. She even found time to smirk at me knowing the desire for release was about to drive me to lose complete control.
That was on the verge of happening.

“Mark darling,” my mother whispered, “I want you to come in my mouth.”

Those words were the final stimulus, but mum was quick and had the head back inside her
mouth as the first violent gush emerged. I could see her flinch a little, as if my ejaculation was a surprise, but I did not have time to think about anything but the torrent of my young creamy cum shot into her mouth with each spasm of my groin. She used her hand to milk me, pressing the last few drops from my reservoir of young male juices. Then leaning her head backwards, she opened her mouth wide to display the pool of cum she had gathered from my depleted balls.

As I gazed down on her loving face, she closed her lips and swallowed the entire mouthful
in one gulp.
When she opened her lips again, everything had gone away. Her hands reached up
and pulled my face to hers. We kissed deeply, and I could taste the my own sperm in her mouth.

We lay together and fell asleep until morning. I awoke with the need to pee, and made my
way to the bathroom, causing my morning erection to fade and returned to bed. My movements had woken my mum. She also needed to use the bathroom and returned with her hair combed
and a fresh appearance about her.

Without a word being said, she began kissing me once again. My hard young penis was soon ready for more action. Mum’s fingers locked around it, and I began to play with her hairy pussy, finding it slick and wet, ready for more action.

“Well, Darling, there is one more thing for us to do,” mum whispered.

She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, lifting her knees at the same time. She guided me between her legs, and reaching out for my hard young cock, my mum guided the head right into her wet cunt. I thrust myself into mums pussy going deeper with each gentle shove until I was buried all the way in my mum’s vagina. I could feel the wet warm pussy gripping me tightly as my balls rested against her arse.

“Mum, Ohh this is great!”

“Yes, mark, it is, and your young cock is doing a good job on me, can you feel how wet you are making me.”

Mum began to rock her pelvis under me, and I picked up the same rhythm, driving my cock in and out. Our coupling was immensely exciting. I never had imagined that my dreams about my mum would ever become reality.
She locked her legs around me, almost lifting herself off the bed as we bucked against each other violently. I could tell from the previous day’s activities that she was
reaching her climax.
Her orgasmic excitement was contagious, and I came myself, spewing a newly generated load of cum into her.
Each spasm found me driving my hard cock deep into her wet hairy bush, as if to pump my fertile juice directly into her womb. I didn’t even think what the consequence
would be in my total abandon.

I allowed myself to slump onto her soft body, keeping most of the weight off with my elbows.
Our mouths met and locked with passionate kisses. As my cock softend and slid from
her, I about the rich load of my fertile cum I had put inside my own mother pussy.

“Mum!” I gasped, “What if you, you know, you get pregnant?”

“Don’t worry, dear, that’s not going to happen. Everything is under control.”

That’s the way it was for the entire next few years. My mum taught me many things, and I was a
very keen student. The next time she showered, I stripped and got in with her. We had loads of fun under the warm spray, giggling and touching and making threats about what we were going to do to the one another as soon as we finished in the shower.

Mum’s arm was soon better, and I discovered she could be a wild woman in bed and out of it”.
It was really great.
Unlike the other lads at school, I never got horny and frustrated. My schoolwork improved. I even went out on dates with girls from school. I never pressed them to hard, but did get to feel and finger a few.

Anyhow, my mum used to take care of me. She would give me a quick handjob or sometimes a blowjob anywere around the house if I told her I needed her special help. She also confessed that I was a better lover than my dad was and her old boyfriends.
Well, what do you expect, she trained my to do things her way!

We were Mother and Son but also lovers. We were careful and never gave away any sign that there was anything unusual going on i our house. Between haveing sex with mum every day and fooling around with my girlfriend, I was a well-cared for young stud.
Even when things became more serious with Marilyn my now wife. I never could give up mum completely.!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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