Getting Shelly

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Here Adam was again. Alone in the shower soaping his throbbing cock. Rhythmatically pounding away at his fruitless fantasy . Now being only 18 his sex drive was plenty high and thinking of her only made it worse. Worse than worse, fantasizing about Shelly made his cock feel….Insatiable. Shelly was his step mom. He hated to have to even use that title on her. She was only 6 years older than him and she was the most amazing woman he’d ever seen in real life. Shelly stood about 5 “4 maybe less and she was right around a size 6. She had perfect 34 d tits that she flaunted often ( not to mention he’d peeked in her underwear drawer a time or two) and she had the sweetest round little ass. It took all the restraint he could muster to stop himself from reaching out and giving it one good squeeze.

But everyday was a sexual struggle for him. Adams dad traveled constantly, so he and Shelly had the house to themselves most of the time. Shelly cooked a real meal every night since she joined the family two years ago (which was a great change from eating take out pizza… alone seven days a week). Pretty soon they were their own little family….for awhile at least. She was the most caring person in his life and not only was she built like a porn star, she had the face to match. She always wore her silky black hair in long loose curls that flowed over her small shoulders. Her complexion was as fair as milk and she had the softest looking pouty ruby lips. Adam had imagined running the head of his cock over those lips 1,ooo times.

But it didn’t get to the point of almost obsession until he borrowed her laptop for a report for school. Really he just needed an excuse to get her laptop to his room so he could look at porn in private. But after a few minutes he got nosy. That’s when he found it. Folders and folders of Shelly. She was smiling wide, her bright green eyes filled with delight. She was spreading her pussy lips open for the camera. Against her pale skin showed her small light pink nipples and her slick reddish pink slit. She used her fingers to spread her lips open so her hard little clit stuck out proudly for him to see.

Adam was stunned, all the blood from his head rushed straight to his cock. He didn’t realize how hard he was until his throbbing prick began straining against his zipper. Realizing there was at least 50 pics in front of him he darted over to his door. Locked it and pulled his cock free. Pre cum oozed down his cock making it glisten in the glow of the screen. He scrolled through the pictures in disbelief never slowing or removing his hand from his aching cock. He looked with amazement as he saw this beautiful untouchable woman he saw everyday, fuck herself before his very eyes.

He had never seen her look that way. Just seeing her smile is enough to put a tent in his pants. And now seeing her so turned on, so lusty so….Wet. He scrolled down picture by picture as his step mom plunged finger after finger into her wet little hole. Then pulling them out and licking them clean xslot for the camera. Soon there was a set of pictures with her straddling a dildo. She pressed her tits together and licked her lips. Her eyes were shut tight as lowered herself onto it. He could tell she was moaning when the photo was taken.

Fuck! Adam thought as he fisted his dick. He wanted her to make that face while he slammed his thick, rock hard 7 inch cock inside her. Pumping her cunt making her scream his name until he drained his cock inside her.

God he felt like he would shoot his load right on the screen, he wanted to see Shelly with that “I’m a dirty Slut” look on her face covered in his fresh hot cum. He caught hold of himself in the nick of time. But from then on she was all he thought about. He found himself thinking of the pictures every night, then in the shower in the morning. Then in class… Before long he was excusing himself from the dinner table to go beat his cock. It got so bad just having an everyday conversation with her was making his dick uncontrollably stiff. The feeling to get off got so intense he couldn’t control himself. He gave it some thought and if there came a time when he couldn’t get away to cum, he’d have to find a why to do it secretly in public.

And Shelly offered no help, she had always been very affectionate towards Adam. She gave him tight hugs, she’d press her tits and hips against him while she embraced him. Kisses on the cheek for doing her favors.

Soon Adam felt he had to have her. He almost contemplated drugging her the need to fuck her was so strong. But he would never do it, more than anything else he wanted to feel her cum all over his dick. Adam just knew He’d go crazy if he couldn’t fuck Shelly soon. His father was rarely home she had to be dying for a real cock by now. Adam was only 18 but he was a tall muscular young man. Good looking to say the least. He had to at least try his luck, he just needed to wait for the right time.

Shelly cracked open her bedroom door and listened. No movement and she heard the shower running in the distance. She opened her laptop and found a video of a large titted blonde getting relentlessly fucked by two very tan, very muscular men. Shelly opened her top and pulled her firm tits from her bra. Her nipples stood out as she ran her hands over them. She propped her leg on the computer desk as she watched. While the luscious blonde on the screen moaned through the hard cock jammed into her mouth Shelly lifted her skirt and let her fingers find her clit. She moaned softly, her pussy ached to be stuffed full by a real cock. Shelly loved sex, there wasn’t anything that could make her cum like someone shoving his cock in her ready cunt, ramming her pussy until he filled her hole with hot jizz. Her husband was away for a month or more at a time. Shelly tried to stay a faithful wife but it became harder and harder not to think about how nice it would be to have a hard cock at her fingertips whenever she wanted.

Shelly xslot Giriş slipped off her skirt and lay naked on her bed. She reached into the night table and got out a long pink dildo and began rubbing it against her clit. Shelly ran it up and down her slit, thrusting her hips against and forcing it insider her tight dripping hole. She tugged hard on her nipple making it blush. She pushed her pink friend deeper and let her fingers fly back and forth over her clit. She began to moan, trying to keep quiet but she was slowly getting past the point of caring. Her clit had swollen to a tiny rock and each stroke was a pleasure wave that ran through her making her pussy gush sweet juices all over . She was just putting a couple fingers to her lips for a taste when the door swung open. She was so excited she’d forgot to lock it. Now standing in front of her was her teenage step son in nothing but a towel and his massive boner shooting comedically through the part in the towels center.

He stared almost hypnotized by the site of her naked body and spread thighs. Pink dildo nestled happily inside her still dripping cunt. They paused for what seemed like an hour…

” Uhhh…I thought you were showering” Shelly managed to say as she shut her legs unable to look anywhere except his exposed cock and too embarrassed to remove the dildo from her pussy.

Finally Adam came back to reality. He was blushing violently..

“I was on my way to my room and I heard moaning.” His eyes wondered to her bare tits and he laid his hand over his cock.

Shelly thought at first to cover himself, but then he started to stoke it. Her mouth started to water and pussy began to throb. She bit her lip she began a debate in her head. She’d known Adam had a schoolboy crush on her and shes always liked him. He was a great kid and for being young he was very mature, and mature looking. Who was she kidding she couldn’t resist a temptation like this. She really cared about Adam and things between them would be awkward even if they did stop now….

“Come here Adam. Drop the towel.” Shelly said as she spread her legs wide and pulled a shiny pink rubber cock from her slit. Shelly got on all fours at the foot of the bed and slid her delicate fingers over the shaft if his dick. She tightened her grip forcing a small thick drop of pre cum out of the head of his dick. Was this really happening?, Adam asked himself. Good thing I just got off while I was in the shower or I’d bust right now…. This is unreal, Adam laughed in his head.

Shelly looked into Adams eyes as she knelt in front of him. She leaned forward and pressed her hot tongue on the head of his dick. She swirled her tongue over it sucking off any trace of cum. She ran her hand up and down, softly stroking his huge stone cock. Looking into Adams eyes Shelly kissed him hard on the mouth and slid his warm hard cock between her inviting thighs. He grabbed one of her tits and bit her nipple as she thrusts her hips back and forth xslot Güncel Giriş the length of the rigid shaft between her legs. Shelly moaned into his ear and pussy juice begins to cover his cock. She was so wet he didn’t even warn her. He spread his big hands over each of her ass cheeks and shoved every inch he had into her. Just in case she changed her mind he had to know what it was like to feel her tight, wet hole wrapped around him.

To Adams relief she moaned and pulled him on top of her. Shelly ran her fingers through his hair as he entered her again and again. She tightened her grip and pulled his mouth to her hard nipples. He sucked and bit them wildly. It had been so long since Shelly had had a man to fuck her this passionately. She and Adam had casually talked about his sexual inexperience in the past. But she let him take control and he was riding her pussy like a pro. Adam held his hands on Shellys shoulders. Holding her down while he held himself up and watched her expressions while he pulled his cock out of her drooling cunt and slammed it inside her with all the strength he had . Shelly sucked her fingers and moaned loudly. She bit her lip and and opened her eyes wide as he slammed inside her. Shelly was bucking her hips to meet his every stroke…. taking every brutal slam he would give her eager twat. Shelly squirmed under him.

“Oh Fuck Yes! Uhhh!….Uh yeah fuck me, Adam. Oh God! Just like that.” She screamed and grabbed his ass and began grinding her pussy against his cock. He tried to hold it back but he was powerless to stop himself, he started shooting a massive load inside her. He closed his eyes and waited for the shouting. Waiting to hear her say “What in the fuck? So soon? You didn’t even ask!” But instead he when he opened his eyes Shelly was sucking on one finger and pinching her clit hard. He could feel her pussy clenching on his cock. It felt almost like her cunt sucking every spurt cum out of him.

“Please…Don’t take it out yet.” She pleaded to him with wide sparkling eyes. Was she kidding? He wanted to stay inside her till he got hard again.

Adam pressed his semi erect dick deep into Shelly’s steadily dripping gash and pressed his thumb hard against the pink nub standing between her swollen pussy lips. He could feel her pussy tightening around his cock squeezing it for all he had. He darted his fingers over her swollen clit. Shelly squeezed her hands over her tits and screamed, it wasn’t quite a moan, it was a scream. And then she covered his stomach and cock in a long squirt of hot pussy juice. Adam pulled out of her and grabbed his towel from the floor.

Shelly licked her lips and turned limply on her side and gasped. She chest rose and feel several times before she spoke a word to Adam.

“Wow…” Shelly said breathlessly…” That was unexpected. This might be a bad time to bring it up, but you know we can never tell anyone about this…Right?”

“Yeah…” Adam laughed, “I’m not an idiot. I’ve just wanted this to happen for so long.” Said Adam wrapping the towel around his waist and feeling as if he could walk on air.

Shelly stood up and walked to the door and pulled her robe off the hook and tied it around her small frame. “But that doesn’t mean we cant to it again sometime….Right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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