First Night

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The sexual tension between us had been building for nearly two weeks, ever since we met online. We had emailed for hours, talked on the phone until the wee hours, and sent flirty little text messages daily. It was finally time to get together and I was wondering how long we could be in the same room without tearing each others clothes off. Since we were meeting in a restaurant I was hoping we were going to be able to control ourselves. Kind of.

You looked amazing. Your outfit highlighted your amazing curves. We both knew we wanted each other so I did not pretend to be coy, I let my eyes travel slowly over your body soon after we were finally face to face. Your smile was radiant, your hair beautiful. Your eyes sparkled and you smelled heavenly. My eyes followed the curve of your neck to your chest and gazed into the deep cleavage in your blouse. I saw you flush and smiled at you. Your nipples hardened and nearly pierced your top. I recalled how you said you could almost cum when they were sucked on and I licked my lips in anticipation.

We were seated at a booth with a round table so I was able to scoot in close to you. We laughed and chatted while we ate. The food was great, as was the full bodied wine. I liked how you touched me frequently while we talked. Our legs pressed together under the table. You had slipped one shoe off and were casually running your bare foot up and down my leg. I let me hand fall to your thigh, your stocking clad legs felt wonderfully smooth through your skirt. My eyes kept falling to your luscious cleavage. Your D cup breasts were full and I desperately wanted to lean down and suck on one of your erect nipples through your blouse. My cock was growing hard and we weren’t even done with our main course.

After dinner we strolled through town, enjoying the summer evening, but we both had something more serious on our minds than fresh air. I guided you toward my hotel with a firm hand on your lower back, occasionally sliding my hand down to feel your curvy ass. Damn I wanted you.

Finally we made it to the hotel. While I was trying to get the key card in the slot you slipped in front of me and melted against me, laying a long, hot kiss on my lips. Our tongues danced and you rubbed your large breasts back and forth against my chest. You laughed into my mouth as I struggled to get the key in the door. When I finally got the door open I picked you up, never breaking the kiss, and carried you to the king size bed.

The build up had left me in a terrible state of need. I’m often a slow, gentle lover, but tonight escort bayan gaziantep I was overcome with desire. I threw you on the bed and watched your large breasts bounce as you landed. You hair was in your face and your skirt rose up way nearly to your hips. I grabbed your knees with firm hands and shoved them apart, opening your legs and displaying your nylon covered loins. I ran my hands up and down your inner thighs, forcing your legs further apart, feasting my eyes on you. Your eyes were full of desire, gazing up at me, knowing that I was in control, that I was going to take you and there was nothing you could do about it. I saw you glance down at the huge bulge in my slacks. The lust on your face was intoxicating.

I reached down and pulled your blouse over your head. You wore a lacy pink bra which partially obscured your hard nipples. I reached down and grabbed your tits with strong, determined hands and heard you moan. I kneaded your tits hard, you groaned as I pinched your nipples, then gasped as one hand reached down and cupped your hot mound. You mashed against my hand, raising your ass off the bed, staring straight into my eyes. You looked like such a hot slut I wanted to fuck you then and there, but I held off.

I yanked your bra straps off your shoulders and pulled the lacy cups roughly across your nipples making them pop out hard and red into the cold air. Your tits looked so hot I felt my cock grow harder in my pants, pressing uncomfortably against the fabric. I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my shirt as I stared at you. No words were exchanged but our eyes were locked together until I was bare chested, the your eyes drifted down my flat stomach.

I unclasped my belt and pulled it off, I set it on the bed realizing it might soon come in handy. Your eyes watched as I opened my pants then let them fall to the floor. You gasped when you saw my hard eight inch cock pressed out against the fabric of my underwear. A wet spot graced the top of the bulge. I pulled my waistband down below my balls and your eyes found my thick cock head glazed in slick precum. You licked your lips, eager to taste my flow. I pushed my shorts to my knees and you watched my cock wave in the air, the precum drooling from the tip.

I pulled you up so you were sitting on the edge of the bed. I stopped you when you reached for my cock, I made you hold your hands at your sides. I stepped closer to the bed and began to bring my aching hard member closer and closer to your face. You were staring at it as if in a trance as it hovered in front of you. My shaft was long and thick, smoothly shaven, as were my full balls. You could smell my musk. I reached down and pinched your nipples. You groaned, never looking away from the raging cock that was inches from your face.

I shifted my hips, moving my cock side to side, then leaned forward, slapping your cheek with the cum covered head. Your mouth opened, eager to suck me in, but I pulled back.

“No, not yet,” I said. You closed your mouth and gazed at it as I pushed it back against your face. You leaned in and I pressed forward again, rubbing my slick cock back and forth over your face. More precum oozed from the tip. You closed your eyes, feeling my raging cock smear across your beautiful lust filled face. I pulled back and you opened your eyes.

“Open your mouth,” I said. You eagerly obeyed. I took hold of my cock and rubbed the slick tip against your lower lip. Your breathing was heavy, your eyes met mine through your messy hair.

“Stick out your tongue,” I instructed. You stuck out your full tongue and I rubbed my aching cock head up and down against it. I groaned, it felt so good. Saliva formed on your tongue, lubricating my head. I rubbed myself around your full lips coating your mouth and my cock with your wet spit.

I grabbed the sides of your head and began to feed my cock into your mouth. You closed your lips around my shaft and closed your eyes as I slowly fucked my cock into your beautiful face. I pressed in three, four inches, then pulled out slowly. You sucked hard as my cock slipped from your lips. I groaned then leaned in, pushing my cock back into your mouth. You could feel how incredibly hard I was. The skin was smooth and soft and warm but the shaft was as hard as iron.

I pressed in deeper, pushing against the back of your throat. You felt an initial gag, but the head eased on further still, filling your throat. I pressed further, pushing deeper down your throat, holding your head firmly, then pulled out.

Your saliva coated my cock with thick strings, as I pulled out you spit on it. That turned me on and I pushed it back into your mouth. This time you felt your throat open easier and my cock went further into your throat. You felt more and more of my huge cock enter your mouth, you moaned, vibrating my cock in wet heat, I pushed further and fucked in and out of your throat before backing out of your mouth with a slick pop. You gasped for breath, we both stared at my pulsating cock, inches from your face, still connected to your lips by sticky strings of drool which then fell down, coating your heaving breasts. I plunged back in, fucking deeply down your throat, feeling you moan. My ball sack tightened up and I quickly pulled out before my cum erupted down your throat. I wasn’t ready yet. More thick drool covered your tits. I rubbed my wet cock against your face then slipped it back over your full lips.

Your throat was now completely opened up and I was able to fuck my cock in and out in long strokes. You continued to spit on my cock, coating me and your breasts with your sticky juices. I reached down and massaged your wet breasts, squeezing and pinching your aching nipples. You dropped a hand to your crotch, pressing hard against your clit.

“Touch yourself,” I told you and you slipped your hand in your pantyhose and began masturbating furiously while you sucked my long, hard cock. I began pumping my cock in and out of your mouth. You reached up and rubbed my smooth balls which were now glistening. I put one foot on the bed to give you more access to my balls and listened to you moan as you rubbed your pussy.

“Oh fuck,” I said as I felt my orgasm start. “Oh my god that’s beautiful, keep sucking me just like that baby.” Your hand slid up and began rubbing the shaft while you sucked the head. My balls began to tighten up, you rubbed your pussy faster and moaned onto my wet cock. It felt like my cock was getting even harder, even larger, as it fucked in and out of your mouth.

Your moans hit a peak and I knew you were about to cum too, I held off, trying to wait for you, your orgasm started, you screamed against my cock which was sliding in and out of your throat until finally, I could wait no longer and my cock exploded in your mouth. My hot cum blasted out my balls and spurted deep into your throat.

Your body convulsed in your own incredible orgasm. You couldn’t swallow all of my cum and it drizzled out around my cock, sliding down your wet chin and landing on your heaving tits. You finally pulled my cock out of your mouth and gasped for air, you moaned as you came, staring at my cum covered cock mere inches from your mouth. Your face was covered in spit, cum, and hair. You had the most incredibly sexy look on your face as waves of orgasm began to subside. You finally fell back on the bed, staring up at me and my dripping, quivering cock.

I stared down at you. My eyes lingered on your face, then drifted to your heaving, glistening breasts, then lower, to your pantyhose covered crotch. I could see your sopping wet panties through your nylons. You juices were smeared around your upper thighs, your smell was intoxicating. My head lowered involuntarily, following your scent…..

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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