Ex-Nurse is Ex-traordinary!

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A while back my wife and I had just finished having some great sex and she turned to me and asked me what was probably the best sex I had ever had. I started to think and then I thought of Kathy. Kathy was an ex-nurse that had a killer body but had some tricks up her sleeve and one night she decided to play one of those tricks. She stood 5’11” with curves in the right places. Her ex-husband had gotten her breast implants that gave her a lift to her tits and they were quite firm and very sensitive. She had a very nice ass that I enjoyed massaging whenever I got the chance and her shaved pussy was great to eat out. She always enjoyed my tongue massaging her clit and allowed my hands to explore her tits.

One night we were messing around and she started to stroke my dick. I always enjoyed this and whenever she started to tell me what she would like to do that night it just kept my bedava bahis dick hard. Well she went down on me and started to lick my cock and every now and then I would feel a finger touch and massage my asshole. I allowed her to continue as I spread my ass cheeks more for her to get a better feel of my asshole.

She wet her finger and suddenly I felt her finger penetrate my hole and my muscles squeezed down on her finger. What happened next is what gave this night an extraordinary boost to our sex lives. She looked up at me and said that if she made me cum without touching, stroking or licking my cock that I would reciprocate by indulging in whatever she wanted. I agreed to it and thought of it impossible. I felt her finger enter more and more into my ass and then WOW! she hit my prostate and started to massage my prostate.

I felt my cock becoming more bedava bonus and more sensitive and the tip of my dick had this pleasure of “I needed to cum!” Finally after a few minutes I felt my hips quiver, my legs started to shake and then it happened. I exploded and cum started to shoot everywhere. I don’t think that I have ever cum this much before and once I had stopped and the feeling subsided, my dick was still rock hard. I then asked her what it was that she wanted and she said that since she got to have fun playing with my asshole it was my turn to play with her asshole.

She suggested that I give her a sperm enema. She stood up got on the edge of the bed and kneeled down allowing me to play with her ass. I began to massage her ass and while I was massaging her ass I got some of the cum off my body and started to massage it into her asshole. I felt deneme bonusu her asshole tighten around my finger and continued to play with her little rosebud until I felt it was loose enough to take on my dick. As soon as this happened I took my dick and entered her asshole. I felt her muscles tighten around my dick and for a second it felt like I was fucking a very tight virgin.

She reached back and played with my balls and since we were in a very comfortable position she knelt up allowing my hands to explore her tits and occasionally slip a finger or two into her moist pussy. She started have orgasm after orgasm as I kept a nice pace with my cock sliding in and out of her asshole. A few more strokes later I felt myself splashing the insides of her ass. I was so spent and my body was shaking and I had to lie down and catch my breath. She turned around and starting stroking my spent cock and I felt her hand roll off as she went to sleep.

This ex-nurse was extraordinary. As soon as I finished telling my wife about this adventure I felt her finger massaging my asshole…..and that is another story that will have to keep you guessing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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