Distracted By Kitten

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Distracted By Kitten
I sit patiently at daddy’s feet while he loads his game. Daddy is a gamer when he isn’t working super hard he’s playing games online with people from all over the world and when he’s not doing that he likes to watch other people streaming games. I like watching daddy gaming and sometimes I watch the videos with him.
Tonight he’s gaming, online with his friends. He has friends all over the world so he games pretty late, I’m a little sleepy but I’m a big kitten, I can stay up late to watch daddy play. We haven’t had daddy, kitten time for a while because he’s been super busy working away. I’m not allowed to have a release by myself unless daddy gives me permission. Being deprived of sexual pleasure for so long and having to sit on the floor between daddy’s legs, being able to smell the musky scent of his crotch through his jeans is driving this little kitten wild. I think he can tell how frustrated I am as I sit and squirm between his legs, suckling on my paci imagining its daddy’s hard cock. I occasionally turn my head to look at him, he looks down and grins at me, he knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly what is going through my head right now.

His game starts and he begins chatting with his friends and paying attention to the screen, I don’t know if daddy knows but just hearing his voice makes my special parts all tingly and twitchy. So sitting listening to him talk and play are driving my little boy cunt wild!
As I feel myself getting more and more worked up I begin squirming more and more, at this point kaçak iddaa I’m practically grinding my cunt against the cushion I’m sat on. I just want to climb onto his lap, wrap my tight cunt lips around his throbbing member and ride him until he can’t take any more.

“Are you okay down there little one?” he asks as he notices my squirming
“mmmhmmm” I groan through my paci

I can’t take it anymore, his smell, his voice, knowing that his gorgeous cock and balls are just behind my head, filled with lots of cummies for me to drink. I lead my head back, resting it against his bulge, daddy has a semi!
He’s been turned on this whole time!
He just wanted to see me squirm and see how long I could last before touching him!
Very sneaky daddy

I take my hands and run them from the tips of his toes to his ankles and back again. Daddy loves it when I play with his feets, I’m being a bit of a naughty kitten now I know but I can’t help myself and I’m ready to receive any and all punishment daddy wishes to bestow upon me. I start gently rubbing the back of my head against his crotch and listen as he tries to stifle his moans. I continue playing with his feet, rubbing them and running my long nails gently across the tops of his toes all the way to his shins. I can feel him getting harder and twitching behind me.
Suddenly his big hand pats my head and takes a handful of my hair. He pulls my head back and glares into my eyes with a slight tilt in his head. I giggle and continue being a naughty kitten. He mutes his mic

“be a very careful little pinbahis one, or do you want to feel daddy’s belt across that juicy booty of yours?!”

I turn around now kneeling between daddy’s legs looking up at him with pleading eyes. He grabs my head and forces my face into his crotch so I can smell his musk. I start rubbing my nose against the outline of his bulge, salivating and trembling with excitement.
“well if you’re going to do it you’d better get to it then!” he grins before unmuting the mic

I eagerly undo his belt and jeans, my cunt begins to tremble and my hot juices stream down my thighs forming little puddles at my knees. He’s so hard, his juicy shaft twitches as I wrap my little hand around it and slowly peel back his foreskin exposing his throbbing, glistening head. I proceed to bury my nose in his balls, inhaling deeply, I think I could actually cum just from his smell. I run my tongue up his inner thigh all the while massaging his cock with my hand. I slowly and tenderly lick the crease of his thigh where his leg meets his crotch, it’s so musky and warm, I love it!
I hear daddy panting and trying his hardest not to groan as I go in for my first lick. Balls to tip. And then I open my mouth and welcome his now pulsating cock into my tight wet throat. I try my best not to moan as I start to gag, that feeling when a cock is at the very back of your throat, restricting your airways and you don’t know whether you’re going to pass out or throw up, that is the point I love the most when blowing my daddy. pinbahis güvenilir mi As I pull back, saliva oozing from my mouth and pooling on daddy’s ballsack he grabs the back of my head and forces himself back into my throat. My eyes widen as I hardly have time to catch my breath, I watch as daddy’s head falls back in pleasure, trying his best not to make a sound. He repeatedly forces my head up and down several times before letting me breathe and carrying on with the game.
The lack of oxygen makes my head fuzzy and my cunt even wetter, I can feel the puddle of my kitten juices getting bigger and bigger underneath me. As I catch my breath I don’t take my lips off daddy’s cock, I suck as hard as I physically can like I’m desperately trying to suck a thick milkshake through a throbbing straw.
Daddy starts to pant and twitch, that is my cue to suck harder and faster, yes! I’m going to finally get my cream!

Daddy has no choice but to mute his mic once more as he can’t hold back his moans any longer, he grabs the back of my head, plants his feet on the floor, lifts his waist and rapidly pounds the back of my throat until I feel his balls spasm and the massive load he has saved for me fire into my throat. I can’t swallow quick enough before more shoots out. Still sucking I feel his cum oozing out of my mouth and dribbling onto the floor, mixing with y own juices in the puddle. When I finally stop sucking daddy lays twitching for a few seconds before looking at the mess I’ve made.

“you’d better get that cleaned up little one”
I go to stand up to grab a towel
“where do you think you’re going? Get that dirty, naughty little tongue and clean up that mess and then get in the bedroom and wait on your tummy for your punishment”

Uh oh!

………to be continued…….

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