Desires of an Indian Mind

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Desires of an Indian Mind
My name is Rajesh Aiyer. I am 30 years old working in a multinational company in Mumbai. I am cheerfully hitched to Pari who is 28 years old and works as an interior designer in Mumbai. It’s just been a year since we got married and on mutual consent we decided we would expand our family only when we are financially stable. We live in a leased apartment in Mumbai and are occupied in our work life.

I am writing this story to share my sexual experience which happened to me in the last decade. I am changing the identities and names of the people in this story to respect their privacy, likewise parts of the story which I believe ought to have occurred than the reality.

It began 10 years back, when I was 20 years old and was pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Computer science engineering in a city called Coimbatore in South India. My dad is a Bank official and my mom is a house maker. I have an elder sister named Richa who was pursuing MD in Medicine during that time. Let me tell you something about me, I am average build, moderately fair and like to keep myself fit. During those days, I had grown long hair and always tied it with a knot. The style was trending back then and girls dig it. I was still virgin then and loved watching porn and read erotic stories. I jacked off on an average of 3 times a week and I cum a lot when I climax. My cock is an average 7 inch, like the most of us have but it is its knob that is unusually thick. It is uncircumcised with thick green veins running its whole length. I am known to be cool k** around my neighborhood. I like to talk a lot and I knew how and when a charm a women, but when it comes to getting laid I was a loser.

Let me give you the structural details of the apartment I live in and the neighbors around me. This is important as I intend to keep these characters engaged in the narration that follow after this story. We lived in an apartment called ‘HAPPY HOMES’ which is a three storey building. Two flats in every floor which is separated by stairs in the centre. We had a terrace to the apartment which can be entered through the second floor with a help of a ladder. At the end of the ladder is a small metal door which has a vertical opening. The terrace is normally prohibited for anyone because the terrace does not have any protective closures. It just has two water tanks and a small passage between the two tanks which will leads to a small area that is normally hidden from direct view. The passage is a narrow one and one would have to bend down and crawl to get to the small open zone. Behind this open zone is a small wall of 6 feet which is the only protective edge in the entire terrace. This small open zone was our hang out place and could accommodate 4 people at a time. The area is surrounded by walls on either side of the small sneaky entrance, 6 feet wall behind and was open in the top. The apartment management felt that the terrace has no safe edges and decided to keep the metal door bolted and the keys to the same was only with Mr. Thangappa, the security guard of the apartment. ‘Happy Homes’ is an apartment filled with greenery around it. From the main road one would not be able to get the direct view of the apartments. From the main gate to the apartments, the pathway is surrounded with lush green tress and a small park .The apartment has its own parking lot towards the back of the apartment. The parking lot has six car sheds for the residents of the apartment. From the corner of the parking lot leads a small passage to the generator room which is around 60 meters away from the apartment. The generator room is attached with a small one bedroom area for Mr. Thangappa.

Our apartment as mentioned is a 3 storey building which has two flats every floor. I will be giving you the details of the people who lived in the apartment at that point of time.


Ground level

Ground level flats were (G-A) that was towards the left of the entrance to the building and (G-B) towards the right.

G-A was occupied by Mrs. Heena Banu, aged 55, a retired government servant with 3 daughters and 2 sons. Her husband died after a tragic road accident. Her Eldest daughter is Mrs. Nazeema Banu aged 28, married with a daughter of three years Riyana. Nazeema’s husband Mr. Masoom was in the Middle East and did not return after he left. Farooq, aged 25 is the eldest son working in a clothing showroom. Second daughter Ms. Noora Banu, aged 23 worked as a front desk attendee in a hospital. Third daughter Ms. Haseena Banu, aged 21 failed her 10th grade and was at home ever since. Youngest son Mr. Shabaz, aged 20 studied Engineering with me in the same college that I studied.

G-B was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Stany D’souza, a newly wedded couple. Mr. Stany, aged 32 owns a travel agency and Mrs. Teena D’souza, aged 27 was a house wife.

First Floor

First floor flats were (F-A) that was towards the left of the stairs and (F-B) towards the right.

F-A was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Mukunda Aiyer. That’s my father who is a retired Bank manager aged 58 and my mother is Mrs. Sukanya Aiyer aged 50, homemaker. My father was also the president of the apartment ‘Happy Homes’ and was responsible for the maintenance of the apartment. My sister is Ms. Richa Aiyer, aged 24 and I’m Rajesh Aiyer, aged 20.

F-B is a vacant flat (the previous owner hanged himself there, hence difficult to find a new tenant). My dad has the keys to this flat.

Second floor

Second floor flats were (S-A) towards the left of the stairs and (S-B) towards the right.

S-A was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Vasantha Krishna. Mr. Vasantha Krishna, aged 52 was a government employee in the postal service. He was a drunkard and his wife Mrs. Asha, aged 39 was a homemaker. They have a son Arun, aged 19 who was studying arts in a local college.

S-B was occupied by Mrs. Seema, aged 37. She was divorced and lives with her daughter Ms. Shifali, aged 18. She is pursuing bachelor’s degree in Science. Mrs. Seema works as an HR manager for a marketing firm.

Summer of 2008

I was always with Shabaz and Arun and we were all of the same age group. We were the trio of the ‘Happy Homes’. We used to share all the things that happened amongst us and all of us were prude when it comes to sex. Shabaz was very skinny and fair. Arun on the other hand was build like a bull. He was tall, dark but nowhere near handsome. He had a foul mouth which came after his father Mr. Vasantha, who would often come back from work drunk and would fight with his mother Mrs. Asha. The very environment in which he was brought up was harsh and that in turn replicated in his behavior.

Arun and I owned Motorbike. Shabaz would always hop on my bike and we three would ride our bikes towards the nearest Women’s College. We would always park our bikes opposite to the college main gate and drool over every girl that passes by. We would then comment on their body structure, ogle at them shamelessly and would wink our eyes at them when our eye contact met. This was our daily routine in the evenings.

We saw a women pass by us in a black sari which was tied was below her naval. She must be one of the young professors in the college, only they wore saris. She had a backless blouse and she definitely knew how to sway that ass when she walked. Her bra straps were see through and were tightly held to her skin.

“Aaaah. I just want to rip her clothes off and fuck that big ass day and night,” said Arun rubbing his dick over his pants right in the public. The outline of his large member was visible outside his pant. It did not matter to him if anyone would be watching his public display of lust; he never really cared what others thought about him.

“Have some decency bro, this is a public place. Behave yourself,” said Shabaz who was now embarrassed of his friends behavior.

“You scary punk, you don’t get to tell me what to do and what not to,” said angry Arun. He then lit a cigarette and started smoking in open. His very look would scare off any women. The cigarette in his hand made it worse.

“Cool down brothers. We are here cool off our eyes. Look at all those young ripe melons around you. Watch them jiggle and enjoy the god’s crazy creations,” I said laughing lightly and lightening the mood there.

“Hmmm yeah, we are 20 years old and still virgins. Watching these sexy girls just makes me horny. I can’t even jack off at home, my sisters are always around. They would not let me use bathroom more than 15 min, they would start asking me what I was doing for so long. This is just frustrating” said Shabaz who was now visibly frustrated.

Amidst our conversation, my eyes were fixed on the main gate of the college. I was waiting for her, the one who skips my heartbeat every time I see her. Right then I saw her; she was walking out of the main gate of the college. Just before she turned towards the bus stand, she looked towards us and smiled. She had few books in her hand and carried a side bag. She was short and has amazing assets. She was wearing green salwaar kameez which showed her fit body structure. She has amazing boobs and her salwaar was finding it very difficult to keep them confined within them. She wore white tight pants. The outline of her ass could be seen clearly. She definitely was prick tease. She just swayed her ass as she walked towards the nearest bus stop. I just stood there watching her, and I knew her smile was only meant for me.

“Hey. Did you just see that? Shifali smiled at me!” said a excited Arun who threw his cigarette away and blew the last smoke with swag. I tried to control my giggle as I knew that smile was never meant for him. What I never told Shabaz and Arun is that Shifali would always text me. She was close to my sister Richa and I managed to take her phone number from my sister’s phone.

“Yeah Right,” I said mocking Arun. Shabaz giggled.

“Look you punks. I’m going to offer her a bike ride home. Let’s see who really is a loser here,” said Arun who quickly kick started his bike and went towards the bus stand where Shifali was now waiting for the bus.

“He is going to make a joke on himself,” said Shabaz. “Let’s just wait and watch what happens,” I said and we watched him eagerly to see what would happen.

Arun drove his bike towards the bus stop where Shifali was standing. We saw them talking to each other. I saw how Shifali’s facial expression changed. Arun must have asked her something inappropriate. Then we saw those exchanging words. Finally we saw Shifali spat on the floor as a sign of disgust. Luckily for her the bus came and she boarded the bus and left. We saw how other girls in the bus stand looked at Arun with disgust.

“Oh my! Arun will kill me if I pull his leg now,” said Shabaz. “You better be silent now,” I told him.

We saw an angry Arun riding his bike towards us. “That fat fucking bitch! I’m going to fuck her so bad,” said Arun who was now panting hard and face visibly angry. “She stays right next to my flat! Never ever does she see my face? She called me Black bull, Black fucking bull. That arrogant mother fucking bitch, she will have it for this. And you two, if you ever talk anything about what happened today, I’m going to rip your head off,” said a very angry Arun.

“OK, OK, chill. We aren’t going to tell anyone anything. We are friends. Remember,” I said consoling Arun.

“I want to booze today! I need it badly,” said frustrated Arun.

“Yeah, it’s been some time we had alcohol,” said Shabaz.

“Oh k then, we will meet up at 7:30pm in our hangout spot -the terrace. But who will get the booze?” I asked them

“It’s on me today,” said Arun.

“But the keys to bolted door of terrace is with Thangappa,” said Shabaz.

“I borrowed the keys from Thangappa yesterday,” answered Arun.

“Cool! Let’s get back to our home and meet up later. Arun, would you take Shabaz along with you? I need to use the cyber café for my project work in college,” I told them.

“Oh k, But don’t be late,” said Arun who started the bike. Shabaz hopped along and they left. Once they left I quickly took out my phone and texted Shifali. I was eager to know what happened in the bus stand with Arun.

“What happened at the bus stop? You looked worried,” I texted her from my phone.

“I hate your friend. He asked me if I need a drop home,” she replied.

“Why was he angry?” I asked her.

“He made a comment on my body. I just can’t stand him. Uncivilized bastard!” she replied.

I dint know what to text her back, that’s when I got another text.

“Forget what happened with Arun, it does not bother me. Hey, I have some doubts in my subject Computer science. My finals are nearing. Could you help me with it? Richa told me you are good with the subject,” she asked.

I could not believe my luck. Gods were in my favor today.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Place and time?” I asked her.

“I will let you know soon. Ba bye sweetie pie” she replied. I was on top of the world. I happily went back home.

Even though we stay in the same apartment, we never spoke to each other. The aunts in the building have preying eyes and would cook up stories about us and I did not want any such rumors reach my parents. Indian parents would get mad when they get to know their c***dren are not focused on studies and something like teenage love can never be justified with them.

My cell phone beeped again. It was text from my sister Richa. “Parents are leaving to Bangalore on emergency. Mama(my mom’s eldest brother) met with an accident. What time would you be home?”she asked.

I was not surprised about my mama’s death. He was bed ridden from last 3 months. I knew this was coming. Last month I and my sister visited him. My parents would not want us to miss our classes. So I knew they would leave without us to complete the death rituals. Today, I have already committed to Arun that I will be there to booze. I did not want to make his day worse and so I replied, “I will be there at 11 o clk.”

“Oh k cool, just call me when you are about to reach home,” she texted. That was unusual. She never asks me to call her for anything. There were instances when we stayed at home without our parents around. She never really cared if I was there or not. We never spoke to each other than it was absolutely necessary. We were siblings who never really got connected.

“Oh k. Will call you when I reach,” I texted her back.

I started my bike and went to cyber café nearby to work on my college project. Time flew by and it was already 7:00pm. That’s when I heard the phone ringing. It was Arun and I picked up the call immediately.

“Where the fuck are you?” asked an angry Arun.

“Will be there in 15 minutes,” I told him.

“Get some cigarettes,” he told me. I said alright and dropped the call.

My bike was Yamaha RX 100 and anybody in the neighborhood could hear my bike engine within 100 meters of circumference. When I was about to reach our apartment, I parked it outside the compound wall to make sure my sister does not hear me and walked towards my apartment. I did not want her to know that I reached the apartment. As I approached near, I saw that lights to my flat were lit except for one room which was Richa’s. I knew Arun and Shabaz must already be in our hangout zone in the terrace and would probably have started without me.

The parking lot for ‘Happy Homes’ was behind the apartments. One would have to take their vehicle from the right side of the apartment through the narrow road. There was 6 sheds all attached and had rolling shudders to every single one of them. From the edge of the last shed, was a narrow lane which went till the generator room. The narrow passage to the generator room was quite filled with bushes and covered from plain sight.

I slowly climbed the stairs wondering how mad Arun would be for not being there on time. When I was about to take the second floor. I smashed into something and I fell back. My head hit the floor and something heavy fell on me.

That’s when I heard a sweet voice, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I was going to the grocery shop to get vegetables. I din see you coming. Does it hurt? Should I call an ambulance? Oh my god. What have I done?” said Shifali. She was all over me; I could feel her heavy breasts on me. I could not believe my luck. I slowly lifted my hands and placed it over her hips and acted as if I was trying to help her up.

“Too many questions,” I said.

“Sorry?” she asked as if she did not understand.

“I said you ask too many questions. And its ok, I’m not hurt,” I said now trying to get up and never really leaving my grip on her hips.

We both stood up and were awkwardly close to each other. My face was next to hers and she smelled so good. Her aroma was elegant and mild. Her hair was partially wet; maybe she just had a shower. I slowly released my grip on her. My head was hurting, so I started rubbing my head. She saw it and immediately offered to help and started rubbing my head with her hands. She wore a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts that hardly went down to her thighs. She was irresistible. I wanted to feel her up. I could not let this opportunity go away. So I decided to initiate things and I slowly put my hands on her hips as if was the normal thing to do and pulled her towards me.

“Ahh!” she said and smiled seductively. She was caught off guard. But her expressions said she liked what I did.

That gave me some confidence and I said, “You look so beautiful.”

She felt shy and said, “Thank you, are you hurt?” she enquired.

I did not want to end this magic moment so I said, “Yes I do, my head is hurting me. I hit the ground very hard,” and then I slowly started to run my hands along her hips. I just could not take it anymore. I wanted to feel her up, wanted to drool all over her. I suddenly held a tight grip on her.

“Ouch. Hey. Now you are hurting me,” she said this with seductive grin on her face. I slowly brought my right hand towards her front and slowly moved it towards her stomach, felling her up all the way. She is 34-26-36 and has lovely face that none could resist. I just could not control myself anymore.

I suddenly pushed her towards the wall and pressed myself on her. My cock which was hard as rock in my pants started rubbing across her mound and I slowly started humping her. This was my first time and it was too much for me. I tried to control myself. I did not want to wet my pants. There was a wet patch of pre cum in my pants.

“Hey what are you doing? Someone might just see us,” she said. I was happy that she was not worried about what was happening but was worried if she will be caught. That gave a confidence that Shifali also wanted this. My hands were on a firm grip on her hips. She had that fuck me look on her eyes.

“I like your rosy rips,” I said and I slowly brought my right hand towards her lips and ran my fingers across it.

“Hey, it’s my strawberry lip glows,” she said and giggling slowly. Teenage girls are very conscious on their looks. Her lips were very inviting. I had dreamt of chewing her lips.

I had to do it and I went for it. I said, “I’m hungry for strawberries.” and kissed her wildly. This was my first kiss and thanks to the movies and porn that I watch, I knew how exactly to kiss her. She started responding by playing with her tongue. I slowly started to rub her stomach with my right hand whereas my left hand moved towards her ass. I slowly started molding it. My right hand slowly moved upwards under her t-shirt. I started feeling her up. Played with her naval and moved up to find her bra covered boobs. I started to press her ass and boobs in sync and that’s when she started pushing her mound to my cock. “Aaaah. That hurts… But feels so good,” she said.

With that encouragement I moved my hand inside her shorts from behind and quickly found her panties. I put my hand inside her panties and got a handful of her ass. My right hand found its way through her bra to find her left nipple. That turned her on. She was uncontrollably moaning.

She then kissed me wildly, kissed my neck and bit me hard near my neck. I was lost in lust that I started pressing her boobs with full might and then I brought my left hand to her mound from the front. All this while she still had her shorts on and it was made of elastic which made it easy to access her asserts. I quickly found her pussy which surprisingly was shaved. I found her clit which was wet from all the action and I pressed it hard and started playing with it.

She lost all control and started biting me all over my neck. I made circular motion around her pussy with my middle finger. She anticipated what was coming next.

“Rajesh! Please no. I have never done this before,” she said looking straight into my eye.

“There is always a first time,” I said slowly looking into her eyes and started pushing my finger in her. I could find little resistance and decided to move slowly. She started spreading her leg to give me better access. That encouraged me and I pushed my finger to full length.

“Oh My god!! It feels fucking good. Please do not dare to fucking move. Hold it right there,” she said rolling her eyes up on total pleasure. I kept my finger there and then slowly brought it back to push it again and repeat it. She left a loud moun.

“This feels so good,” she said. Meanwhile my right hand lifted her t-shirt. I saw her left boob was free from her bra and boob was staring at me. She had a pink areola between which her nipple stood aroused. I jumped on her nipple and started sucking it hard. That’s was too much for her to control and she started cumming in my hand. She tried to balance herself by holding me and I saw her entire vibrate for few seconds.

“Ahhhh…,” she screamed when she came. Her orgasm was a strong one. She still had her eyes rolled up.

I quickly brought my right hand on her mouth to muffle her sound. I told her, “Its k, its natural, feel the moment.” and slowly pulled my finger out of her pussy and brought it to my lips and sucked it. She kept watching me as I sucked her love juice. She stopped making sounds and kept staring at my fingers as I licked my fingers.

“Oh rajesh! This was the best thing that happened to me,” she said meanwhile I started dry humping her. I slowly took her right hand and brought it my güvenilir bahis cock covered by my pants. She started running her hand along it and started rubbing it hard,

“Pull it out!” I told her.

“No! Im scared. Just look at its length. I’m afraid you might do something,” meanwhile she was rubbing it the same time.

“Then I will take it out!” I said and I pulled my pant zip down. Put my right hand in and pulled out my cock. It was bigger than usual and was oozing pre cum all over. The big knob looked even bigger than usual. I lubed my cock with my pre cum and I slowly started jacking it off.

She stood there stunned at that sight. She simply could not resist it. Like a magnet she was drawn towards it and started running her fingers along it.

“I never knew it can be so big. I love how it feels in my hand,” she slowly made a firm grip on it and started jacking me.

“Oh. That feels so good. Keep doing that,” I told her. She was busy watching my cock. “Have a closer look. It won’t bite,” I told her and pushed her shoulders with my hands downwards.

She bends down and started jacking me with full might. I dint know if I could push my luck further. I pushed my hip forward and my cock hit her chin. That took her by surprise. The pre cum on my dick spread on her face. I saw my pre cum dripping on her chin.

“Do you want to taste it?” I asked holding my cock now. She was silent and nodded her head as approval. She opened her mouth in a big O shape and brought it close to my cock.

Bang! I phone rang. It was on loud mode and she quickly pulled out of the trance. It was Arun. I cut the call, meanwhile she quickly rose and adjusted her t-shirt and shorts and kissed me on my cheeks.

“I love you, sweetie pie!” she said and ran towards downstairs. She was two feet down and few stairs away. I said, “Please, I need to finish.” with my cock in hand and looking towards her like cub looking at its mother. Then she did something I can never forget.

She slowly rolled her fingers on her cheek, pulled the pre cum from her face and slowly brought that to get lips and she sucked it hard. She winked her eye and off she ran downstairs.

I was lost in thoughts on what just happened and I dint know what to do. My phone started ringing again. That’s when I realized I was in the stairway with my dick outside my pants and how close we were on getting caught if anyone from apartment decided to come out. The risk of getting caught just increased the pleasure within. I quickly answered the call.

“Where are you motherfucker? I’m half a bottle down. You better be here before I finish it off,” said Arun.

“I’m in the stairway. Two minutes,” I dropped the call and quickly adjusted my pants by stuffing my cock back and started climbing the stairs. To the end of second floor I quickly climbed the ladder and through the small metal door I entered the terrace.

I slowly sneaked in through the metal door and walked towards the water tank. I sneaked through the small passage between tanks and came to our hangout space. Shabaz was already lying in the ground singing some old bollywood songs. He usually does that when he is drunk. Arun looked at me asked “Cigarettes?”

“What?” I asked.

“Cigarettes motherfucker, Where is it?” he asked again.

“Oh cigarettes, I forgot,” I told him.

“Motherfucker, I ask you for one thing and you forget. I’m done here. I’m leaving,” he started moving towards the passage between the tanks.

“Hey. Hey. I’m sorry bro. I really mean it. I was stuck with my project that I forgot it completely,” I apologized.

“This must be worst day of my life. My life is pathetic. My friends don’t take me seriously. Everyone takes me for granted,” he started murmuring and then he continued.

“Shifali! Shifali! I will not rest unless I make her bend on knees and beg me for mercy. I’m going to show her what a black bull really does. I will drill every single hole she has. Black bull! I’m going to fuck her so bad,” said angry Arun.

“Why are you always angry Arun, Asha aunty is such a kind women. Your dad is already tormenting her. You need to stand up and support her. You should not be wasting your energy on such pathetic issues!” said Shabaz who was trying to console him.

Arun just turned back to Shabaz and said, “There are few things which you will never understand. I’m leaving!” and off he went.

“Rajesh! Go ahead and drink. You are late. So you drink alone. I’m going home. My sisters will sniff me off if I drink anymore. See you later brother,” said Shabaz and off he went.

I was all alone and saw around me that there was half a bottle of cheap rum and some starters and two fold of newspaper. I sat alone and lay down for some time looking at the stars and recalling what happened. Shifali! What happened was dream come true? My cock started getting hard. I knew I was the only one around and slowly unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It looked like its begging me to cum.

Bang! My phone rings again. It was Richa. I answered the call.

“Where are you? What time will you reach?” she asked. I decided I will go home later. I wanted time to jack off and then probably take some rest. So I decided I will lie to her.

“I will need three more hours. It’s my project work you know. It’s too much. I had…”she cut me off.

“Great. Call me when you are about to reach,” she said and then drops the call. I thought what an arrogant bitch she is and went back to my thoughts on Shifali.

I slowly started jacking off recalling the events what happened in the stairs. I imagined being there again. I started thinking of her breasts, how I molded it and her enormous ass. That ass can make anyone hard. I imagined cornering here to the wall. I pull down her shorts, pull her t-shirt off and rip off her bra and panties. I enter her pussy in one stroke. I imagined her moaning loudly and asking me to fuck her hard. That brought me to edge and I came. I came so hard that I shot my cum upwards. It went almost 3 feet and then landed back on my chest. My cock did not stop cumming. It just went on shooting. It was a big mess. My cum was all over me. I looked around to find something to dry me and saw the newspaper bundle. I quickly grabbed it and cleaned off my mess. Later I lay down and went off to sleep.

I woke sometime later when my phone beeped. I saw that it was a text from Shifali.

“Hey Sweetie Pie, miss me?” she asked.

“Yes, but you left me there,” I texted.

“What happened there wasn’t suppose to happen!”she texted.

“Do you regret now?” I asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Did you like what happened?” I asked.

“Yes. You did not answer for what I said in the stairs,” she said.

“What did you ask?” I asked.

“Never Mind, All men are same,” she said sarcastically.

“What is it?” I asked again.

She did not reply. I started recalling what happened. That’s when I stood up and thought what a fool I was. She had actually proposed me and I did not reply. I was thinking with my dick then. I recalled her saying, “I love you sweetie pie.” and I was worried she did not finish me off. I had missed the chance when she actually proposed me.

I quickly replied, “You are the best thing that happened to me! I love you too my strawberry.”

“Aaawww… Umha Umha Umha. Loads of love,” she replied.

“Can we meet?” I asked.

“I love Iron Man!” she replied. Marvel comics had released the Iron Man starred by Robert Downey Jr during that time.

“10:00 morning, I will pick you up from college front,” I told her.

“Sure Sweetie Pie. You have worn me off today. I’m Tired. Good night. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night strawberry. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I checked the time it was quarter to nine. I thought it was late and I wanted to take a shower and clean off the mess from my body.

As I climbed down the ladder from the terrace entrance, I saw someone near the parking shed with a torch light. There was no street light there. I thought it must be Thangappa. I decided I will go get my bike from the front gate and park it my shed. Then I saw someone checking my shed with lights. I got a little worried. I quickly sneaked down the stairs to the ground floor and peeped into the lane leading to parking. I saw an image moving from my shed towards the narrow lane leading to generator room/Thangappa’s room. I slowly followed to check who it was. The bushes and weeds had grown on that narrow lane and there was no direct line of sight view to generator room. It was dark and I was not able to recognize who it was. I started to follow whoever it was. That person went straight too Thangappa’s door and knocked it. He immediately opened the door. The light of the room helped me recognize who it was. It was my sister Richa. I thought there must be some water availability trouble at home, and Richa must have come asking for help.But then she quickly checked if anyone followed her. I quickly covered myself with the bushes. Then I saw her walk into his room and closed the door behind.

My mind went into turmoil. Why would my sister want to go to Thangappa’s room at this time of the night? I wanted to know what was happening. I sensed something was wrong and fishy. Thangappa’s room had a window to the right of his room. I knew if I can sneak slowly there, I must be able to see what’s happening. I did not want to miss anything so I quickly sneaked towards the window which was slightly ajar. I pulled my phone and kept it in airplane mode so that it doesn’t ring. The window had a thick mosquito net attached to it. This net would help me see anything what’s happening inside and since its dark outside they could see anything happening outside the window.

I saw Richa standing near the door that was closed. She looked horrified. She was clinching onto something in her hand and had a torch in another hand. The room had a dim lit bulb which was enough to know what was happening inside the room. The room was a one bedroom room which had a small bathroom attached to it in the corner. Thangappa had worn a lungi around his waist and had a t-shirt which clearly shows his belly stuck out. He had this unusual evil grin and sat on a chair right across to where she was standing. Richa was wearing a satin night gown which was single piece. She is a bold women and she never ever spoke to anyone apart from my parents in this apartment. She liked her college much more this apartment and has spent most of her time either in hostel or her friends place. Richa is 5’10 and has ample breasts but it’s her buxom that always sticks out. The satin gown she wore did not help in hiding her lovely ass.

“Thangappa, you cannot be doing this to me. How much more should I pay you? You cannot always extort money from me like this,” she said on an angry tone.

“Ha ha ha. You don’t get to raise your tone here madam. Did you bring the money I asked?” asked Thangappa with a grin.

“Yes. But, I want an end to this. I’m not earning. I’m still a student. I can’t do this everytime,” Richa said on a higher pitch.

“Listen to me bitch. Women like you are not worthy to raise your voice in front of me. So you better keep your tone lower,” said a commanding Thangappa. Richa was set back from the tone that he used and started trembling.

“Please Thangappa! I want this to end,” Richa started crying and tears ran down her face.

“Don’t cry Richa. Did you get the money that I asked?” asked Thangappa.

I was angry now. I wanted this to stop. I planned on barging in and giving a stop to what so ever is happening. But something in me wanted to see what’s happening and wanted more details on the reason for this money extortion.

“Hmmm. There is only 15 thousand. I’m short of 10,”said Richa begging. She folded both her hands as gesture of begging for mercy.

“But that was not what was promised! You know you aren’t trying hard to get the money. With a body like yours, you can make thousands in no time,” said Thangappa laughing.

“I’m not such kinda women!” said Richa loudly.

“Ha Ha Ha. Richa! I have seen how you sucked and fucked. So do not play that innocent card with me,” said Thangappa sternly.

I was shocked. My sister sucked and fucked someone. Who was it? Why would she do that? Does she have an affair? Was she blackmailed? Was she forced to do this? Thousand questions ran in my head.

“You have promised you will delete the video from your phone! Why do you still have it? Please give me that video. Let me destroy it before it destroys me. Please Thangappa. Have mercy on me. Please!” cried Richa.

“Ok. Do not cry Richa. Give me whatever money you have now,” said Thangappa.

Richa quickly put the money she clenched in her hand and dropped it in the table next to her.

“Here you go. Take the money now give me that phone of yours. Let me erase the video,” she requested Thangappa.

I thought I can still barge in and help her with the situation, but I wanted to know why she did something like this. I let the drama continue for some more time.

“But it’s only 15 thousand!” said Thangappa.

“Please. I have only so much Thangappa,” pleaded Richa.

“Let me make a deal. Another 10 thousand right now or I want you to do something now. After which you can have my phone and delete your video. Don’t worry I do not have a copy of it. I’m not educated enough to do that. I just know to shoot from my phone and watch it,” said Thangappa.

“I don’t have any money. Everything what I have is in this table,” she said pointing towards the table.

“Why dint you ask that pretty boyfriend of yours. He would have paid you for another round of fucking,” said Thangappa.

“I’m not a whore! I cannot let him know anything about this. I know you Thangappa. You would call my parents and tell them everything. You haven’t done that. You need money. I wanted to settle this personally. So please, accept this and delete it,” said Richa.

“You are a smart women. But not smart enough. What was the name of your pretty boyfriend from G-A. Farooq!” said Thangappa.

I was shocked! Shabaz’s brother Farooq dated my sister. They never spoke or met on any occasion in this apartment. How did this happen. I was dumb struck there.

“Please do not drag him into this,” cried Richa. She was sobbing and tears were all over her face.

“Richa! I will delete the video on one condition,” said Thangappa.

“What is it?” asked Richa with thoughts of finishing this misery fast.

“Do what you did with Farooq with me!” said Thangappa.

“You fucking bastard! I told you I’m not a whore. You low life! How could you even think about this,” said a furious Richa who was very angry now on what Thangappa requested. How could such an old person ask her for sexual favors? Richa thought about this.

“Bitch. I have seen you sneak into his car in the parking lot. Seen how you sucked his cock and how you rode him on the backseat of his car. Remember. I have recorded this on my phone. You fucked that Muslim prick. How is he better than me? I have jacked off many times to that video. I want that in real,” asked angry Thangappa.

Thangappa slowly opened his lungi. He was not wearing any underwear. That bastard had planned for this. He revealed his cock to her and was jacking it right in front of Richa. I was stuck. I did not know what to be done. Surprisingly my dick was hard. I was confused.

“Cover that ugly thing from my sight,” demanded Richa.

“Hahaha.. No bitch. This is my room,” said thangappa and jacked off in full glory. Richa just stood there not knowing what to do.

“Richa. This will end in no time. Your misery will end. You can leave with my phone. Just play along. This will end in no time. You can leave this place after that. It’s a onetime thing,” said Thangappa.

Richa just stood there. She was watching him jack off. Thangappa was controlling her mind. He knew she would kneel to his demands. Thangappa’s prick is average 6 inch and filled with pubic hair around it. He must have taken a shower before Richa arrived. The man is still dirty and needs to remove his hair down there.

“Richa. Please lift your gown. I want see your thighs,” asked Thangappa.

Surprisingly Richa said “I’m not touching you Thangappa! You can jack off that’s the only deal you get,” Thangappa replied “Fine darling, Lift that gown.”

And then I saw her slowly lift her satin gown and reveal her milky thighs. Her face was still confused. She was not thinking straight.

Thangappa now stood up and was jacking off furiously. “Stay there Thangappa or the deal is off,” said Richa quickly as he say Thangappa pushing his luck.

“Remove the gown. I’m not touching you. Just remove the gown,” demanded Thangappa. Richa stood there for a while and then removed her satin gown in one go. She wore a red bra and panties underneath it. Those undergarments were the ones which I have seen models wear. Why the hell is she wearing this? My mind was on turmoil. I saw my sister semi naked for the first time and I was enjoying it. I slowly pulled out my cock and started jacking off.

“Ahhh. What a beauty!” said Thangappa and jacked off. “Richa please turn around,” he requested. She did as she was told. “What an ass. Just like I dreamt it,” Thangappa was high on lust. He slowly moved towards her and touched her ass. She jumped upon his touch and screamed, “What the fuck! You know the deal.”

“I’m sorry Richa. You know my wife stays in a village. We only meet twice a year. Please understand this poor man’s condition. I just want to feel your ass. I promise I will not touch anything,” asked Thangappa.

He slowly moved towards her turned her round. She slowly turned and then he started feeling her ass. He used both hands and started molding her ass hard. She left a gasp and closed her eyes. He slowly slipped her panties towards her knee and started feeling her naked ass. She still had her eyes closed.

He bent down till his face came to her ass level. With both the hands he spread her ass cheeks. He saw her brown sphincter. Without wasting any second, he pulled out his tongue and dug his face between her ass cheeks. That pulled Richa out of her trance. Her mind could not decide whether to resist or to enjoy the pleasure. She just said, “Oh no no no!!” but did not show any physical resistance. Thangappa understood had won the war. He was only into her ass from the beginning. Richa slowly brought her finger towards her pussy and was stroking her clit.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I stroked my cock so hard that I knew I would not last long. I saw Thangappa was skilled with his tongue. He dug his tongue deep into her ass and then would bring it out and repeat that again. “Tell me one thing,” asked Thangappa.

“Did Farooq try your ass?” asked Thangappa.

“No! Never,” replied Richa. This brought smile in his face and continued his assault on her ass.

She was engrossed in playing with clit. Thangappa turned her around. Richa was surprised.

“What?” she asked.

He put pressure on her shoulder and bent her down till her face was his cock level. “Please jack me off. My hands are not helping,” commanded Thangappa.

She was irritated. She was stopped from climaxing. But then she wanted this to end. So she started jacking off his cock.

“Ahhhh. That’s wonderful Richa. You have magic hands. Please continue it. Ahhhh. Hold is harder. Yes yes yes… Now faster… Yes yes. Darling it’s too dry,” he said.

“I’m not sucking that cock!” said Richa.

“At least spit on it. It will help me climax,” she spat on his cock and started jacking off.

I was busy jacking off and climaxed. I came all over the wall and my hands were filled with my cum. I cleaned my hand with the leaves from the bushes. I continued to watch inside.

My sister was jacking off in full fury. She slowly brought right hand to her clit and started to play and jacked him with her left hand. May be she wanted to climax. Thangappa knew how to yield a woman. When she was about to come, She rolled her eyes up and opened her mouth. She had pure ecstasy in her face. Thangappa saw this as his only chance, quickly held her head using both hands and pushed his hips till his cock went all the way down her throat. She was taken by surprise. Before she knew what happening she was already gagging on his cock. She tried to pull off, but Thangappa skillfully kept her head intact and fucked her face.

“It’s Ok Richa! Let it happen. This will end soon,” and fucked her face for few more minute. I could see that she was trying to breathe and struggle to let loose his grip. When Thangappa was satisfied on his mouth assault, he drew his cock out. She started coughing and tried to get some air.

My cock started to rise again. I could not understand what was happening to my cock. It’s just not done. I started to jack off for the third time that day.

“You fucking bastard! You fucking bastard. You cheap son of a bitch,” she started cursing. “It’s ok Richa. I’m almost done. I have one last dream. I want do come all over your ass.”

Richa said, “I want to go home. Please finish it”. She went on four legs on a small mattress that was kept on the floor. She lifted her hip such that her ass was on display to its glory. She was on four and lifted her ass in doggy position. Her ass hole was already shining with Thangappa’s saliva. So was Thangappa’s cock. It was glistering with Richa’s Saliva.

“Please jack off fast and cum! I want to go home. Rajesh will reach anytime now. He will look for me if he does not find me at home,” pleaded Richa.

“I just want to taste your ass once again and then I will be done,” before she could say anything Thangappa started darting his tongue in her ass. Richa enjoyed the assault and started playing with her clit. She has closed her eyes and was enjoying the moment.

“More!” She said.

“What more?” asked Thangappa.

“Your tongue, push it further,” said Richa and pushed her hip to his face. “Ahhhhh… That’s wonderful,” she cried out of lust.

She was busy playing with her clit and was on the verge of cumming. All this while she had her eyes closed.

“I’m going to cum. I will cum all over your back,” said Thangappa.

“Please come fast,” said Richa who was busy trying to climax herself.

Thangappa slowly tip towed to the table and picked up bottle of coconut oil. I realized what he is up to. I wondered how foolish can my sister be. He tricked her into sucking his cock and now he will take her ass. türkçe bahis He oiled his cock and kept the bottle next to him. He then looked around to find something. He quickly moved towards his cloth rack and brought his underwear. He rolled it in his right hand and then went back to where he was. He knelt down behind her back.

“Are you done?” asked my sis who was about to cum.

“Almost there” said Thangappa.

He then lined up his cock to her anal opening. She was not anticipating this assault so her sphincter was open and relaxed. His right hand was lined next to her face with his underwear in his fist. I wanted to stop this but though otherwise. My cock was on full glory and decided I will jack off to what will happen. She deserves this. For the slut she is, she should be punished.

Thangappa had a grin in his face, the grin of final victory. He pushed his cock into her ass which went straight without slipping. His cock went almost two inches in and was stuck there. Richa felt a sharp pain in her ass. She was pulled out of her trance and quickly opened her eyes and opened her mouth to scream. Thangappa’s right hand quickly found her mouth and stuffed his underwear to muffle her screams. Richa could not believe she was tricked again.

Thangappa quickly pushed her face down on mattress and humped her hard till his cock was balls deep in her ass. Tears rolled out of her eyes out of pain.

“Fucking slut! I had decided I will have your ass the moment you stepped inside this room.” said Thangappa.

I could hear muffled screams from Richa. I was mesmerized with the scene what was happening. I never saw anal sex even in porn. It disgusted me. I was amazed at seeing it live. I saw Thangappa was in total control here. He humped and kept his dick deep down her ass.

“You call me low life. How does a low life’s dick feel in your ass? Do you enjoy it? He then pulled her hip backwards until she was in doggy position. He fucked so fast now. He pulled her hair backwards and brought his face close to her ears.

“I intended to fuck you in your pussy. But that fucking Farooq prick already had your cunt. I will not take something what a circumcised cock has taken. I decided to settle for your ass.” He was fucking her like machine gun now. I was surprised at his stamina.

Then I saw something unexpected. She slowly brought her right hand under her pussy and played with her clit. She closed her eyes and climaxed right there when he had his cock deep in her ass.

I quickly drew out my phone and started recording this. I was furiously jacking off my cock. This scene brought me to the edge and I climaxed for the third fucking time.

Thangappa drove one last stroke and climaxed deep in her bowels. He stayed there for some time and slowly pulled off from her ass. Richa just fell on her stomach on the mattress and closed her eyes. She slowly removed his underwear from his mouth and breathed heavily and went to sleep. Thangappa went to the wash room and cleaned himself. He came back and took her panty from the floor, sniffed it and kept it to himself.

“Richa darling, Get up. You better be going before it’s late,” said Thangappa trying to wake her up. She quickly looked around and realized what mess she was in. She stood up. The cum in her ass started drooling down her legs. Thick white outline came till her thighs.

“Delete the video!” she said on low tone. She was very tired.

“As promised, you can have my phone. I have not kept any copy so you are safe. I wanted to fuck you. That was my only intention from the beginning. I do not wish harm for you dear Richa. What happened today was the best thing that happened to me. I promise I will not force you into anything that you don’t wish for,” said Thangappa.

“Thank you,” she said and quickly pulled her gown from the floor. She adjusted her bra and wore the gown. She took the phone what Thangappa gave, picked her torch. She looked at the clock and saw time was 11:00pm, time that I would return back home. She opened the door and looked back at Thangappa.

Thangappa quickly came to her, kissed her on her lips. She responded to his kiss. They tongue twisted for some time and then he felt her ass for one last time and slapped it hard and said, “Thank you for this wonderful night”. She smiled and then off she went back.

Thangappa quickly turned off the lights and went to sleep. I slowly went back to my apartment. Climbed the stairs, the door to my flat was not locked. I quickly went inside and locked the door. I went straight to my sister Richa’s room. It was open and night lamp was on. She was on her bed with her face down. The gown was around her thighs. I watched closely the outline of Thangappa’s cum around her thighs. It was dry. She smelled sex. I took out my phone and clicked one last pick of her ass, then closed the room door and went to my room.


I woke up the next day around 7 am. I had a hard on early morning like every other day. I wondered what the fuck is wrong with my dick. It seemed unusually hard and felt like it just doesn’t get satisfied. I just sat on my bed and recalled the events of what happened last night. I imagined Richa’s face, her seductive lips wide opened, eyes rolled up in pure ecstasy of being stuffed. I quickly searched for my phone and played the video that I shot at Thangappa’s room from his window.

I started getting goose bumps as I watched Richa in the video. I saw Thangappa getting ready to exploit her ass from her behind without her knowing what is to follow. Richa had her face in pure lust and busy masturbating pussy by playing with her clit. I watched how her ass was taken by Thangappa and how it was assaulted. How she was muffled by Thangappa’s strong hands and how helpless she was with his underwear stuffed in her mouth. I started jacking off to the video and within no time I came all over the floor.

“Shit,” I said. The floor was messy with my cum all over the floor. I quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped off the mess from the floor. I wore my pajamas and went to the living room. I did not see Richa around. She was sound asleep and it looked like she was worn out by last night’s assault. I slowly went towards Richa’s room and peeped inside. She was asleep and wore new clean cloths, different from what she wore last night. A blue nighty wear made of satin. She must have cleaned herself last night.

I looked around to check where the cloths were that she wore last night were. It was in the laundry basket; I grabbed and quickly surveyed it. It had cum stains all over it. Like a pervert I sniffed the part of the cloth which lies close to her mound. I pungent smell was strong which a mix of sex, cum, sweat. I put the cloth back to the basket and saw my sister. I came close to her and watched her closely, she looked beautiful. She is my sister, but I can’t stop looking at his ripe melons which was covered by her satin nighty. I wondered if she wore a bra, and decided to check that for myself. I slowly moved my hand close to her breasts and touched it with my fingers very lightly. It was soft and I couldn’t control my urge to mould it hard.

My mind as a devil it is started giving me ideas of different ways I can force myself on her. I decided against my thoughts and backed off. I quickly left the room and decided that I need a strong plot which can help me enjoy her beauty with mutual concern. It was going to be a tough task, but I accepted the challenge.

I freshened up and grabbed some fresh cloths, sprayed some good deodorant and was getting ready for my first outing with Shifali. I took out my phone and texted her, “Good morning strawberry, what time would you be out?”

“Pick me up at 9:30 from my college bus stop. Don’t be late?,” she replied.

I had some more time to kill so decided to quickly cook some breakfast. I decided to cook French toast and make some coffee.

“It smells really good. When did you learn to cook?” asked Richa who was now behind me at the moment trying to grab some hot toasts. She quickly took a bite and said, “Hmmm.. That tastes delicious. Mind if I take some more?” she started to grab few and placed it on her plate.

“Aaaa. Never mind, have some more. Why aren’t you getting ready for college?” I asked her.

“I’m taking an off. I’m tired,” she replied.

“Tired of doing what?” I asked her smiling. She was behind me and I anticipated some lie from her. I knew why the bitch was tired. She had the best fuck of her life last night, why wouldn’t she be tired?

“Aaaa.. That’s because, Aaaa, monthly problems, you know. You guys wouldn’t understand that,” she answered. She lied with a straight face.

“What time would you reach home today? I have some plans with my friends here. So please do not bother showing up here before 6:00pm in the evening,” she said.

“So it was pre-planned. I would not bother you girls. Anyways, I have better things to do so I would not be here till late night,” I told her. I quickly finished my breakfast. Richa was still seated in the kitchen and was busy texting. She felt irritated and looked worried about the texts she was reading. She then left to her room and then I saw her go to the bathroom to freshen up.

I wanted to know who she was texting to. I wanted to know what would be her next move after last night’s events. Would she tell Farooq about the events and plan a revenge on Thangappa? Would she tell parents and file a case against him for forcing her into sexual acts? I was really curious. She seemed cool about last night by the way she spoke to me in the morning. She could have told me what happened last night as I was her brother and her only relative at home at the moment. Curiosity took the better of me and I went to her room to look for her phone.

I found her phone in her bed and tried to turn it on. It was password protected. I cursed my luck and decided to try few passwords. I tried few passwords like 1234 and 0000, and then thought my sister was way too smart to keep her phone with such lousy passwords. I tried few more time and failed miserably. My sister normally takes an hour to take shower so I knew I had ample amount of time to crack her password. I tried many time and failed.

I closed my eyes and tried hard to think on all possibilities that could be her password. All I could think was Thangappa banging my sister. Thangappa caught my sister banging Farooq in his car. His car! That it! I tried the number 1798 and phone unlocked. It was the registration number of Farooq’s car. I felt like an accomplished spy solving cases and had an evil grin on my face.

I quickly surveyed her phone. It had all the cheesy apps the girls used during those days. I quickly went through her messaging apps. I scrolled through her texts with Farooq. It has messages only of last night. She has deleted the previous messages. It has messages where he tried to console Richa and also pampering her to take rest and medicines. Apparently Richa had lied to Farooq that she was not keeping well and would want to sleep early after taking medicines. I knew for the fact that Farooq was not aware of Thangappa’s blackmailing and extorting money from her.

I understood that Richa has not entirely been truthful to Farooq. I checked for other texts. There was an unknown number. She had not saved that number. I opened the texts to that number. It has some 30 to 40 texts from 2:30pm from last night. I decided to read all those. The texts were in tamil language, but I have translated it in English here.

“Thank you for the wonderful night,” I knew from this that the texts were from Thangappa.

“I can’t sleep and I want to talk to you. Can I call?” he texted.

“Yes,” Richa replied.

They spoke for some time because the timing of texts had that difference. It seems like Thangappa was successful to console Richa on his assault on her and must have convinced her and made her realize that what happened between them was on mutual concern.

“Thank you for picking my call,” texted Thangappa.

“I still can’t believe what happened at your room. I forgive you for what you did to me. Please do not force me into such things again. I’m happy that you deleted the video,” replied Richa.

“Can I ask you something? Please tell the truth,” Thangappa texted.

“Go ahead,” replied Richa.

“Did you enjoy it?” asked Thangappa. Richa did not reply right away.

“Please tell. I want to know. Did you enjoy?” He asked again.

“YES,” she replied.

“Thank you Richa. You are such a beauty. I would have never got such a beautiful women in my life. Thank you for making my life’s desires true,” he praised her in his text.

“You assaulted my ass. It’s still paining now, but the pleasure was beyond imagination,” she replied.

“Do you want me to massage your ass? You pain will leave in no time. I have got magic hands which can cure any pain,” texted Thangappa. Thangappa was skilled womanizer. I can’t believe that Richa was fine with what happened to her last night.

“Yes. I would love to have a massage now. My entire body feels worn out. Massage would just energize me,” said Richa.

“I would love to come to your home now, if you let me. I swear I would not do anything more,” said Thangappa hoping he would get green signal from Richa.

“No. Not now. Rajesh is at home. I would not want him to know anything that happened. Moreover, you have already tricked me twice today. I am not going to fall for your dirty tricks again. Never ever text me. Good bye,” replied Richa.

“I swear Richa, I am already filled with guilt. I would never do anything that you would not want me to do. But please keep talking to me. I would go crazy if you stop talking to me,” begged Thangappa.

“Hmmm..,” replied Richa.

“Richa, I want to see you now. I just can’t stop thinking about you. I will come to your home now. Everyone is asleep in the apartment. Please Richa,” Thangappa was trying his best to convince Richa to meet him.

“Good god no, Rajesh is at home. Please do not do something like that,” replied Richa.

“Please Richa. I just want to see you once. Rajesh must be asleep. Please Richa,” Thangappa was very persistent.

“Please wait. I will check on Rajesh,” replied Richa. After few minutes she replied, “He is asleep. I cant believe I’m asking you to come here. I have opened the main door, please do make any noise or get seen by someone.” Richa must have checked in on me and I must have been sound asleep. I can’t believe Richa invited him home. The bitch’s craving must be unsatisfied.

“Thank you Richa. I will be there in few minutes,” replied an excited Thangappa.

After that there was no texts seen on the phone for almost half an hour difference. This must be when Thangappa came home and I did not know what happened at home. The texts that followed give away indication that Thangappa was lucky again.

“I can’t believe you made me cum again! You cheeky bastard! You took advantage of the situation again,” texted Richa.

“Richa, I just could not control myself after seeing you. You were like an angel. I could not resist myself and things lead to next level. I’m happy that you were satisfied,” replied Thangappa.

“You are blady skilled with your tongue, you made me cum right where I stood. I can’t believe you made me suck your cock again and came all over my face. You made me do this again. I don’t know why I get compelled to you and give in to you. I must stay away from you. Please do not force me again,” texted Richa. I could not believe what I read. Thangappa came home last night, made my sister suck his cock and made her cum again by licking her well fucked pussy. How could Richa be so stupid? Or was it that she wanted this to happen.

“Do not do that Richa. Both of us can’t resist each other. Let nature’s law have its way. Do not try to stop your feelings and craving. It’s natural for it to happen. I would want to meet you again,” texted Thangappa.

“Tomorrow I am taking off from college. Wait till Rajesh leaves to college, I would be waiting for you at home,” replied Richa.

“Thank you Richa. Thank you for understanding. I would like you to fulfill another wish of mine. Please fulfill that for me. Would you?” requested Thangappa.

“What’s it?” asked Richa.

“Would you wear that red saree which sleeveless blouse that you wore few days back? You look very sexy in it. I would love to see you in that,” texted Thangappa.

“That’s the one I wore for my college day. Sure. I will wear that for you. I’m very tired Thangappa and would like to take some rest. Good night,” replied Richa.

“Thank you darling. See you tomorrow,” replied Thangappa.

That was the last text of their conversation. Richa had lied to me about her girls get together. No girl would visit here today. It will be Thangappa who will be here in some time after I leave. I looked around her room. The red saree that she would wear was kept ready on her table. I had seen her in that attire once. She had worn her saree way below her naval and her blouse was sleeveless with one string on her back with a knot.

I knew that there would be fuck marathon today at home. I immediately decided that I would want to watch what will happen here. I kept her phone back where she had left it. I went to my room and kept thinking on what can be done. I did not want to miss the events here nor did I want to miss my first date with Shifali.

I have a spare phone which had a battery back up almost 36 hours. I stopped using it when the apps that I work on the phone operated slow and consumed time. I knew that if I could record the events what happened at home I could watch it later and meanwhile could go on a date with Shifali. I turned on my phone to video recording mode and went to her room. I had to find a place in her room which could capture the entire room, especially her bed because I knew things would eventually end up there.

I saw a small box made of cardboard placed over the top rack of her cloth stand. I quickly made a small hole in it with a pocket knife that I had such that the camera could fit in and capture video of what happened in the room. No one would know that the events were recorded as the phone was not visible to plain sight.

After feeling satisfied on my setting in her room, I came out of her room called out Richa loud telling her that I was leaving so that she could hear me from her bathroom. She replied telling to call her if I was coming back and that they did not want me at home. I grinned at her reply and walked out of the house.

I came out of my apartment and went straight to my garage to pick up my bike. I saw Thangappa standing near the main gate and gave me a smile and said, “Good morning Rajesh and have a great day.” He seemed unusually happy and I knew he was pleased that I was leaving. I did not bother replying him and went straight towards the women’s college bus stand.

When I was about to reach, I saw that Shifali waiting in the bus stop for me. I went straight to her. She was delighted to see me. She wore a yellow churidar, the casual one that all girls wear to the college. She hopped behind my bike and said “You look good handsome, and also smell good,” she said sniffing me like a dog.

“Thank you, you look pretty like always,” I complemented her.

“Thank you. Let’s go to closet mall for movie,” she was really excited for the movie.

“Sure babe,” I said and drove towards the mall. On the way, she brought her hands and hugged me from behind. I felt a jolt, her melons were crushed behind my back and I loved every moment of this. She kept talking about her college and about her friends, her professors and some lousy seniors who ragged her in her college. I was not really listening to her.

My mind was at what would be happening in my home right that moment. The very thought of Richa going to be laid by Thangappa gave me a hard on. Meanwhile Shifali’s melons crushing on my back helped the cause.

We parked the bike in the mall and were walking towards the cinemas. Shifali said she wanted to use the restroom and I should go ahead and get the tickets for Iron Man. I said okay and went towards the cinemas. It was crowded and I knew I would have a tough time to get any tickets. I stood in the queue and half way down the line they announced the tickets were full for the movie Iron Man for 10:30am.

The next movie was at 1:00pm I was disappointed and looked for any other movie; one screen played a local tamil movie which had seats available. I asked tickets for the tamil movie and also booked two tickets for Iron Man show for 1:00pm which was also fast filling at the moment. He told me that the Iron man ticket numbers are different and that booth seats are not together. I thought I can request later inside the screen with the ones sitting next to me and make arrangements to sit together.

I knew Shifali would be upset about the morning premiere show. She was looking forward on watching Robert Downey Jr. in action. I dialed her number to ask where she was.

“Hello. Where are you?” I asked her.

“Right behind you sweet heart,” she replied.

I looked back and saw her. I skipped a heartbeat. She apparently changed her cloths in the restroom. She wore a white t-shirt which showed her midriff and was very tight fit. Her large breasts covered by black bra were clearly visible. She wore a denim skirt which went just above a knee and she wore a denim jacket over her t shirt. “Wow. You look amazing,” I complimented her. She smiled and said I wanted to wear that cloth for a special occasion and her mom does not encourage her wearing such bold dress outside.

I told her about the movie ticket scenario and she felt disappointed initially but later was happy that she could spend more time with me. We went inside the cinemas and screen 1 played the Tamil movie. It was some cheesy local tamil movie and I really don’t remember the movie name now. We headed to the screen and saw that the entire theatre was practically vacant. There were few in the first rows, mostly couples. I had booked my tickets for last row corner seat and moved toward our seats. Our seats were near a dark corner and thanked my stars on my luck.

We made our-self comfortable and we started talking. The lights dimmed indicating the movie was about to begin. She went on talking again about her college and I tried güvenilir bahis siteleri really hard to concentrate. I kept staring at her lips and I knew I had to kiss them. I looked around and saw no one was around, quickly adjusted my seat such that I was close to her. I brought my right hand over her seat caught her head and pulled her towards me.

Our lips met and started kissing her lips. She jumped in surprise and then started kissing me back. I was horny and started biting her lips hard. She pats my back indicating that I was hurting her. I quickly released my grip.

“Ouch. My lips are not food you idiot,” she complained on my assault.

“Sorry I just could not control myself, you look way too sexy today,” I tried praising her.

“Awww.. thank you,” she replied and then rested her head on my shoulder and then continued her story.

I saw one muslim couple walk in and started walking towards us. The guy was fat and wore a suit and the lady wore a burqua and had her face covered with only her eyes visible as per her tradition. She had worn a tight fitted burqua and had flesh in the right places. I could only see the lady’s eye which shined like a star in the dark. She was sexy and her body structure said that. They took the row in front of us.

The guy saw us and started murmuring something in Urdu. He quickly caught the lady’s hand and started walking towards the other side of the last but one row. Shifali did not really see this couple as she was busy explaining some crazy jokes her male professor cracked in the class. They sat at the extreme end and if I just lift my head a little I could clearly see what they were doing. The movie went on for 15 minutes; that meant there would not be others joining.

I knew the muslim couple that walked in was here to have fun just like us. I slightly rose from my seat and peeped to check on the other couple. Shifali was still talking with her head on my shoulder and her eyes were fixed on the screen. I saw that the fat guy was moulding her breast from outside her cloths. He lifted her naqaab from her face and started to kiss her. She too was responding back. I was getting hard watching it. That guy did not really care if anyone watched them and he did not really waste time after settling in their seat. I slowly brought my right hand inside her jacket and slowly pressed Shifali’s breasts. She closed her eyes in pleasure and meanwhile covered my hand with her jacket. I got the green signal and started feeling her up.

My eyes were on the other couple, the fat guy was trying to unzip his pants. I saw him getting his dick out. I’m guessing it was small one, probably 4 inch circumcised cock as it was not clearly visible.

My hands slowly lifted Shifali’s t-shirt and moved my hand inside. I felt the bra and I pulled it aside to free her right boob. I brought my fingers to her nipple and started playing with it. Shifali trembled right where she was sitting and her hands quickly found my legs and started holding it with a tight grip. She had her mouth open and eyes closed and was enjoying the moment.

I peeped to check the muslim couple and I now saw the lady’s hand was holding his cock and jacking off slowly. He had his two hands on her breasts and was very hard on them. The lady had her back towards me and I really could not see her face.

The fat guy pushed the lady’s head towards his cock indicating her to suck it. She quickly bent down and took his cock in her mouth. All I could see is her head bobbing up and down and the fat guy had closed his eye in total pleasure. I slowly took Shifali’s left hand and placed it over my bulging area over my pants. She slowly started moving her hand along the length and feeling it up. I left her breast and moved my hand on her thighs. I slowly started moving towards her upper thigh.

She was now unzipping my pant and I moved my hand right over her panty covered mound. It was already wet and I pulled the panty aside and attacked her pussy with my fingers. My middle finger quickly found her clit and played with it. She started enjoying it. She put her hands inside my pant and pulled my underwear down to pull out my cock. She slowly started playing with the wet tip of my cock and played with her thumb. The pre cum started leaking all over my cock and my hand left her clit and moved towards her wet opening. She was now holding my cock in her fist and slowly moving her hand up and down. I was enjoying it. It feels good to have a soft hand on our cock once in a while jacking it. I pressed my middle finger on her opening and she spread her legs wide open to make it easy.

It went inside in one go and I knew she would scream so I quickly covered her mouth with my left hand. She muffled her screams in my hand; she bit my hand and I quickly removed my hand in pain. She quickly went to my neck and started giving me love bites. She was in total pleasure and I increased my pace with my fingers. I brought my thumb finger to her clit and pressed it and kept my middle finger inside her slowly moving it inside out.

The fat guy now had a strong grip on her head and humping her face. He was lifting his hips from his seat meanwhile kept the lady’s head fixed over his cock. I knew he would come soon. Meanwhile here Shifali was close on coming. She left my cock and holded her seat for strong grip as I increased my speed on her wet pussy. I slowly tried inserting the index finger along with the middle finger and pressed her clit hard.

This was too much for her to handle. She came hard on hand and had her face lift up, mouth wide open. Before she could make any sound, I kissed her hard so that I could muffle her screams. She bit my lower lip hard and released her cum on my hand. She shuddered in the seat for a while and left a satisfied mourn. She slowly loosened her grip on her seat and lied down on my shoulder.

I wanted to know what happened with the muslin couple and I quickly peeped towards them. The fat guy was about to come and pushed his entire dick inside her mouth. He had a firm grip on her head and pressed it hard on his dick. I could see her struggling and hitting his hard grip for release. He was least worried about her and started coming in her throat. After one final hump, he released her grip. She quickly rose and spit the remaining cum on the ground. Immediately the interval was called and lights began to turn on.

Shifali quickly adjusted her cloths and I stuffed my hard cock back to my pants. I quickly wanted to check on the muslim couple. The fat guy adjusted his pants and the lady was wiping her face with a tissue. The lady turned towards us and then our eyes met. I was stunned and so was she. It was Shabaz’s sister Noora Banu. She quickly pulled her naqaab but the deed was done. She knew that I recognized her and so did I. She quickly mentioned something to fat guy and the fat guy gave one last look towards me and they left in a hurry. I did not mention this to Shifali, who was now sleeping in her seat with eyes shut. She was totally satisfied.

I wanted to use the restroom and I asked Shifali if she wanted anything to eat. She said popcorn and I said I would get her that. I was in the restroom and my phone rang with an unknown number.

“Hello,” said a female voice.

“Hai. who is this?” I replied.

“This is Noora. Before you say anything please do not tell anyone that you saw me in the cinemas. Please Rajesh. If Shabaz or Farooq comes to know about what happened they would kill me. Please Rajesh!” she begged and was sobbing on the other side. I was surprised that she had my number. Then I remembered Shabaz had given my number to his sisters. They would call me if Shabaz was not reachable.

“Do not worry, I would not tell anyone Noora. Now stop crying,” I tried consoling her.

“Thank you so much Rajesh. I was not there by choice Rajesh. There are reasons for what I did. Please do not take me for bad women,” she replied.

“Hey chill. I’m not telling anybody. Why did you guys leave in hurry?” I asked her.

“I was scared after seeing you there. The guy with me was my boss. I will talk to you later. Bye,” she said and dropped the call.

I went back to my screen with popcorn for Shifali. She was waiting for me and I handed it to her. She started eating and said, “Thank you. I was hungry.”

“I can’t believe you made me cum twice from last night, how many women have you slept with?” she asked me.

“What?” I replied in surprise.

“I haven’t had any women in my life apart from you. It was only you,” I replied her looking straight into her eyes.

The lights started to dim and I moved my head towards her. Our lips met and we had a passionate kiss which lasted almost 15 minutes. My cock was rock hard, so I unzipped my pants and quickly pulled out my cock and I started jacking off. She quickly dropped her popcorn and turned towards me.

She saw my dick and said, “I guess he needs some attention” and her left hand went straight for my cock. She started jacking me off slowly and my hands went straight for her melons. I pulled her t-shirt up, unhooked her bra and went for her nipple. I started biting and licking all over and she started to jack me off fast.

“Can you suck me off?” I requested Shifali. She quickly rose, walked between my legs facing towards me. I quickly checked if anyone was watching, luckily everyone was engaged to some action sequence happening on screen. She went on her knees and brought her face close to my cock. She sniffed my cock, and slowly darted her tongue to the base of my cock.

She slowly moved her lips its entire length towards the tip and when she reached the tip she darted her tongue out and pressed it on my cock’s tip. My cock leaked some pre-cum and she started licking it. She was busy licking my tip and I knew I had to teach her how to give a blowjob.

“You need to open your mouth and take the tip in your mouth and the suck it as you suck a candy bar,” I told her. She looked at me with lust in her face and quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth. She started moving up and down the length and played with her tongue. She kept sucking hard as instructed and I was enjoying it to the core. I closed my eyes with total pleasure and placed my hand over her head. I did not want to push her and let her suck it.

I closed my eyes and started thinking about the events that happened. Richa’s face popped in; how she rolled her eyes up in total pleasure when her ass was assaulted. The events at Thangappa’s room started coming in front of me. I remembered how Richa sucked his cock and how she could sucked Thangappa’s cock down her throat. I remembered how she was forced to do things and how she ended up liking it. I slowly tried pushing some pressure on Shifali’s head indicating her take it a little deeper. She understood the signal and started pushing my cock down her throat.

My cock felt some resistance and she quickly pulled out my cock and started coughing. I said her to relax her throat and take her time. She nodded and went back on taking my cock. She was successful on taking my cock three fourth its length. My mind was filled with Richa and it was Shifali who was sucking my cock. I imagined how she was muffled by Thangappa by stuffing his underwear in her mouth and how she took every single plunge what Thangappa gave her. I was close to coming and it was Richa in my head. I wanted what Thangappa got. I want to force myself on her and fuck her just like he did.

Unknowingly I caught Shifali’s hair knot with a strong grip and forced her head towards my cock. I gave few jerks and pushed the entire length in Shifali’s mouth. She started tapping my legs hard indicating me to release her. The screen some action climax and was making too much noise. Her muffles weren’t heard much. With one final jerk, my cock was balls deep in her throat and I came right there. She started struggling but my firm grip was strong. I came over and over and she had to swallow every single drop. Finally I opened my eyes and saw her. Her eyes were wide open and her face completely wet with saliva and cum. She was struggling to breathe.

I slowly pulled out my cock and I saw it was covered by my cum and her saliva. She spat on the floor the remaining cum in her mouth and kept on coughing and also taking deep breaths. She sat back on her seat and wiped her face with tissues. She was back to normal but did not talk to me nor looked at my face.

“Get me some water,” she said with a straight face.

I adjusted my pants and went to the food counter to get some water. I came back with water and some tissues for her. She opened the water and drank the water at one go and after that she sprinkled some water on her face and wiped her face with the tissue. I was busy watching her. I thought I messed it up, my emotions took the best of me and I forced her into something she did not like to do.

“I’m sorry Shifali, I did not intend on doing that. I just lost control and came in your mouth,” I told her.

“Where you thinking of someone else when you came? You had your eyes shut the entire time,” she asked me.

“Good god no, I was enjoying the moment with you,” I lied to her.

Her face lit up and then she said, “It disgusts me to swallow cum, I did not want to do that. But you made me drink it. It tastes odd, salty but not as bad as I thought. I Kind a liked it,” she said. I was delighted to hear that. By then the movie got over and we started to move out. We had half an hour to spend before the next movie starts and we thought we will have some quick lunch. We went to Mc Donalds and ordered for some burgers. We were busy munching our food.

“Are you friend with Noora? You know, Shabaz’s sister,” I asked her.

“Not besties though, occasionally we smile each other and some casual talks. Why bring her up now?” she asked me.

“Hmm.. nothing great, I wanted to know where she worked,” she said.

“I know where she works. She is a receptionist at HAC hospital also manages the personal work of some doctors there. She is always out at work and we never catch up like we used to meet few years back,” she said.

“Okay cool. Let’s get ready for Iron Man. Hurray,” I said.

“Yeahhhhh,” she got really excited and then we walked back to the cinemas. It was crowded. It was a full house show. We showed them our bookings and then we went to check on our seats. One was in the last row and one more on the last but one row. The seats were different. Last row seat towards the left sat some college boys and some elderly couple on the right. Last but one row had a couple; with lady towards the left of the seat and the right was packed with college gang.

We tried requesting few boys if they could exchange the seats but they did not really agree. Finally Shifali said she would take the last but one row and I would take the last row.

We sat in our seats and entire audiences were excited to see the movie. The movie started and we were all so engrossed in the movie. I checked for Shifali and I saw that the couples next to her were watching the movie with close embrace. But shifali was fixated on the screen. The guy sitting to her right was busy watching Shifali’s legs. She wore a skit which rose above her mid thighs and he was more excited to see that. I thought what’s the harm in seeing her legs. Even I was engaged with the movie, so I let go of it and watched the movie.

After some time, I checked on her and saw that they were talking to each other and saw that he was busy explaining her something about the story. After some time I saw there was some action sequence and the crowd started cheering for Iron Man. I looked at them, I saw them giving hi-fi every time Iron Man hit someone. I saw that Shifali was at the edge of the seat with excitement and her right hand was at his thighs. The guy slowly placed his hand over her. She did not know what’s happening and was engaged in the movie.

The interval was called and everyone rushed to restroom or to get some snacks. Shifali came looking for me and we went out to restroom. I did not want to tell anything that I saw and waited if she would say anything. We were outside the waiting room and the guy comes up with a pop corn in his hand.

“This one’s for you. I hardly meet hardcore marvel fans and you girl deserve this pop corn,” he offered to Shifali.

“Thank you so much. Rajesh, this is Gaurav. He is from Mumbai and studies here. I sat next to him in the movie. His knowledge on marvel comics is just amazing. He could explain me every event that took place in the movie,” she explained.

“Hey Gaurav,” I greeted him with a fake smile. He wasn’t pleased to see me either.

We then quickly walked back to the screen and the lights dimmed. This time I saw he was too close to Shifali and that fucker completely ignored the boy’s gang that he came with. Shifali again was on edge of the seat and her hand was on his thighs. He kept his hand on her leg and waited for her reaction. She was totally into the movie. He then slowly moved his hand on her thighs. I saw this and I almost stood up to go hit the hell out of him. Then I wondered why Shifali is not stopping him. He slowly started massaging her thighs.

Shifali quickly removed his hand and went back on screen. He kept his hand back again and was explaining her action sequence. He was now moving his hand inside her skirt. She tried removing his hand, but he did not bulge. He went ahead and kept moving his hand inside. She quickly removed her jacket and covered her thighs so that no one could see what he was doing. She was trying very hard to loosen his grip and failed. She looked here and there for help but everyone was fixated to the screen. At one moment she closed her eyes and fell back on the seat, I knew his hands found her pussy and was playing with it. She started looking back to check where I was, I quickly darted my eyes towards the screen and acted as I was interested in the movie.

She again closed her eyes and sat still while he played with her. I saw her jerk and then I saw him remove his hand from under her jacket. I knew she must have cum. He tried pulling her hand towards his pants. Shifali slapped him hard and walked off from there. Some of them saw that and wondered what happened. May be they thought some bad relationship and then went back on the movie. She went out of the cinemas and then I saw my phone ring.

“Hello Shifali, what happened?” I said.

“I’m waiting outside, come out,” she said and dropped the call.

I came out and I saw her waiting for me. I asked her, “What happened? The movie was not done yet,” I said.

“Gaurav tried something funny with me and I did not like it and so came out. Let’s get out of here,” she said.

“That bastard, I will deal with him,” I said angrily and started walking towards the cinemas. She immediately pulled my hand and begged me not to make a scene there. We then left the cinemas. She went to restroom, changed back to clothes she wore morning and walked towards the parking. She never really spoke anything after that.

We reached her college bus stop and I dropped her. “Please forgive me; it’s my fault with Gaurav. I should not have entertained him from the beginning,” Shifali said.

“It’s okay darling. Forget what just happened. Call me once you get back home,” I said. She nodded and smiled back. I then left back to my apartment. I was about to turn towards the main gate that I remembered I should call Richa.

I dialed her number. She did not pick up. I called her again. After a long ring, she picked up.

“What is it?” she asked angrily. She was panting and finding it difficult to talk.

“I’m coming home in 5 min. I’m about to reach. Are you alright? You sound worried,” I told her.

“What? Okay give me some time. I was about to have shower. Give me 10 minutes,” she said worried. I said fine and dropped the call. I knew something was fishy. I parked my bike near main gate and slowly walked towards the apartment. I saw Thangappa along with some fellow I never saw around were coming down the stairs. They looked like they were in a hurry to leave. They quickly went towards Thangappa’s room.

I went back to the main gate, started my bike and parked it in my garage. I quickly climbed the stairs and rang the bell of my flat. After some time, Richa with just a bath towel wrapped around her opened the door and asked me come in.

I just kept staring at her. She was indeed having bath and I interrupted her. I did not want her to know that I was ogling at her. “Where are your friends?” I asked. She started walking back towards the bathroom and said, “They left.” She looked worried and was trembling on the same time. She quickly locked her room. I asked, “Why are you locking your room?”

“It’s a mess. We girls had a party and it needs to be cleaned and some girly stuff. I don’t want you to see that,” she said and went back to her bathroom. I saw few bite marks on her back and I knew who that was from. I wanted to know who the second fellow was with Thangappa. What Richa did not realize is that the door locks of my room were the same as her room. I went to my room found my room keys and checked on Richa next to the bathroom. I could hear taking bath and got convinced that she would require some time. I wanted to take back my phone which I placed in her room.

I unlocked her room and opened her room. I was stunned at what I saw. I knew Richa was pissed that I did not give her enough time to clean the mess. Her bed was a filled with stains. Her red saree was s**ttered all over the floor and was ripped off. I went to her bed and saw that hand cuffs were tied to the pillars of the bed. I saw a lubricant lying on the floor and the bed had cum stains all over it. I tried my best not to touch anything. There was cum stain even on the floor too. I quickly went near the cloth rack. From the top shelf I collected my phone from the basket. It was still recording and the battery was 22%. I stopped the recording and saved the recording.

I quickly locked her room and went back to my room. I lied down on the bed and transferred the recording to my laptop. I wondered what is that I am about to see in the recording.

It was taking some time as the recording was done in HD and file size was big. It had recording of almost 8 to 9 hours. I heard Richa come out of the bathroom and unlock her room and locked it from inside. I knew she would start cleaning the mess. The file transfer was complete.

I connected my headphones to my laptop and started watching the recording.


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