Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 4 of 5

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Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 4 of 5
Rose and Gerald had ended up in his aunt’s bedroom where they were about to have breakfast. All including Betty the maid, were starkers. Indeed, Betty was playing with her mistresses’ nipples and Rose was playing with Gerald’s penis
“By all accounts, my dear, your corruption of Emma is going quite well. For a start she gets rid of her night clothes the moment she is sure she is alone with Huw. What is more she has started to play with his cock. It took a bit of persuasion on his part but she sees willing to try.”

“Good. One thing I am certain of she likes women and is getting less diffident about admitting it. I doubt she is willing to risk it with anyone but me however we really did have fun after swimming and nobody could have mistaken it for innocent.”

“Splendid we will have her taking part in our little games before you are finished. You say she is bothered by being flat chested, well we both know Gwen will sort that out.”

“I love it the way you talk about her as if she is hovering around helping out our sex life.”

“I am not sure that is far from the truth. I think that a part of her is still present because the boon seems to have an intelligence, it’s not some mindless force of nature. I almost wonder if it was chance that I found you. Come on let’s go and have a bath they should have heated water now.”

“If you don’t mind, I will eat breakfast first.” Said Gerald

Rose like the idea of soaking in warm water so grabbed a sweet roll and followed Lady Georgina. They were luxuriating in the wooden tub that was a bit tight for two but they enjoyed intimate.

“I was thinking lovely though this is it’s a bit of a chore for the girls to get ready.” Betty poured in another copper jug full of hot water.

“Did you have another idea about how to do it. Generous employer I may be but I am not giving up this luxury because it is hard work to get ready.”

“I wasn’t going to suggest it but you know that little waterfall that goes over near the keep? Well if we divert it into a pipe, we will have water direct to the upper floor of the manor. If we light afire under the piping, like in a still, we will have hot water.”

“I won’t ask what you know about stills but I like the idea. Let’s have a chat with Huw, he is clever with designing things. Clever man added a counterweight to the dumb waiter and it is so much easier to get heavy food upstairs. Ours copied the one he did at home. I must admit a large amount of hot water has a definite appeal.”

Huw took the idea and developed it. The stream fed a header tank in the bottom of the keep so they had running water for all their needs. A furnace heated the copper piping to produce copious amounts of hot water. No house in London had that degree of luxury.

The attempts to corrupt Emma were going well. Emma was by inclination well behave and obedient which is why she tried to follow her mother’s instructions about no sexual enjoyment. However, that went against her nature. Having been given a chance to justify behaving differently she did so with some enthusiasm. On one level the problem was solved but everyone other than the victim wanted to take her further on the journey.

It was after another of the parties where the paying guests had arrived in a coach together and departed fairly early for their long journey. Georgina, Charlotte and Rose had gone to Georgie’s bedroom and were having the brandy snifters topped up by Betty.

“It would be so nice if I could do this with my daughter in law. I am sure she would enjoy it. Charlotte was rubbing her fanny against a bed post. Georgina who now had Betty between her legs agreed.

“Well we know she likes girls and is rapidly losing her inhibitions about it. Its not as though she is stupid or so innocent that she didn’t know what we were doing. I wonder of next time we go riding we should take a couple of the others with us to the pool. Also do you thing she would go for men’s riding güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gear. I much prefer being astride that side saddle.”
“Don’t we all. That cute little backside would look good in breeches, Huw would appreciate it, so would I.”

“I still get taken aback, when respectable ladies say things like that.”

“I know the look on your face shows it. It does make it so much fun.”

Both titled ladies then grabbed her and started sucking her breast like starving babies. At this point they lost interest in conversation. Rose put a couple of fingers inside Charlotte’s hole, then added the other three.

“Shove it all in I love a fist inside me.” Another thing the whore from Bermondsey was taught by her upper-class friends. Rose happily fisted Charlotte as a finger was pushed inside her to be added to one by one until Georgina had her hand inside Rose. Betty did the same for Georgina and Charlotte completed the circle.

The next day Emma came to the manor to go riding. The way that had been decided to introduce riding astride was that Violet and Florence would join them dressed to ride stride. Whilst this was daring it wasn’t something that some of the more adventurous upper-class women didn’t do in other places. When Emma saw the other two girls though her eyes widened.

Violet and Florence made a point of taken advantage of their greater freedom. Rose thought that if she could get her friend into breaches and did nothing more it would be an improvement. They ended up at the bathing pool. Now this was the tricky bit. They dismounted at looked at the pool.

“Come on Emma we have got it out of Rose here that you like swimming too.”

Emma blushed but reached for the fastenings of her dress. In a trice all four were naked and enjoying the water. Again, as always when they had finished their swim they lay on the rock. With four of them they were quite close together. Violet and Florence started to play with themselves. Rose carefully waited to see what her friend did.
“I think you three are trying to see how daring you can make me.”

Before they could answer a hand went to her fanny and the other to her breast. With a broad grin on her face Emma quite openly played with herself. When Violet leaned over and kissed her, she didn’t pull away.
“So, you all do it with each other. What would Huw say.”

“Can I watch I imagine.” Said Florence.

“Men love this kind of thing but he would want to fuck you afterwards.”

“You are really bad young women. Now be honest, is my mother in law involved with what you are up to.”
“How the hell did you guess.” Rose had avoided such language since she arrived but this caught her out and she lapsed.

“I have twigged that you want me to be more interested in sex. Now you three wouldn’t have an interest in that but a mother wanting grandc***dren might. Anyway, I keep on thinking what Rose and I did and want to do it more. I am enjoying sleeping with Huw thanks to your help so I am going to try out your other ideas.”
Try out she did and before long they were a mass of writhing bodies kissing, touching, and more. They ground their crutches into each other, two couples’ side by side. They formed a chain as they munched on each other’s pussies. Emma loudly came several times and when they finally got dressed had a broad grin on her face.
“That was very nice indeed. I know full well that no nice young lady should do such things but I suspect around here those are in short supply. By the way how can I get clothes like yours for riding.“

“Ask your mother in law I would say you’re the same size.”

That night they had another private orgy with just the family and John and Charlotte. As before as they paired off Georgina and Charlotte went together though this item Sir John took Violet as a partner as Gerald made it clear that he wanted Rose. Florence and Alice made up the party.

“I reckon at this rate we will soon have Emma and Huw joining us. When perabet she came back from riding Emma and I had a little chat. The first bit was when she asked me if she could go riding in breeches. We are the same size by the way. But I immediately noticed this was a new Emma. Normally when she talks to me, she glances down shyly. This time however she looked me straight in the eye to see my reaction.”

“What was your reaction my dear.”

“I grinned broadly and Emma grinned back. Knowing full well that she likes girls I decided to kiss her and she wasn’t in the least coy about kissing back. That young lady is coming out of her shell.”

“Emma is nobody’s fool and I suspect she has guessed at least some of it but not the orgies. Is it my imagination or is her bust a bit bigger?”

“Darling all she has to do is breath out to make it bigger but I think so. Before we came out Huw whispered that they are going to have a meal tête-à-tête.”

Gerald was particularly attentive to Rose and had some of the best sex since she had arrived. This party was special. It wasn’t work but instead her family having an enjoyable if raunchy time. The thought that maybe her friend would join them made her even more randy.

They went riding again the next day all five of them this time. Both Emma and Rose rode astride in breeches. As they got to the pool they stripped. Now Rose was sure, Emma’s bust was getting bigger. Not big yet but noticeable. After their swim the rock wasn’t big enough for five so Emma and Rose lay on the grass. Emma kissed Rose.

“I don’t know how much is your doing but thank you for what is. My marriage is going to be so much better now I let myself go. Last nice was oh so much fun. Once they delivered the meal, we made sure the servants kept out the way. I ate it wearing nothing but a corset. Then afterwards I was a very naughty girl, it was fabulous. Huw did some disgusting things to me and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I even sucked his thing.”

“You are getting adventurous. By now you will have worked out that I am really not a respectable young lady and neither are those tarts over there.”

Those tarts were going at it for all they were worth on the rock. Who was doing what wasn’t that clear but Alice seemed to be rubbing her tits into one of the other two’s pussy? Emma looked at them smiled and ran a hand over Rose’s breast.

“I had worked out that you were more than just adventurous. Just how far does it go. You four obviously.”

“Yes, plus Lady Georgina who is the worst of the lot and your parents in law.”

“I found out my mother in law like kissing girls. I liked kissing her as well. Right your all at it is their anything more or is that it.”

“Well whilst you were seducing your husband last night. The rest of us were having an orgy.”

“Pardon, does that mean what I think. All of you together?”

“Well all of us in the same room. Two man/woman couples and two woman/woman.“

“Was Sir John with Lady Charlotte?” Rose was interested to see that this turned Emma on and that she was playing with her pussy vigorously.

“No, she was with Georgina. Those two have sex together a lot with or without Betty, Georgie’s maid. I am afraid it gets worse. All us girls are whores we do it for money as well as fun.”

“Good grief do you want to make me one?”

“I don’t think we had though that far but last night was family and we would certainly like to have you join in that even if you only sleep with Huw. Incidentally whilst I have slept with Sir John, Huw hasn’t slept with anyone else since you were engaged and I have known him.”

“What a sweetie. Well I must make sire he feels free to do so. I think he quite fancies you. Also, since I have had sex with girls it is only fair.” Rose was in a state of shock her supposedly prim friend was taking this very well. Rose realised that Emma had every intention of joining in the family get togethers.

“I am getting very hot down below, let’s copy those three.” With perabet giriş that Emma dived between Rose’s legs and started to eat her. They quickly got into a sixty-nine.

When they got to the manner having had a vigorous gallop they were hot and sticky. They had the kitchen staff heat up water and took a bath together. Emma had not been down to the kitchens before and didn’t realise that below stairs not a lot of clothes were worn. Respectability was only worried about where outsiders could see.

“Are all the staff like you lot.”

“Oh yes, we couldn’t get away with it if they weren’t partners in crime.” They soaked in the hot water. Rose was in no doubt about Emma’s tits now. They were big enough to float a bit.

“Emma there is one more thing which is a bit weird. You might have wondered why we don’t seem to care about getting pregnant. Or for that matter why every girl here has huge tits. Well it is something rather mystic called Lady Gwen’s boon. It was for just the family but Gwen by all accounts was pretty generous and it is extended to those of us who live here or become part of the family be friendship. Have you noticed that you have a bit more than two fried eggs?”

“I thought it was wishful thinking.”

“it isn’t. I think Lady Gwen as decided your one of us.”

“I will have huge, glorious tits like the rest of you.”

“I am almost certain of it.”

“I will look like a tart so I might as well enjoy it. Can you invite me to your next orgy?”

“We will have one tonight.” Lady Georgina had wandered in. As Alice and Florence got out of the water off came her dress and in, she got. “I think that you will fit in with us very well, my dear.”

“Emma leaned over and kissed her breast.”

“I think your right, I am not cut out to be a good girl. I wasn’t succeeding with my mother’s instruction very well. To be honest I was so tempted to go at Huw like a mad thing. It was only because I though he would be horrified I didn’t. Then Rose made it clear that this was not what he wanted.”

That night the two families had a lovely meal together. All the lady’s wore low cut dresses with no pretence of respectability. Emma in particular had a dress that would have been decent when she had no tits to speak off however now she was edging towards the large end of normal and they were close to popping out.

They kept up appearance until they went into the drawing room. They at down and everyone seemed at a loss how to start. They had Emma and Huw as a new couple so the normal comfortable dynamic had to re-establish itself. At this rate the party was going to stay respectable. Emma looked a bit confused and then apparently worked out that she was the sticking point so would have to do something.

Up she got and strode into the centre of the room. Slowly gyrating slightly as if to one of those new daring waltzes she undid her dress and slipped it off leaving her in stays and corset. The she moved over to Rose and pulled her up. Emma then removed Rose’s dress. The other three girls got up and joined them to be divested of their dresses as well. Off came the stays as well. Lastly Georgina and Charlotte got up and joined the others. Within a few seconds none of the women had a stitch on.

Rather that sit down the naked women started kissing Huw and Gerald grabbed Emma and Rose. Violet was snagged by Sir John and the rest of the women split into their normal couples. The three men soon had their partners sopping wet and they were bobbing up and down on their cocks but facing away so they could see what was going on elsewhere in the room. The two lesbian couples were also lying so they could observe proceedings.

After all of them had climaxed and the two men had recovered, Emma gave Rose a mischievous look.

“Come on let’s swap.” By this she meant that she wanted to be fucked by Gerald and let Huw have Rose. They did so and all four came again. It was at this point that Rose looked over at her friend.

Somehow without them noticing Emma’s bust had expanded and now hear breasts were every bit as large as the other women. Emma just put her hands underneath them and pushed them up and kissed each of her breasts with the lustiest look on her face.

“Right when do I officially get to be a whore.”

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