Cuckqueaning the Wife

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Cuckqueaning the Wife
The wife likes to be dominated and in the mood of a cuckquean. For those unfamiliar this is where she likes to see other women be used by her husband while she is forced to watch and unable to join in.

I pick a beautiful young 21 year old from the local train station that we had arranged. I left the wife at home while i went to pick her up shes at home getting horny and wet at the thoughts of her coming round to see to her husbands needs. As I pull up to the station the young girl was hot and sexy with perfect brunette hair just passed her shoulder she stand there in a short summer dress with a nice medium size boobs and slim gorgeous body.

She jumps into the car and greets me with a kiss on the cheek. “Hi Baby” she says “how are you?”. I reply with “I’m good beautiful hows yourself”. She just smiles back and with no answer starts to lift up her dress she shows her pussy with no panties on. “Does that answer your question?”. With no response my cock starts to get hard in my trousers. She smiles and leans over touching my cock through my trousers. “feels good today baby, I cant wait to feel that.” My hand moves over to touch her bare leg starting at her knee and moving up. Her breathing changes with excitement and before I get to her pussy I pull up outside the house.

I help her out the car and open the front door to let her in first. Wife is sitting on the sofa eyes locked at the door and the young girls body. She walks into the living room picking up some rope that had been left on the arm of the chair. She walks up to my wife and ties her wrists together and her ankles together so she cant move. I follow in to find the young girl bent over with her arse on full display and her puffy wet glistening pussy open and waiting for me. She whispers in my wifes ear “this is going to be good”.

The young girl stands up and walks over to me standing in the door way she pulls my hand and pulls me into the middle of the room she kisses me on the lips. Her soft supple lips pressed against mine our tongues begin to intertwine. I start to pull down her dress of her shoulders as I kiss her ear, neck and shoulders shes undoing kaçak iddaa my shirt as her dress falls to the ground. Her perfect arse round in all the right places soft but firm. I pull of her lacy bra that is barely holding them medium sized boobs revealing her perky little nipples rock hard and ready to be used as i suck on them swirling my tongue around them making them wet and shiny in the light. She continues to undress me as gets on to her knees and pull down my trousers freeing my cock. With out a break her mouth takes my tip straight in and starts to suck my cock hard and fast. I put my hand on the back of her head and force her deep onto my cock as she gags and makes a mess of my cock.

My Wifes eyes locked on us her pussy starting to drip but she doesn’t like it any more. She starts to beg “no more please stop please no more”. The young girl gets up unties her ankles and pulls off her soaking wet panties and stuffs them into her mouth. “shut up slut hes mine and not yours”. “look at that hot cock that hes going to fuck me with.” She shaking her head mumbling into her panties. The young girl stands up and rips my wifes clothes of her showing her bare naked body. She pulls on my hand and pulls me up behind her bent over looking into my wifes eyes she says “take my arse”. my cock wet from her sucking I push at her tight little arse and slowly sink deep inside her. She is enjoying it so much that my wife starts to cry at the thought of my cock inside another girls arse. The young girl slaps her tits and tells her to pull herself together he was never hers in the first place.

I pound at her young arse deep and hard spanking her perfect round arse. Shes moaning and enjoying it so much but says she needs more in the bedroom. I pull out and rub my cock across her clit. she lets out a loud moan. “Mmmmm fuck that feels good” as she stands up. My wifes pussy leaking down her leg and over the sofa. We stand up take the panties out her mouth and make her clean it up. Her ankles now untied but her wrists are not we head up and leave her on the sofa “don’t come up we need some time to ourselves”. Her pussy just leaks more as we walk up the stairs. pinbahis

All she can hear is the moans from the young girl and fantasising about what I’m doing to her. Am i fucking her arse again. Has he fucked her pussy even though we had rules that he couldn’t fuck her pussy. Maybe shes sucking him off to cum in her mouth or over those sexy tits. Well she was wrong I laid her down on the bed and put a spreader bar on her ankles I kissed up her legs to her smooth bald wet pussy. My tongue presenting itself as i start to lick her pussy lips gently on the outside before my tongue delves into her clit. She moans from enjoyment “god that feels amazing” she exclaims. My wife listening wanting to know whats going on. My tongue still buried pushes in to her pussy and as it comes out I lick back up across her clit before going down. It reaches her tight slightly fucked butt hole and she moans louder than ever. my worth wanting to know whats going on starts to come up the stairs my tongue buried deep in her arse I kiss up her body quickly. As she walks in we are just kissing and she never knew what happened.

I turn to the young girl “shall we make her do what we like?”. “Fuck Yes, come here slut”. We both get up and tie my wife to the bed upside down so her feet are at the head board and her head is at the end of the bed. Her hands and legs tied one to each corner. The young girl gets on top on all fours her legs spread under her arms and her pussy and arse just in front of her eyes so she can see. She turns to me and says “fuck my soaking wet pussy” “it needs to be used”. My wife and i had rules but I don’t care about them. My wife Instantly says “no you can’t we had rules your not allowed to” “don’t do it please I’m begging you” ” Please, Please, Please”. The young girl shouts “shut up slut its my cock and I will do as I please”. Just as I slide deep into her pussy with the wife watching unable to move. I moan ” god her pussy is tight and feels so good”. I slide in and out while she moans “oww that feels so good”.

I pound her pussy hard and fast my wife not being able to look away gets so wet. The young girl starts to slap pinbahis güvenilir mi her pussy and it makes it tingle that the wife moans. The young girl says “you like that don’t you, Well tough your not here to enjoy yourself”. As I fuck her harder faster and as deep as I can get she starts to moan really loudly. With one last stroke she Screams “I’m cumming”. With that she forces my cock out of her pussy and she squirts covering my cock balls and my wifes face. “ohhhh fuck that’s hot” I moan. I rub her pussy juice back into her clit with my cock making her moan a bit more with a little more being pushed out. I start to feel the urge in needing to cum so I slide back into her soaking wet pussy. I moan and tell her I’m going to cum and she says “cum in my pussy but I’m not on birth control”. My wife in horror screams “you can’t do that, don’t you dare cum inside her you’ll get her pregnant”. “please don’t do it its not right. Please baby”. With that the young girl moans “cum deep inside me Impregnate me and fill me up. I want to feel your warm cum deep inside”. With that I couldn’t hold out any longer I give out a loud moan and with that I explode deep into her wet pussy.

I leave my cock inside a few moments before telling the wife who is crying to open her mouth and put her tongue out. Shes lost all control so does as she is instructed. I pull my cock from her soaking wet pussy and drop it into her mouth where she cleans the tip. Pulling away the young girl gives a gentle push and my cum drips out and down her clit dripping onto my wifes tongue. I order my wife “now lick her pussy clean” as the young girl sits up and on to her tongue. My wife does as she is told and the young girl gets up off the bed. Untieing the wife I order her to her knees. “now suck me clean”. She does as shes told after i make her gag on my cock i put my hand under chin slap her cheeks and say “that’s a good obedient slut now get comfortable on the floor as she is staying the night and we will need to have amazing sex during the night. If you don’t keep quiet though we will put you outside the room.

The Wife lays on the floor silent not knowing what to do she knows she enjoyed watching her husband use another women but just knows its not right what if anyone found out. Me and the young girl slept during the night and had sex about another 5 times. We both know the Wife was listening to them all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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